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#004 THE DILEMMA OF RENTING A CHAIR OR HIRING EMPLOYEES FOR YOUR SALON? Renting a chair is now common practice for the hair and beauty industry. The long-term success is heavily reliant on the terms agreed being good for both parties. However, the security of hiring employees has proven to be highly attractive for salon too. Whether you rent a chair or hire your own employees, naturally both paths will have their pros and cons. Salons should take time to consider the positives and negatives of each to ensure that they make the right choice for their business. Regardless of either path chosen, salons must have a clear written agreement in place, which is in everyone’s best business interests. This allows any misunderstandings around business arrangements to be easily cleared up and resolved. The written agreements should be as follows: • Salons renting a chair should have a service contract between themselves and the independent stylist. • Salons hiring employees should issue all employees with a contract of employment upon the date of which their employment commences.

While hiring employees does have its negatives too: 1.Can be costly when employing stylists as subjected to employment law such as managing annual leave, maternity leave and sick days etc. 2. Salon’s have marketing responsibility to attract new clients for their employees. 3. Risk of investing in employees who slack off in the salon and negatively impact the workplace. A salon knows what works best for their business; therefore, the decision to rent a chair or hire employees is entirely up to the salon. However, it is recommended that they ensure a service agreement, or a contract of employment is signed by both parties involved, outlining terms and conditions whilst also providing clarity on expected expectations.

Chair rental can be advantageous for various reasons: 1.Salons can save money 2.Avoid the headache of employment laws 3.Independent Stylists bring new clients


2.Impact on business brand and reputation.


3.Create negative atmosphere and working environment for existing team members.


However, chair rental can also have its drawbacks: 1.Independent Stylists work on their own terms not the salons.

Hiring employees for salons has its positives: 1. Control over hired employees, allows salons to manage their brand’s reputation and overall image. 2. Employees are trained to expected standards of the salon, and able to train employees as they please. 3. Employees are invested in salon, making them more likely to go above and beyond and having the salons best interests in mind.

THE LODGE AT ASHFORD CASTLE HOSTS A FULL HOUSE OF IRELAND LEADING BEAUTY, SPA AND WELLNESS OPERATORS, SUPPLIERS AND STAKEHOLDERS FOR THE IRISH SPA ASSOCIATIONS FIRST BUSINESS FORUM OF 2020 The Irish Spa Association (ISA) hosted its second business forum in the stunning surrounds of the Lodge at Ashford Castle in the West of Ireland on Thursday February 6th. Guests travelled from as far as Germany, the UK and Hawaii in the US. With membership increasing from both the hotel and day spa sectors and suppliers, the ISA is set to be a force within the wellness industry in Ireland. Once again sustainability and recruitment topped with the agenda with expert speakers and panels. Michelle Ryan, Spa Manager at Ashford Castle chaired the panel on sustainability that included Ailish Keane, Head of purchasing & Sustainability at Ashford Castle Estate, Maurice Bergin, Green Hospitality Programme ( and Robert Cooper, Spa Sustainability Association (SSA) in the UK. Ashford Castle is a leader in sustainability in the hotel sector in Ireland. Working with Green Hospitality, major changes have been implemented through the Castle estate including the elimination of plastic water bottles in 2019, saving 56,928 bottles from landfill. “In the spa we are partnering with companies with a low carbon footprint,” Ryan adds, “but we need spa suppliers to work with us to,” she pleads. “Look at how you are sending products to us – be mindful of he paper you are using, reduce the boxes and bubble wrap etc,” “Sustainability is the most abused term around,” Bergin says. Sustainability is made up of three pillars: economic, social and environment. These principles are also informally used as profit, people and planet. Green Hospitality specialises in environmental sustainability in the hospitality sector and Bergin urges everyone to do their bit to make our hotels, spas and planet a better place. “Basically, use less energy – pollute less (stop plastic dead!) and waste less - especially food.” “Align your business model with the needs of your customers and of Generation Z (born between 19952015) as this group is forecast to be the single largest consumer market in the world by 2030.”

“Consumers want more – and we need to provide what they are looking for and going green soon will be the only game in town.” Robert Cooper, co founder of the recently created, not-for-profit Sustainable Spa Association (SPA) outlined their objective of achieving long-term reduction in the environmental impact of the spa industry across Europe, for a greener and healthier future for Spa Operators, Spa Consumers and the planet. GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY First celebrated in 2012, this not-for-profit, social project dedicated to living well is now a worldwide event with over 7,000 locations in 150 countries. Celebrated on the second Saturday in June with the slogan ‘one day can change your whole life,’ Fiona Collins, Global Wellness Day Ambassador and spa director at The Brehon & Angsana Spa, urges ISA members and wellness industry experts to host an event on Saturday June 13th 2020.

RECRUITMENT OVERVIEW AND INTERNSHIP PILOT PROGRAMME Quoting Steve Jobs, Anita Murray, Co-Founder of ISA said that ‘Hiring the best is your most important task’ But it can prove a diffcult one with the recent ISA survey finding that 80% of Irish beauty businesses are not operating at optimum staffng levels, with 75% of spa and beauty operators in urgent need of senior therapists. “The Irish Spa Association will represent all members as your authoritative voice to champion the contribution of the Spa to Irish health, social and economic prosperity and ensure your voice is heard when it comes to the critical issues affecting our sector,” Murray adds. Maria Morgan, Managing Director of Beautiful Jobs Ireland, highlighted the current recruitment trends and what employees are looking for in a job. ”Ten years ago jobs were advertised via newspapers, radio and word of mouth. But 2020 means digital job boards, search engines, social networks with candidates seeking a more personalised experience. Candidates are becoming the new customers – and employers the new marketers,” she warns with more emphasis on recruitment marketing, videos, social media and an overall environment insight. The recent ISA survey found that 81% of spa/salon owners and managers are facing recruitment challenges. Other noted challenges include a notable decline in numbers of people choosing spa therapy as a career.

From education sector Sinead Hunt, Westport College of Further Education, Gillian Byrne, Blackrock Further Education Institute, Ger Kingston and Sandra Mc Grath, Cork College Commerce and Anna Keeley, Brownyn Conroy in Dublin jointly highlighted a college-wide reduction in class sizes, with students viewing this professional as relatively poorly paid. All agreed that students need to be mentored, motivated, trusted and respected. They also need a work-life balance and there is a lot more employers can do, apart from money, to keep them motivated. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME Tanya Mansfield, Hayfield Manor and Michelle O-Connor, Druids Glen in collaboration with BFEI and CCOC developed a pilot internship programme for beauty and holistic students. Designed to market the spa industry to students, with the results of a survey finding 82% of students were interested in this opportunity. “AS employers we need to market ourselves to colleges so students will know about us,” O’ Connor adds. ISA intends to work with ITEC and BIBTAC-accredited colleges to progress this programme.

WELLNESS INCLUSION With ‘Burnout’ now being an offcial m edical diagnosis by World health Organisation (WHO) our industry is needed now, more than ever before. The objective of Michelle Hammond’s TPOT, the power of touch is to eradicate the challenges of treating clients with cancer and other limiting health conditions in Irish Spas & Salons and to ensure we are always accessible and inclusive. The ISA wants to build a roadmap for inclusion and code of best practice for cancer, dementia and other chronic illness. The ISA wishes to thank its sponsors and Ashford Castle for making this event possible. “We are not for profit, we are not a commercial venture,” concludes co-founder Peigin Crowley.“We want to build a serious educational forum for renowned speakers, for benchmarking and accreditation.” The meeting culminated with a professional workshop entitled Soul Craft: ‘The Value of Your Work in Wellbeing’ with Karuna, founder of Hub for the Heart and Wellness Mentor for the ISA. The ISA welcomes input from everyone working across the beauty, spa and wellness sector and all inquiries, membership information or feedback can be directed to:

Telephone: +353 1 892 8007 Mobile: +353 86 386 1243 Email: Skype: liz.mckeon1

BE CONSISTENT The definition of consistency: consistent behaviour or treatment evenness, steadiness, stability, regularity, uniformity, orderliness, lack of deviation. Here’s the thing; so many of you tell me that you wish your staff would be more consistent, particularly when it comes to filling their columns, selling retail items and re-booking their clients. However, if you want your team to be consistent in relation to their performance, then guess what? You have to be super consistent. It makes life easier for everybody else if you are consistent. Erratic people are difficult to live with and be around. So are moody people. If your team don’t know how you will react to events or suggestions form one day to the next, they will be living on edge and underperforming. I’m not suggesting being boring or predictable; your ideas, activities and enthusiasms can be wonderfully unpredictable and fascinating. It’s just your behaviour towards team members needs to be reliable and consistent, if that is what you require from them. You have the potential to make people’s lives richer, easier and better; or darker and trickier and more exhausting for you. Which do you choose?

HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MANAGE YOUR TIME LEARNING TO MANAGE YOUR TIME MORE EFFECTIVELY CAN HAVE A VERY PROFOUND EFFECT ON YOUR LIFE AND ON YOUR BEAUTY SALON. IT ACTUALLY GOES HAND IN HAND WITH HOW TO MANAGE A SALON BUSINESS. Most beauty salon owners and managers find themselves stretched for time, yet having to do more in order to stay competitive. It makes sense for managers to develop good time management habits. So that everything that needs to be done, gets done. 10 TIME BEAUTY SALON MANAGEMENT TIPS 1. Buy a week-at-a-glance diary and use it write absolutely everything you need to accomplish in this diary. 2. Learn to differentiate between what is urgent and what is vital. The urgent may look and sound like it needs immediate attention, but it is rarely vital that it be done right now or at all. 3. The key is not to prioritise what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. 4. Use a time sheet. Keep track of your time by 15 minute blocks for two weeks and see how you actually spend your time. Compare this to what you should be or want to be spending your time on. It will give you the motivation to make the changes you need to. 5. You cannot do everything everyone asks you to do. Learn to say “NO”, to the project, not the person. Learn to say “NO” to interruptions. 6. Learn how to effectively delegate. This means picking the right person, giving clear directions, setting benchmark and deadlines, and then letting them do it. 7. Stop procrastinating. If you are inclined to, identify the reason behind your procrastination, (fear, boredom, unclear goals...) so you are solving the right problem when dealing with it. 8. Know your worth! Work out what your hourly rate is; in fact know what each minute of your time is worth. Use these thoughts and figures to help you prioritise your activities and determine what and to whom you should be delegating. Any time you are doing work that someone at a lower wage could be doing, you are losing money. 9. Set goals, both personal and for the salon. They help you prioritize your activities and let you know that you have succeeded. 10. Take control of your time. There are 1,440 minutes in a day and 29,020 days in an 80 year lifetime. Decide now not to waste any of this precious time, and make this the month to start doing what you want with your time.

And most important... Take time to notice the results

CAREER CHAT WITH FOUNDER OF THE BEAUTY SUITE WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO OPEN THE BEAUTY SUITE? My Initial reason for opening the business was my drive to be successful and to be my own boss. I always planned on working within the beauty industry, I think it’s such a diverse industry to work within, I l love the fast pace and keeping up to date with all the latest beauty treatments and technology. Always knowing that I wanted to work for myself and run my own clinic, I decided to complete a business course for one year prior to studying Beauty Therapy. And at the tender age of 21 I opened the doors of The Beauty Suite 12 years ago! WHAT MAKES THE BEAUTY SUITE DIFFERENT TO OTHER SALONS? Anna has invested heavily in her business over the years to bring exclusive treatments to the area. Constantly researching the market and testing treatments and technology to ensure she has the best in clinic for her clients. It’s an undeniable fact that in business those that stand still often get left behind. Anna knows the value of good training and the importance of the level of training you receive. Therefore, investing in re-education and upskilling continuously is essential in maintaining a level of excellence for Anna and her team. WHO OR WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR GREATEST INSPIRATION IN BUSINESS? Being around passionate people they have always been contagious for me! And they can come from any industry not only the beauty industry. My clients also inspire me, all the positive feedback is amazing, and based on their feedback it helps me develop the business more. And last but not least my incredible team inspire me. I know how lucky I am to get to go into work every day and know that my team feel as passionate about the work they deliver as I am myself. And I can’t think of a better inspiration than that. WHAT IS YOUR 5-YEAR VISION FOR THE BEAUTY SUITE? To consistently invest in the best aesthetic treatments and technology to help the business evolve and react to new developments and changing market requirements as they happen. A comprehensive ongoing training schedule is a way of ensuring we don’t stand still within the industry and we keep growing. WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT TO DATE? Looking back now it’s having the ambition at such a young age to open my own business without any safety net if it didn’t work out. Starting from scratch, developing a work ethic to make sure it developed and grew into a success it is today.

Anna Forde

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU HAVE LEARNED IN BUSINESS THAT HAS SERVED YOU WELL OVER THE YEARS? There will be setbacks like in any business, there will be sleepless nights and you will have worries. So always have a plan, to help achieve your goals and remain successful. Also, you must be willing to work hard as you will only get back from your business what you put in.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TREATMENT THAT THE BEAUTY SUITE OFFER? Anything skin care related I love. It’s such a vast area and each treatment we offer is so bespoke. HydraFacial is my new addiction; it delivers instant results and is a client favourite also at the moment for that gratifying glow. But anything skin care I am obsessed! WHAT ARE THE MAIN OBSTACLES YOU FACED/ CURRENTLY FACE IN BUSINESS? One of my main obstacles over the last few years was trying to relocate my business to a larger premises to help it develop and grow. However, when the time was right it all fell into place and I now have a salon that I could have only dreamed of 12 years ago. I think not rushing our relocation and waiting until the right premises became available was important. And looking back now I can see why it never worked for me before now. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE LOOKING TO OPEN THEIR OWN BUSINESS? Have a business plan in place and a 5-year vision for where you want to see yourself and your business developing too. Don’t be afraid of long hours of work as you won’t have a 9 to 5 you’ll have a when you open your eyes to when you close your eyes.

Confessions of a FA M O U S FA C E with

K ELLY HORRIGAN by Linda Pototzki

ehold, this month we learn of the confessions of Ireland’s top model in the biz. With brands like Brown Thomas, Guess, Next, Arnotts, Littlewoods, Chanel Beauty, Primark, Boohoo, L’Oréal, Fields, M&S, Charlotte Tilbury, Lifestyle Sports and Zalando under her belt you are sure to have seen this lady in a magazine spread, shop window or faced with a billboard. Sit back as we enter the world of Ireland’s busiest model, as she divulges beauty secrets, workout routines and what’s next on the cards for the Kendall Jenner look alike. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE? In the morning, I start with a good cleanse using the Casmara Cleanser 3 in 1 (, €20). Then I mix the Environ AVST Skin Essentia Vita-Antioxidant Moisturiser (, €57) with the NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum (NeoStrata, €55.15). Eye cream is essential for early morning puffiness so I use the Casmara Eye Contour Eye Correct Anti-Puffiness Dark Circles Salon Care (Amazon, approx. €40.62). I finish up with a hit of hydration with the Casmara Balancing Moisturizing Cream (, €28.18) and some Aliso Certified Organic Lip Balm (Meaghers, €9.95). WHAT IS YOUR NIGHTTIME SKINCARE REGIMEN? At night, I use the same cleanser but I double cleanse with a muslin cloth to get all my makeup off. I go in with the same two serums mixed together and the same eye cream. I use the Casmara Rose D-Tox Super Concentrate (, €48) to detoxify and energise my skin after a day of makeup and I finish up with the same moisturiser as the morning. Every few days I use a sheet mask, some of my favourites are the Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Face Sheet Masks (Boots, approx. €4.09) and the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask (Charlotte Tilbury, €24).

WHAT ARE THE MAKE-UP PRODUCTS THAT YOU USE EVERY DAY? I use the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation, shade 5 (Charlotte Tilbury, €40) to start - it gives a gorgeous natural finish to your skin. Next, I use the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer, shade 5 (Charlotte Tilbury, €30) under my eyes to conceal dark circles. I have an oily t-zone so I brush the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (Cultbeauty., £32) over those areas. For brows, I love the Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil, shade 4.5, (Benefit, €26.50) and Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Gel, shade 4.5, (Benefit, €26.50) to brush them up and make them look fluffy. Spraying a spoolie with hairspray is an affordable and effective way to get gorgeous brushed up brows too. My go-to contour is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow - Face Sculpt & Highlight, Fair/ Medium (Charlotte Tilbury, €65). It’s the perfect contour shade to give you the most amazing bone structure. I also use this on my eyes. For blush, I use the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick, shade no. 24 (Brown Thomas, €44) it’s super dewy and natural. For my eyes, if I’m in a rush I stick to the contour shade but if I have extra time, I use an orangey copper shade from the Charlotte Tilbury, Darling Easy Eye Palette (Charlotte Tilbury, €54). It looks really fab on brown eyes!

My all-time favourite highlighter is the Charlotte Tilbury Spotlight Beauty Light Wand, Spotlight, (Charlotte Tilbury, €35). I pop it on my cheekbones, my brow bones and on my tear ducts for that dewy radiant look.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR 18-YEAR-OLD SELF? Relax. You have so much time to achieve the things you want in life! Your career will grow slowly but surely so enjoy it.

I put lashings of the Maybelline Falsies Very Black Mascara (Boots, €11.99) on my top and bottom lashes and I do a tight line with a black kohl liner to make my lashes look thick and lush.

WHAT HAIR PRODUCTS ARE YOU LOVING AT THE MOMENT? I use the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me products to wash and condition my hair, they’re light and they smell incredible.

I finish with a pinky nude lippy, usually Charlotte Tilbury, Matte Revolution, Very Victoria (Charlotte Tilbury €32) and top it off with a gloss. My gloss of the moment is the Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss, Force of Nature (Lookfantastic, €22.95). WOULD YOU RATE PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS? I adore facials, they’re essential for keeping your skin in great condition I think! Susan Fox does the most incredible facials in Eden Beauty using Casmara products. This may be controversial but I’m not a huge fan of the Hydra Facial. My skin just didn’t like that treatment, I was actually very dry and flaky for weeks afterwards! WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ON BOTOX AND PLASTIC SURGERY? I’m very much for whatever gives people more confidence! It’s nobody’s business what you do with your face so if you feel like a procedure will boost your self-esteem, go for it! WHAT PROFESSIONAL TREATMENTS DO YOU SWEAR BY? I love the Advanced Nutrition Skin Omega 3 Fish Oil supplements (, €19). They’re a mixture of vitamin A and fish oils so they really hydrate your skin from the inside out. The Hush and Hush Time Capsules (Millies, €65) are great too, they contain collagen, biotin and loads of different vitamins!

My new favourite product for styling is the Color WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray (Look Fantastic, €28). I use it every two or three washes and it keeps my hair really smooth as if you’ve had a professional blow-dry. It’s one of my new Holy Grail hair products now. My slick bun is pretty much my trademark look at this stage so hairspray and a good dense bristle brush are absolute essentials for me! The Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex (Kevin Murphy Store, €26) hairspray is great. ARE THERE ANY BEAUTY MODELLING SECRETS THAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH US? Your skin is precious and having good skin is a big asset in modelling so take good care of it. Drink plenty of water and have a good basic skincare routine. Try to have regular facials too if you can! WHAT IS YOUR AVERAGE WEEKLY WORK-OUT ROUTINE? It totally depends on my work schedule and quite honestly, my mood each week. I’m not a person who loves the gym by any means so I really have to psych myself up for it. Three or four workouts a week is good for me and in those workouts, I mainly focus on weight lifting, nothing crazy but enough to keep me toned and healthy.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO BREAK INTO THE MODELLING INDUSTRY? Be patient. Your look may not be for everyone so expect a lot of no’s and don’t let them put you off. Find your market and work that, you might just be in the wrong place! Personality is everything. Clients want to work with nice people so be kind and easy to work with.

WHAT’S BEEN YOUR FAVOURITE MODELLING JOB/CAMPAIGN THAT YOU HAVE WORKED ON AND WHY? I definitely have a few stand out jobs from the last 10 years. When I was about 18, I shot a big campaign for Boohoo which was huge. It was kind of the ‘it’ online retailer at the time so that was really exciting for me.

Modelling isn’t the glamorous gorgeous life you see on Instagram, it can be hard, tiring work so don’t be fooled by what you see online. Expect long days, a sore back and blistered feet!

Last year I shot a TV commercial for Barilla Pasta. I love working with food because the process is fascinating! It was a huge production and even though the entire team were Italian so I didn’t understand a thing, I absolutely loved being a part of it.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION OF BEING A MODEL? ARE THERE ANY PRESSURES THAT YOU FACE? A lot of people think that modelling isn’t a real job and can’t fathom how you can make a living from it. It’s funny to me how so many people think it’s ok to ask if there’s good money in it if you can live off it etc. I suppose the biggest pressure would be to maintain a certain look at all times. Your skin needs to be in good condition so it can be stressful if you have a breakout. Your body needs to be a certain size and while Ireland is quite laid back in terms of measurements, you still need to make sure you’re always the same dress size which can be tough! Modelling abroad is much harder in terms of achieving a certain look and size so I find Ireland a lot more relaxing.

A few years ago, I worked on a Primark campaign and my best friend was photographing it. We were basically paid to have a ball for three days! We actually shot pyjamas for two of those days so that was a major bonus.

HAVE YOU ANY PLANS FOR PADDY’S DAY? Not as of yet! I’ll probably just spend it with friends having a few quiet drinks. I’m kind of a granny at heart, I’m very much a quiet person who likes my own company so a wild paddy’s day isn’t on the cards for me! WHAT IS NEXT ON THE CARDS FOR KELLY HORRIGAN? Who knows! My philosophy in life is a very much gowith-the-flow kind of vibe. You really can’t plan in my line of work and I’m ok with that. For the past ten years I’ve just done my thing and every year I’ve grown and done better and better things so I’m happy to see where the world takes me! I would love to get into TV or some kind of presenting at some stage in my career but for now, I still absolutely love modelling so I’ll continue that for as long as people book me! We certainly cannot wait for the brunette beauty to grace our small screens some day!



Eminence Professional Spa Masterclass Takes Place in Dublin Spa professionals will be treated to an Eminence Organic Skincare Masterclass on Friday the 20th of March at The Wicklow Street Clinic, Wicklow Street Dublin 13. Top International Eminence Trainer, Brian Goodwin, will give a brief brand introduction, then he will launch the brand’s new Mangosteen skincare range, followed by a demo of the unique Hungarian Facial Massage. Eminence is a worldwide spa brand with Hungarian origins that has been making waves in Ireland recently as the results are incredible for a range of skin concerns. With core attributes that were once seen as a little ‘hippie-ish’, but are now vital to our environment - the brand started out as organic, has never tested on animals, uses solar and wind energy to make their products and plant a tree for every product sold (14 million to date), this highend, results-driven luxury brand is now perceived as the holy grail of skincare in Hollywood with fans including Madonna, Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence.

Masterclass runs from: Friday 20th March 9am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm Email: or call: 01 6777 911 Please get in touch if you would like to attend on behalf of your spa.

Aesthetic & Skin Jobs MedAesthetics

Laser Therapist/ Aesthetic Practitioner, Galway City

The Skin Nerd

Online Skin Consultant, Drumcondra, Dublin

Centre for Restorative Dermatology Coolsculpt/ Aesthetic Therapist, Blackrock, Dublin

The Skin Boutique Skin Therapist, Malahide, Dublin

Skin Emporio

Skincare Consultant, Dublin City Centre

Elysium Day Spa & Laser Clinic Senior Laser & Beauty Therapist, Moycullen, Galway

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Skin Therapist, Kerry

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Coolsculpt Therapist, South Dublin

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Advanced Skin Therapist, Galway City

Aesthetic Skin Clinic Aesthetic Nurse, Dublin, Dublin

The Skin Lab

Aesthetic Therapist/ Nurse, Killarney, Kerry

Skinsation Clinic

Skin And Laser Therapist/ Manager, Galway, Galway

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Spa & Beauty Jobs Clara House Holistic Spa Senior Spa Therapist, Clara, Offaly

SeaBreeze Beauty & Skin Clinic Beauty/ Advanced Skincare Therapist, Oranmore, Galway

Priscilla’s Beauty Parlour

Bijou Beauty

The Kingsley Hotel Victoria Cross

Escape Spa at The Imperial Hotel Cork

Hayfield Manor Hotel

Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa

Beauty Therapist, Stamullen, Meath

Spa Therapist, Cork, Cork

Spa Therapist, Cork, Cork

Beauty Specialist, Malahide, Dublin

Spa Therapist, Cork, Cork

Spa Therapist, Inchydoney, Cork

For Your Eyes Only

Up to My Eyes

The Merrion Spa & Health Club

Azul Laser and Beauty Clinic

Spa Therapist, Dublin 2, Dublin

Beauty/Laser Therapist, Clontarf, Dublin

Killashee Hotel


Lash Stylist, St. Olaves, Malahide Road, Dublin

Spa Therapist, Naas, Kildare

Senior Lash & Brow Therapist, Greystones, Wicklow

Beauty Therapist/ Massage Therapist, Ranelagh, Dublin

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The Beauty Spot

Charmed Beauty Clinic

Susan Ryan Beauty

Touch & Glow

Calm Beauty

Touch & Glow

Cedars Beauty Salon

Tiger Lily Beauty Salon and Laser Clinic

Beauty Therapist, Galway, Galway

Beauty Therapist, Cork, Cork

Massage & Beauty Therapist, Dublin, Dublin

Beauty Therapist, Dundrum, Dublin

Beauty Therapist, Virginia, Cavan

Beauty Therapist, Ardee, Louth

Beauty Therapist, Carrickmacross, Monaghan

Beauty Therapist/ Nail Technician, Rathcoole, Dublin

Bella Mia Makeup and Beauty

Great Southern Killarney

The Spa at Castleknock Hotel

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Precious Hair & Beauty

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Beauty Therapist/ Brow Artist, Mullingar, Westmeath

Spa Therapist, Castleknock, Dublin

Beauty Therapist/ Nail Technician, Templeogue, Dublin

Nuala Woulfe LTD also trading as NU Aesthetics and Serenity Day Spa Senior Beauty Therapist, Glasthule Village, Dublin

Beauty/Massage Therapist, Killarney, Kerry

Threading Specialists & Brow Stylists, Dublin City Centre

Spa/ Massage Therapist, Dublin City Centre

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Senior Spa Therapist, Dublin 2

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Nail Technician & Hair Jobs NAILS Dublin

Nail Technician, Dublin City Centre, Dublin

No.29 Nail Lounge Nail Technician, Cabinteely, Dublin

Gruaig Ghalánta agus Áilleacht Senior And Junior Stylists, Furbo, Galway

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Senior Nail Technician, Dublin City Centre, Dublin

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Nail Technician, South Dublin, Dublin

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Hair Stylist, Dublin 2, Dublin

Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon Stylist/Colourist, Dublin 2, Dublin

Freelance Hair Stylist/ Business Opportunity, Ranelagh, Dublin

Brown Sugars New Beauty Venture ‘Sugar Coated’ Nail Technician, Blackrock, Dublin

Avant Beauty Studio Hair Stylist/Colourist, Dublin 2, Dublin

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Irish Spa Association


Renaissance Products Ltd.


Chleo Enterprises


Pharmacy Group


BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Counter Manager, Debenhams, Blackrock, Dublin

Beauty Advisor, Arnotts, Dublin City, Dublin

Beauty Advisor, Brown Thomas, Limerick City, Limerick

Beauty Advisor, Debenhams, Cork City, Cork

Beauty Advisor, Boots, Half Moon, Cork

Marketing Internship, Dundrum, Dublin

Junior Marketing & Content Creator, Howth, Dublin

Digital Marketing Executive, Ballymount, Dublin 12

Beauty Advisor/Consultant, Naas, Kildare

Skincare Educator, Douglas, Cork


Divisional Sales Manager, Various locations, Ireland

Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland Skincare Educator/ Tutor, Douglas, Cork

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Administration, Front of House & Management Jobs Renaissance Products Ltd. Customer Service/ Sales Administrator, Howth, Dublin

Omra Beauty

Assistant Manager, Merrion Shopping Centre, Dublin

Essentials Beauty Salon Salon Manager, Baggot Street, Dublin

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Salon Business Development Manager, Tralee, Kerry

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W e are about to embark in a new Season…Spring! Time to spice it up and add a few more soldiers in your army of beauty products. We rounded up a few of our top picks of new products that are HOT RIGHT NOW.

2 1 Maybelline Instant Multi Use Conceal Eraser

Dermalogica Biolumin-c-eye Serum

4 3 St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins

The Ordinary. Hyaluronic Acid

5 Jo Malone Silver Birch Lavender Cologne

How to Switch off The Hunger Hormone Article By Nichola Flood

‘Hormones’. Oestrogen and testosterone are the two that most likely spring to mind, and their role in puberty, libido, the reproductive system. In fact, our bodies produce a whole host of other hormones which play a role in our health and how we function day in day out. Ghrelin, given its name as a ‘growth hormone releasing peptide’, controls hunger, food intake and combined with growth hormone, fat storage. Stimulated by the cells in our stomach, ghrelin sends signals to the hypothalamus in the brain telling our bodies it’s time to eat. Small amounts are also released by the pancreas and the small intestine. The more ghrelin in the bloodstream, the bigger the appetite and likely, the more food you eat. After food, Ghrelin levels are decreased as we’re satiated, and they don’t rise again until your body starts looking for more energy. If you’re trying to lose weight, you might be wondering how you can keep your levels low. To be clear, Ghrelin is not bad. Our hormones are made for a reason - they have a specific job to do in the body. If we weren’t ever hungry, would we take as much joy from the food we eat? How would we know when we’re low on nourishment? How would we function at our optimum? It’s when they stop working as they should that we can run into trouble. And, our diet and lifestyle choices have a significant impact on this. That doesn’t mean jumping to calorie restriction. Naturally, this will increase your ghrelin levels, potentially lead to overeating and storage of fat. Interestingly, research has shown lower fasting levels of Ghrelin in individuals who are overweight, obese or morbidly obese, this suggesting that over time, overeating can decrease sensitivity to the hormone, meaning we lose this essential control mechanism. However, it’s important to note that Ghrelin may be equally as important for weight gain. It’s all about balance. So, we’ve highlighted a few tips here, which will help keep this specific hormone in check and doing its job correctly at both ends of the spectrum. Eat a diet rich in fibre from fruit and vegetables, legumes and wholegrains. Fibre slows down our digestion while also keeping our gut bacteria diverse and healthy. Foods high in fibre also tend to be lower in calories and higher in nutrient density meaning you get better bang for your buck when it comes to calorie intake. Limit intake of high GI carbohydrates and processed foods high in sugar and artificial sweeteners. Refined and processed foods are high in calories and saturated fat and low in nutrients.

As well as spiking your blood sugar for a short period, sending your hunger and energy levels on a rollercoaster, they trigger release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with reward. We start to associate that short lived high with reward as opposed to the feeling of being nourished and satiated. Eat protein with every meal. Incorporating a portion of lean or vegetable protein into each meal (eggs, oily fish, organic chicken or turkey, tofu, beans and pulses) will slow gastric emptying, keeping you fuller for longer. It will also blunt the insulin spike you get from eating a carbohydrate based meal, preventing the sugar cravings which inevitably follow that initial sugar high. Reduce stress. Studies in animals have shown that exposure to chronic stress increases circulating Ghrelin and growth hormone levels (Massachusettes Institute of Technology, 2013). It also interacts with the brain’s reward pathways to increase food intake, creating a vicious cycle where we begin to see food as a comfort during times of stress and anxiety. Incorporate yoga, meditation or breathing into your daily routine, get out for a walk or run in nature, find something that works for you to allow you to live (and eat) more mindfully. Sleep well .Sleep deprivation has been associated with an increase in ghrelin levels, appetite and hunger comparative to sleeping for longer periods. Aim for 7-9 hours per night, practice good sleep hygiene by limiting screen time, avoiding heavy meals and alcohol before bed, and try to stick to regular sleep and waking up times to regulate the circadian rhythm. Exercise. Research in recent years has indicated a link between High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), reduced Ghrelin and increased leptin levels. Incorporate some high intensity exercise to your lifestyle each week – circuits, sprints, cycling. Get out and get a sweat on! If you’re looking for support with weight loss or indeed weight gain, incorporating these diet and lifestyle changes would be a great place to start. It’s important to remember however, that ghrelin is only one of many interrelated factors, which could be impacting on your health and wellbeing. Working with a Nutritional Therapist would allow you to create a plan specific to your body’s needs and your personal health and fitness goals. For more information on what this involves, contact [insert CTA].

Cooki e s & Cream Smoothie Recipe


CHIC STAPLES TO SEE YOU THROUGH THE NEXT SEASON The concept of transitional dressing is very simple. Buy a few new items and I mean ‘a few’, mix them in with your winter wardrobe, adopt a few rules of styling them, edit out some strictly winter-only items and you’re all set! That is, of course, until summer comes, and then it’s just a whole new ball game of clothing slip-ups. But we’ll come to that later. Until then, here are a few easy rules to help you transition in clothing style now that March is upon us. Sneakers and a dark denim.

This is a great way to look cool at any time of year. Adding a wool overcoat or jumper in a bright colour can make the look fresh and suitable for any season. It is a great way to make a chill spring outfit work when it gets chilly.

New Year new pieces to add to your transitional wardrobe By Eider Leite

WEAR JEANS WITH A BLAZER TO SMART-UP YOUR LOOK Heading to work? Throw on your jumper and layer it with a blazer and jeans. It’s the easiest way to smart-up and look professional. It has a way of making an outfit look more sophisticated. Add a pair of work-appropriate heels, wedges or kitten heels and you are ready to rock.

Sure, we all like to layer in the winter months – more for warmth than anything else though – but come the transition between seasons, layering is as important for looking good as it is dealing with the bipolar temperatures. Layering up with jumpers, scarfs and a fabulous coat is the way to look great this season.

While often we tend to rely on our accessories to personalise our outfits, bolder tops are an easy way to stand out from the crowd and show off your personality. Of course, it is necessary to dress appropriately for all occasions, however, there are bolder statement tops to choose from when creating the perfect outfit for any time and day of the week.

Heavier weighted than a traditional shirt, it’s the perfect piece for your transitional wardrobe. Find yourself warming up on a sun-drenched spring afternoon? Roll up the sleeves. Feeling a bit of a march chill one morning? Throw a cream cable knit jumper over it or a fabulous coat. WRAP BLOUSE This style of shirt highlights your best features. Perfect for the office or happy hour, these blouses pair well with slacks or jeans and delicate jewellery for any time of the day. SCOOP NECK TEE Everyone knows that a basic white tee shirt is a staple in one’s wardrobe. For both the sake of fashion and function, scoop neck tee shirts are essential to have on hand. While crewneck and V-neck options work for many individuals, it seems that this style is the most universally-flattering and goes with any outfit.

TURTLENECK TOP While halter tops can be very flattering and look very sophisticated, to achieve this look stock up on some turtleneck tops in both sleeveless styles for summer and long-sleeve ones for the colder months. They pair well with almost any Trouser or skirt style and are a slightly more sophisticated alternative to your typical basic top.

BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT A button-down shirt is a workwear staple, but this garment works equally as well as an addition to your weekend wardrobe. With denim shorts, jeans, or a skirt, collared shirts add a touch of sophistication to even the most casual of outfits. Pair with a statement necklace for a smart, stylish look.

The new ARTDECO spring/summer collection Love the iconic Red is a minimalist but carefully detailed collection created in collaboration with designer Steffen Schraut. The collection’s key color, iconic red, symbolizes feminine sensuality. The strong and powerful colour red not only makes fashion statements,but is also the perfect companion for everyday life. Red stands for clarity and selfconfidence. Love the iconic Red inspires women to discover their strong side. Pink puckered lips are an eye-catcher running through the entire collection, popping up in all sorts of different places. The different shades of red complement this season’s strong pink and orange tones in combination with a harmonious nude. Feel empowered, inspired, uncensored, desired – Discover the red in you. “ARTDECO is the premium market leader in decorative cosmetics. We were delighted by the invitation for a worldwide collaboration, because the combination “Beauty meets Fashion” is a meaningful and very creative partnership for us. From the development of colour stories to packaging, we have created everything together,” says Steffen Schraut. The Beauty Box Quattro Limited Edition in iconic red with puckered lips is the heartthrob of the collection. The eyeshadow box is ideal for storing ARTDECO eyeshadows and all other ARTDECO products in magnetic containers and is especially handy when you are on the go. The silky eyeshadows boast high colour brilliance as well as long-lasting wear and can be applied to create a soft, delicate effect. Be inspired by our new pearly shades: No. 31 “pearly rosy fabrics”, a radiant rose, No. 47A “pearly inspiring dust”, a glittering stone gray, No. 183 “pearly ginger water”, a greenish brown, and No. 188 “pearly catwalk show”, a classy dark brown. The limited red edition nourishing and long-lasting All in One Mascara in No. 01P2 “black” gently coats the lashes with brilliant colour.

Two different types of brush are connected to each other so that areas of higher fiber density separate the lashes and offer more colour and volume to areas with less fiber density. The result is voluminous and simultaneously separated eyelashes. Carnauba palm wax nourishes the lashes and keeps them supple. The fragrance-free All in One Mascara is clinically tested. For an intensification of the upper eyelash contour and the lower eyelid, the fragrance-free Soft Eye Liner waterproof is ideal. Thanks to its specially developed formulation, the eyeliner is extremely durable, smudge-proof and water-resistant. Easy and precise application allows you to achieve a pleasantly creamy consistency. You will love the great colour and high opacity of this waterproof liner. The new colour No. 88 “deep berry”, a dark berry tone, is perfect for a bold look. The Perfect Colour Lipstick impresses with rich colour and optimal opacity, combining the latest technology with effective care. With its balancing and smoothing 3D structure, the lipstick provides an optical “plumping” effect that makes the lips appear fuller and smoother. The combination of waxes and an innovative gel base creates a silky, weightless texture leaving an even coat of color on the lips. Moisturizing ingredients nourish the lips with hyaluronic acid, amino acid derivatives, flower extracts of water lily and lunar orchid, corn oil, mango butter, waxes and vitamin E. The result is a gentle, protective coating on the sensitive lip skin which protects against external influences. Four new shades in limited-edition red packaging create the perfect look: No. 804 “kisses from Steffen” envelops the lips in a bright red. The orange of No. 868 “creative energy” creates an expressive summer look. For feminine rose tones, try No. 887 “love item” and No. 896 “the feminine style”.

The Perfect Colour Lipstick exudes a delicate vanilla fragrance and is lanolin, paraben, silicone and talc-free. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved. The Color Booster Lip Balm nourishes and embellishes your natural lip colour with a delicate pigmentation. The self-coloring pigments combine with the lips’ protective film and flatter the natural lip color. The color varies depending on the unique pH of the lips. The lips look refreshed and radiant. Vegetable oil extracted from seeds of the tropical “miracle tree” forms a mechanical protective film against water-soluble pollutants and protects the lips from moisture loss. Nourishing apricot and peach kernel oils maintain the moisture content of the lips; the delicate spearmint fragrance revives and refreshes. The new shade No. 6 “red” radiates a brilliant red. The Color Booster Lip Balm is gluten, lanolin and silicone-free.

You can create the perfect outline for your lips using the fragrance-free Mineral Lip Styler. Candelilla cera wax creates a gentle texture, while mica improves the application process. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the soft part of your lips. The lip pencil, which contains no mineral oils or parabens, cuts an impressive figure since the makeup is so pleasant to wear. The rubber grip ensures a secure hold, while the integrated sharpener allows for a precise refill shape. The tip can be retracted into the mechanism with ease. Try colours No. 03 “mineral orange thread” and No. 09 “mineral red” for an expressive look. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

The Blush Couture “cheek kisses” offers the perfect combination of three shades. These shades, which suit all skin tones, can be applied individually or blended together. The mineral sericite creates a soft and delicate application. The texture will impress you with its pure colour and long-lasting wear, giving the complexion a classy, fresh finish. With a refillable, red design box and puckered lips relief on the powder, the blusher is a treat for the eyes. The blusher is lanolin, mineral oil, paraben and fragrance-free. The Art Couture Nail Lacquer, a high-tech nail lacquer, provides long-lasting, brilliant shine thanks to its patented ingredients. The high pigment content guarantees full colour with high opacity. To allow it to dry quickly, a highly effective filming agent has been combined with a gel base. The length, width and round shape of the brush, made from high-quality Tynex fibers, guarantee high precision and flawlessly lacquered nails. Nourishing active ingredients such as aminopeptides, panthenol, vitamins A, C and E improve the nail structure. The nails turn heads in No. 648 “salmon”, a soft orange, No. 673 “red volcano”, a classic red, and No. 747 “English rose”, a spring-like pink. The Art Couture Nail Lacquer is clinically tested.

The new high-quality All in One Eyeshadow Brush is a true all-rounder. The round, bushy brush head with dome-shaped tip is specially designed for a professional application. The brush adapts perfectly to the contour of the eyelid crease. It can be used for softly blending light and dark eyeshadows and softening lines. Blending powdery and creamy eyeshadow textures is easy with the Profi Eye Blender. The round, short brush head with dome-shaped, compact tip is perfect for applying eyeshadow to the eyelid, eye socket or outer corner of the eye. Due to the densely packed, high-quality and soft brush hairs, the eyeshadow can be applied selectively for a striking look. Ideal for smoky blending.

Roam ForA With the evenings getting longer and the sun breaking through the winter cobwebs it is time, like the hibernating creatures, to re-emerge from our homes and get out into nature. It’s time to smell the roses. This month in Roam for Activity we will be exploring three beautiful caravan and camping resorts across the Island of Ireland that will take you a step close to nature. With Easter break approaching it’s not too late to book yourself a mini break.

Aran Islands Camping & Glamping Inishmore, Co. Galway

This unique and beautiful camping and glamping site is perfectly located on the seafront in Inishmore, County Galway. You will wake up in the morning and can stare across the Atlantic ocean while sipping on your morning cuppa. Aran Islands Camping & Glamping in Kilronan provides accommodation, a private beach area, barbecue facilities and a terrace.

They offer state of the art glamping pods as well as sites for touring caravans. Each glamping unit is equipped with a kitchenette with dining area, and a private bathroom with free toiletries and shower. A microwave and fridge are also provided, as well as a kettle and a coffee machine. You can spend your days relaxing in front of your view, or you can enjoy hiking or cycling, before unwinding in the garden or the shared lounge area. There is also a children’s playground which makes this a great location for families. Aran Islands Camping & Glamping is a beautiful spot for a little break away and is also highly rated by couples.

m Activity

Kilbroney Caravan Park Rostrevor, Co.Down

The Kilbroney Park is perfectly situated on the edge of the Mourne Mountains overlooking the wonderful Carlingford Lough. There are 97 acres of beautiful parkland nestled between the mountains. They offer a number of fully serviced sites for touring caravans and campers alike. They also offer a laundry room, playgrounds, tennis courts, BBQ area and Outdoor Fitness Zone. Sat in the heart of this Area of Outstanding Beauty, Kilbroney Park makes for an excellent location for exploring the towns, mountains and coastline. This place is so magical it’s no wonder that C.S Lewis based the storyland of Narnia here. You could explore the Narnia trail. You could hike to the Cloughmore Stone. You could take a

magical walk down the Fairy Glen. Or you could visit Fearon’s (any other pub in very close proximity) for an excellent pint of Guinness. Or if you fancy a nice coffee and tray bake then you could also visit the onsite cafe that overlooks the Kilbroney Park.

Willowbrook Glamping & Hideaways

Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon The clue is in the title of this location. Not only is it a hideaway, it is an oasis that will bring you joy to your heart and restore your soul. The Willowbrook Glamping and Hideaways offers a number of choices for you to choose from when it comes to accommodation. Aside from their touring caravan sites they also offer stunning glamping and yurts spots. This scenic family friendly site located in green and peaceful countryside, which effortlessly stretches across 20 acres with a lake and river, and offers fishing, a fairy garden and a wellness centre. With a focus on family the team at this park are keen to keep little ones off their phones and offer loads of activities such as outdoor games like badminton and croquet, a fairy garden and a fairy door trail, a stone art scavenger hunt,

summer art camps, Saturday morning art classes and piles of board games for indoor days. For the bigger kids, the wellness centre offers an array of therapies and classes like Tai Chi, massage and acupuncture. They also offer a unique pizza house where you can buy a wood and pizza pack from the Willowbrook team and ask for tips on making your own stonebaked pizza. They also off a fully equipped guest kitchen. Ballaghaderreen is five minutes & drive away – both it and Castlerea (15 minutes) have plenty of bars, cafÊs and restaurants if you want to dine out.

Breathe in deeply and breathe out gently as it is finally here; spring. The warmer days are on their way. The sun is spilling through the window pane and the long lost light is now reaching every corner of your home. Every single corner and now you see it all. The winter mess and dust that has been building through the colder months. It’s time for that good old spring clean and there are apps to help you with organising the mammoth task ahead. But fear not; throw open your windows, find your inner Disney princess and sing it loud and sing it proud “Come on, get up, get ‘appy. Put on a smiling face.”

OUR HOME “The house is tidy. The pets are fed. The kids are studying quietly. All this without even being asked! Whether it’s housework or homework, OurHome’s gamified task system will keep your family humming.” This app is a brilliant app for keeping all members for your family, especially the kids, motivated to complete housework tasks. And as Mary Poppins’ says “in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun”. You can assign each person a different task with a points system and you could offer rewards for the extra tasks they help with. This encourages children from an early age to create healthy housework routines and build self-esteem while achieving goals.

SPOTLESS Spotless: A simple clearer home. If only it was that easy, but this app can help.”If you ever feel overwhelmed by the task of keeping your home clean and tidy, Spotless is for you”. This app is super handy as a clever household task manager and helps and encourages you to stay on top of things. If you have a Monica cupboard lurking somewhere in your home, now is the time to confront it. As you can set up different home areas and create a list for each one. You’ll be able to see at a glance what needs doing and then you can better plan your time to get the things done that you want to. It is very user friendly and easy to set up so it won’t be long until you have decluttered and cleaned your home.

DONE They say you have to do something 21 times for it to become a habit. Keeping on top of the mountain of washing or the dust you could write your name on is no different. You could build healthy housework habits to make your life easier as well as cleaner! Start small and work your way up. Such as, choosing to sort your mail as soon as it arrives, doing the dishes while you’re cooking, or bleaching your loo every day; it’s up to you. As this app is focused around creating positive habits and tracking them it helps you to choose the habit you want to start with and sets parameters on how often you want to complete it. This app tracks your progress and reminds you if you’ve missed anything. The Done app helps you to keep track of those little habits you want to build and get a step close to a sparkling clean home. And why stop there, Done can help with building other healthy habits too. At BelleVIVE we’re keen to hear about apps you use so that we can try them, test them and write about them. Let us know what apps you would like us to write about and get a little mention in our magazine.

This month we have bought you two very different podcasts from across the pond and stateside. You’ll find friends you didn’t know you had. From the inspiring brains of the world to the outrageous and funny people of America. This is The Pod Complex.


DETAILS: If you have a job or want a job, this pod is for you. Host Jodi Katz invites beauty industry leaders into her studio for vulnerable and honest conversations about their career journey. No longer willing to perpetuate the myth that everything is shiny, glossy and perfect in our lives, Jodi disarms guests as they ditch the PR-speak to discuss the realities of life/work balance, how to find joy in their busy lives and how they advance their career. Jodi is a beauty marketing expert, public speaker and founder of Base Beauty Creative Agency™, the omni channel branding agency based in NYC. The series has been featured in WWD. WHY THIS PODCAST? This is one of the most empowering collections of podcasts and they are all extremely wonderful to listen to. We all want that dream job (if we don’t already have it) and often have a fire in our bellies to make it happen. However, the flames may begin to disappear as the great intentions go out the window after a long day, or week, at work, making that fire into little more than a smoulder. This Saturday night reach for this podcast (along with your glass of wine) and find kindred spirits that will stoke those embers into a roaring fire to inspire you on your next career move. Available on your usual podcast platform including Spotify.



EPISODES AVAILABLE: 81 DETAILS: A comedy podcast featuring dramatic readings of one-star reviews written by real people with not-so-real problems.

WHY THIS PODCAST? This brother and sister duo explore one star reviews of places and products from across American and they are guaranteed to have you in tears of laughter. Each Podcast has a theme such as “Pizza Places in Wichita� and they have to find the most outrageous and most ridiculous reviews. Each review is kept a secret from the other sibling until the show and then they perform a dramatic reading of the reviews; Their responses are hilarious. This podcast will make you laugh and leave you in awe of the wacky and wonderful people in the world. *At times Explicit language is used Available on your usual podcast platform including Spotify.

Irish 1

If you are looking for some fun and festive looks this St Patrick’s Day check out our picks to help you achieve your perfect 40 shades of green. Sure it’s all a bit of craic!


Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

3 HudaBeauty Emerald Obsessions Palette


BPerfect Stacey Marie Carn XL Pro Palette


GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner



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