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DIY made easy! Waterproof a bathroom for tiling When tiling a wet area like a bathroom, waterproofing before you tile is absolutely essential. Because of this, it can pay to have a licenced waterproofer do it for you. But if you have some experience and would like to try it yourself – here is how! Step 1 Having cleaned the wall and floor area thoroughly to remove all the dirt and dust, apply a liberal coating of primer using a brush. Then use Neutral Core Silicone Sealer to run a generous bead along all internal corners (wall and floor). Finish off the bead using your finger. Note: Do not use any other kind of silicone. Step 2 Start by putting the Ardex STB Butynol Tape along each corner of your shower and shower hob. Also apply it along the flushing to ensure no water gets behind the grate drain. Once you have peeled off one half, remove the other half of the tape and press it all down. Step 3 Once all the corners are done, use a paint roller to cover the entire wall and floor. We always insist that the total wet area is waterproofed. Step 4 After the first coat of membrane is complete and dry, apply a second coat. A good tip is to roll the first coat all in one direction and roll the second coat at 90 degrees (a right angle) to the first. Step 5 Allow the membrane to dry for 24 hours before proceeding with tiling.

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Bathroom waterproof  

Bathroom waterproof