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HealthyGiving WINTER 2021



Jim and Patti Anderson


Dear Friends of Beaumont Health Foundation,


s we close out 2021 and reflect on what has been a challenging chapter in history, there is much to inspire optimism about the year ahead. At

Beaumont, one of those things is the planned partnership between Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health, which will allow us to together create an extraordinary new health system dedicated to making the best care available to the people of Michigan, a health system that is truly For Michigan, By Michigan. Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health are committed to investing in their communities, ensuring medical staff, along with both organizations' foundations, will continue to function locally, with a promise that all funds raised in local communities will remain in those communities. While we are excited about what the future holds, today, we are also excited to celebrate and share stories of the incredible generosity of our donors and all they have done to support our clinicians, programs and projects. In this issue of Healthy

As we grow and respond to the changing and evolving health care landscape, please

Giving, you’ll read about Jim and Patti Anderson’s $5 million gift to Beaumont, Grosse Pointe — the largest gift ever given to that hospital campus — which is funding the creation of

know that your support remains vitally

a hybrid surgical suite and an important technology and

important and that we are extraordinarily

education endowment. You’ll see stories about the continued

grateful for every gift that helps improve

commitment of Applebaum Family Philanthropy to the

the lives of our patients.

Marcia & Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute; Dr. Donald Conn’s meaningful gift to create the Tranquility

Garden at Beaumont, Dearborn; a gift that will bring a music therapy fellowship to Beaumont, Royal Oak; and so much more. As we grow and respond to the changing and evolving health care landscape, please know that your support remains vitally important and that we are extraordinarily grateful for every gift that helps improve the lives of our patients. I wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy holiday season, and I look forward to all that 2022 will bring. With warmest regards,

Margaret Cooney Casey Chief Development Officer, Beaumont Health President, Beaumont Health Foundation



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Letter from John Fox, Beaumont Health President and CEO In Brief

Andersons Make Largest Gift in Beaumont, Grosse Pointe History to Support Surgical Care


Anonymous Donor Gives $1 Million to Support Oncology Care

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New $1 Million Commitment from Applebaum Family Philanthropy Supports Simulation Learning

Kojaian Establishes Endowed Fund to Support Next Generation of Cardiologists

Longtime Beaumont, Dearborn Physician

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H ealing Notes Foundation, Schreibman Family Support Power of Music in Patient Care F ord Motor Company Fund Grant / Masco Corporation Gift

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Creates Space for Inspiration and Comfort Beaumont Health gratefully relies on support from the community. If you would prefer not to receive future fundraising mail from Beaumont Health Foundation, please reply by email to, or call (947) 522-0100.


Dear Friends of Beaumont Health,


t has been a memorable year for Beaumont, our patients and our community. While there certainly have been very tough challenges — leading those, the

continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic and pandemic-driven labor shortages — there also has been much to celebrate and there have been some exciting opportunities for our health system in 2021. One of the most significant opportunities is the potential partnership with Spectrum Health. As many of you are aware, our two health systems signed a formal integration agreement earlier this year, signaling our commitment to moving forward with a partnership. This is a partnership that I believe will benefit Beaumont, Spectrum, and most importantly, the patients and families in our communities. Spectrum Health shares our mission, our values and our vision for the future. Both of our health care systems are not-for-profit organizations with top-tier research and innovative education programs. And most importantly,

As we look toward the future, I am deeply

both organizations are deeply committed to serving their

grateful for the support from our employees,

communities. By uniting our complementary markets —

our physician leaders, our philanthropic partners and our community in Southeast Michigan. I wish you all a happy and healthy

Beaumont in Southeast Michigan and Spectrum on the western side of the state — we are better positioned to support the health needs of both regions on health care quality, affordability and diversity. A partnership with Spectrum will also enable both

holiday season.

organizations to keep pace with the ever-evolving health care landscape, which now includes the likes of Google and CVS. Joining forces with Spectrum will help us adapt to meet the needs of both existing and new patients, who increasingly require access to telehealth, urgent care and convenient scheduling. Also central to this partnership is the inclusion of Priority Health — a patient-focused health plan by and for Michiganders, tailor-made for our patients, staff and caregivers. As we look toward the future, I am deeply grateful for the support from our employees, our physician leaders, our philanthropic partners and our community in Southeast Michigan. I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Sincerely,

John Fox Beaumont Health President and CEO

2 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


In Brief TONI A. WISNE FOUNDATION INVESTS IN SOCIAL WORK SERVICES FOR SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN The Toni A. Wisne Foundation has been a generous supporter of Beaumont’s Center for Exceptional Families (CEF), helping the center provide the comprehensive medical, rehabilitation, recreational and social services that are so crucial to children with special needs or life-threatening injuries. Children at CEF range from mildly developmentally delayed to children with fragile health conditions. Many children at the center have cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, intellectual disabilities or genetic syndromes. Others are dealing with conditions related to other illnesses, accidents or traumatic births. Support from the Toni A. Wisne Foundation is helping ensure these children receive the care they need and deserve. The foundation’s recent gift of $100,000 supports several aspects of the CEF’s unique

model of wrap-around care, ensuring that the program is able to provide a depth of services that allows children with complex and multiple conditions to develop and thrive. Several of the components covered in the gift include social work programing, co-treatment sessions, training for clinicians and necessary equipment and supplies. “Having social work support at the CEF is so necessary, especially when you have a child with significant needs,” said a mother of a child receiving care at the CEF, who wished to remain anonymous. “The social workers at the CEF have been my link to resources, advocacy and community programs. They have helped me navigate and cope with difficult situations. We are so thankful to the CEF and its supporters.”

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 3


FROSTS INVEST IN CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE AND PHYSICIAN TRAINING AT BEAUMONT A recent gift from Dan and Dee Frost not only is supporting the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Beaumont, Royal Oak, but is also helping students with scholarship support at the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine (OUWB). By investing in the cardiology program, the Frosts are helping to ensure that Beaumont, Royal Oak’s world-class cardiologists are able to continue providing advanced, personalized treatment to each and every patient facing a broad range of cardiac conditions. Beaumont’s Heart and Vascular team members have developed procedures and therapies to optimize medical and surgical treatments that have been standards of cardiac care worldwide, and this gift will help ensure they can continue to do just that.

4 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2020

Additionally, the Frosts’ gift will help provide financial assistance to students attending the OUWB, so that these individuals can fully focus their efforts on becoming skilled, compassionate physicians, rather than worrying about any financial burden. “On behalf of the department of cardiovascular medicine, I want to thank Dan and Dee Frost. Their generosity and compassion will truly help our clinicians to provide the highest level of care, utilizing the latest technology and research, to each of our patients every day,” said Dr. Simon Dixon, chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Beaumont, Royal Oak.


SERLINGS CONTINUE THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF COLORECTAL CANCER CARE For years, Michael and Elaine Serling have dedicated themselves to ensuring patients with colorectal cancer have the leading-edge treatment options they need at Beaumont. The couple established the Michael and Elaine Serling Fund for Colorectal Cancer in 2013 and have continued to support the fund and the work of Dr. Harry Wasvary, medical director of the Colorectal Cancer Center at Beaumont, Royal Oak. The Serlings’ most recent pledge of $75,000 will continue supporting Dr. Wasvary’s efforts to reach patients with information about colorectal cancer prevention, screening and early detection. With nearly 150,000 new cases of

colorectal cancer diagnosed in the United States each year, this work could have a profound impact on our community and beyond. Prior support was critical in establishing the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery or ERAS program which helped prepare patients pre- and post-surgically to ensure improved outcomes and easier recoveries. “Michael and Elaine’s steadfast support not only is helping to advance treatment and research for colorectal cancer, but is also helping to raise awareness and provide education about this disease,” said Dr. Wasvary. “We are so grateful to the Serlings for the important difference they are making.”

Dr. Harry Wasvary


Dr. Mohamad Hakim

During his tenure as a physician and surgeon at Beaumont, Dearborn, Dr. Mohamad Hakim touched the lives of countless patients, families and caregivers. He had a remarkable 27-year career, focusing largely on colorectal and general surgery. In April 2019, Dr. Hakim unexpectedly passed away at the age of 59. However, despite his tragic passing, his legacy continues to live on. Gifts to the Hakim Memorial Fund are not only helping to keep Dr. Hakim’s memory alive, but are doing just what he would have wanted — supporting his fellow physicians. The physician’s lounge at Dearborn is being renovated to create a comfortable space for clinicians to rest, recharge and come together as colleagues, ensuring they are in the best

position to provide their patients with world-class care. Farah Hakim, Dr. Hakim's widow, and her family recently made a $50,000 commitment to this important cause in honor of her late husband. Dozens of other colleagues and friends have joined in the effort to honor Dr. Hakim’s memory and the impact he had on the Dearborn community. “I am so grateful to contribute towards the Physician Resource Center,” said Farah Hakim. “I know in my heart how much this hospital meant to my husband — it's where he started his career and where he ended his last day. I'm not just giving a gift, but I'm giving to people who will carry on a quality of care that will honor my husband's memory and make us proud.”

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 5


For Jim and Patti Anderson, nothing is more important than community. For more than 40 years, the Grosse Pointe Shores couple has focused and centered their life around their local community — it’s where they purchased their first home, started Jim’s company, Urban Science, and raised their family.

Andersons Make Largest Gift in Beaumont, Grosse Pointe History to Support Surgical Care

6 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


Now, it’s where they’re giving back and investing. Recently, the Andersons gave an extraordinary $5 million gift to support the creation of a hybrid surgical suite at Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe and to establish the James and Patricia Anderson Advanced Surgical Technology and Training Endowment Fund. The Andersons’ gift is the largest philanthropic gift ever given directly to Beaumont, Grosse Pointe. “It’s a truly remarkable gift, given by a truly remarkable couple,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the Beaumont Health Foundation. “The Andersons are helping to shape the future of care at Beaumont, creating an enduring legacy that will positively affect patients, families and the whole community for decades to come.”

The Andersons’ gift is part of a $20 million renovation to Beaumont, Grosse Pointe’s surgical center — which is to be named the James and Patricia Anderson Surgical Center. “This gift will have a powerful and enduring impact on the level of care the hospital is able to offer patients and families, particularly as each year, our surgical numbers continue to grow,” said Dr. James Lynch, president of Beaumont, Grosse Pointe. It has been two decades since Beaumont, Grosse Pointe’s nine operating rooms were last renovated, and in that time, technology has changed dramatically, requiring significantly more space. Additionally, the way that surgeries are staffed has also changed, requiring more people in the room than in years past. Newer, larger spaces are needed to ensure leading-edge care, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

The surgical services renovation project will lead to the renovation of all nine operating rooms, along with the creation of a 900-square-foot hybrid surgical suite. The Andersons have designated $3 million of their gift to the creation of the hybrid surgical suite, which is the centerpiece of this renovation project. The state-of-the-art suite will allow surgeons to conduct both open and minimally invasive surgeries, enhancing the entire surgical experience for patients. Minimally invasive surgeries are shown to have increased safety, less trauma, decreased scarring, less pain and reduced risk of infection and overall are associated with improved outcomes. The hybrid surgical suite will also include leading-edge technology, including a C-arm imaging system which rotates to provide front, back and lateral views. It provides real-time, live views throughout the surgery, allowing clinicians to compare what they see before, during and after a procedure. In addition to ensuring the best outcomes for patients, the modernized surgical facilities will also help Beaumont, Grosse Pointe to continue recruiting top physicians and will help sustain Beaumont’s commitment to academic excellence, allowing medical students, residents and fellows an opportunity to observe and take part in procedures.

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 7


Jim and Patti Anderson with their family

“We invested in the hybrid surgical suite because we want the best health care close to home for our family, friends and community, and this will give them just that,” said Jim Anderson. “Additionally, the endowment portion of our gift is so important because it will allow Beaumont, Grosse Pointe to remain a state-of-the-art hospital. Technology advances all the time, and the endowment will allow the hospital and this surgical center to remain on the leading edge of care.” The James and Patricia Anderson Advanced Surgical Technology and Training Endowment Fund will provide resources to assist in acquiring new technologies as they are developed and introduced into the market. The fund will also provide for ongoing training and continuing medical education for surgeons, anesthesiologists, interventionalists, nurses, technicians and other members of the surgical team.

8 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021

This will ensure that the hospital’s surgical team stays ahead of the curve and continually is able to implement the newest technologies and receive training on the latest techniques to provide the highest level of care for decades to come. The James and Patricia Anderson Surgical Center is currently under construction, and it is expected to be completed in early 2023. Beaumont contributed $15 million toward the renovation, and additional philanthropic funds are being raised for the remaining $2 million. “Upon completion of this important project, we will have an environment that matches and accommodates the leading-edge imaging and surgical technologies that have arisen in recent years, which means not only will our surgeons be able to treat a growing number of patients, they also will be able to address more complex conditions,” said Dr. Lynch. “None of this would have been possible without the Anderson family’s leadership gift, and we are so grateful.”


Anonymous Donor Invests $1 Million in Groundbreaking New Cancer Treatment In recognition of the care that her late daughter received at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak’s Rose Cancer Center, an anonymous donor has made a significant gift to help launch a new groundbreaking treatment for oncology patients called CAR T-cell therapy. “We are deeply grateful to our anonymous donor whose generosity will provide our cancer patients with the gift of hope and the best chance possible for recovery and remission,” said Dr. Ishmael Jaiyesimi, chief of the Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology and director of the new CAR T-cell program. “By investing in CAR T-cell therapy, the donor is helping us expand the available treatment options for our patients coping with complex blood cancers, including those with limited options. To be able to introduce this opportunity is a game changer and will make a profound difference for our patients, now and in the future.” CAR T-cell therapy takes a patient’s T-cells (a type of immune system cell) and modifies them in a laboratory to attack cancer cells. Through a process called apheresis, blood is drawn from the patient. The T-cells are then separated out from the blood and a special receptor that binds to a certain protein in the patient’s cancer cells is added to the T-cells. The special receptor is called a chimeric antigen receptor or CAR. Large numbers of these CAR T-cells are grown in the laboratory, strengthened and then reintroduced into the patient’s body through infusion. Once inside the body,

they begin attacking the cancer cells with powerful and effective results. CAR T-cell therapy has been described as game changing. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the therapy for adult patients with certain types of blood cancers including certain lymphomas and most recently, multiple myelomas. It is currently being investigated for use with solid tumor cancers including breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, colon, ovarian and pancreatic cancers. Patients in metro Detroit and the communities Beaumont serves will now have access to CAR T-cell therapy close to home while benefiting from the broad range of other services provided by the Rose Cancer Center. Beaumont stands as the leader in cancer care in Michigan. Beaumont’s cancer program is the largest one in the state, diagnosing and treating more than 8,500 patients annually. It is recognized as the #2 cancer program in the state and has earned “high-performing” rankings in Adult Cancer from U.S. News and World Report. The new CAR T-cell program is expected to launch next year. “This donor faced a terrible personal loss but is transforming and potentially saving the lives for others through her generosity and foresight,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the Beaumont Health Foundation. “All of us are grateful for this gift and what it will mean for the future of cancer care at Beaumont.” Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 9


New $1 Million Commitment from Applebaum Family Philanthropy Supports Simulation Learning The Marcia & Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute (SLI) at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, is one of the most advanced medical simulation facilities in the United States. The state-of-the-art center serves as a central hub of learning for thousands of physicians, nurses, technicians, residents, fellows, medical students and community members each year. A recent $1 million gift from Applebaum Family Philanthropy is ensuring that the institute’s impact will be felt long into the future. This gift, which builds upon the family’s previous support, invests in operations and long-term planning for the institute, and focuses on updating equipment and technology, increasing staffing and creating a resource plan for equipment obsolescence.

“The Marcia and Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute provides a safe and realistic training environment for doctors, nurses and many other health care workers,” said Dr. Kathryn Ziegler, medical director of the Marcia and Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute. “The generosity of

the Applebaum family in helping to keep the lab current and up-to-date will not simply benefit the thousands of people each year who participate in training here, but will also benefit the tens of thousands of patients who are under their care.” The SLI opened its doors in 2006, thanks to a generous leadership gift from the late Marcia and Eugene Applebaum. It features a unique blend of classroom learning, hands-on simulation training and distance learning for medical professionals to learn and fine tune new skills. The SLI includes two fully operational mock operation rooms for full-immersion team training, and uses adult, pediatric and infant patient simulations. During debriefing sessions following each scenario, team members can review their performance and critique their responses and decision-making skills under the guidance of instructors. Without question, the ability to accurately and realistically simulate training enhances quality and safety, providing the kind of education that helps ensure a safe, superior patient care environment not only at Beaumont but at each of the hospitals in which SLI learners practice medicine each day. However, because medical advancements happen with such frequency and technology evolves so quickly, it can be challenging

10 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021

Eugene and Marcia Applebaum

to keep a facility like the SLI ahead of the training curve, providing the types of courses that will most benefit its learners. The Applebaum family’s recent gift will keep the SLI at the forefront of simulation learning, leading to a future of growth, stability and innovation. The resources provided will help update equipment while also expanding the types of curriculum and training offered within the institute.

“The Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute does an outstanding job of educating tomorrow’s caregivers, giving them the resources they need to become the most highly skilled and well-trained clinicians possible,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the Beaumont Health Foundation.


Kojaian Establishes Endowed Fund to Support Next Generation of Cardiologists A recent $1 million pledge from C. Michael Kojaian to create the Kojaian Family Endowed Cardiology Fund at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, will help support the next generation of exceptionally trained, compassionate and innovative heart specialists. The creation of this fund will allow for the education and training of 22 clinicians each year in the Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program, giving them opportunities to learn alongside some of the country’s finest physicians, hone their specialized skill sets, engage in promising research, present at conferences and more.

“The women and men who come to train at Beaumont as part of this program are among some of the best and brightest physicians, who I have no doubt will go on to do extraordinary things in the field,” said Dr. Simon Dixon, chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Beaumont, Royal Oak. “I am so grateful to Michael Kojaian for his remarkable gift to support this program, ensuring we can continue to train the leaders of tomorrow.” In the past, departments such as Beaumont’s Department of Cardiovascular Medicine received significant support from the industry to fund fellowship programs for advanced training. That is no longer the case today, and funding for graduate medical education continues to be an area of significant concern for academic medical centers across the country.

The Kojaian Family Endowed Cardiology Fund will have a meaningful impact, providing a sustainable source of funding for the advanced training of cardiologists. It will help ensure the stability and quality of the program despite the uncertainties caused by the current funding system and will allow the fellowship department to plan for and implement educational and research opportunities as needed. “The cardiology team and program at Beaumont are of extraordinary quality, and I am proud to play a role in ensuring the high level of patient care continues through the next generation and beyond,” Kojaian said. Cardiovascular fellows receive strong clinical training through a meticulously designed educational curriculum that includes daily lectures from both internal and external faculty and several weekly subspecialty conferences. Additionally, the impressive grand rounds schedule introduces fellows to the top minds in cardiology across the country, helping the young physicians firmly establish their expertise. Fellowships also play an important role because they encourage the recruitment and retention of top medical talent. The stability and long-term continuation of this fellowship will ensure that Beaumont is in the best position to recruit

the very best cardiology physicians, leading to the highest quality of care for our patients and community. “Michael Kojaian’s generous gift not only is having an impact today, but will have a tremendous impact for years to come,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the

Shirley Kojaian and the late Mike Kojaian

Beaumont Health Foundation. “We are so grateful for his commitment to the education and training of our future clinicians.” Kojaian is a longtime supporter of Beaumont. Most recently in 2017, he made a leadership gift to create the Mike and Shirley Kojaian Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Education and Research at Royal Oak in memory of his parents.

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 11


Longtime Beaumont, Dearborn Physician Creates Space for Inspiration and Comfort Dr. Donald Conn has a long history with Beaumont, Dearborn. He grew up in Allen Park, and throughout his childhood, it was his parents and grandparents’ go-to hospital. Later, it became the hospital where he and his late wife, Sheryl, trained to become physicians, and where their children were born. His deep connection with this campus is what inspired Conn to recently pledge a $300,000 gift to create a tranquility garden at the hospital. “I wanted to not only recognize the great care that my family members have gotten, but also pay tribute to what the hospital did for both me and my wife,” Conn said. “This gift is really giving back to the system that gave me and my family care and gave my wife and I the opportunity to do what we both loved — practice medicine.” The tranquility garden will consist of a long, glass artscape for visitors to view located outside of one of the hospital’s main hallways and a quiet, comfortable seating area just outside the main entrance. Both will feature a theme of butterflies, including a metal sculpture of a pair of butterflies in the sitting area. The artwork for both the artscape and the sitting area are being done by nationally acclaimed monument artist Matthew Placzek. Conn spent a great deal of time researching artists, and when he came across Placzek’s work, he felt that the artist would be the perfect match for the project.

12 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021

“My vision is to create something that is uplifting for patients, employees and everyone who visits the hospital,” Conn said. “Having had family members spend time in the hospital, I want others’ family members — or those who work in the hospital — to have a peaceful spot where they can go to simply relax and reflect.” The tranquility garden is expected to be completed in late fall 2021 or spring 2022. “Upon completion, the tranquility garden will be a wonderful addition to Beaumont, Dearborn, providing a place for our visitors and staff to rest and recharge,” said David Claeys, president of Beaumont, Dearborn. “Dr. Conn has done so much for this community, and we are so grateful to him for helping to further enhance our hospital and all we do here.”


Healing Notes Foundation, Schreibman Family Support Power of Music in Patient Care More children and their families will have access to the healing power of music during their hospitalizations at Beaumont, thanks to recent gifts from the Healing Notes Foundation and Jay and Heather Schreibman. Their gifts are expanding Beaumont’s music therapy program — one of the most popular components of Beaumont’s Child Life Services programming — by adding a full-time music therapy fellowship. The fellows will use music to help provide: • pain management; • tools for positive coping; • parent/child bonding; • developmental stimulation; • bereavement support; and • other needed services. “As music lovers, Heather and I are keenly aware of how music can move the human spirit. We have seen firsthand the powerful positivity that children can gain from music therapy as they face difficult and sometimes painful treatments for their healing,” said Jay Schreibman. “We’re honored to support the music therapy fellowship program’s mission of using music to aid in the healing of sick children.” The Schreibman family and the Healing Notes Foundation’s gifts will cover the first two years of the music therapy fellowship — with one fellow being selected each year — getting it off the ground and creating a track record of success. The music therapy fellows will work closely with Beaumont’s part-time, board-certified music therapist to assist patients with music interventions, including developmental music play, live music, lyric analysis, active music engagement, music-facilitated relaxation, music instruction and songwriting/composition.

“Music has such a positive impact on our patients — from reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation, to fine and gross motor improvements, to helping with pain management,” said Kathleen Grobbel, Beaumont’s Child Life supervisor. “Adding a music therapy fellowship will allow us to greatly expand our reach, and I am so grateful for this compassionate gift.” Music therapy began as a one-day-per-week program in November of 2015, but due to the overwhelmingly

positive response and with support from Children’s Miracle Network, it quickly increased to a four-day-per-week program, and has provided support to patients in the pediatric inpatient unit, the pediatric intensive care unit and the neonatal intensive care unit. The creation of a music therapy fellowship will expand staffing to five-days-per-week coverage. It also will allow the program to expand its services throughout Beaumont, Royal Oak, reaching the pediatric oncology clinic, proton therapy, pediatric emergency center and the Children’s Center for Surgery, as well as expanding bereavement care. The addition of this fellowship also closely aligns with Beaumont’s values as a teaching institution. Along with interacting with patients, the fellows will participate in educational opportunities to help develop their skills and knowledge further. Upon completion of the fellowship, each fellow will be well qualified to take the healing power of music throughout the community, reaching even more families.

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 13


Ford Motor Company Fund Grant Addresses COVID-Related Needs for Center for Exceptional Families Like many health care organizations, Beaumont’s Center for Exceptional Families (CEF) and its patients were heavily impacted by COVID-19 — from temporary program closures to virtual appointments, the clinical staff and families they serve were creative in their abilities to make quick and significant adjustments. A $50,000 grant from Ford Motor Company Fund is helping to address one of those major changes — the expansion of telemedicine visits. Given the significant issues that a great many CEF children face, telemedicine appointments proved beneficial in terms of ease of access and safety. The Ford Motor Company Fund grant is supporting the purchase of additional iPads to allow the CEF to expand its popular telemedicine program.

“The iPads offer tremendous functionality and benefits for our patients, from motivating and engaging children during speech therapy to providing a virtual platform for support groups and medical care,” said Marni Hickey, director of the CEF. To address the issues that many children with special needs faced when their schools went virtual, Ford’s grant is also helping expand the center’s applied behavior analysis

program to help preschoolers maximize their potential and is helping create a tutoring program to help older patients regain their academic skills. The grant also supports critical equipment needs that were identified during the pandemic. “We are so thankful to Ford for their generous gift to support this programming,” Hickey said. “Their generosity is addressing a great many issues and will have a meaningful impact on our patients.”

Masco Gift Helps Fund Creation of Translated Materials Having to cope with a serious medical issue can be difficult and frightening for anyone, but it is especially so for those patients who do not speak English or who are hard of hearing. As the largest health system in Michigan, Beaumont Health provides care for an enormously diverse population, which can make the accurate communication of health care information a challenge. Masco Corporation is committed to helping these patients — for years, Masco has been supporting Beaumont’s Clinical Language Program (CLP), and recently gave a $40,000 grant to help expand this important initiative. The CLP provides interpreter and translation services for patients, helping to ensure that all patients receive the same quality of care regardless of their preferred language. Masco’s recent grant will help take these services even further, better serving Beaumont’s diverse patient

populations, by offering on-site classes through the University of Michigan to Beaumont employees so they can become certified to provide in-person interpretive services to patients in the clinical setting. Masco’s gift also will help fund the creation of translated materials for patients, including the creation of new baby instructional documents for parents in multiple languages, and will help fund the purchase of amplifiers and disposable earbuds for patients who are hard of hearing, to improve communication with these patients in the hospital setting. “Masco is proud to support Beaumont’s Clinical Language Program and the enhancement of an environment of care which welcomes

14 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021

diversity and respects and values all,” said Sue Sabo, director of Corporate Giving for Masco. “We recognize the unique needs of patients and the importance of accurate spoken and written language interpretation in a clinical setting. For non-English speakers and the deaf and hard of hearing community in Southeast Michigan, this program helps ensure a comfortable and healing experience.”


Creating a Legacy of Giving You may have a desire to make a significant impact with your philanthropy. You want to create a legacy of giving for yourself and your family and, at the same time, ensure the wellbeing of everyone. BLENDED GIFTS


Because of the uncertainties of the time, you might consider a blended gift that provides something now and something later for Beaumont. You will continue to enjoy the benefits of the assets of the deferred portion of your total gift during your lifetime.

You can leverage your deferred gift with matching funds by participating in the Beaumont Legacy Challenge. Beaumont will match 10 percent of the value of your deferred gift to be used immediately for the same purpose as the deferred gift.

Blended Gift Combinations • A current gift with a deferred gift created in your lifetime (e.g., a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust); or • A current gift with a deferred gift created at death (e.g., a bequest or a beneficiary designation of retirement benefits or a life insurance policy). A current gift may provide you a tax benefit from a charitable contribution tax deduction. A deferred gift created in your lifetime can provide an income stream for your life, generate a tax deduction, and avoid capital gains tax.


If you are over age 70 ½ you and your spouse can each make qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from your IRAs up to $100,000 annually. The distributions will offset RMDs. Retirement assets can be a good source for charitable contributions because they are subject to ordinary tax rates even after the death of the owner.

Appreciated Securities You can contribute appreciated securities to Beaumont and avoid capital gains tax. Any charitable contribution tax deduction will be measured by the fair market value of the securities. You can repurchase the gifted securities and receive a stepped-up tax basis.

Donor Advised Fund

Retirement Assets including an IRA Charitable Rollover


If you are over age 72 (over age 70 ½ before January 1, 2020), you are required to take annual minimum distributions (RMDs) from your retirement accounts. You may be able to offset the tax impact of the RMDs with a charitable contribution to Beaumont.

You may have already decided that you want to support Beaumont but are not certain where you might want to direct the gift. You can contribute to Beaumont before year-end and we will work with you next year to determine best use for your contribution.

You might consider how to make an impact with the funds you have contributed to your donor advised fund. Your advice to the custodian of your donor advised fund to make a distribution to Beaumont would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider taking advantage of the Beaumont Legacy Challenge. Please consult your financial, legal and tax advisors. For more information and help with questions, contact Terry Lang, vice president, Planned Giving at 947-522-0085 or

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Mark Wahlberg with title sponsor Jay Feldman and event co-chairs Nino Cutraro and Sam Yamin.

Inaugural Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational Raises More Than $1 Million Excitement was in the air on Monday, August 30 as film star Mark Wahlberg, sports legend Sugar Ray Leonard, NHL great Jeremy Roenick and nearly 50 other celebrities took to the greens with dozens of other golfers for the inaugural Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational at the Detroit Golf Club. More than $1 million was raised to benefit Beaumont Children’s and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, thanks to the generosity of golfers, sponsors and others who gave in support of the new event and its mission.

“We are so pleased with the support that the Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational garnered in its first year and extremely grateful to the celebrities and participants who made it such a special day,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, Beaumont Health Foundation president. “We look forward to an even bigger response next year, helping benefit kids across Michigan and across the country.”

16 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021

The morning began with Mark Wahlberg speaking to 10 children via Zoom, who were representing the more than 200,000 children helped by Beaumont Children’s each year. After golf, a spirited auction and paddle raise raised $150,000 with items ranging from an Italian villa vacation, donated by the Rugiero family, to a stay at the Celani Family Vineyard, donated by Tom and Vicki Celani, to golfing with Mark Wahlberg. Support of the Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont Children’s provides life-saving services, vital pediatric equipment and funds for patient scholarships given to families unable to afford needed care. The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation will utilize funds to improve the quality of life for youth in Detroit, Boston and nationwide, by providing financial resources and community support to youth services.


THANK YOU TO THE 2021 CHILDREN'S MIRACLE CELEBRITY INVITATIONAL SPONSORS! This year’s CMCI was generously supported by a number of community and corporate leaders including: TITLE SPONSOR Feldman Automotive Group LEAD PRESENTING SPONSOR Power Home Solar PRESENTING SPONSORS Beaumont Health and US Signal SUPPORTING SPONSORS CIBC, the Celani Family Foundation,

the Aaron and Carolynn Frankel Foundation, Quantum Ventures of Michigan, LLC and Walmart Special thanks to the many other generous donors who made the event possible.









9 1. Robert Crockett, Bob Skandalaris, Bob Wahlberg, Todd Webber and Kevin Kennedy; 2. Patrick and Karen Smithbauer, Ron Duguay, Donald Conn and Thomas Lanni; 3. Nick Gilpin, Tony Facione, Dennis Harder, Neil Smith and Aaron Michael; 4. Brian Wolfe, Kevin Kilnk, Jayson Waller, Jim Wahlberg, Dino Rotondo, Steve Topalian and Rick Wershe, Jr.; 5. Aaron Frankel, Matthew Bray, Garrick Hunger, Jay Chandrasekhar and Joseph Moon; 6. Dave Katarski, Marla Feldman, Dan Smith and Adam Kolb; 7. Jim Papalois, Steve Prucher, Jeff Hill, Mark Machin and Huel Perkins; 8. Derek Bildstein, William Sweet, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Chris Quinn and Jason Kartalis; 9. Dale Wieczorek, Chuck Binkowski, John Fragomeni, Gerry Cooney and David Claeys

A dedicated committee of community members worked to develop this fundraising event. We thank them all for their outstanding support. Co-Chairs Tom Celani Nino Cutraro Hans Keil Ken Noonan Sam Yamin Fundraising Committee Daniel Arndt, MD, Jack* and Annette Aronson, Darren Audia, Margaret Cooney Casey, John Fragomeni, Dennis Fegan, Melanie Fisher, Aaron & Carolynn Frankel, Melanie Hearsch, Lita Hoyer, Jim Oboyski, John Peetz, Holly Roop, Patrick Rugiero, Alicia Scavona, Lori Sheridan, Richard Short, Bob Skandalaris, Jason & Alicia Strayhorn, Erica Surman, Jacqueline Thompson, Kevin Woods, Larry Wu1 * Deceased

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 17




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6 1. Jill Cipa and Shelley Cipa; 2. Evan Gerdes, Jordan Chapman, Vinny Pipia, Brandon Wahlberg and Michael Schuchman; 3. Mike Keenan, Charles Oakley and Ken Harris; 4. JoAnne Purtan and Jim Johnson of WOMC; 5. Mark Wahlberg and Jayson Waller talk to Beaumont Children's patients during a special virtual program; 6. A group of golfers putting on the South Course; 7. Lomas Brown with Karen Luther and her teammates Rita Kroetsch, Nancy McDonough and Martha Palmer; 8. Dan Kilberg and Alex Lucido (putting); 9. Tim Belanger, Michael Bowers, Eddie Murray, Kevin Tuchowski and John Bassette; 10. Al Iafrate and Keith Jahnke

18 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021

9 10




12 14 15


17 19 18 11. Richard Karn; 12. Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard; 13. Jon Randall, Rick Cerone, Mike Anderson, Chris Armour and Alvin Spencer; 14. Sen. Marshall Bullock and Hisham Tawfig; 15. Alex Sheehy; 16. Erik Hingst and Chad Tolfree; 17. Joel Kahn, Rick Ellis, Andy Bernhold, Jacob Kahn and Rick Ellis; 18. Mark Wahlberg on the driving range; 19. Matthew Scherz, Alan Bushe, Julie Nagle and Paul Gilbert; 20. Karen Gutekunst, Paul Wahlberg, Christie Quinn, Danielle and Mike Raymond


Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 19


Thank You to Our Generous Children’s Miracle Network Partners With your help, Children’s Miracle Network granted more than $2.8 million in 2021 to support 65 pediatric departments and initiatives across Beaumont Health. At thousands of locations across Southeast Michigan, Children’s Miracle Network corporate partners came together this year to support the 200,000 children treated annually at Beaumont Children’s — and several set records. Speedway, Costco Wholesale and RE/MAX soared past their previous fundraising milestones by participating in retail campaigns, collecting change at their registers and hosting golf events throughout the year. These three organizations have raised a combined total of more than $1.1 million for Beaumont Children's in 2021. Ace Hardware, Walmart and Sam’s Club also continued their strong support of Children’s Miracle Network and the pediatric initiatives at Beaumont Children’s by asking customers to round up their change and by hosting annual fundraising campaigns such as Ace Hardware’s “Bucket Days.” In addition to their annual campaign, The Walmart Foundation generously granted Beaumont Children’s a $25,000 sponsorship to support the first-ever Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational golf outing on August 30.

Funds raised by CMN corporate partners this year supported speech and language assessments for pediatric patients, literacy programs for community outreach programs, distraction toys, medical and art supplies for Child Life Services, and specialized equipment for premature infants in neonatal intensive care units across Beaumont Health.

Bike Day Brightens Smiles This past July, 85 pediatric patients received a custom-fitted bike at no cost to parents as part of Children’s Miracle Network’s Bike Day Program. This annual event provides children who are living with a disability with a custom bike that meets their special needs, giving them a way to live their lives to the fullest. The Bike Day Program received more than $150,000 in CMN grants to purchase these bikes. To watch a video about Bike Day, please visit: 20 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


Participants Raise $43,000 at the Walk for Miracles Funds raised benefit Beaumont Children’s The Detroit Zoo was filled with 350 walkers from 31 different teams at the annual Walk for Miracles event this past September. The event raised $43,000, which will benefit Children’s Miracle Network initiatives and the 200,000 children who receive treatment at Beaumont Children’s. Many participants dressed as superheroes or as their favorite fantasy character, with Beau the Bear, Hulk, Captain America, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Elsa being crowd favorites.

350 walkers from  31  different teams The event raised $43,000

Meet Mila: Our 2022 Children’s Miracle Network Ambassador for Beaumont Children’s Mila was born on a cold January day in 2015 to parents Amy and Paul — though she was due to arrive four months later. At birth, Mila weighed only one pound, 10 ounces and was considered a “micro preemie” by her care team. Throughout her 135-day stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Beaumont, Royal Oak, Mila experienced many obstacles, including brain bleeds, retinopathy and bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BDP). Yet she remained strong and miraculously hit milestone after milestone. Once her brain matured, she was able to regulate her body temperature on her own and a few weeks later, she was breathing on her own and drinking from a bottle. Every day she grew stronger. Today, Mila is a happy, healthy six-year-old who has not only reached her milestones, but is surpassing them. Thanks to continued occupational and physical therapy she receives at Beaumont and a specially adapted bike she received from CMN’s Bike Day Program, Mila is more active than ever.

Funding from Children’s Miracle Network supporters and partners provided for the equipment that sustained Mila during her stay in the NICU while also supporting Bike Day, which creates specially tailored bikes to allow children like Mila to experience the outdoors just like other kids their age.

Your donations help to save the lives of premature infants like Mila by funding specialized Giraffe OmniBed care stations, Halo bassinets, advanced parenting classes and even rocking chairs to provide a sense of home in the neonatal intensive care unit. To make a gift, please visit

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Grosse Pointe Golf Classic July 26, 2021 | Country Club of Detroit

Golfers gathered for the first Beaumont outing of the season on Monday, July 26 at the Country Club of Detroit. The event raised more than $150,000 to support the cardiac catheterization lab renovation project at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe.


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5 6



1. Justin Klimko, Dan Rustmann, Dick Rassel, Deb Geroux (Butzel Long team); 2. Christopher Koss, Mike Imbronone, Matt Buckley, Louis Theros; 3. Chris and Anne Blake and Anne and Michael McBrien; 4. Diane DeNardis, Rick DeNardis, Beline and Tony Obeid; 5. George and Susan Haggarty, Anne Roberts and Dr. John Roberts; 6. Vince Pettita, David Cornillie, Kerri Werschky, and Gene Boyle; 7. Joe and Julie Kaiser and Laura and JB Peabody

22 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


Anderson Family Recognition Reception August 16, 2021 Friends and family joined together at Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe on August 16 to celebrate the generosity of Jim and Patti Anderson and their leadership gift to create a hybrid surgical suite and support the surgical services renovation project at Grosse Pointe. (See cover story for more details.)





5 6



1. Margaret Cooney Casey, Jim Anderson; 2. Ella Davis (granddaughter), Jim Anderson; 3. Fr. Rich Bartoszek, Patti Anderson; 4. Jim Anderson; 5. Dr. James Lynch. Janice Lynch, Robert Kilpatrick and Brad Lukas; 6. Sandra Burns, Jim Anderson and Rene Hansemann; 7. Betty and John Stevens; 8. Patti and Jim Anderson

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 23


Community Update Event – Grosse Pointe September 15, 2021 Beaumont Health trustees, donors and advocates gathered at the home of Bill and Darrene Baer in Grosse Pointe this past September to hear from Beaumont leadership including Beaumont Health Board Co-Chair Christopher Blake and Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe President Dr. James Lynch. An update on the progress of the Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health proposed partnership was provided as was an update on the Beaumont, Grosse Pointe hospital.





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6 9

8 1. Marlene Boll, Julie and Joe P. Kaiser V; 2. Keith Crain, Darrene and Bill Baer; 3. Margaret Cooney Casey; 4. Susan and Ken Kirchner; 5. Anne and Chris Blake, Patti and Jim Anderson, Dr. James Lynch; 6. Jennifer and Dr. Richard T. Perry; 7. Susan Haggarty, Dr. Brian Dimmer, Dr. Jodie Rappe; 8. Bill Baer; 9. John and Nancy Donnelly, John D. Lewis

24 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


Women’s Health Care Classic September 21, 2021 | Dearborn Country Club and TPC Michigan

Golfers came out to support women’s health and breast cancer care at Beaumont hospitals in Dearborn, Taylor, Trenton and Wayne on September 21. Held at two courses — the Dearborn Country Club and the TPC in Dearborn — the event raised more than $272,000 and honored three longtime supporters who had recently passed away — Sheryl Conn, Dolores Pfeffer and Nancy Zakar.









8 10

1. Margaret Cooney Casey, Dr. Donald Conn, Jan Fitzgerald; 2. Donna Inch; 3. Kathy Payson, Debbie Clark, Darlene Bartkowiak and Deanne Bartkowiak; 4. Karen Colina Wilson Smithbauer and Patrick Smithbauer; 5. Beth Dixon, Katie Chambers, Diane Mace and Karen Colina Wilson Smithbauer; 6. Kathy MacIntosh, Linda Ray, Carol Rakecky and Carol Victor; 7. Mary Beth Smith, Kristen Schwan, Jenna Leone and Nicole Pohl; 8. Dayna Clark, Sefé Puente, Ann Duke and Deanna Zawislak; 9. Dr. Alison Premo, Jennifer Rhee, Christina Rhee and Leigh Apple; 10. Angie Denier, Sharon Roncelli, Kathy Blake and Liz Lyon

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 25


The Drive for Life Invitational October 11, 2021 | Oakland Hills Country Club

This popular event, which several years ago came about through the combination of the Drive to Beat and Wilson Golf Outing events, benefits oncology care programs at the Walter & Marilyn Wolpin Comprehensive Breast Care Center at Royal Oak and the Wilson Cancer Resource Center at Troy. Golfers and sponsors raised more than $322,000 to benefit patients and families.



1 5



6 1. James Lynch, MD; 2. Aric Wilcox; 3. Co-chairs Karen Glorio Luther and Chris Emde; 4. Ray Kubiak, Tonya Cook, Maura Fulton and Ben Llyod; 5. Andy Shannon, Jeanette Banach, Joe Hillebrand, John Goodman; 6. Jeff Ziegler, John Peetz, Dave Bruce, Pat Vaughan; 7. Paul W. Smith, Margaret Cooney Casey; 8. Nancy McDonaugh, Erin Fuchik, Rita Kroetsch and Karen Glorio Luther

26 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021



Women’s Health Services Update – Troy and Macomb October 13, 2021 Longtime Beaumont donors and supporters Gary and Sharon Roncelli welcomed guests this past October to hear from Beaumont Hospital, Troy President Dr. James Lynch and Dr. Scott Malick, section chief of breast imaging at Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak and Troy, on giving opportunities through the Advanced Breast Imaging Campaign. This initiative is raising funds to add leading-edge breast imaging technology at all Beaumont breast care center sites.



3 5







1. Tom and Linda Wickersham, Mario and Maria Moceri; 2. Margaret Cooney Casey, Gary Roncelli; 3. Sharon Roncelli; 4. Donald and Cheryl Ezop; 5. Cindy and Jeff Larson; 6. Dr. Scott Malick, Dr. James Lynch, David Claeys; 7. Gino Paliaroli, Bill Tundo; 8. Devin and Nora Ezop; 9. Sharon Roncelli, Joseph Vicari, Rosalie Vicari, Linda Wickersham, Pam Ciesliga, Bill Tundo, Margaret Cooney Casey, Patty Ghesquiere; 10. Dr. Scott Malick is speaking

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 27


Beaumont Health Leadership Updates There are exciting new updates to share with regard to leadership at Beaumont, its hospitals and the Foundation. We are pleased to share this latest information with you. BEAUMONT NAMES INTERIM CO-CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERS

Both Susick and Claeys have decades of service at Beaumont and are strong leaders committed to the health system’s mission of providing compassionate, extraordinary care every day. INTERIM CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER ANNOUNCED

Nancy Susick, RN, president of Beaumont, Royal Oak, and David Claeys, president of Beaumont, Dearborn and Beaumont, Farmington Hills, have been appointed co-chief operating officers for Beaumont Health. They will split their duties between two regions — Susick will continue to lead operations for the Royal Oak campus and will work with Dr. Jim Lynch to oversee the Troy and Grosse Pointe campuses. Claeys will continue to lead operations for his current campuses, and will work with Tammy Scarborough to oversee the Taylor, Trenton and Wayne hospitals.

Dr. Paolo Marciano, the chief medical officer (CMO) of Beaumont, Dearborn, has been appointed the interim CMO for Beaumont Health. Dr. Marciano has been a valued member of Beaumont’s medical staff since 2009, and has served as the CMO for Beaumont, Dearborn since 2016. He has been instrumental in supporting the hospital’s overall performance and developing its vision and strategic plan for clinical activities.


Since August, Dr. Jeff Ditkoff has been serving as Beaumont Health’s chief quality officer. Dr. Ditkoff has held several positions at Beaumont in the past decade and has demonstrated a true commitment to improving quality and safety for our patients and employees. In 2011, Ditkoff was named director of operations for the Beaumont, Royal Oak emergency department, a position he held until 2017, when he became the chief patient safety officer for Beaumont, Royal Oak. Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ditkoff has also served as the COVID-19 medical director for the Royal Oak emergency operations center.


The Beaumont Health Foundation recently announced the members of its 2022 board of directors. Approved on Oct. 21, 2021, the new board comprises: Warren Rose, Chair Neelam Kumar, M.D., Vice Chair Laurie Cunnington, Vice Chair Geoffrey Hockman Mary Kosch Robert Rosowski Karen Colina Wilson Smithbauer Deborah Tyner Linda Wasserman Aviv Howard Wolpin

Warren Rose, Chair; Neelam Kumar, M.D., Vice Chair; Laurie Cunnington, Vice Chair

The board of directors is integral to the Foundation’s successes in raising funds and support for Beaumont Health and its mission. We thank them for their service.

28 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


In Memoriam

In recent months, we have had to say goodbye to many of Beaumont’s closest friends and benefactors. Through their extraordinary generosity, the individuals recognized in the following pages made an indelible difference for patients, for families, for our caregivers, our researchers and communities around the world. We are forever grateful for their kindness and for the legacies they leave behind.

Marcia Applebaum

For nearly 20 years, Marcia Applebaum and her late husband Gene were among Beaumont’s most generous philanthropic partners. Their remarkable generosity benefitted a variety of important causes throughout the health system, including COVID-19 research, speech & language pathology, the Lewis Rosenbaum, M.D. Internal Medicine Residency and, most notably, the nationally recognized Marcia and Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute. Marcia was widely recognized for her passionate humanitarianism. As secretary and treasurer of the Eugene Applebaum Family Foundation, she gave generously to numerous organizations each year. In 2014, Marcia and Gene were awarded the Max M. Fisher Outstanding Philanthropist Award, presented by the Detroit chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. In addition to her substantial contributions to Beaumont, Marcia also gave generously to the Wayne State University College of Pharmacy, the University of Michigan School of Business, the Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit, Tamarack Camps, the Mayo Clinic, the Michigan Opera Theater, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Marcia is survived by her daughters, Lisa and Pamela; her grandchildren, Rebecca, Molly, Mia and Sky; her sister, Alice and her cousin, Shelly.

Charles James Ghesquiere, Jr.

For 30 years, Charles “Chuck” Ghesquiere and his wife Barbara supported Beaumont, giving more than $1.4 million to help children and families. Together, they established the Ghesquiere Family Center for Children’s Surgery at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. This state-of-the-art facility provides a comforting, child-friendly atmosphere — featuring preoperative play areas and twinkling stars on the ceiling — that helps reduce anxiety for pediatric patients undergoing potentially frightening procedures. A native of Grosse Pointe, Chuck graduated from South High School, where he met Barbara. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in business before serving in the U.S. Air Force from 1955 to 1957. Returning home with just $200 to his name, he began selling lawn mower parts and repairing small engines. Through decades of hard work, Chuck opened a highly successful, family-owned group of automotive dealerships in Bloomfield Hills, Novi and Rochester, and served as one of Michigan’s most highly regarded auto dealers for more than 50 years. Chuck supported countless charitable causes large and small, supporting children and health care and making a difference for families and communities. Chuck is survived by Barbara, his beloved wife of 68 years; his children Lynn, Gale, Charles and Lee; and his 12 grandchildren, who referred to him affectionately as “Grandpa G.”

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 29


Janis R . Herkowitz

After the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, long-time Beaumont, Royal Oak orthopaedic surgeon and chair Dr. Harry Herkowitz in 2013, Janis Herkowitz led efforts — along with her children — to establish an important and vital fund in his memory that would continue to make a difference for orthopaedic patients and their families. The Harry N. Herkowitz, M.D. Distinguished Chair in Orthopaedics today supports vital patient care initiatives and groundbreaking research for one of the nation’s top orthopaedic programs. Janis and her children Seth and Rachael turned to countless former colleagues and friends of Harry after his passing and raised more than $2 million to establish the endowed chair, which is today held by Dr. Jeffrey Fischgrund. Dozens of people responded, quickly raising the funds necessary to create this impactful memorial that continues to support innovation and excellence in orthopaedic care. Through Janis’s philanthropic spirit and the skill and dedication of Harry, the Herkowitzes will long be remembered at Beaumont for the difference they made in patient care. They are survived by their children as well as their grandchildren, Samarah, Schoen and Jack.

J. Peter Ministrelli

When asked many years ago why he wanted to give to Beaumont, Peter Ministrelli said, “I want to help people.” He and his wife Florine did exactly that, making a profound impact on urology and cardiovascular medicine at Beaumont by supporting patient initiatives, research and physician training and education. Over the course of more than two decades of philanthropic giving to Beaumont, Peter and Florine Ministrelli donated more than $30 million to Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. They gave to establish the Ministrelli Women’s Heart Center — then the first of its kind in Michigan devoted solely to women’s heart health — as well as the Ministrelli Program for Urology Research and Education, a program that led to clinical breakthroughs that are used worldwide today. They also gave generously to create the Florine & J. Peter Ministrelli Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Research and the J. Peter and Florine Ministrelli Distinguished Chair in Urology, both of which support the patient care and research work of their holders and the departments they represent. The couple also supported technology, helping purchase two of the first surgical robots used at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, expanding minimally invasive surgical care in urology. The couple also invested in the training of urology fellows, bringing physicians from developing nations to Beaumont to learn from top practitioners and take those advancements back to their own countries to change and save lives. Born and raised in Detroit, Peter was a prominent construction and real estate entrepreneur. After serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps in Italy during World War II, he founded Ministrelli Construction Co. with his younger brother, building roads and freeways across Southeast Michigan. In 1980, Peter transitioned to a successful career in real estate management and development. The generosity of Peter and Florine touched the lives of countless Beaumont patients in Michigan, across the country and around the world — and will continue to do so for years to come.

30 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


Robert O. Kramer

For nearly 30 years, Robert “Bob” Kramer provided crucial support to Beaumont as a philanthropist and leader. Bob served on the boards of both the Oakwood Healthcare System and the Oakwood Healthcare System Foundation, chairing a five-year fundraising campaign for Oakwood that raised more than $36 million in new gifts. Bob personally made gifts to Beaumont Children’s, the Center for Exceptional Families, the Robert & Judith Kramer Scholarship Endowment and the Greatest Needs Fund, among other significant causes. Bob was born in a German-speaking community outside Cincinnati, where his language skills established him as a valued interpreter. A standout basketball player in high school and college, Bob played alongside legend Oscar Robertson for the University of Cincinnati, where he graduated with a degree in industrial relations and economics and later a master’s degree in economics. Bob was recruited by Ford to serve as industrial relations analyst, eventually working his way up to vice president of Human Resources. Upon retirement, Bob dedicated himself to generating significant financial resources for health care and education initiatives, including Beaumont. His philanthropic efforts for others earned him an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Kalamazoo College. Bob was a beloved husband, father and grandfather, a highly respected corporate executive and valued community leader. In addition to his wife, Judy, Bob is survived by his daughter, Stephanie, and grandsons, Nicholas, Noah and Matthew.

Graham A. Orley

Graham Orley was thoroughly dedicated to Beaumont and its patients, serving as a member of the Beaumont Health Foundation Board, as a Beaumont Health Trustee and as co-chair of the Beaumont, Troy Development Committee. Over the course of two decades, Graham also personally donated nearly $1 million in support of Beaumont, directly benefitting cardiology research, orthopedics, urology research and the Michael E. Maddens, M.D. Distinguished Chair of Internal Medicine Endowment. As owner and operator of Rudgate Clinton Company — and as an associate of 18 other development companies — Graham led an extremely successful career in real estate. He was central to the development of The Mall at Partridge Creek, a $600 million endeavor, among other significant development projects. In addition to their substantial contributions to Beaumont, Graham and his wife, Sally, generously supported the United Jewish Federation, the Michigan Hillel at the University of Michigan, Cranbrook Institute of Science, the WSU College of Fine and Performing Arts, the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Michigan, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Opera House and ORT America. Graham is survived by his beloved wife of 71 years, Sally, his children Geoffrey, Randy and Pamela, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021 | 31


Sheldon S. Rose

Sheldon Rose helped launch his family’s extraordinary legacy of giving to Beaumont oncology in 1991 when he and his siblings gave a $1 million gift in honor of their late parents to name the Rose Cancer Treatment Center at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. Thirty years later, multiple generations of the Rose family have contributed to support world-class oncology treatment for the thousands of patients who turn to the Rose Cancer Treatment Center for care. Following the death of his father, Edward, Sheldon became president of Edward Rose & Sons, which today is one of the largest real estate development firms in the Midwest. In 2005, the family formed the Rose Family Support Foundation and continued to support oncology at Beaumont through leadership gifts to construct and equip the Adaptive Oncology Imaging Suite, invest in radiation therapy technology and treatments, grow the cancer genetics program and much more. Sheldon is survived by his children, Laurie, Jonathan and Warren, who currently serves as president of the Beaumont Health Foundation, as well as his grandchildren, Aaron, Andrea, Robin and Frances.

Wayne W. Webber, Jr.

Wayne Webber was a generous benefactor of health care, education and conservation. As a longtime Beaumont supporter, Wayne contributed a total of $5 million to many important causes, including the First Words Society, the Dominic & Frances Moceri Learning Center, the Progressive Care Center and the Wayne and Joan Webber Imaging Center. In 2006, Wayne and Joan were awarded the Max M. Fisher Outstanding Philanthropist Award, presented by the Detroit chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. He presided over the Wayne and Joan Webber Foundation, his family non-profit, until his death. Born in Thompsonville, MI, Wayne lived the majority of his life in Macomb County. After returning from a 20-month tour of duty in the U.S. Army, he co-founded Champagne-Webber, a concrete business that blossomed into a national highway construction company. Over the course of his career, Wayne helped build important highways, bridges and airport runways in several states. Wayne was an avid hunter, and this pastime took him around the globe. He was dedicated to serving the people and wildlife of the regions he visited, constructing watering holes for native animals and providing clothing, school supplies and sports equipment to the children he met during his travels. Wayne is survived by Joan, his wife of 66 years, as well as his beloved sister, Jeannine, and many nephews and nieces.

32 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Winter 2021


Lucia Zurkowski

A long-time fitness advocate, Lucia Zurkowski was a significant benefactor of Beaumont’s Heart and Vascular Program at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. In 2017, she invested in Beaumont’s Center for Innovation and Research in Cardiovascular Disease (CIRC) with a multimillion gift to create the Lucia Zurkowski Endowed Chair for the Center for Innovation and Research in Cardiovascular Disease. The CIRC program provides training for physicians at Beaumont and from across the country in the use of new procedures and technologies as they enter the market. Lucia Zurkowski enjoyed an exciting career as a model, doing photography work, commercials, auto shows and traveling the country. She also was a fitness enthusiast long before it become popular. Together with her late former husband Leroy Zurkowski, she helped popularize aerobics through the Vic Tanny health club chain, which flourished for many years in metro Detroit. Upon her passing, loved ones recalled her as “unforgettable, happy, enthusiastic, curious, lucky and loved,” and reminded readers of her obituary that “lucia” means light in Italian. Certainly, she brought light to those who knew her and through her generous support of the health and wellbeing of others.

REMEMBERING BEAUMONT HEALTH SOCIETY MEMBERS WE LOST IN 2020-2021 2020 Bettejean T. Ahee Nancy A. Ajemian Robert A. Allesee Sheila R. Book Phyllis Ann Capogna Sheryl Rusu Conn Carla Annette Cook Paige Cary Curtis

Margaret Caroline Demmer John Fredericks Diebel Jeremiah Edward Farrell Sybil Fenkell Kenneth Wayne Gitlin Gerald Richard Haliburda Judith Lee Henry Maria A. Iacobellis Ian Thomas Jackson

Karen J. Jacobson John Lane King Charles Edwin Letts Morris Edward Lieberman Kurt M. Luedtke Leila Marie Lynch Virginia M. Milliken Elmer Joseph Mueller Mary Jane Naz

Dolores Ann Pfeffer Sheldon Sydney Rose Helga E. Secrest Norman H. Teer Virginia Fern Vallee William Charles Vicary Marjorie Louise Wilner Marion S. Wyatt

2021 John W. Anhut Marcia C. Applebaum Jack F. Aronson Bruno F. Borin Anne F. Dingeman Jean D. Elliott Harvey C. Fruehauf

Dorothy Gerson Charles J. Ghesquiere Stanley Greenberg Bernard L. Hartman Janis R. Herkowitz William H. Klingbeil Robert O. Kramer

Kathleen A. Krevsky Charles O. Langley Norman L. Lippitt Nicholas Martin J. Peter Ministrelli Ronald D. Moore Jane K. Nugent

Susan C. O’Brien Graham A. Orley Leslie L. Rogers James L. Schroth David Susser John P. Tierney Wayne W. Webber

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