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JUNE 2020 | ISSUE 42

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It seems like a big part of the world is working to get back to normal and leave the virus in the past. Yet, so much has changed in the few months that we were all locked away. As we begin to venture out into public again, there is a fear that hangs in the air. People are not as friendly or as loving. Things feel empty and weird. Life may never be like it used to be before this whole thing happened but we do know for certain that one thing has not changed. God is still love. God still loves you. Whatever you are facing during this time, remember that God is with you and will help you face each part of this new change. We love you too and pray for you often! We love you! Bring Beautiful Back. #bringingbeautifulback XOXO,


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ABOUT BEAUTIFUL Beautiful magazine has always been a dream of mine, something that I knewwould come eventually. I just cannot believe it is already here! Beautiful is a collection of art and illustrations, depicting inner and outer beauty. It is stories, it is real, it is life. It is pure beauty. Beautiful is fashion, health, beauty tips, encouragement, life, art and truth. Beautiful is about you, your story, your life, your love, your pain and your fears. Beautiful is about us, our stories, our journeys, adventures and our moments of life that have been crafted specially to share with you. I want you, the reader, to feel safe reading Beautiful. I want you to feel like you are a part of the stories, the adventures and the passion that each one of the editors, writers and photographers bring to you. I want you to feel empowered, encouraged and excited about your beautiful journey in this life. Most of all, I want Beautiful to be the spark that makes a change in your life. Not a change for good or a change for the better, but a change for the BEST!

Share the magazine with those that need a little extra beauty in their life. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful. That is what Beautiful is all about. PODCASTS: If you love to listen to podcasts, you have to check out our new podcast station. It is available here: iTunes Podcast: id1453936323 Google Play Podcast: music/listen?u=0#/ps/I2dnkg2572v4xdggrh4bvwwzmmy PATREON: Patreon is a site that allows creators to express their talents and others can contribute to their projects. You can now sponsor us with a one time or a monthly contribution. We have 3 tiers that give you rewards in return. All proceeds are given to our creators. Contribute here: ©2020 Published by Kingdom Dezigns, Inc.

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Karissa Hagemeister-Irani is on a life long journey to share love, beauty and truth with the world. She enjoys modeling, acting and singing. She has her own fashion line and in July of 2016, Karissa published her first book. Her future plans are to revamp the fashion & entertainment industry with the love, truth and beauty through both her fashion business and Beautiful & Dauntless magazine. Editor-in-Chief of the Dauntless section of the magazine, Arman Irani, married Karissa in June of 2019.

EDITOR IN CHIEF, dauntless

Arman Irani is just another fellow human. He’s admittedly a little bit nerdy. How nerdy? Well, he just received a Bachelors degree in Nanotechnology. Arman loves working out, cooking healthy, dressing up, traveling and he’s also a bit of a gamer. He has no qualms with moving in faith to new destinations and embarking on new adventures in life (as the phrase goes, you only live once!). When it comes down to it, Arman believes life is short and hopes that you become inspired and believe in yourself to do the things that you want in this life and follow your calling.


©2020 Published by Kingdom Dezigns, Inc.


Arnette German is a native of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. She took her leap of faith and finally decided to yield to her passion for fashion by enrolling in the online Graduate Program of Fashion Journalism at Academy Art University in San Francisco, California. No stranger to the stage, Arnette is a member of the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe in Sarasota, Florida. Presently calling Bradenton, Florida home, Arnette spends her free time either volunteering at her local church and spending time with friends and family, especially her best friend. Arnette is a foodie and a lover of nature and the arts. Life is definitely, in some shape or form and fashion, being lived to the fullest.


Xiomara Montalvo is a 21 year old graphic designer and visual artist that lives and breathes all things artistic. She has lived in Florida half of her life but is originally from Michigan.

Xiomara has a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from Southeastern University with a concentration in Digital Imaging. Visual Storytelling has always been a passion of hers. To be able to bring life to the imagination is what motivates her to design.

When Xiomara is not working, she loves to read, write, draw, paint, and play video game. She personally believes that we were all created to create.

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beautiful BEAUTY



Sun Defense Mineral Oil-Free Sunscreen Face $19.75

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Business Women Around the World



Laura Lee Harrison Confidence & Beauty Strategist What is a Confidence & Beauty Strategist? I work with professional women to help them deliver their message on stage or on camera effortlessly and confidently, by assisting them with their Skin Care and Makeup regimens, so they feel beautiful as they are with their unique features. No more failed YouTube tutorial attempts! How did you get started in this field? I have been in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist, Skin Therapist and Esthetician for 10 years now. I am always stopped in public with comments about my skin and makeup, and I am always told I should teach women. I realized there was a need for this when I started seeing how unrealistic online tutorials are! Women actually lose confidence in themselves, from trying to copy a tutorial when it doesn’t look the same or the phrase I hear all the time is, “it was a total FAIL!” And just so everyone knows, I am a professional and I cannot recreate 99% of those tutorials. The reason being, is we don’t have the same features as these people or we are using completely different products. Mostly it boils down to features though. I also started realizing this was a need when I started stepping out into the spot light. In 2018, I published a story of my life in a book called, Sacred Heart Rising, Compiled by Brenda Hammon. The book became an International Best Selling book. I started public speaking and getting on camera to do live videos on social media to grow my audience. And I started noticing while I was watching other amazing women and men on stage, I was always comparing myself to other people. Thinking they looked so beautiful and incredibly put together! Who was I to speak on stage or interview them on Live Video? And who was ever going to care what I had to say! I didn’t look like these people. I would never look like that! Quickly I learned this is pretty normal for us women to do, and I am positive it happens to men as well. So I want to spread confidence! No more faking it until you make it! I personally think this is some of the worst advice out there. Instead recreate the inner voice and showup and shine. What is your favorite part about what you do? Changing the perception of self care! Showing women they can wear


makeup or take care of their skin and not be ashamed of it. It doesn’t need to be about vanity. I’m on a mission to show women that it’s not about wearing a mask to hide behind. It’s about feeling great! We are constantly judged for how we present ourselves in public, and makeup is just a tool! Just like a sexy pair of shoes or a gorgeous purse, it puts extra spice in your step. It is exactly the same as a man who puts on his power suit or that blinged out watch that makes him feel confident! We women seem to be judged more for our “power suits.” So I like sharing this, and showing people what self care can really do for us. What has been your biggest obstacle? My biggest obstacle has been my own confidence! It has been a journey to overcome years of abuse, from others and myself, and learn that I have a voice, and that I can share it. I have talents that I can grow and share with the world. I have knowledge locked away that I can enrich others with! I have a life story that I hope can help people rise above their own personal traumas and thrive. Four years ago someone asked me, “What do you bring to the table?” I laughed and said not a thing! No sooner the words came out of my mouth and my world started shifting, I started seeing myself differently! I started growing, and learning new skills. This is something I work on every single day. The mindset growth never stops. The learning never stops. Evolving never stops and I am incredibly proud of that. I am very confident in my life journey, my goals and where I am heading. What would your dream opportunity be? My dream opportunity would be to travel the world with my 4-Year-Old, with my business Partner and her family, and work everywhere. Helping women to feel empowered, sexy and confident, both online and by doing exotic shoots around the world. My Business Partner is an Empowerment Boudoir Photographer, Gabriela Cruz Photography based in Edmonton Alberta and this is our end goal: creating works of body art, and that art being published for the world to see and be empowered by, while enriching our children’s lives with culture and experiences. You can find Laura here:

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Photo Credits: Gabriela Cruz Photography



Yahozka Godfrey Photographer @ Gabriela Cruz Photography What is Gabriela Cruz Photography? Gabriela Cruz Photography is a photography studio in Edmonton, AB Canada that specializes in empowerment boudoir photography. Our mission is to help women in their journey of self discovery through visual art. We are more then just a photography studio, we offer an experience in not only making women see themselves in a different light, but we also TEACH women how to change their mindset about themselves through constant guidance and motivation even after their empowerment shoot is done. How did you get started in this field? My photography journey was actually quite sudden. I used to be a nurse and I stumbled on photography after having my first child. I knew that I wanted to specialize in boudoir because of all the stories I heard from women who came to see me. So many had a story to tell about obstacles that they had faced in life and doing this shoot was a way for them to find themselves again. Even though they were on the right path of self discovery, they still had a lot of insecurities that I found were holding them back and that frustrated me, like why!? YOU are beautiful, YOU are strong. I have had a lot of women who go straight into tears and tell me, wow I was always told I was ugly, or too big or too skinny. After I show them the pictures, they admit: I’ve never seen myself as beautiful as I see myself now, this can’t be me! I have never been so in love of my stretch marks then I am now. THAT is exactly when I knew I was on the right path. Their journey and strength even made


me want to evaluate the way I thought about myself. So now, along side them, I am also on a path of my own self discovery. What is your favorite part about what you do? I love being able to - not change women’s lives but help them change their OWN life. To teach them how to embrace their body and femininity because when they/we do, we truly are unstoppable. What has been your biggest obstacle? At the beginning, I felt like I was preaching to these women to learn to love who they are yet I (after having 2 kids) wasn’t in that mindset for myself. So my biggest obstacle was really myself. I felt insecure on how to move forward with my career and life because I didnt have the confidence that I was preaching. So I took time and put my own words in to practice and with the help with my amazing studio manager, now business partner on another venture and friend LauraLee, I am learning more and more about myself and using my own experience to continue to help these women. Like all women we all have insecurities and our spirits are raw and sensitive and our confidence, no matter how hard we work to sustain it, can waiver when something tampers with it, but I found that it’s okay to have those feelings, embrace it actually and then continue on your path. What would your dream opportunity be? I would love to featured in Forbes magazine, I want to be able to take my family and travel the world doing what I love which is photography. My dream would be to photograph wedding dresses in unique and exotic settings only for designers but also for start ups. I want to continue to help women from all over the world to learn to love and embrace who they are and travel while doing it. You can find Yahozka here:

  Website: Photography By: Gabriela Cruz Photography Florals by: Bud + Bloom Floral Studio 18


Melissa Okabe Real Estate Agent Tell Us About You & Your Business: I am a 2nd Generation Real Estate Agent, Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), and First-Time Home Buyer Specialist in the Los Angeles-South Bay market. I am excited to continue expanding my family’s real estate brokerage, Alta Properties, a Real Estate & Property Management located in the South Bay. Over the past 30 years, Alta Properties has represented sellers and buyers in numerous Residential and Commercial Real Estate transactions throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. My personal mission is to create an all-inclusive real estate experience where my clients feel completely supported and taken care of, as they buy or list their home. . How did you know this was the right path for you? I knew real estate was the right path for me, the moment I handed over the keys to my very first buyer client, and how happy it made me seeing the joy on their faces, the mix of surreal disbelief, happiness and awe that this home is really theirs. Knowing that I played a part in their beautiful home-buying journey gave me so much fulfillment, and I knew in that moment all of the hard work is 100% worth it. What do you love most about being a real estate agent? What I love most about real estate is the positive impact I get to have on my clients in such a personal way. I’ve had a lot of success especially with first-time home buyers, who typically do prefer a more hands on approach. I’m definitely a people person, so I thoroughly enjoy showing 20


“My aim is to make their real estate journey as enjoyable & stress-free as possible.�


them homes and connecting on a personal level with them throughout the process. Many of my clients have become great friends after closing escrow. What has been your biggest obstacle? Real estate is a career where your problem solving skills will be refined! Each deal comes with it’s own set of complex dynamics and no deal is ever the same. I love the challenge, and see it as a daily opportunity to grow. That being said one of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in my career actually did not relate to a transaction, but rather my limiting beliefs about myself. During my first year in business, I went to an industry conference and after the first day, really started to doubt myself, my abilities and my capabilities to succeed in this industry. I found myself unfairly comparing myself to others who projected great success, or had been in business for much longer. I really felt like quitting at that moment. Thankfully I was able to gain perspective, to see these other successful realtors as role models rather than competition, and gave myself a break for not being there YET. Instead of feeling badly about being at the level I was, I began to see it as an opportunity to grow, to learn, improve to the next level. It became a target to where I wanted to be, a clear destination to what was possible. And that realization changed everything. The year following, I had an incredible year in terms of sales volume and production, exceeded my plan, and went back to that conference with my head held high. I hope this story helps others, if you are ever feeling this way, remember it’s all a process and just because you’re not at a certain place yet, doesn’t mean you won’t ever get there. Be present and take in the lessons and growth opportunities that the present holds. You’ll be an even better person when you arrive at that goal destination because of it. What would your dream opportunity be? Having an opportunity to one day expand my Los Angeles Real Estate business to also operate in Paris, France and get to travel there more often. Having lived there in my early 20’s, Paris will always have a special place in my heart and my second home. You can find Melissa here:

Website: Photography By: Chelsey Rose Studios 23

beautiful FASHION

Ecowish Tie Dress $30.00


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Arnette’s CORNER

To be To be

Loved By: Arnette German By: Arnette German



As the world is facing a tumultuous time being locked in a persistent state of paranoia from the dreaded respiratory sickness, Covid-19, also known as the is during this time God’s love and peace will be evident for His children because simply put...God takes care of His own. His tender, yet, powerful love will and can break through these transparent barriers of ignorance, discomfort, lack, fear, doubt, shock, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, lack of regard for “RIGHT,� disrespect, selfishness, greediness, guile, lack of compassion and stinginess that Covid-19 has inadvertently thrust upon the world. However, at a time such as this, relief can be found in God. God, who defies odds, this moment in time will amplify who He is: a sovereign, ever loving and providing waymaker that knows His people and makes a way for His own! If there has ever been a time to make an executive decision to know Him- to cleave onto is the time to choose Him because He relentlessly cares for you! Ephesians 3: 17-19, KJV, refers to the vastness or no limitations one can achieve in their life through their faith that has been structured upon their love for God and their knowledge of Him. A national state of emergency is being called for you to determine: where is your security going to lie? Who are you entrusting with your stability (i.e. physically, mentally, spiritually and now financially) at this point.? Because to be loved for...cared a wonderful thing! Who and what are you allowing to comfort you and/ or speak to you to calm you down after receiving another update of this pandemic...who and what are you allowing to feed you...steer you into the wise direction you correctly need to make/take during this surreal moment in time? Simply put...what/who has your trust? As we are seeing daily in the various platforms of media what the world/you may have placed its/your trust in, is either slowly or rapidly fading or failing altogether; collectively, we are seeing the answer is in God and the answer is Him. He.Is.A.Limitless.God! 32


His Word and promises are ever sure and will forever stand. If He says He got you- trust...He got you! Case in point, at a time such as this, no one but Him could have miraculously positioned me now the way He did. At the top of all of this occurring, where the pandemic’s pandemic them seems to be Instability, He kept His promise to me and gave me Stability during the peak of all of this: secured my apartment the 2nd week of March, learned at end of March top of April that my job’s industry was deemed essential by Homeland Security if any national emergency was declared and then unexpectedly offered Full Time from my Temporary assignment and hired the last week of April. The very job I couldn’t understand why I was there...He knew it was the very thing that was going to show His love for me...His promise to me that, “He had me and I was going to land on my feet...just continue to hold on. Trust Him. And keep moving forward.” The way God set me up-nobody but Him could have done the way He did it! And the way He moved for me...bringing a calm during turbulent times or “apparent” turbulent times; God will continue to bring and deliver peace tangibly along w/ways being made, blessings and miracles that will definitely be known and seen by others! Oh, to be loved by Him is such a wonderful thing! Now, what He did for me, He can do that and more-when you are...His! So, the questions on the table are, “Why would you not choose Him? Why place your trust in something that constantly has the bottom falling out or always coming up short?” I guarantee you, if you give Him you and your trust- watch something different occur...because He never breaks a promise! To be loved....



words by Xiomara


your step

By: Xiomara Eve Montalvo


Visualize yourself as a child again, playing outside and having fun with other children your age. Are you playing soccer? Maybe a game of tag? Remember that one moment that your mom, dad, or older sibling warned you to be careful. Maybe you were playing too close to the street or the fence. Maybe they saw that the sidewalk was uneven near you and warned you to watch your step, but you kept on playing anyway. Eventually there comes that other moment where...oops you tripped and fell. You did not heed the warning of the one looking out for you and ultimately ended up getting a scratch anyway. This is similar to humanity’s relationship with our Heavenly Father. In our individualized journeys, there are situations where the Holy Spirit warns us to be careful and being the special creation we are... we disregard the warning and charge forward. The pitfall is around the corner and we just keep walking. The Father is telling us, “watch your step my child,” and we still fall into the pitfall. It happens, but what we do not pay attention enough to is what the Parent in the situation does afterwards. Let us go back to the child version of you from earlier, you have a scratch now. You are crying not so much because it hurts but over the fact that you tripped in the first place and you worry about what your “mom” (in this analogy) is going to tell you when she sees you. Will you get in trouble? Scolded? Can you still be able to play afterwards?


All these questions make you want to cry more. It is the sound of your cry that alerts your mom that something is wrong. When she finds you, she sees that you are hurt because you did not listen. With sniffles and tears you await the reprimand, but instead of being punished your mom picks you up. She lifts you in her arms, hugs you, comforts you, and sets you down in a high place. It is here that she looks at your scratch. She cleans it, puts some ointment on it to prevent an infection, and covers it with a band-aid. She then lifts you again and places you on the ground and the last thing you expected her to say, she says, “Go ahead and play some more.” Crazy right? God looks out for us in the same way. He knows that we are bound to trip and mess up in our walk, but with everything He picks us up again. He hears our cries. Yes we are in pain, but He covers us in His warm and comforting arms and places us in a place where we cannot be reached by others until He asses the wound. He will wash us with His grace, apply peace to our situation, and cover us in His love. Then when He sees that we are strong enough to keep going God will dust us off and say, “Okay, go ahead and keep going.” That is the care and compassion of our Heavenly Father. You are cared for and greatly loved. Just remember to watch your step and keep going.



June’s top MODELS



CODIE GREEN “I want to empower everyone I come in contact with! Make them smile. Make sure that other people know that anything is possible when you work hard and stay positive!” Cover Model: Codie Green @codiegreen.model Photographer for cover: Joseph Mayer @jgmivphoto Photographer for Pages 38-39: @jgmivphoto Photographer for Page 41: Johnny Wilson @jwilson_photography Stylist: Tisha’s Boutique @tishasboutique 42

Model: Codie Green @codiegreen.model Photographer:

Johnny Wilson


Stylist: Tisha’s Boutique @tishasboutique


Anna-Kay Campbell-McCrae 44

Model: @ Kay_fresh85 Photographer: @omarlateefphotography Dress : @Londa Msanii

“With hard work and passion, nothing is impossible.�

Eisha Vora

Model: Eisha Vora (@ eisha04) MUA: Adela (@adelina4553) Photographer: ArunBfoto



Rachel Maz

Model: @rachelmazmodel Photographer: Saxon Mills Photography

Model: @gabbi_model @gabbi_music Photographer:Denise James @denj1219


Victoria Jordan Jain

Model: @Victoria Jain Photographer: Brooke Garret


“I’m 32 and curvy. Let’s show the world different is beautiful too.”

Angela Odom

Model: @Angsnewlife73


Model: @xxclusive_tsai Photographer:Noah Wright 48

“The more you can tap into your most authentic you, the more you can experience your full power, YOUR TRUE MAGIC.” - Tsai

Rowena Whitson

Model: @rowenawhitson Photographer:Carlos Rafael Suarez 49


It’s a Relationship



It’s a Relationship By Karissa Hagemeister-Irani I grow tired of people constantly pushing their religion. There are so many religions out there it is easy to be confused and unsure of what to believe. Some may sound really good with the rewards that are promised, but I have not died so how do I know if these rewards will come true? Religion is a way to control people. If you can get people to believe in what you are saying, they will follow you anywhere - without question. Politics and religion are very similar. Each has an agenda they are pushing. I do admit that I am part of a religion but my agenda is not to push this religion upon you. (Yes! I do have an agenda. Everyone involved in some form of entertainment or another does have an agenda). Within the religion, I found a relationship. I am not talking about my husband or friends. I am talking about the one whom the religion is centered around. For the majority of religions, the one who began the religion is dead (and has been for a very long time). There is no way to have a relationship with a dead person. So that religion is hollow, empty and void of meaning. The people in those religions are just following rules hoping to receive something after their life is over. I said that I have a relationship with the one that started my religion. His name is Jesus Christ. Jesus did walk the earth a couple thousands of years ago. He did die brutally on the cross and he did come back to life three days later. He ascended to Heaven to build a bridge for us to communicate with Creator God. I know there are people out there that do not believe some of these things happened. I am not a debater, so I am not going to argue with you about this. You believe whatever you want to believe and I will keep on sharing what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.




Ephesians 3:17-19 says, “Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” That love mentioned in Ephesians 3 is what I am going to share with you. When I was a very little girl, I decided to have a relationship with Jesus. That means that I took time to talk to him, I read about him in the Bible, I sang to him and I spent time with him. During this time, a solid relationship was forming. I knew that there was bad in the world and I knew that Jesus was good. I was afraid of the bad, so I wanted to be as close to Jesus as I could, to be protected. When I was still a very young girl, my world became very dark. I had no one to turn to except Jesus. I was hurt. I was frightened. And I felt alone. For years, I cried myself to sleep every night, up until I was a teenager. As I cried, I would talk to Jesus about my pain and I could feel him literally holding me tight in his arms against his chest. The pain and sorrow that those years brought me only strengthened my relationship with Jesus. I was very much aware that he was real. He was the only reason I refused to take my own life. My faith and assurance in him could not be shaken because it was not built on a religion of rules but on a deep relationship of love. Throughout my life, he has shown me through dreams, visions, the Bible and others just how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. For someone who grew up feeling alone, that love means everything. I know I am not the only one that has experienced the darkness. I am not the only one who has felt unloved and alone. I am not the only one who Jesus loves. He loves you. Every one of you. He wants a deep relationship built on love with you too. If your heart was moved at all by my story, give Jesus a chance. I guarantee that he will never let you down.


beautiful FITNESS


BACK 2 The Gym Workouts To Do At the Gym: 1. Weight Lifting 2. Cycling 3. Stair Stepper 4. Machines How To Stay Healthy At the Gym: 1. Wear a mask 2. Use the paper towels and cleaner on everything you touch 57

Beautiful & Dauntless PAGE A NT POSTPONED

Now Accepting Applicants.





Juliette Cruz Life Coach She specializes in helping women to gain and maintain a positive, growth mindset, and to learn how to use journaling as a tool to guide themselves through a cycle of continual reflection and self improvement. Her ebook is called Mindset Reset and can be purchased on her website ( for $29. Her online course is called Life on Purpose and can be purchased from her website ( for $597. Join us this month as we do a specail giveaway for the ebook and online course on social media.


es i t au ng e B eri n i Jo pow s on ily Em autie or da kly Be ok f wee o r & b o f e ion es c a F irat udi p e st en s n l i m b i B wo






Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020


6 Gifts for 6 Different Types of Dads: 1. For the Handy Man

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Summer Fruit Bowl Ingredients: ½ a watermelon chopped into small squares 3 kiwis chopped into small slices 2 cups grapes halved 2 cups strawberries chopped into small slices 1 cup blueberries 1 cup raspberries 1 cup mango pitted and diced into small squares 1 pineapple chopped into small squares Dressing: 1/2 lemon juiced 1 tablespoon honey Instructions: Add all fruit into a large bowl. Pour the dressing over the top. Lightly toss to combine.





VEGGIE BOWL INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of cooked quinoa 1 cup of cooked mixed veggies (broccoli, corn, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, …) 1 Tbsp of hummus ½ cup of baked tofu 1 cup of mixed fresh greens (spinach, kale, arugula, …) Lemon juice or a dressing of your choice.


DIRECTIONS: In a large bowl, make a separate section for each of the listed ingredients above. Pour the lemon juice or dressing sparingly over the top. Enjoy.



TOP 10

ICE CREAM flavors for summer: 1. Vanilla 2. Mint Chocolate Chip 3. Birthday Cake 4. Chocolate 5. Cookies ‘n’ Cream 6. Strawberry 7. Moose Tracks 8. Coffee 9. Cookie Dough 10. Buttered Pecan



Not So Sugar Coated By Internationally Certified Health Coach, Ashleen Parker Not So Sugar Coated is an online health coaching company that specializes in helping busy women with anxiety, improve their gut health so they can stop feeling constantly exhausted and irritated.

The 7-Day Gut Health Reset is a great start to easing your anxiety naturally. During these 7 days you will be provided a grocery list, meal guide, daily log, a workbook and daily emails that will guide you on what to do each day. You will learn the best supplements for easing anxiety and gut friendly foods that will get your body back to basics so you can start to get rid of these symptoms of irritability, indigestion and ultimately begin to lower your anxiety and stress levels. Your energy and your mood are going to significantly increase for the better just after these 7 short days. The 7-Day Gut Health Reset can be purchased online on her website ( https://notsosugarcoated. for $58.00.

 





H 82


n a r nI

a m r

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He Knows By Arman Irani Ephesians 3:17-19 New Living Translation (NLT)

17 Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. 18 And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. 19 May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

As we put more of our trust in the Lord, in things unseen, instead of worry or fear - our roots will actually grow deeper and stronger. As the foundation of our “temples” are built upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ, we can withstand storms that would otherwise shake and destroy other homes built on false ideology and theories man-made. It is good to know that on a deeper spiritual level, our true spiritual father cares for us and loves us in a way that is hard for us as humans to understand. Luckily, with faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Even with a partial knowledge of God’s love for his creation (us) we can experience great joy, peace, love and all the gifts of the spirit. When one thinks about the things you’ve gone through in life, and when you may question God’s timing or path he created just for you, remember that nothing happens by “chance.” The Alpha and Omega knows the numbers of hairs on your head, he weighs your heart and although many may claim themselves wise or righteous in their own eyes and minds, only Elohiem knows the Truth. I urge you to refresh your minds with the word daily. Become one with the spirit of God so that you can fully do the things that bring glory to the Kingdom of God. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:19-21 NIV). In this world where there is great confusion, thank God that he has preserved his word to be truthful and fruitful for all of our days here on earth. The more you realize and understand how much God cares for us the less you wish to do to anger him. Out of true love you can live and grow your relationship with him. The great provider, the Creator, and the most righteous King to ever walk this planet: Yeshua cares for you in ways only he can express to you. Trust in him, have faith in him and seek him out for your life.. He is waiting. God bless you. 84

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.� (Matthew 6:19-21 NIV).


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Michael Mihalić Musician/Model


Michael Mihalić Musician/Model Ontario

What kind of music do you love to listen to & what do you love to play?

This is actually a difficult question for myself, as I have a very eclectic taste in music. If I had to pick a Top 3 though, it would definitely be Funk, Pop/Punk, and Progressive Metal. I currently play Post Hardcore music with my band Napoleon. Outside of that, I play whatever I’m in the mood for when it comes to practice.

What do you love about playing music?

I love to play live music for people. There’s something invigorating about sharing your passion in the pursuit of bringing people from all different walks of life together to enjoy something we all love.

How did you get started in music?

My musical journey actually started when I opened up one of my Christmas gifts when I was 12 years old. My parents gave me two CD’s by one of the best Canadian bands to exist, Rush. I had been given Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, and I would endlessly pester my parents to listen to them. I would ask them to play those albums every time we were in the car, or listening to music at home. Fast forward a few years later, I was in the position of needing an Arts Credit for high school. Since (I would personally say) my visual artistic skills are lacking, I began exploring what playing the guitar had to offer. I hopped right on that train at 15 years old, and I haven’t looked back since.


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What would your dream career be?

My dream career would be to “make it” as a successful musician. There is no greater feeling in the world than going on stage with guys who I consider not just my friends, but my brothers, and sharing our passion for music. When I look out into the crowd during our set, and you see that the people/ fans that show up are having the time of their life while I’m having the time of mine, it’s incomparable to anything else. I would love to have music get to a point where it is stable and sustainable enough that I no longer need to have a “real job”, because that is exactly what music would become for myself. It is a job that I would love and cherish until I get too old that I have to switch my focus from live shows to more studio/session work, or that I decide to finally retire.

You can find Michael here: & 

@ michaelmihalic93

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letter from the EDITOR


DAUN LESS To be loved or not to be loved… that is the question. Well not really a question if you are a believer in God, although sometimes we may forget or feel other ways. Especially if something dramatic happens to us. The good news is our Father in Heaven loves us. I want you to read that again, our Abba loves us. Not a question, not a possibility, not a “I think maybe” - it’s a sure fact in so many ways. It’s a great thing to know that we can choose to serve a Creator who loves us indefinitely. No matter our actions and things we may have done either knowing the truth or not knowing the truth and back sliding. Now that doesn’t mean you should have a license to sin, because I believe it will only lead to greater consequences in your life. Also, it will most likely tie you up spiritually with bondages to things you are actually otherwise free from thanks to our Lord and Saviour, and righteous King Yeshua. Obviously all of us have free will and can choose to believe in Jesus with faith or keep searching for other things to give our justification of “truth”. Our God is wiser than we are and out of love and reverence we should submit and humble ourselves in front of him and be willing to listen to what he is trying to tell us, instead of always asking for something. Sometimes I really feel that we get in our own way when God is trying to direct us and I pray that we all can get out of our own way and wait for direction from the Holy Spirit as to what he wants us to do. Just like Jesus did. One thought I’d like to leave you with and something that blew me away was… Did love even truly exist prior to the death of Jesus on the cross? I mean how could it truly exist because there was no bridge to Father nor to Heaven. Our souls may have just been stuck around in this dimension or others but having no true home with our creator for the rest of eternity. Hope you all have a Dauntless month ahead! “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” (1 John 3:1 NIV) Stay Dauntless Strong!


Peace out,

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BE A TRUTH SEEKER IN THESE TIMES OF DARKNESS. BE WHO YOU WERE CREATED TO BE. LIVE IN FAITH. BE BLESSED IN LOVE. FOLLOW THE PATH OF PEACE. BE DAUNTLESS. - ARMAN IRANI The second half of this magazine is now being taken over by guys, for guys. In May 2017, after receiving much feedback from males asking for more content geared towards them, our wheels started turning. We came up with the idea of having the dual magazine. Below are a few of the reasons as to why Dauntless is now the name of the second half of our e-mag. So, gentlemen, as you are reading, think of yourself in these terms: “Dauntless for sure. Dauntless means, ‘Showing FEARLESSNESS and DETERMINATION.’ That is how I would like to be defined.” Arman

Michael Mihalic

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