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Sponsorship Opportunities Calling all industry suppliers and stakeholders we have fantastic marketing and sponsorship opportunities. Support the Irish Spa and Wellness community and work directly with Ireland’s leading spa and wellness operators. • Partnership opportunities • Business forums • Brand exposure • Supplier showcase • Direct Market penetration LIMITED AVAILABAILITY Gold and Platinum Sponsorship opportunities for 2020 are limited to just 10 companies and all applications will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so we recommend you register interest as soon as possible. Contact Us Today: Email: info@irishspaassociation.ie Website: www.irishspaassociation.ie

“Together we can foster industry change and growth.”

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND WELLNES Running your own hair salon can consume an incredible amount of time and energy. To avoid feeling burnt out, set yourself strict work-life boundaries. Retaining a personal life outside your business may seem like an impossible task at times, but with the right strategies in place, you can successfully master the art of self care, most of the time... TOP TIPS TO ACHIEVING THE PERFECT WORK LIFE BALANCE, WHILE CARING FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND WELLNESS: DRAW A LINE BETWEEN WORK AND HOME Get into the habit of separating the two, when you are at work, you are at work, and when you are at home, you are at home. Don’t be in one place and worrying or feeling guilty about not being in the other. ALWAYS STOP FOR MEALS On average most salon owners work a minimum of 64 hours per week. Taking care of yourself and establishing healthy eating habits is vital in order to have the energy required. Set regular meal times, keeping these time sacrosanct and try to switch off your phone. MAKE A PRACTICE OF SWITCHING OFF Statistics show that 50% of us check out phones before 7am! You need to build in uninterrupted thinking time into your day, away from technology and the expectation of an immediate response. Our brains need respite in order to continue to product innovative ideas. MAKE TIME FOR A HOLIDAY It is diffcult to leave your salon for long periods of time, but regular, even short breaks, give you something to look forward to and a much needed opportunity to recharge your batteries. SET PRIORITIES AND MANAGE YOUR TIME To feel more balanced in life and business, set boundaries and create lists. Put the most important tasks on the top of the list and the least important towards the bottom. Learn t stop ‘sweating the small stuff’ and let go of the less important things, so you can enjoy more leisure time. Taking care of your own health and wellbeing starts with managing your time. Create a schedule, making your time off, hobbies and interests a priority, then adhere to the list. SAYING NO MAKES YOU GROW! Learn the power of saying no, because sometimes we forget how important it is to say ‘no’ when we are busy. It is not possible to be available to everybody around you all the time. If you are respectful to your time limitations, then staff and clients will be respectful also.

Telephone: Email: team@lizmckeon. +353 1 892 8007 Mobile: com +353 86 386 Skype: 1243 liz.mckeon1

SS When considering the art of self- care answer the following: 1. How would it be a gift to others to make time for yourself? 2. What would it take to make time for yourself a priority? 3. What activities make you feel happy and nurtured? 4. What is keeping you from doing the things that energisers and inspires your? 5. How can you bring more of these simple treats into you day? Add time to your diary every day for yourself and allow your batteries to recharge.

SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY IS A NATURAL BUSINESS SUCCESS When it comes to entrepreneurship in the Irish beauty sector, Jo Browne, who created her eponymous beauty and wellbeing brand in 2013, has emerged a leader in natural skincare and sustainable beauty brands. An holistic therapist, Jo Browne originally spotted a gap in the market for solid perfume and cologne. Her bamboo-packaged natural handmade fragrances are beautifully sensual and uplifting and being non-spill, no waste and lightweight for carrying and travel, they were an instant success. And, not least because a solid perfume doesn’t need help drying, so has no alcohol or other irritants! Handmade in Ireland, the Jo Browne range now includes natural skincare, including an award-winning cleansing balm and hydrating facial serum, luxury soaps, bamboo aroma diffusers and a new sustainable bamboo pillowcase collection. The beautifully designed bamboo diffusers can be used with the brand’s signature range of five different blends of essential oils, with fragrances that are variously fresh, invigorating and calming for the mind. Popular with spas and salons that favour diffusers over candles, Jo Browne bamboo aroma diffusers create scent lightly and quickly throughout a room, reducing dust and helping purify the air.

Jo Browne’s passion is essential oils and their natural capacity for healing, invigorating and calming. Having worked in natural therapies, Jo knows the health and wellbeing benefits of natural ingredients and aims to create sustainable skincare and lifestyle products that work incredibly well, feel and smell amazing, and are affordable; essentially without costing the earth! Natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, mango butter and organic beeswax are included, with bamboo extract being a powerhouse ingredient in Jo Browne skincare, and sustainable bamboo packaging used across the range. This Carlow-based natural therapist, with a novel idea for a solid perfume, has now seen an international beauty brand evolve. She prides herself on the Jo Browne environmental credentials too, which include recyclable packaging, sustainable sourcing, and avoiding harmful ingredients like parabens and palm oil. The latest new addition to the Jo Browne collection last Christmas was bamboo pillowcases. Made from luxuriously soft and smooth bamboo fabric, the pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, keeping skin cooler in summer and warmer in winter, for restful sleep and relaxation. Beauty and lifestyle stockists in Ireland include Meadows & Byrne, Kilkenny stores, House of Ireland, Blarney and independent gift shops. Sales and product detail is also available online at https:// jobrowne.com.


by Linda Pototzki

Behold the Irish charm that accounts for a fifth of the chart-topping girl band sensation who told us “you need to have a sit down with your ego” and racked up a whopping 13 Top Ten singles and 5 Top Ten albums. Of course, we are referring to Una Healy of the Saturdays. e just couldn’t ‘get enough’ of our girl on the band’s E! reality show ‘Chasing the Saturdays’. Since the band’s 2014 hiatus, this month’s cover girl took her seat as the Voice of Ireland judge and is currently the presenter of UK’s Country Hits Radio since last year. Indeed a lady true to her lyrics proving her success is only going up, she has not only since turned her hand to the country music singing scene, but she also channels her love of fashion through her signature Una Healy Original Collection shoe line and her now most recent collaboration with Littlewoods Ireland. In the spirit of the Littlewoods partnership, Una divulges all about her love for fashion. The Tipperary native says she has always had an interest fashion even before the Saturdays’ era. The 2008 Virgin Media Award, Hottest Female winner said: “I was actually told a few times to dress down a bit – to be taken a little bit more seriously. I love dressing up, it is an important part of being on stage to put on your performance outfit and it is like an alter ego, isn’t it? Even the country music scene now, fashion is so important but for me, it always was because someone said ‘dress down a bit to be taken more seriously’ but I didn’t listen to them. Then obviously I massively embraced it when I was on the Saturdays, getting to wear all those outfits was like a dream come true.” In terms of the evolution of this Irish treasure’s style from the Saturday’s era to now being a busy mum of two, to seven-year-old Aoife Belle and four-year-old Tadhg John, Una says she is not a fan of the “mumsy look”.

I don’t like mumsy looks, so I didn’t change just like that because I gave birth and I am a mum and I am going to start dressing like a mum. “I actually went back out on stage five weeks after having Aoife Belle and I remember I did The Voice after having Tadhg, so it was like straight back into dressing up again. But when I went home all the outfits came off and I was in my comfies. When I am out and about, I always like to be stylish and it is very important for me. I don’t like that mumsy look. I guess if I was to describe my style, I love that kind of rock-chic/boho look.” You can certainly see hues of this singer-songwriter’s personal style in her latest edit. The capsule-like collection is versatile enough that it can be mixed and matched and what’s more, it is not just one brand of Littlewoods Ireland, it is a combination of high street brands like V by Very, River Island and Whistles. This signals a really good balance and cross-section of price points. “They are all really good quality but they are obviously more affordable – it is high street at the end of the day. A lot of the high street is very ontrend [just] like what designer and not everyone can afford to have a whole wardrobe of designer wear. So I just think these are amazing quality items that are very on-trend with top designers as well.” A SLAVE TO FASHION Una notes that while it is practical to dress comfortably but for big red carpet events sometimes being stylish sometimes trumps the comfort card. Una recalls wearing one of her favourite looks, a deep blue, heavily embellished Crystal Design number which she donned at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2018. Una admits how this look made her unapologetically “a slave to fashion”.



She confesses: “I was so in love with it that night I forgot that what I was doing the whole night as I was chaffing off the dress. I remember sitting in the bath two days later and it was like I had been dragged through a hedge! Like all my arms were so scary looking it was like I had been rolling around in a thorn bush. I remember thinking, this is like I’m a slave to fashion now. That is where I chose style over comfort – I just loved that dress so much so I was like I don’t care.” FASHION INFLUENCE The 38-year-old’s first fashion inspiration was her mother, Anne. Anne, a massive fan of her collaboration with Littlewoods Ireland, Una still counts on her mother’s fashion advice when choosing her latest looks to this day. “Well, it was kind of different people at different ages. So as far back as I can remember, I guess I just remember my mother with her clip-on earrings and loads of suits. She always had those suit skirts. But I never got into. “Yeah, so there [are] certain things she used to love. I remember she said she went to some event in the late ‘70s and she had some skinny jeans on and a blazer and really high block platforms… and she said that people were all like ‘she’s really dressy’ but I thought that sounded amazing!” The self-taught guitarist’s other fashion inspiration is the iconic Kate Moss. “I remember loving the era of Kate Moss and her look. She was always very into skinny jeans, vest tops, leather jackets, the boho/ grunge look.” With her fellow-Saturday, Mollie, Littlewoods range, Una speaks what interested her in this new collaboration. “Mollie King had a range with Littlewoods Ireland last year, all the girls in the Saturdays worked on different brands. It is like a real dream for me to have one with such an amazing brand like Littlewoods Ireland. It just looks so good and I can’t believe I’ve just got an Una edit – it is crazy! “I also just want to see everybody - I think that is why it is great that Instagram in that perspective is great that people tag themselves. I just want to see everybody wearing it and putting the hashtag out so I can see what it is like, and everybody rocks the outfit so differently, every outfit looks so different on everyone.” On your marks, get set, tag!

Make up M a s t e r c l a s s

w i t h

Shauna Johnstone


y name is Shauna Johnstone. I am a qualified Freelance Make-up Artist and online beauty and fashion content creator from Dublin. In 2015 I attended VanityX Makeup Academy where I began my makeup career. I also studied psychology for 2 years. Since graduating, I have 5 years experience in the beauty industry. I have gained an abundance of knowledge and invaluable experience though working on counters such as Inglot, film sets in Ardmore studios, photo shoots for Ondine magazine, The Sun Newspaper, and also gained retail experience working in Brown Thomas, Arnotts, The Body Shop, Rituals cosmetics and The White Company. I regularly attend masterclasses in

Academy 92 to upskill and keep up to date with the latest trends in the makeup world, I have attended masterclasses with Lord Chyna, Beth Painter and Louise Lavery. A huge highlight for me in 2019 was attending Jamie Genevieve‘s masterclass in Brown Thomas and getting to meet her. Jamie has been a huge inspiration of mine for many years as we have very similar styles. Another huge accomplishment of mine in 2019 was being Laura B MUA’s model for her Bperfect cosmetics and Blank Canvas cosmetics makeup demos at the Irish Beauty show in the RDS. On Instagram I post about makeup, beauty, fashion, everyday life, motherhood and most importantly mental health. I have discussed the highs and lows of motherhood.

on my social media platform. I regularly talk about my experience of post natal depression and how I have dealt with it. I did a makeup masterclass at Wellness of Women event in 2018 to help spread awareness about maternal mental health in Ireland and where to get help. In 2020, I am going to be taking makeup appointments and teaching lessons from my studio in Dublin 12 for all occasions. I have so many ideas for exciting content this year that I cannot wait to share with you all. For further information and to book appointments please contact me through Instagram @Shaunaj_mua

Shauna Johnstone Makeup Artist

NEW VELVÆRE, AN EXCITING NEW MEDI-SPA TO OPEN AT THE RADISSON BLU ROYAL HOTEL, DUBLIN IN SPRING 2020 Inspired by an original Norse word meaning well-being, Velvære (pronounced vel-va-ray) is the exciting new medi-spa located on Le Pole Square, Chancery Lane at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin, scheduled to open in Spring 2020. With treatments and therapies from custommade skincare range CODAGE Paris, the spa will be the first in Ireland to stock the brand, with exclusivity in Dublin. The medi area will offer express treatments and consultations, creating bespoke treatment plans using the innovative and results-driven skincare brand, iS Clinical. The team at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin have been working closely with Reddy Architecture + Urbanism and Jim Hamilton of Graven Images to design Velvære, a luxurious and stylish new medi-spa with a combined spa, medi and wellness offering. This high-end boutique-style spa design is heavily inspired by balance, contrast and the elements of nature as well as the heritage of its city landscape, offering a unique journey to rejuvenate the skin, body and mind. The spa spreads over three floors, providing an unparalleled experience for relaxation and renewal. With a private consultation room, five treatment rooms, a dedicated medi room and two express medi-chairs for fast, focused treatments and a relaxation area, Velvære will also have a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and a lavishly stocked gift emporium, with treatments and therapies from innovative skincare brands CODAGE Paris and iS Clinical.

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin’s city centre location makes Velvære ideal for quick lunchtime or after work treatments, and the spa’s setting and access options ensure it is the perfectly discrete choice for facilitating its exceptional range of professional non- invasive treatments.

The chic new Velvære spa at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin will provide an escapist, enriching spa experience with specialist results-driven treatments and personalised programmes designed to respond to the ever-changing rhythms and requirements of each client’s skin, with wellbeing at the core of all treatments.


With a specially designed selection of therapies for both men and women at Velvære, the research is currently ongoing to develop an impressive menu of sophisticated and cutting-edge treatments and exceptional therapies to provide the ultimate relaxed spa atmosphere as well as delivering a fulfilling and effective experience for every client. An ideal location for pampering breaks, benefitting from the hotel’s selection of luxurious bedrooms, as part of the hotel complex there are always options to also enjoy pre or post-treatment cocktails, afternoon tea, leisurely lunch or dinner, and the additional service of the on-site spa Velvære will be an important new attraction offering an extra incentive of wellness for conference business at the hotel. ‘‘Working on this project has been a fascinating and rewarding experience, and we believe we will have a unique and elegant combination at Velvære to offer our guests when we open in the New Year, from mindful and relaxing spa therapies to sophisticated and effective results-driven treatments,” says the hotel’s General Manager Madeline Riley.

‘‘The brands and therapies we will offer at Velvære include the exceptional iS Clinical range, renowned for the red-carpet Fire & Ice facial, an intensive clinical treatment designed to resurface the skin, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and encourages cell renewal. The superior products feature the most advanced technology to encourage dramatic visible results in skin health and appearance. We are also excited to offer CODAGE Paris, the contemporary house of French cosmetology, a Parisian skincare brand excelling in the art of formulation which has been the go-to label for French men and women since 2010. Velvære will also be home to ‘A Day in Dublin’; a bespoke CODAGE Paris routine, custom-made with the brand founders, offering a ready-to-wear skincare routine that precisely meets the needs of the skin subject to the changing climate of Dublin. It moisturizes, boosts skin radiance and protects from external aggressions for an instant glow-shot! Both brands are exclusive to our citycentre spa. We have quite a few more exclusive and cutting-edge brands and therapies to announce too, so there are exciting times ahead!”

More than Make Up by Michelle Galligan, Make-Up Artist When we look good we feel better - and that can mean different things to each and every one of us. For some of us it can be getting dressed up, adding some lovely accessories and of course our make up......ah yes our make up. God bless my Mam, she never left the house without a quick lippie application and yes, I am the very same. But if a person is very unwell with Cancer experiencing the adverse side effects, make up can be the very last thing on their mind. That’s where the wonderful charity “Look Good Feel Better” come in. “Look Good Feel Better” help improve the well being and confidence of women undergoing cancer treatment by providing free make up workshops in hospitals nationwide, and offer advice to help manage the visible side-effects caused by cancer and its treatment. About two years ago I attended one of their volunteer evenings and this is where I met the lovely make up artist, Mary Drummond @marydrummondmakeup. Mary leads many of the make up workshops in the Dublin Hospitals. Mary told me: “I love all sorts of make up but what really makes me happy is to help people with make up. The workshops with Look Good Feel Better enable me to do this and giving make up lessons is lovely. Just to feel like you’ve done a good job and made someone feel happy is what I love.” Mary asked me to help out at a couple of events last year and that’s where I met the lovely Edwina McGrath of “Edwina McGrath Beauty” www.edwinamcgrathbeauty.ie. Edwina explained how much she loved volunteering and how rewarding it really is. Edwina also led some of the workshops in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin. All of this work wouldn’t be possible without the kindness and generosity of these lovely make up artists like Suzie O’Neill and her sister Laura Maher from www.ayu.ie. They designed and donated a super soft brush range especially for the workshops. Then in 2018 LJ O’Reilly from @anythingbutmarzipan ran the #Browtober Campaign. She dedicated the month of October creating eyebrow tutorials to support anyone suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy and to help create awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. LJ used amazing eyebrow stencils from Louise Ganley of Beauty Beau Peep (www.beautybeaupeep.ie). Louise attended her first workshop last December and described her experience:“ By far it was the highlight of my year. These ladies are truly inspiring and I cannot wait to help out at the next workshop. One lady told me “it is the first time I have had eyebrows in a very long time “. I had to hold back the tears. Knowing you can make even the tiniest bit of difference to someone’s life is truly so amazing and is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my years in the beauty industry.”

@lgfbuk/@lgfbie LookGoodFeelBetterUk/Ie

Edwina McGrath Michelle Galligan

The Make Up Artists Mary Drummond Louise Ganley

LJ O’Rahilly

Get involved Look Good Feel Better is always in need of volunteers who have skills or experience in the industry to help support the sessions. It is a truly rewarding experience to see the transformation of the beneficiaries at the workshops; in looks, laughter and reinstated confidence. If you feel you could help in any way, however small, please get in touch - we would be delighted to hear from you.

Suzie O’Neill

info@lgfb.co.uk 01372 747500 www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk

CAREER CHAT WITH Business Development Manager of ALUMIER MD

Sinead Linnane

Meet Sinead, a lady who has extensive experience within the beauty and aesthetic sector, winning multiple awards and who is now employed by one of Ireland’s leading medical grade skincare brands. She chats about her career, her love for her role, her passion for skincare, how she balances career and motherhood and overall her love for her job and family life! TELL US HOW YOU BEGAN YOUR CAREER IN BEAUTY? After leaving school I studied Business which definitely stood by me throughout my career. I then did my Beauty Therapy course in the prestigious Younique Beauty College Newry, which coincidently is one of my top accounts in my current role. I then moved on to do my teaching within the industry and after successfully completing this my career began. I started off working as an international trainer for Thalgo Cosmetics, where I won many awards including trainer of the year in the IBPA Awards 2007. I quickly moved into sales as I knew that’s definitely where my talents lay, and over the years continued to progress and win industry awards including Rep of the year 2008 in the IBPA Awards. In January 2017 I started working for Alumier MD, as Aesthetics was the next move in my career path. I started on my own in Ireland and within a year had quickly grown a successful team and brand here. I have also won company awards, one being Business Development manager of the year 2018 and 2019. WHAT’S YOUR TYPICAL DAY LIKE? I get up every morning at 6am, have breakfast with my family as this is very important to me. I then go to the gym to start my day with a healthy body and mind.This sets me up for my daily success. I start my working day about 9.30 which various from meeting current clients to presenting our brand to potential clients. Other days I could be meeting with tabloids, bloggers, other industry reps to get brand awareness out there. I can honestly say, there isn’t a day I walk out my front door and feel I am going to work. I feel I am meeting with like-minded individuals who like myself really want the best for their business and excellence and innovation within the Aesthetic industry.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR WORK? I love the fact that I am working with the best most innovated brand out there, making a difference to peoples lives and the industry. I can safely say without any hesitance Alumier MD deliver the best results in skincare that I have ever seen in 20 years of working in this industry. WHAT MAJOR CHANGES HAVE YOU SEEN IN SKINCARE OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS? There has been a massive move in this industry, clients want more medical treatment and instant results which is what they get with Alumier peels and homecare products. The days of paying top dollar for fluffy treatments are gone. WHAT DO YOU LOVE TO DO OUT OF WORK HOURS? I enjoy going to the gym every morning, it sets me up mentally for the day ahead. I enjoy trying out different restaurants, food and wine is a luxury I certainly enjoy. I also love to travel with my family, making memories with them is what keeps me going, I believe in living life to the full and taking every opportunity to make my life better. WHO DO YOU LOOK UP TO? WHO INSPIRES YOU? My husband inspires me, he is a businessman who certainly knows how to live life to the full and has a healthy work home life balance. He works smart alongside being a fantastic father who also puts us first. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE HAS ADDED TO YOUR CAREER SUCCESS TO DATE? This has to be creating good working relationships between myself and my customers. Without a good relationship there is no business. There is too much competition out there and our clients deserve the best. They come first in my eyes. WE SPEAK TO SO MANY THERAPISTS WANTING TO MOVE INTO SALES, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE STARTING OUT? Concentrate on building strong customer service skills. Know what’s hot and what’s not in the industry so you can help your customers build healthy businesses. Have good time management and organisation skills as this is very much required in the field. HOW DID YOU SPEND CHRISTMAS? This Christmas we decided to take a dream holiday to Lapland, were we made some wonderful family memories. Apart from that we overindulged in food and everything Christmas which I believe is what its all about.


I have been working in the Beauty industry for nearly 20 years now! My journey WITH began in Senior College Dun Laoghaire where I qualified as a Beauty Therapist with CIDESCO, followed by a diploma in Theatrical, Media and Fashion Make Up Artistry. As I have a creative and artistic flare I initially wanted to work as a Make Up Artist and concentrate my energies in that area but that all changed once I startClinical Educator of in the Year ed working with Yon-Ka skincare a Salon I worked in in my early 20’s. I loved everything about the brand and my passion for skincare really became apparent at this early stage in my career. After 8 year working in some beautiful Salons I wanted a change in my career path. Teaching was something I aspired to do at a young age so with a teaching qualification under my belt my key focus was to become a brand Trainer, at the time I couldn’t think of any other job I would love to do more!!


Siobhan Kelly

I have been working in the Beauty industry continuously developing the courses we offer for nearly 20 years now! My journey began in our clinics. We have some exciting new training Senior College Dun Laoghaire where I qualified modules coming this year. as a Beauty Therapist with CIDESCO, followed We have suchwith a high demand for education by a to diploma in Theatrical, Media and Fashion I was lucky start the next chapter by landing my dream job as aseen Trainer Make Up Artistry. As I have a creative and that this year we have expanded and teamed Renaissance distributors of work Yon-Ka, in Cosmed Ireland, followed up with Aesthetic Training Academy artisticProducts, flare I initially wanted to as aImage Make skincare in Dublin, Coco College of Beauty Therapy in Up Artist concentrate my energies that McDevitt by a training andand Sales Representative role withinAnne Ltd, distributors area but that all changed once I started working Cork and Younique Aesthetic Training Academy of Eminence Organic Skincare. companies I gained a training courses. in Belfast to facilitate our with Yon-Ka skincare in a While Salon working I workedwith in inthese early 20’s. and experience which I am very grateful for. wealth my of knowledge The knowledge we impart on our delegates I loved everything about the brand and my who come training is second to none. On passion for skincare really became apparent our introductory training the delegates not at this early stage in my career. After 8 years only leave with knowledge on our exceptional working in some beautiful salons I wanted medical grade skincare brand but also with a With that being said the last 12 years lead mewas to today where I am knowledge on currently cosmetic dermatology, anatomy a change in my career path.has Teaching physiology and knowledge on the major something I aspired toasdo a young age soforand employed with AlumierMD theatClinical Educator Ireland. with a teaching qualification under my belt my skin conditions that they are presented with on key focus was to become a brand Trainer, at the a daily basis. time I couldn’t think of any other job I would love to do more! next chapter by landing I carried out some research Before II was evenlucky wenttoforstart the the interview with AlumierMD my dream job as a Trainer with Renaissance as I wanted to see ifdistributors this was a brand that wouldImage engage my interest and I would Products, of Yon-Ka, in Ireland, followed by a training and believeskincare in. Sales Representative role with Anne McDevitt Ltd, distributors of Eminence Organic Skincare. After checking out thewith website was really impressed While working theseI companies I gained a by the science, technolowealth of knowledge and experience which I am gy and the level of activity of the medical grade ingredients used throughout the very grateful for.

brand. I was amazed at the Clinical outcomes and I certainly was inspired to know With being itsaid last 12 years has led more. As an that Educator is sothe important to believe in the brand you work with as me to today where I am currently employed with first impressions you essentially willIreland. start to mould the delegate belief in AlumierMDdo ascount, the Clinical Educator for the brand. Before I even went for the interview with AlumierMD I carried out some research as I wanted to see if this was a brand that would engage my interest and I would believe in.

We currently have approximately 180 Clinics in Ireland and it is continuing to After checking out the website I washere really theand science, technology the busy and no two days are the grow atimpressed a very fastby rate as a result my roleand is very level of activity of the medical grade ingredients used throughout the brand. I was amazed at the Clinical outcomes and I certainly was inspired to know more. As an Educator it is so important to believe in the brand you work with as first impressions do count, you essentially will start to mould the delegate belief in the brand. We have approximately 180 Clinics here in Ireland and it is continuing to grow at a very fast rate and as a result my role is very busy and no two days are the same! I spend time travelling the country but I also spend time in the UK to meet with my education team as we are

The weeks I’m not training I’m carrying out visits to our clinics to continue their educational journey and to insure they are maintaining the motivation, knowledge and passion I have imparted on them while attending training with me. Our clinics and their patients alike are blown away with the results of our peels and products, as a result the patients see the value in investing in their skin. Our clinics are wonderful, I love working with them as they all share the same end goal as me which is, making their patients confident and happy in their skin while using the most sophisticated, results driven products. It genuinely makes me so proud to see the clinics flourish and grow with AlumierMD and I am so happy to be able to support them all along the way. I recently won the award for Clinical Educator of the year with AlumeirMD. It was a very proud moment for me. Self belief, hard work, focus and love for what I do got me to this point. It just shows if you really want something and you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. Credit is also due to my very supportive education team leaders who have brought out the best in me since my time starting with the company last year. I really feel I have found my niche with AlumierMD, my role is challenging and rewarding in equal amounts and right now I couldnt be happier in my role as Clinical Educator for AlumierMD here in Ireland. I am very excited to see what the future holds.

Are you needlessly suffering with lines, wrinkles and discolouration around the eye area? Do you aspire to have firmer, more luminous skin resulting in a fresher, eye-catching appearance? Do you feel tired of trying endless eye creams that promise the world but leave you disappointed? What if you could gift the gift of brighter eyes this Valentine’s Day with the cleanest, corrective eye-specific skincare available, packaged in a beautiful gift box? Get ready to do just that! The Bright Eyes Kit is back due to popular demand. Now available through registered AlumierMD stockists.

AluminEye™ and Retinol Eye Gel How does it work? AluminEye™ and Retinol Eye Gel work together in perfect synergy to offer a broad spectrum of anti-ageing ingredients for exceptional, visible results. The AluminEye™ is jam-packed with powerful peptides, including tetrapeptide 14 for anti-inflammatory properties and MATRIXYL® Synthe’6® for collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. How to use it: Layering is key AluminEye™ which is designed for hydrating and illuminating can be used twice a day, with the 0.1% vitamin A in the Retinol Eye Gel applied first, in the evening. Contents AlumierMD’s Retinol Eye Gel has been formulated with pure retinol in a cutting edge time-release encapsulation for visible results around the delicate eye area. This vitamin-packed gel firms, tightens and strengthens the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins C and E provide dramatic antioxidant defence. Allantoin and Niacinamide accelerate retinol acclimatisation and minimise irritation, which is sometimes associated with introducing vitamin A into your skincare, leaving you with improved skin laxity and luminosity around the eyes. How to use: Apply in the evening, gently patting the gel under the eyes, along the brow bone and over crow’s feet. along the brow bone and over crow’s feet.

AlumierMD’s B RRP £99

Bright Eyes Kit 9 / €125

AlumierMD AluminEye™ AlumierMD AluminEye™ is a luxurious eye cream that helps improve elasticity and firmness while diminishing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffness. A unique blend of antioxidants protect against UV-induced freeradical damage while the powerful peptide MATRIXYL® Synthe’6® upregulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Rich in vitamins including Niacinamide vitamin B3, AluminEye™ also contains soft-focus pigments that immediately lighten the appearance of under-eye circles. How to use: In the morning after cleansing, apply one pump to clean fingertips. With your ring finger, gently pat under the eyes, along the brow bone and over crows feet. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a night in, or if you want to express some self-love, this powerful kit will ensure you’re looking and feeling your best this Valentine’s day. The Bright Eyes Kit from skincare experts, AlumierMD, is back by popular demand, containing the ultimate eye-enhancing duo. Designed to give the thin, fragile under-eye area a dose of plumping, lifting and brightening properties to make you look (and more importantly feel) your best, not only for Valentine’s but long into 2020. For more information and stockists, please visit www.alumiermd.co.uk @alumiermduk

Meet NICHOLA LYNCH, Celebrity stylist from

Miami Beach

Nichola Lynch started her career in Toni and Guy Dame Street Dublin at the age of 15, with Paul and Ian Davie. She specialized in hair cutting and styling and became an educator as well. After working with the company for over 8 years she decided to take her talent to the United States.

In 2008, Nichola started working for Cutler, which had locations based out of Miami and New York City. Working between both cities, she was able to work with numerous celebrities taking her clientele to the next level. Throughout her career Nichola has had the pleasure to work with Vogue, Miami Swim Week, Sports Illustrated, and New York Fashion Week to name a few. She also had the pleasure this summer to fly home to Dublin and judge Miss Universe Ireland. Some of her clients include, Nikki Hilton, Tommy Hilfiger, Jackie Cruz, Bethany Frankel, Larsa Pippen and Natalie Dormer,Kate bock, dorite kemsley. Nichola, 34, a single mother of Skyler, age 3, currently resides in Miami Beach. For the past 8 years Nikki has managed Sean Donaldson Hair, and works as a full-time hair stylist as well. Sean Donaldson Hair opened in 2010 by Dianne Rosenfled and, Scottish born, Sean Donaldson. The salon now has two expanding locations, Miami Beach with a staff of 31 and Brickell City Centre with a staff of 18, both open 7 days a week, Saturdays being the busiest having up to 150 appointments. Nichola has a true passion and loves what she does to which she credits her mentors at Toni and Guy for inspiring to start her career in the hair world. Her long term goal is split her time between Miami and Ireland. Home is really where the heart is and her heart is in Dublin. She craves everything about home, mainly the people and the realness and she religiously keeps up with Coronation Street and Eastenders.

HAIR CAFE SALON: HAIR STYLISTS AND BARBERS TEAM UP FOR HAIR TOGETHER TO HELP TEENS STAY IN SCHOOL AND LEARN SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE. Young people are at risk of leaving school early with low prospect opportunities and grooming into the drug industry locally. Hair Together, in support of Setanta BEST programme, is a community based programme aimed at 14 to 17 year olds from the Ballymun area to provide these teens with hairdressing and barbering skills. The programme is an initiative of Setanta GAA Club and Poppintree Youth Project, working together in the community to give young people a safer transition to adulthood. It aims to teach teens soft skills that can help them develop further into the hair and barbering industry as a career choice. The children involved with Setanta GAA Club and Poppintree Youth Project engage on a weekly basis and Hair Together will engage with them to further develop their skills. Studies have shown that this age group is when young people develop strong relationship with positive

Tony O’Reilly from The Kube and Eileen McHugh from The Hair Cafe Salon Smithfield have voluntarily ran two similar evenings in the past, which has received positive feedback from participants and their parents. The upcoming programme will work with 10 teens over 10 sessions and, due to high demand, future programmes will accommodate more participants. The programme is about the skills these teens will learn. It’s also about community and working together to keep these skills in the local area. Mixing students from Dublin City University and Dublin Institute of Technology with the teens involved has proven to be of a positive influence and may help these teens see the advantages of third level education. Eileen McHugh said: ‘This programme is really close to my heart as I grew up in the same area with similar challenges. My hope is that by participating in this program these teenagers will have a chance to experience something new, have a safe place to explore their creativity and do it together with other peers that they wouldn’t usually mix with. It’s only through experiences like this that we find our talents and passion, when I found mine it opened so many new doors.’

Tony O’Reilly said: ‘Growing up in Finglas and living in Ballymun for many years, it’s very close to my heart and now to be able to give back some of my 12 years experience owning and working in some of the top barber companies in Ireland is a great privilege. With my similar background growing up I’m also in a position to be able to identify with many of the youth we will be working with in Hair Together so I’m very excited and privileged be giving a chance to work with youths on our 10 week course.’ The Hair Cafe Salon Smithfield are one of the programme’s sponsors that are working with The Kube, Old County Barbers, to provide a series of sessions to teach these teens hairdressing and barbering skills. All venues involved are professional salons at the top of the industry, which will add to the experience, and all will be available to the evening programme. There is space for other businesses to help out and sponsor the event. The first session will see the former President of the Irish Hair Federation and House of Colour founder David Campbell give an inspirational talk about the benefits of these skills and an introduction to the course. He will give the basics of working in the industry, such as applying for jobs and getting ahead in the industry. There will be 10 sessions in total with the tenth session allowing the young people involved to unveil their talents in a showcase.

The showcase will take place at the end of the 10 weeks and students from Dublin Institute of Technology will be invited to engage in the event, adding more disciplines to the models. The focus will not be on the end result but on the journey these teens embarked on and the experiences they learned. They will gain new friends, knowledge, and skills that will benefit them in life. For other businesses interested in getting involved with Hair Together and sponsoring the programme, please reach out to secretary. setanta.dublin@gaa.ie and include ‘Hair Together’ in the subject line.


CHRISTMAS PARTY SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OVER! A REVIEW OF THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY SIDE OF CHRISTMAS PARTIES! Did things get out of hand at your staff Christmas party? Was there trouble on the dancefloor? 1. ENSURE YOU HAVE AN ANNUAL LEAVE POLICY Employers should find it encouraging to know their staff are willing to build strong and meaningful relationships with fellow work colleagues. It is essential that employers provide employees with the opportunity to celebrate the festive season together as a means of strengthening such relationships. Organising Christmas parties can also be a useful means for employers to show their appreciation for employees. The harsh reality of the Christmas party season is that not all experiences are positive, as 90% of employers have experienced an issue arising from a Christmas party. A further 10% of employees claim they know someone who has been disciplined or sacked as a result of something which happened or is connected to the Christmas party. Employers need to understand they have a duty of care towards all employees and they can be held vicariously liable for any one employees’ action against another. This can even occur if the incident takes place off-site and/or outside of normal working hours, just as Christmas Parties do. So, as a business how do you mitigate the risks associated with Christmas parties whilst still maintaining an event which is enjoyable for all employees? Staff Christmas Party Top Tips – Avoiding Trouble on the Dancefloor • Employees are provided with a clear policy on the code of conduct expected at work related social events such as office parties, outlining what is unacceptable behaviour, highlighting anti-bullying and harassment policy and refamiliarizing employees with the company’s social media policy. • Employers must be aware they can be held vicariously liable for actions of employees at work related social events, if deemed to be committed in the course of employment. A risk assessment is encouraged to be completed to identify any factors related to this and mitigate the risks of any claims. • Employers should ensure they have taken all reasonably practicable action as preventative measures for any potential third-party harassment of employees, e.g. selecting venue location for parties. • Ensure party attendees are provided with adequate levels of food and water, with a suggested cut off time for free alcohol being served. These are preventative measures to reduce the impact and negative implications of alcohol on employees. • At Christmas Parties, designate a few senior members of staff with the task of overseeing and monitoring activities of employees and their alcohol intake. They should be aware of guidelines of how to deal with drunk or disorderly employees. • Employees calling in sick the day after the Christmas party is common, due to the result of drinking or eating to excess. Employers should remind staff of policies and procedures in relation to sickness absence, to minimise such sickness absence. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR PERSONALISED & EXPERT HR & EMPLOYMENT LAW SUPPORT PLEASE GET IN TOUCH FOR A FREE CONSULTATION EMAIL INFO@BEAUTIFULJOBS.IE

20 20 BEAUTIFULJOBS LAUNCHES HR CONSULTANCY We have listened to your feedback and are very excited to launch our new HR Consultancy & Support to our list of services. We welcome our consultant Aine to the team who has a wealth of experience in managing many complex HR issues, employment legislation and HR best practice. She has worked as an independent consultant with a variety of clients on extensive HR projects including small to medium sized businesses, multinational professional services groups and gained international HR experience in Canada within the last eight years. With a particular interest in our sector and experience working with clients in Hair, Beauty, Aesthetic and Dentistry, we will serve clients in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. As part of this service Aine will educate and empower business owners on how to effectively manage their people, ensure compliance with employment regulations, recommend best practice and take the jargon out of HR by providing straightforward practical training. We will be offering a personalised tailored service and whatever the issue, we can help. We have packages to suit everyone, small to large business, no yearly contracts or ties but three simple options to choose from: 1.Pay as You Go service is charged on an hourly rate basis 2.Project Work is charged on an independent basis 3.Fixed Monthly service is flexible retained support to suit your needs

Our services are designed to be very flexible, depending on the nature of the business. We recognise that each business requires different levels of support depending on the skills and expertise you have in-house and the complexity of the issues you are facing. We are able to design a supporting service to suit you and your business.

FREE HR EVENT 10TH FEBRUARY-DUBLIN CITY As an introduction to this service we are holding a FREE HR EVENT in Dublin City Centre from 10am to 8pm on the 10 th of February. We are offering all of BeautifulJobs members a free consultation that will be private and confidential. Book your consultation and HR Health.

Check if you need assistance or advise on: Contracts of Employment Employee Handbooks (Workplace Policies and procedures) Workplace Training for all levels of employees Queries on HR policies and procedures including: Managing employee performance Protecting your business & client. Employee probation queries Annual Leave Absenteeism & Sickness Disciplinary procedures Queries regarding competitors taking your employees and how you can manage this. Managing employees who also work from home with clients/my clients. Management of freelance employees And much more... Email hr@beautifuljobs.ie or call 01 9036279 to book. Contact us as soon as possible please to avoid disappointment.

Aesthetic & Skin Jobs BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Clearskin Medical Skin Clinic

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Advanced Laser Light

Elysium Day Spa & Laser Clinic

South William Clinic and Spa


The Skin Nerd

Fade Laser

Skin Emporio

Senior Laser/ Skin Therapist, Dublin City

Aesthetic Nurse / Skincare Therapist, Dublin & Leinster, Dublin

Advanced Skincare Therapist, Moycullen, Galway

Beauty/Skin Therapist, Cork, Cork

Laser/ Skin Therapist, Grafton Street, Dublin

Senior Skin / Beauty Therapist, Sandyford, Dublin

Laser/ Skin Therapist, Cork City

Senior Laser & Skin Therapist, Dublin City

Cosmetic Chemist Drumcondra, Dublin

Skincare Consultant, Dublin City Centre

Laserderm Clinic

Skincare Therapist/ Laser Therapist, Claregalway & Loughrea, Galway

To Apply for Jobs please send CV to info@beautifuljobs.ie, visit our jobs page at www.beautifuljobs.ie or Call 01 9036279. We also offer free careers advice.

Spa & Beauty Jobs The Johnstown Estate Hotel & Spa

Amia Beauty

Nuala Woulfe, NU Aesthetics and Serenity Day Spa

FACE. Brow Bar

Allure Beauty and Spa

Elysium Day Spa & Laser Clinic

Edvard & Pink



Shearwater Hotel & Spa

Killashee Hotel

Living Beauty Day Spa & Salon

The Buff Day Spa

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Spa Therapists, Enfield, Meath

Beauty Therapist, Sandycove, Dublin

Beauty Therapist, Drumcondra, Dublin

Massage/ Spa Therapist, Dundrum, Dublin

Beauty Therapist, Dublin City, Dublin

Hotel, Spa Therapists, Naas, Kildare

Beauty Therapist, Dublin 2, Dublin

Beauty Therapist, Dalkey, Dublin

Brow Stylist, Athlone, Westmeath

Junior Beauty Therapist, Moycullen, Galway

Lash/ Brow Stylist, Newbridge, Kildare

Spa Therapist, Ballinasloe, Galway

Senior Beauty Therapist, Mallow, Cork

Skin Therapist, Gorey, Wexford

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Femme Fatale

Glow Beauty Clinic

Touch & Glow

Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa

Beauty Therapist (Lash Expert) Lucan, Dublin

Senior Therapist, Ardee, Louth

Touch & Glow

Senior Therapist, Carrickmacross, Monaghan, Ireland

Up To My Eyes

Senior Lash & Brow Therapist, Greystones, Wicklow

Senior Beauty Therapist, Skerries, Dublin

Spa Therapist, Inchydoney, Clonakilty, Cork

Jardines Face & Body Clinic

Beauty Therapist at, Clondalkin, Dublin

Complete Beauty/ Northwest Laser Clinic Beauty Therapist, Ballina, Mayo

Image Beauty

Shirley’s Beauty & Laser Clinic

Estee Health & Beauty Clinic


Avalon Beauty

The Honey Pot Beauty Salon

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Cauraun Skincare & Beauty Clinic @ Glasson Pharmacy

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Vanilla Beauty Salon

Beauty Therapist, Kilkenny City, Kilkenny

Beauty Therapist, Naas, Kildare

Senior Beauty Therapist, Galway, Galway

Beauty Specialist, Kildare, Kildare

Massage Therapists, South Dublin, Dublin

Senior Beauty Therapist, Glanmire, Cork

Spa/ Holistic Therapist, Straffan, Kildare

Beauty Therapist, Kill, Kildare

Beauty & Skin Therapist, Athlone, Westmeath

Beauty Therapist, Castlebar, Mayo

To Apply for Jobs please send CV to info@beautifuljobs.ie, visit our jobs page at www.beautifuljobs.ie or Call 01 9036279. We also offer free careers advice.

Azul Laser and Beauty Clinic Beauty Therapist, Clontarf, Dublin

Rouge Beauty Salon Beauty Therapist, Ranelagh, Dublin

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Nail Technician & Hair Jobs Fedua Ireland

Nail Technician / Brand Ambassador, Dundrum, Dublin


Nail Technicians, Newbridge, Kildare


Senior Barber, Ranelagh, Dublin

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Senior Nail Technician, Dublin City Centre

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Sales, Training & Management Jobs BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Cork at Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Daughters of Charity Community Services

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

International Institute for AntiAgeing

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy

Parknasilla Hotel

Alumier MD

The Skin Nerd

Dibi Milano Skincare & Beauty Division at Xpert Professional

CH Tralee

Medical / Clinical Sales Representative, Various locations, Ireland

Field Sales Representative, Various locations, Ireland

Beauty Skincare & Medical Field Sales Representatives, Various locations, Ireland

Pharmaceutical Sales Professional, Dublin City, Dublin

Nail Trainer, Various locations, Ireland

Business Development Manager, Munster

Business Development Manager, Munster, Ireland

Teacher, Douglas, Cork

Hairdressing Instructor, Dublin 1

Tutor, Various locations, Ireland

Area Manager, Various locations, Ireland

Spa Manager, Parknasilla, Kerry

Business Development Manager for Nerd Network/Online Skin Community, Drumcondra, Dublin Salon Business Development Manager, Tralee, Kerry

To Apply for Jobs please send CV to info@beautifuljobs.ie, visit our jobs page at www.beautifuljobs.ie or Call 01 9036279. We also offer free careers advice.

The Skin Nerd

Business Development Manager, Various locations, Ireland

NAILS Dublin

Area Manager Various locations, Ireland

NAILS Dublin

Salon Manager, Dublin City Centre, Dublin


Development Consultant, South Dublin / Kildare, Dublin

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Area Manager, Various locations, Ireland

BeautifulJobs Recruitment Consultancy Medical / Clinical Sales Representative, Various Locations Ireland

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Administration, Front of House & Retail Jobs Clarins



NAILS Dublin


Sweet Squared

Beauty Advisor Arnotts, Dublin City, Dublin

Beauty Advisor In Brown Thomas (30 Hours), Cork City

Beauty Advisor In Brown Thomas (22.5 Hours), Cork City

Front Of House Manager/ Floor Manager, Newbridge, Kildare

Front Of House Manager/ Floor Manager Dublin City Centre, Dublin Customer Experience Advisor, Gallanstown, Dublin


Beauty Advisor In Brown Thomas, Limerick City, Limerick


Beauty Advisors in Debenhams, Blanchardstown, Dublin


Beauty Advisor Debenhams Cork City, Cork

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We all can agree a Red Lip is glamorous, bold, timeless, fierce, iconic and simply unapologetic. A beautiful red lip can transform any look from a sophisticated and business day time to an alluring date night. Here are our musthaves in your arsenal to create that perfect Valentine’s Day statement shade.









How Healthy is your Tummy? Article By Nichola Flood

If you’ve got tummy troubles, you will fine this article of interest. But what if you don’t? It might be hard to believe, but the state of your gut affects EVERY aspect of your health, from weight loss and immunity to mood and skin health. There are a mind field of symptoms and conditions that are linked to digestive issues. Much of the problems arise from dysbiosis, which is where the levels of bacteria in the gut are out of balance. That might mean there are too many ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut or simply insufficient numbers of the protective, ‘good’ bacteria. Hold that concept in mind while I run you through 5 reasons you’ll want to take care of your gut – even if you don’t experience symptoms of digestive distress.

5. Bad breath – Typically linked to dysbiosis or bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. Athlete’s foot or thrush are linked to candida, a yeast in the gut. Candida, you might also be interested to know, has a giant list of other possible symptoms, including mysterious aches and pains, that feeling of being hungover when you’re not, depression, fatigue, anxiety and brain fog as well as a host of tummy issues.

1. An imbalanced gut is bad news if you’re trying to lose weight. Estrogen is an obesogen, which means it can make you gain weight. If your gut bacteria are out of balance, you could absorb 15% more calories from your food.There’s also a growing amount of research that suggests your gut bacteria actually influence food cravings and metabolism, too

1. Reduce Caffeine

2. Listen up if you’re that person who is always ill or gets everything worse than everyone else … About 75% of your immunity is governed by your gut. If your digestive system is healthy, chances are you will be generally healthier, too

4. Get organised - Go shopping and get the right foods in so you are well prepared

3. Not happy with your skin? Eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne are just a few skin issues linked to poor gut health. Much of this is down to permeability of the gut (sometimes called ‘leaky gut’), where your digestive tract is damaged and things that shouldn’t normally pass through are now able to, like bad bacteria, gluten proteins and other undigested food particles, causing widespread inflammation and a huge array of heath problems. This is true for hay fever and food intolerance, too, for very similar reasons. 4. The state of your digestive system is important for regulating your mood and for your mental health. The gut is often referred to as the ‘second brain’. That’s because, embedded in your intestinal wall are 500 million neurons that make up your enteric nervous system (ENS). Your ENS plays an important role in the production of 30 different neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters, like serotonin, are chemicals responsible for regulating mood. At the very extreme end of the spectrum, an imbalance of bacteria in the gut has also been shown to be a factor in autism, ADHD and other brain conditions, such as epilepsy.

HOW TO START LOOKING AFTER YOUR TUMMY 2. Reduce Alcohol 3. Review your diet with a Nutrition expert

5. Water - Increase your water intake and use a water filter if possible 6. Body Brushing - Start “body brushing” before you shower (on dry skin) - brush towards your heart to boost circulation and encourage detoxification 7. Hot Water - Drink hot water and lemon on waking

Roam ForActivity 2020 Edition

February; the month of love (and pancakes!). We have chosen three destinations to bring joy to your heart and soul, as well as the significant other in your life. This month we have three locations as suggestions for romantic weekends away and Mini Moons. Be prepared to get spoilt.

Finn Lough Resort - Fermanagh There are very few things in this world that are more romantic then curling up under a blanket with your favourite human and looking up at the star filled sky. Yet at the Finn Lough Resort in Fermanagh they have managed to top that with their bubble domes. Now you can lay under the covers in a luxury bed and sleep under a blanket of stars. Each secluded dome has a cosy living room space so you could sit and drink tea and watch nature in all its glory, and with little or no light pollution you can use the telescope provided to take a closer look at the stars and constellations. They also have wooden floors, a private shower room and breakfast is included. The Finn Lough Resort has plenty to offer, which includes woodland strolls you can take hand in hand, and they also boost other wonderful accommodation such as their Lakeside Lodges complete with hot tubs, cottages and catered suits. They even have an incredible spa hidden in the woods for the adults. This is a perfect, affordable and at home bit of luxury to be enjoyed by any and every couple.

Brimstone Hotel - Lake District If there was ever a perfect romantic break that was a hop, skip and a jump away then the Brimstone Hotel is it. Situated in the breathtaking Lake District, if the mountain air and the babbling brooks don’t create the perfect romantic break then this hotel will. With only 16 suites, a maximum of 32 guests, you will feel secluded and well taken care of. Each suite is large and luxurious with an emperor size bed, a private terrace, mood lighting, wood burning stove and an extra special bathing experience. With a team of dedicated hosts to take care of your every need including serving you and yours breakfast in bed, building your in room fire, to bring you room service and cocktails, it would be easy for you not to step outside and just to enjoy being waited on hand and foot throughout your stay. Their exclusive spa has an array of delights that include a 90 minute treatment time per person, side by side treatment beds, a double shower and spa bath just for two. You will also use the My Spa Heaven cabin which offers steam and sauna rooms just for two. The prices is fairly reasonable considering what you get and this (like the love of your life) is a once in a lifetime experience.

Further a Field - Budapest Love is about two people coming together and sharing a life, perhaps this is why Budapest is a perfect lovers destination. The river Danube is nestled between the cultural Buda that sits upon the hill and the cosmopolitian Pest below. This is a city of scenic landmarks and rooftop bars, and like you and your loved one, has the perfect pairing, especially with its history, culture, arts and hip eateries. To full grasp the extensive and stunning landscape that is Budapest we recommend doing a guided tour by bus or even by boat. The natural and historic thermal baths add a whole new dimension to the normal spa experience. The waters come from a natural hot spring and are said to be healing to mind, body and soul. You can couple this with spa treatments for two such as a massage. There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to eating out and it is worth exploring many of the culinary delights that this city has to offer. No trip is complete without a visit to the ruin bars that have literally been built in the ruins of the city. This is a whole new experience and has another world feel and atmosphere to it. You can also enjoy the panoramic rooftop views while sipping on cocktails.

This month we’ve brought you a trio of wonders when it comes to apps on the market. There’s something for your body, your mind and even your suitcase! So join us again this month as we further embrace the technical achievements and apps that help our daily lives. Sing it loud and sing it proud “Come on, get up, get ‘appy. Put on a smiling face.”

MOVESUM Over the last few years there has been a flurry of pedometers on the market from FitBits to Apple Watches. All of which are an excellent way to monitor your calories and amount of exercise in steps. But what if you were to measure your exercise in chocolate bars, crisps orwine?! Well this is what Movesum focuses on. It takes the steps you have completed and calculates into calories, but then it calculates them into food terms and gives you a choice of things you could potentially eat. For example, 384 calories is equal to 495 blueberries, 2 beers or half a hamburger. This app really makes you think about not only what you put out in exercise, but also what you put in with food.



GEIST (MEMORADO) As a “holistic approach to unlock the full potential of your mind” the Geist app certainly seems to deliver on it. Broken down into four parts, there is the brain training test, the games, the mediation and the sleep section. In the free version you have access to few games (Robot Factory is great fun), some of the meditation sections, and the daily brain training test which consists of a few games that test and improve your skills of logic, memory and concentration. As a whole this app is well designed, even down to the music used throughout, and it might be worth trying out the paid version if you enjoy the free version.

BagBnB Hotel check out is at 10am, your flight isn’t until 7pm and your left lugging your suitcase and bags with you for the day. What a waste to your last day of your trip. Well no longer as BagBnB does exactly as you imagine. For a nominal fee you can have a safe and secure place to store your bags. The app will tell you how many BagBnB’s are located near you, the opening hours and the price. Simple select the one you want to use then book your bag in for a holiday while you enjoy the last day of yours. At BelleVIVE we’re keen to hear about apps you use so that we can try them, test them and write about them. Let us know what apps you would like us to write about and get a little mention in our magazine. If you have an app that you love, or one you’re launching, get in touch and we’ll do our best to get it featured in our ‘Get Appy’ section.

This month we want to celebrate all the people out there doing what it takes to see their dreams coming to fruition. We hope their stories, their drive and their ability to never give up will inspire you. From celebrities, to entrepreneurs, to working mums and dads, we are focusing on those people that want everything in life and will do what it takes to get there. This is The Pod Complex.

PODCAST ONE SECOND LIFE EPISODES AVAILABLE: 109 DETAILS: Join our host, Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr, as she chronicles the career changes that can come at any age in our podcast, Second Life. WHY THIS PODCAST? TThe gaps between the female and male workforce, from the jobs, to the pay, to the accolades, has been pushed to the forefront in the last few years. Yet, more women are coming forward and talking about the work they do and what they have done to achieve it in the hope of breaking the mould. In Second Life, Hillary Kerr talks with some of the world’s most well known and successful women about their careers, their work journeys, what they have learnt along the way and how they set aside their fears and doubts in order to succeed. Each podcast highlights a different woman’s journey to this point in their life. In doing so, Kerr and her guests reinforce that you don’t have to be male to be successful in the world. Available on your usual podcast platform.

PODCAST TWO GET UP AND DAD EPISODES AVAILABLE: 7 DETAILS: Welcome to Get Up and Dad, where checking out amazing parents and how they are balancing everything! WHY THIS PODCAST? With a successful multimedia company to boot, Ryan Loney started one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges of all; fatherhood. Since 2017, and the inception of Get Up and Dad, he has been documenting his family life through social media platforms to show us, almost effortlessly, how to have a beautiful work-life balance. In 2019, he took it a step further and launched his podcast. During his 30 minute shows he talks to other dads and mums (Get Up and Mum), about how they achieve that work, life and dream balance. There are currently seven podcasts and each one of them is incredibly insightful, honest and has an inspiring view of how to achieve your dreams and be a parent. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the Get Up and Dad brand continues to grow each day. @getupanddad Available on your usual podcast platform including Spotify.



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