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Tile care & maintenance

Keep your tiles looking their best! Congratulations - your tiles are down and you are ready to enjoy them. Here are some helpful tips to keep them looking their best!

1. Keep spares for repairs When you first buy tiles it's important to keep a few spares for repairs, just in case of any unforeseen damage. If you are planning to tile additional areas with the same tiles, order them now to ensure consistency of shade as tiles vary slightly between batches.

2. Protect your tiles Use felt gliders under your furniture to prevent potential scratching. Door mats are a must have for any entrance to catch dust and grit before it makes a way into your home.

3. Maintain your tiles Tiles are hard wearing, eco-friendly and they do not dent or stain as easily as other flooring materials. With some simple protection measures and light regular cleaning your tiles will last, and look fantastic, for many years to come! See next page for a general cleaning guide



Tile care & maintenance


outdoor tiles

Tiles look beautiful once laid and are easy to maintain. Although dirt and grime can accumulate over time, some regular light cleaning will keep them looking as good as new.

◊ Hose the area down to wet the surface. ◊ Scrub or sweep with a strong bristled broom. ◊ Miracle Tile & Stone cleaner is ideal for removing mild grime. ◊ To finish, hose the area and remove excess dirt left behind. larger areas, work in sections starting closest to the ◊ For house and work away from the wall. to our Stone Specialists brochure for more information ◊ Refer on cleaning and looking after natural stone.


indoor tiles


grout lines or sweep the tiles to remove loose dust and grit ◊ Vacuum from the surface. a thorough clean use the Miracle Tile & Stone Cleaner, ◊ For available from Beaumont Tiles, with warm water and a damp microfibre mop. The mop should ‘grab’ the surface and lift off most daily grime with a little pressure. A damp microfibre mop is better than a wet mop for a streak-free clean (avoid the use of cotton and sponge mops).

a home-made solution, use hot water and a dash of ◊ For methylated spirits. Avoid all soap based products as they can

your tiles are laid, we recommend sealing your grout ◊ Once with Miracle Spray On Grout Sealer. It is simple to apply: just spray and wipe. It won't affect the colour of your grout and seals the surface to assist in ongoing cleaning.

refresh grout, use the Miracle Tile and Stone Cleaner and ◊ Toa brush, available from Beaumont Tiles.

leave a thin film on the tiles that will attract more dirt.

from one side of the room to the other, and avoid ◊ Work walking on the tiles until they are dry.

Extra tips mops are a popular alternative for owners of polished ◊ Steam porcelain tiles. ◊ Never use polishes or gritty, abrasive cleaners on tiles. you notice a dull haze just after your new tiles are laid, ◊ Ifdon't panic! This may be grout residue and is easily washed off if addressed quickly. Contact your nearest Beaumont Tiles store and we'll supply the correct cleaner and instructions.

For everyday cleaning

we recommend

Miracle Tile & Stone Cleaner 946ml

◊ Use on tiles, grout, porcelain, stone ◊ Safe for regular use ◊ Strong enough for stubborn spots ◊ Use indoors and outdoors ◊ No odours ◊ Non toxic We stock a range of specialist cleaners and if you are experiencing stubborn staining, ask our trained sales team for advice. Plus, there is a grea resource of information on our website under 'Tiling Tips & Tools'.



This is general information only, we recommend you also seek advice based on your own circumstances. Test all cleaners on a small area before use and follow the directions on the packaging.

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Beaumonts how to take care of your new tiles  

Beaumonts how to take care of your new tiles