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A Newsletter for Donors and Friends of Beaumont Health System

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Message from the President


The Tyner Legacy

The Tyner Legacy

4  Gifts Advance Nursing Education and Excellence

5  A Gift to Young People and Their Families Herbert and Suzanne Tyner

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OUWB School of Medicine — Year One and Beyond

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Not too long ago, Beaumont Health System Trustee Herb Tyner had a life-threatening heart condition which resulted in a cardiac bypass and subsequent heart procedure. The Tyners were so grateful to Beaumont and their cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Marc Sakwa, for the care that Herb received, they wanted to make a gift —  one that would truly make a difference. Their legacy is the 6,300 square-foot Suzanne & Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Intervention that is currently under construction. The center will exemplify the Tyners’ exceptional generosity for generations to come.

Doctors’ Day / Calendar of Events

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The Houghs Give Generously for Young People and Their Families

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Summer 2012

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Dear Friends of Beaumont Health System, I hope this issue of Healthy Giving finds you well and enjoying the end of summer. As we reflect on the first half of 2012, we continue to appreciate the extraordinary generosity of our donors. Your gifts allow us to buy equipment, create new treatment centers, research funds, and endowed programs. Most importantly, they represent the positive impact that charitable giving has on patient care and our ability to realize the Beaumont health care mission. You, as a friend of Beaumont, understand the true meaning of philanthropy and its lasting effect. Without your continued support, we could not provide the world-class services that so many patients expect from us. In this issue, we’re pleased to acknowledge Suzanne and Herbert Tyner as well as Bonnie and David Hough. Their extraordinarily generous gifts will create the Suzanne and Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions and the Hough Center for Adolescent Health. We are also highlighting the celebration of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine completing its first academic year. On behalf of the Foundation and Beaumont Health System, I extend my deepest gratitude for your continued support. With warmest regards,

Margaret Cooney Casey President, Beaumont Foundation

“We wanted to show our gratitude to Dr. Sakwa and give back to Beaumont for everything that was done to save my life,”

– Herb Tyner

Suzanne & Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions

The Tyner Legacy The Tyner legacy is the 6,300-square-foot Suzanne & Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions currently under construction in Royal Oak. The center is part of a long-range plan that will benefit not only the patients in our communities, but also patients from across the country and around the world — setting the standards that others can only hope to achieve. The center’s primary focus is a hybrid operating room that will connect the existing catheterization labs and operating rooms. Melding the operative suite and cath labs will result in a space that allows surgical and catheter-based procedures to be performed in the same setting. Adjacent to the hybrid operating room will be a glass observation room. Stadium seating will be available for medical students, residents, fellows, attending and technical staff to view procedures in real-time without disrupting the sterile integrity of the operative suite. “We wanted to show our gratitude to Dr. Sakwa and give back to Beaumont for everything that was done to save my life,” said Herb Tyner. “Beaumont is a first-class institution and we wanted to make it possible for them to help others who have heart conditions.” The innovative training and educational sessions held in the center will also have the capability of being broadcast to locations around the world via teleconferencing. This will particularly enhance cardiovascular health care in remote regions where access to this leading-edge technology is limited.

Beaumont doctors have an international reputation for pioneering groundbreaking research in the use of pacemakers, angioplasty and stenting. They have also introduced the use of highly sophisticated CT and MRI technology to revolutionize the practice of cardiovascular medicine by facilitating faster and more accurate diagnoses of heart and Marc Sakwa, MD vascular diseases. The Suzanne & Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions will provide a dedicated space that will offer opportunities to take research and innovation to the next level in structural and valvular heart repair. “The gift from Suzanne and Herb Tyner is enabling Beaumont to be among the best in this specialty,” said Dr. Sakwa, chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at Beaumont, Royal Oak. “The greatest benefit of their gift is for our patients,” Dr. Sakwa added. Your contribution can help Heart & Vascular Services at Beaumont Health System. Please give online at or call 248.551.5330 to discuss your gift today.

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Summer 2012

In the past several years, three exceptional donor families have made significant gifts of $100,000 each to establish endowed funds that promote nursing excellence and education.

Mark Kolins, MD, Maria Abrahamsen, Angela and Dr. Jay Gibbs

Gifts Advance Nursing Education and Excellence In the past several years, three exceptional donor families have made significant gifts of $100,000 each to establish endowed funds that promote nursing excellence and education. In 2007, Dr. Mark Kolins, health system chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and chief of Clinical Pathology at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, and his wife Maria Abrahamsen made a gift to establish The Len & Roz Kolins Nursing Excellence Award at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. This award honors the memory of Dr. Kolins’ parents and provides an annual award to nurses who are nominated by their managers for the superior manner in which they provide bedside care to patients. Since its inception, the Kolins Award has provided support for five Royal Oak nurses to attend the educational conference of their choice. This year’s award was presented to Angela Gibbs, RN, BSN, who practices on the 7 North Surgical Unit, at a ceremony during Nurses’ Week. In 2008, the family of Phyllis E. Edwards, a 30-year pediatric nurse and pediatric nurse manager at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, decided to honor her memory by creating The Phyllis E. Edwards Endowed Nursing Scholarship Award. The gift was funded by her husband Thomas Edwards, her parents Thelma and Ray Sohn Sr., her sister Janet Bush and husband Dr. Edward Bush, and her brother Ray Sohn Jr. and his wife Susan.

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This fund has awarded five scholarships to young people who are committed to pursuing a career in pediatric nursing. This year, the family presented two scholarships, one to Brooklynn Dow, a second-year student at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Nursing, and Elizabeth England, a fourth-year student at Wayne State University School of Nursing. A third endowment was made possible through the kindness of Maggie Allesee and supports continuing education of Beaumont nurses. This gift reflects Maggie’s life-long commitment to supporting higher education. The Maggie Allesee Nursing Scholarship Award allows practicing nurses at Beaumont to continue their education by earning their bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing and related health care fields. This year, Maggie personally presented three awards to Beaumont nurses: Jillene Sheipline, RN, BSN; Sarah Hernandez, RN, BSN; and Vicki Speyer, RN, BSN. All are enrolled in graduate degree programs. Beaumont is deeply grateful for what these generous donors’ gifts will mean to advancing nursing excellence and education, and for the impact these gifts will ultimately have on patient care. Your contribution can also help nursing education at Beaumont Health System. Please give online at or call 248.551.5330 to discuss your gift today.

“This program has grown because the Houghs have supported it with such commitment. As a family, they have saved lives and restored optimism to so many patients and parents. It is a wonderful legacy.”

– Kathleen Mammel, MD

David and Bonnie Hough

A Gift to Young People and Their Families It is fitting that family plays such an integral role in the care adolescents receive at The Hough Center for Eating Disorders. The center itself was created as a way for one family to honor the memory of its matriarch, Nancy Rambeau Hough, who was a long-time supporter of children’s programs. Gifts from Nancy’s husband, the late Richard T. Hough, and their son and daughter-in-law David and Bonnie Hough brought the center to life in 2007. Of his mother, David said, she “was a total dynamo. Virtually everyone who knew my mother experienced her as truly an amazing human being.” Now, that same dynamism is seen each day in the efforts of The Hough Center staff as they work to help young women and men overcome anorexia, bulimia and other forms of eating disorders. To date, more than 500 young people have found renewed health and hope through the center’s treatments and overcome these potentially life-threatening diseases. “To watch parents find their role as coaches and, at the same time, see adolescents become empowered to overcome their illness is deeply gratifying,” said Dr. Kathleen Mammel, director, Adolescent Medicine at Beaumont, Royal Oak and director of the Hough Center for Eating Disorders. The Hough Center is the only eating disorder program in the state to focus exclusively on helping teens and children. Nationwide, 95 percent of individuals with eating disorders are between the ages of 16 and 26 while up to 40 percent of newly identified anorexia cases are seen in girls ages 15 to 19 years old. Early intervention is key in achieving successful outcomes and returning young patients to healthy relationships with

food, exercise and weight. The family-based method also helps restore the often broken or strained relationships between children, parents and siblings, laying a positive foundation for long-term recovery and success. David and Bonnie Hough recently made an additional very generous gift commitment to expand the program which will be renamed The Hough Center for Adolescent Health.

Kathleen Mammel, MD

“With their most recent gift, the Houghs have added to an already extraordinary legacy at Beaumont. Their generosity and dedication to young people has made it possible for the physicians and caregivers at The Hough Center to do more than ever before to help those affected by eating disorders,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, president, Beaumont Foundation. “This program has grown because the Houghs have supported it with such commitment,” said Dr. Mammel. “As a family, they have saved lives and restored optimism to so many patients and parents. It is a wonderful legacy.” Your contribution can help The Hough Center at Beaumont Health System. Please give online at or call 248.551.5330 to discuss your gift today.

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Summer 2012

Event Host Committee

Gene Michalski, Gary Russi

Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine – One Year and Beyond Beaumont Health System and Oakland University hosted an event on the evening of April 26th, to celebrate the completion of the first academic year of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. The group of nearly 300 health system and university leaders, community members, and students from the charter class was at the Troy Marriott for an informational evening to help raise awareness of the successes of the inaugural year and the critical need for financial support for the school. “The School of Medicine is a source of great pride for our colleagues, alumni and friends,” said Oakland University President Gary Russi. “We’re excited to be in a partnership with Beaumont.” Fifty students were selected to begin classes at the school of medicine in August 2011. That number will grow to 125 students over the next two years.

Chris Jaeger

Dean Robert Folberg

Beaumont Health System President and CEO Gene Michalski said, “Beaumont has a 50-year history of training medical students. Currently, we have more than 700 students on our campus on any given day. We also have more than 400 residents training in 37 specialties.”

“OUWB students have the opportunity to be trained in one integrated system. They are also learning from our unique curriculum, which is system-based with longitudinal threads that extend through many years of instruction — threads like promotion and maintenance of health, medical humanities and bioethics, the art and practice of medicine, and, of course, our unique approach to Capstone research,” said Dean Folberg.

According to founding dean Robert Folberg, MD, there are several reasons why the charter class students chose to attend a brand new medical school, especially since so many were accepted at established, legacy schools.

Chris Jaeger, president of the Medical School Government, elaborated on what makes the OUWB School of Medicine different than other medical schools from the student’s perspective.

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Chris Jaeger, Nancy Sussick

David Felten, MD, and Elizabeth White

“It is my intention to tell you the insider’s view,” he said. “Admissions are different at OUWB. Candidates are admitted after a holistic review and determining who will make the best doctor,” Chris said. As a result, “we are a family that learns together.” Chris added, “The curriculum is revolutionary, so that students will become compassionate, competent physicians.” He spoke of the “Beaumont effect,” which refers to the physician engagement. Every student has a Beaumont attending physician and a resident as mentors. This close relationship contributes to camaraderie and fosters happiness as it “fuels the fire for personal growth.” Sharing the student experience, Chris told a story about case discussions. “At one point on the cardiovascular unit, there were 11 Beaumont cardiologists present, all participating in the case discussion. This doesn’t happen in any other medical school in this state. OUWB School of Medicine has changed the way that medical students learn.” To illustrate the commitment to the medical school, there are 1,500 Beaumont physicians on the faculty at OUWB. Dean Folberg concluded the evening’s remarks by saying, “We want physicians who are compassionate, engaged and great communicators.” He also mentioned that 92 percent of the charter class has participated in voluntary community

Nick Vitale (center) and medical students

service which translates into 663 hours of work, setting a standard for others to follow. The curriculum at OUWB is a new paradigm for medical education that competitive schools seek to emulate. “Other medical schools are asking to see our curriculum. We are trying to create something new. Why create a carbon copy,” said Dr. Folberg. “The students of this charter class will have a profound impact on everything that happens thereafter.” Your contribution can help Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Please give online at or call 248.551.5330 to discuss your gift today.

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Summer 2012

“You only need so much in life for yourself. Whatever you don’t truly need, there are people out there who do need it.”

– Jason Silver

Jason and Ellorie Silver

A Tradition of Generosity For Jason Silver, giving back has always been part of the family philosophy. His late father, Lew, “always instilled a deep sense of the importance of giving,” says Jason. “He was very charitable. We grew up believing it was what you were supposed to do if you were able.” Recently, Jason and his wife Ellorie created the Jason & Ellorie Silver Neuroscience Rehabilitation Fund in memory of his father. The fund will provide support for inpatient rehabilitation at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, including those individuals affected by stroke. His own father had suffered a stroke toward the end of his life, motivating Jason to establish a fund that would help expand rehabilitation services at Beaumont for those stroke patients coping with the same physical challenges as his father had. “We want to make sure that Beaumont has the equipment and staffing it needs to help those with a rehabilitation need,” Jason says. “If I can help with that, if I can help hire even one more therapist to be there for another shift or reach more patients, then it’s worth it.” This gift by Jason and Ellorie is very much in keeping with his parents’ giving philosophy. Despite a busy work schedule, Lew Silver dedicated hours each week to Beaumont’s

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Hospice Program, talking with patients about their lives. His experience as a volunteer led him to launch the StoryKeepers Program at Beaumont, making it possible for hospice patients to record their life stories on video for families, friends and other loved ones. Through a bequest, Lew Silver provided for the continuation of the program, ensuring its availability for Beaumont hospice patients for years to come. It is a tradition of generosity that Jason plans to continue. “You only need so much in life for yourself,” he says. Beyond that, “whatever you don’t truly need, there are people out there who do need it.” When it comes to philanthropy, Jason says he is often reminded of a line from a favorite Jethro Tull song. “‘It’s only the giving that makes you what you are,’” he says, quoting it. “I’ve been very lucky to be in the position I’m in.” And now, he and his wife are continuing his family’s mission of giving back and sharing that good fortune with others. Your contribution can also help Neuroscience Rehabilitation at Beaumont Health System. Please give online at or call 248.551.5330 to discuss your gift today.

“We try to emulate them in the way we give back to our community.”

– Rob Zafarana

Joseph and Olga Zafarana

Giving Back Before both Joseph and Olga Zafarana passed away from cancer, they had raised their six children to believe in the tenets of hard work, family, responsibility and giving generously. “We try to emulate them in the way we give back to our community,” said son Rob Zafarana. Rob and his sister, Pat DeNio, recently visited the 8 South Oncology Unit at Royal Oak to see the plaque honoring the generous gift from their parents. When planning their estate, Joseph and Olga set aside a portion of their estate to benefit cancer research at Beaumont. Joseph began his entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age as exemplified by his appointment to store manager for Kroger Supermarkets at the age of 16. He spent the next 30 years working directly in the industry before creating his own supermarket promotional consulting business, Zafarana Enterprises in 1960. “We all worked in the business at some time,” said Pat. Joseph did an excellent job teaching his children the value of hard work. Olga’s commitment to volunteering at a local hospital, her church and charities in the area instilled a sense of obligation and caring for others in their children. The Zafaranas also gave generously to poverty programs at several schools in the area. Olga taught her children the meaning of compassion. They all volunteer and help where they can.

“Our mother was so caring. She was truly a saint,” said daughter, Pat. “Even when she was so sick, she never lost her ability to care for others.” Rob agreed and added, “Our mother always saw the good in things.”

Rob Zafarana and Pat DeNio

Although not present, another son, Jim, sent this message, “The Joseph and Olga Zafarana children are thrilled to see the Rose Cancer Center at Beaumont benefit from our parents’ generosity. Throughout their lives, Joe and Olga modeled service to the community and always modeled for us the importance of contributing to the advancement of organizations that can truly, positively impact the health and well-being of others. We’d like to thank the professionals at the Beaumont Health System for directly caring for our parents and hope that this gift will enable others to experience the best of care as well.” On behalf of Beaumont Health System, we extend our gratitude to Olga and Joseph Zafarana for their kindness and generosity through their estate. Your planned gift can also help cancer research at Beaumont Health System. Please call 248.551.9825 and speak to Judith Peters, associate vice president, Planned Giving, to discuss your gift today.

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Summer 2012

WDVD Cares for Kids Radiothon The annual 96.3 WDVD Cares for Kids Radiothon took place on April 27, in the South Tower Concourse of Beaumont, Royal Oak. Twelve very touching stories from our Beaumont Children’s Hospital Miracle Families were shared with the audience. The 13-hour event raised $125,000 for Beaumont Children’s Hospital, which will significantly impact more than 50,000 children this year with lifesaving equipment, specially adapted bikes, pediatric scholarship support, and specialized programs.

Doctors’ Day 2012 The Annual Giving team is pleased to announce that more than 600 physicians were honored for Doctor’s Day 2012. Each physician was sent a letter of notification identifying the supporters who generously made gifts in their honor, along with the handwritten note cards from their patients. Doctors’ Day is a special day set aside to honor the physicians who do so much for our patients every day. This year’s appeal raised almost $82,500 — an increase of 44 percent from last year.

Calendar of Events For more information about any of the following events, please contact the Beaumont Foundation Special Events Office at 248.551.9596. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2012

at 9 a.m. The CMN Torch Relay is returning to Detroit. The 3-mile walk will begin along the Detroit Riverwalk. As the only CMNaffiliated hospital in Southeast Michigan, every dollar raised at the event will come directly to Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont Children’s Hospital. Last year, in partnership with Marriott Hotels, more than 100 walkers raised $19,000. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Groves at the Beaumont Foundation 248.551.3609 or SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. at Oakland Mall. Photogenic Baby Awards Ceremony. Participating parents previously had photos taken of their children that were entered into the Photogenic Baby Contest. The winners will be announced at the October 14th ceremony at Oakland Mall with proceeds from the event benefiting Beaumont Children’s Hospital, a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2012 10 a.m. – 12 noon at The Grosse Pointe Club (Little Club). You are cordially invited to

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attend the Beaumont Foundation Women’s Leadership Initiative –  Grosse Pointe Fall 2012 Event. The topic will be “Breast Cancer –  Why Me…Why Not Me?” and the distinguished speaker will be Dharti Sheth, MD, board-certified general surgeon whose primary interest is breast disease. Please RSVP by October 17, 2012 to Kim Ritter at or 313.473.1077. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2012 Heart to Heart Event at 6:30 p.m. at the Andiamo Italia Showroom in Warren. This is the 10th anniversary celebration of the Ministrelli Women’s Heart Center with a performance by Regis Philbin and the Johnny Trudell Orchestra. The 2012 Heart to Heart Committee includes Honorary Chairs Florine & J. Peter Ministrelli and Event Co-Chairs Harriett & Sheldon Fuller, Carol Nederlander, Ellen Rogers, Lois & Mark Shaevsky. Cocktail attire (red is encouraged). FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012 from 6:30 – 11 p.m. Costumes for a Cause at the Somerset Collection, Troy. Join us at Somerset Collection North Grand Court for a Halloween party benefitting Beaumont Children’s Hospital, a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network. Featuring the Sounds of the Teen Angels, a band so retro it’s scary. Tickets are $50. For questions, please contact Katie Groves at 248.551.3609 or For online registration, please visit and click “Costumes for a Cause.”

NEWS IN BRIEF The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida was the site of a small dinner party on February 12, for major donors to Beaumont Health System. Speakers were Evan Weiner, Dr. David Wood and Margaret Casey. The 33 guests received an update Sid Forbes, Dr. Wood and Evan Weiner about Beaumont and the plans to establish Centers of Excellence. On March 24 and 25, with more than 700 student dancers who stayed on their feet for 30 hours, the Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan (DMUM) raised over $100,000 to benefit the pediatric rehabilitation programs at Beaumont Children’s Hospital.

The annual Grosse Pointe Golf Classic on June 18 at the Country Club of Detroit raised almost $90,000 for the Level II Newborn Nursery Project. Chairs of the event are J.C. Collins and G. John Stevens. The annual Vattikuti Invitational on June 25 at Oakland Hills Country Club is chaired by John J. Morad and Jim W. Page. This year the event raised $325,000 to benefit the Vattikuti Digital Breast Diagnostic Center at Beaumont Health System and Henry Ford’s Vattikuti Urology Institute. Approximately 40 women attended the Women’s Leadership Initiative Spring Luncheon held on June 27 at the Birmingham Country Club. Jay Fisher, MD, spoke on Minimally Invasive Surgery: New Horizons in Surgery for Women.


During the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ May is for Miracles Campaign, more than a dozen Michigan corporations helped raise awareness and funds for the Beaumont Children’s Hospital. Thanks to the efforts of countless supporters and employees of Carmike Cinemas, Chico’s, Costco Wholesale, Rite Aid, Sam’s Club, Speedway, Walmart and White House Black Market, more than $376,000 was raised during the month of May. On May 31, Ellen Firestone graciously opened her home to more than 30 guests who gathered to hear Beaumont breast cancer surgeon Nayana Dekhne, MD, speak on the topic of new developments in breast care research, prevention, treatment, and survivorship.

nearly $150,000 was raised to benefit Beaumont’s Comprehensive Breast Care Centers.

Ellen Firestone and Nayana Dekhne, MD

The Drive to Beat Breast Cancer – The Dr. John Ingold Invitational on June 11 at the Bloomfield Hills Country Club was again co-chaired by Barry Brink and Martha Quay. With morning and afternoon golf and an evening of bridge and dinner,

The Beaumont Foundation partnered with 94.7 WCSX to create the Stone Soup Project benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont Children’s Hospital. A ’69 Ford Mustang one-of-a-kind ’69 Ford Mustang was built with help from companies all around the metro Detroit area. More than $131,000 was raised and the ’69 Ford Mustang now belongs to the lucky winner John Vecchio from Clinton Township. August 31 – September 3, 2012. Soft Rock 105.1 partnered with Beaumont for a radiothon during Labor Day weekend at Arts, Beats & Eats. Approximately $10,000 was raised to benefit the Beaumont Children’s Arts Beats and Eats Hospital. Seth Gold from Hard Core Pawn was present for photos and to sign autographs. September 23, 2012. MPURE Golf Outing at Twin Lakes Country Club. Chairs Kenneth Peters, MD, Jose Gonzalez, MD, Ronald Marino, and Jay Hollander, MD, once again hosted this annual event. This outing raised approximately $40,000 to benefit the Ministrelli Program for Urology Research and Education (MPURE).

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Summer 2012

Non-profit Org US Postage Paid Permit No 404 Royal Oak MI

3711 W. Thirteen Mile Road Royal Oak, MI 48073

Your contribution can help Beaumont. Please give online at or call 248.551.5330 to discuss your gift today.

Your Gift At Work The following individuals have made generous major gift commitments to Beaumont Health System: A generous gift from Mary and Jonathan Aaron will benefit the Neonatal Intensive Care Center at Royal Oak.

Hospice and Heart and Lung Research have received a generous gift from Joyce S. Lindquist.

The Beaumont Parenting Program and the NoBLE Anti-Bullying Program have received generous gifts from the Talbert and Leota Abrams Foundation.

Mary Jane and Paul Naz have made a generous gift to Grosse Pointe Cardiology.

A generous gift from the Estate of Marvin Danto will support BioBank research and the Dean’s Annual Scholarship Fund. A generous gift by Charlene Handleman will support nursing education and scholarships. A bequest from Dennis and Michele LaPorte will benefit the Oncology Hospice Care at Beaumont, Troy. A bequest from Genevieve and Harry Lichtwardt, MD, will support the Harry E. Lichtwardt Lectureship in the Department of Urology.

Urology Research has received a generous gift from Sally and Graham Orley. The Razzak Foundation has made a generous gift to Radiation Oncology Research. A generous gift was received from Jane E. and Larry Sherman for the Supportive Care Nurses Program. A generous gift to support patient rehabilitation was received from Shelley and Joel Tauber.

The following corporations have made major gift commitments to Beaumont Health System: The Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation completed a pledge to our Community and Minority Outreach Program to provide mammograms and clinical breast exams to underserved populations in Metro Detroit.

The Gerber Foundation awarded a grant to Dr. Martin Espinosa for research on premedication for non-emergency endotracheal intubation in the NICU.

Gifts from the Oakland County Bar Foundation have been instrumental in starting the Legal Aid for Children and Families Program. This program provides free legal counseling for families of young patients seen in our pediatric outpatient clinic and babies born at Royal Oak. This program is the only one of its kind in Michigan, and the only one in the country to implement educational food stamp clinics to ensure that needy families are getting the appropriate amount of food stamps allocated to them.

A grant from Globus will support a spine fellowship in orthopaedics. A grant from OMeGA will support a shoulder and elbow fellowship in orthopaedics.

Donations may be made securely online at: and click DONATE ONLINE. Or contact the Beaumont Foundation at: 248.551.5330. Please write to us at the above address if you wish to have your name removed from mailing lists for future fundraising requests to support Beaumont Health System.

Beaumont Foundation - Healthy Giving Summer 2012  

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