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DIY made easy! Prepare & clean an outdoor area for tiling Natural stone is generally thicker and heavier than porcelain or ceramic tiles, so there are a couple of important points to note about the surface that the stone will be laid on:

Sub Base We highly recommend that Beaumont Outdoor stone be installed with a base of at least 75mm of concrete of compacted crushed rock. For driveways, the base must be concrete at least 100mm thick. Ensure that there are significant expansion joints cut into the base to assist with any movement. Any stone laid against a pool edge or house should always have an expansion joint at this point.

Drainage: We recommend installing drainage points in the concrete base.

Cleaning: For any tiling job, starting with a clean, sound and level surface is essential. This is just as important outdoors. Remove any weeds and other unwanted organic matter from the area and sweep to remove and extra dirt, dust or debris. Choosing a dry day with little or no wind will help.

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Prep outdoor  

Prep outdoor