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Stuart Blanck


Dear Friends of Beaumont Health Foundation,


here is no doubt that the past year has been one of the most trying

time periods that many of our families, communities and country

have ever faced. As we continue to navigate and begin to recover

from the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic have brought, one thing remains clear: Beaumont Health’s philanthropic partners are more committed than ever to ensuring their community has access to the compassionate, extraordinary care they need and deserve. Time and time again, you have come together to support our frontline health care workers, along with the patients we serve. We have seen this in your continued support of our COVID-19 efforts — some of which you will read about in this issue, such as gifts from Wendi and Jay Farner in support of our employees, and a grant from United Way for Southeastern Michigan and Oakland County to

fund the patient communication liaison program for critically ill COVID-19 patients. In this issue, you’ll also read about some extraordinary gifts that will benefit all our patients, including Stuart Blanck’s historic $21 million gift to support emergency medicine at Beaumont, Royal Oak, along with long-term

Beaumont Health’s philanthropic partners

support for Beaumont’s greatest needs. We also highlight

are more committed than ever to ensuring

recent gifts in support of the Center for Exceptional Families,

their community has access to the

NICU nurse practitioners and the Applebaum Simulation

compassionate, extraordinary care they

Learning Institute and a new program that will provide nutritional support to older adults with diabetes.

need and deserve.

These are just a handful of examples of the ways in which philanthropy plays a meaningful role in all that we do at Beaumont. Your support is continuing to impact lives each and every day, and we look forward to seeing what else we can accomplish as we work together now and in the future. With warmest regards,

Margaret Cooney Casey Chief Development Officer, Beaumont Health President, Beaumont Health Foundation



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Letter from John Fox, Beaumont Health President and CEO In Brief

Stuart Blanck’s Historic Gift to Support Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak Emergency Center

Banich Foundation Invests In Future of

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Care at the Center for Exceptional Families


Fisher Family Changes Lives for Pediatric

Neurology Patients

First-Time Donors Support Three Vital Education and Training Programs

J ay and Wendi Farner Give to Help Beaumont Frontline Caregivers G rant Allows Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients to Connect With Loved Ones Michigan Health Endowment Fund Helps Launch New Meals Program for Older Adults with Diabetes Outdoor Fundraising Events Return This Summer at Beaumont

18 Planned Giving 20 Children’s Miracle Network Update 22 Special Events

Beaumont Health gratefully relies on support from the community. If you would prefer not to receive future fundraising mail from Beaumont Health Foundation, please reply by email to, or call (947) 522-0100.


Dear Friends of Beaumont,


t is difficult to believe that we are now in our second year of the COVID-19

pandemic. In that time, our Beaumont frontline caregivers have treated

more COVID-19 patients than at any other health system in the state. We have been honored, as well, to be at the forefront of the state’s vaccination efforts having administered more than 300,000 doses as I write this. Throughout this crisis, our nurses, physicians and so many other team members, including those from nutritional and environmental services, have been our greatest resource. I will be honest with you — they are exhausted. This virus moves so quickly and creates such heartache for loved ones and those working to save lives each day. It is physically and emotionally exhausting work. Our caregivers have never slackened in their resolve or in the quality and compassion of their care. I am so proud of all that they have done.

Throughout this crisis, our nurses,

I am grateful, too, for all that you and so many members of the community have done throughout this pandemic as well.

physicians and so many other team

As the pages of this magazine attest, you have continued to

members, including those from

give generously to support patients and programs and, at

nutritional and environmental services, the same time, you have never once forgotten our clinicians. have been our greatest resource.

Your support of them was readily apparent in the overwhelming response to this year’s Nurses Week and Doctors’ Day fundraising

efforts, as you gave generously to honor our frontline caregivers and their outstanding work this year and always. We are all in this together, and I know we will get through this together as well. Please know that in the meantime, as we continue to travel this difficult road, all of us at Beaumont appreciate you and all you do to help others. Sincerely,

John Fox Beaumont Health President and CEO

2 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021


In Brief RESPIRATORY FOUNDATION OF SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN MAKES A DIFFERENCE FOR COVID-19 PATIENTS This past December, the Respiratory Foundation of Southeast Michigan gave grants totaling more than $400,000 to provide therapeutic equipment for the care of Beaumont patients, including hundreds facing COVID-19, at Beaumont hospitals in Farmington Hills, Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak and Troy. The grants funded a broad range of respiratory equipment including respirators with disposable shields to protect respiratory therapists from COVID-19 — an addition that not only enhanced safety for caregivers but also helped conserve personal protective equipment. High-flow oxygen systems also were acquired for patients with significant oxygen requirements. This technology made

it possible to avoid intubation for a number of COVID-19 patients, helping improve outcomes. The four hospitals that received the grant have been at the forefront of care during the pandemic, like all Beaumont hospitals. At Beaumont, Farmington Hills, for example, at times the 200-bed hospital saw up to 148 COVID-19 patients during the first surge. The Respiratory Foundation of Southeast Michigan has been a valued philanthropic partner of Beaumont for decades. Thanks to their most recent series of grants, they are continuing to build on a legacy of support, giving breath and life to COVID-19 patients and others coping with respiratory issues for years to come.

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021 | 3


ANONYMOUS GIFT SUPPORTS RESEARCH INTO RADIATION REDUCTION A recent gift from an anonymous donor is supporting research that could potentially reduce radiation exposure to both patients and clinicians during lifesaving cardiac catheterization procedures. Led by Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak’s Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine Dr. Simon Dixon, the study investigates whether new technology called ControlRad can successfully reduce the radiation emitted by imaging systems during cardiac procedures. This is of significant importance for physicians, nurses and technicians who work with these systems on a daily basis. The ControlRad device fits on existing C-arm x-ray devices and better aligns the components to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure by up to 85 percent. In November, Beaumont became the first and only center in the world to utilize this technology during a patient procedure. The gift is helping expand research to determine the value of using the ControlRad technology during other interventional heart procedures. The team hopes that one day this technology will be widely available throughout our community and worldwide.

4 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021

PEARCE GIFT HELPS COVID-19 PATIENTS BREATHE EASIER Late last year, a generous $100,000 gift from Harry Pearce helped Beaumont acquire 500 ventilator-compatible helmets for critically ill COVID-19 patients. These clear plastic helmets, which seal comfortably around patients’ necks, provide a less invasive alternative to intubation — the process by which a patient is sedated and a tube is inserted into their windpipe, forcing air into and out of their lungs. In addition to increased comfort and mobility, research suggests that these helmets offer improved medical outcomes compared to ventilator-compatible facemasks and patients are less likely to need intubation later. And though these ventilator-compatible helmets are crucial to treating critically ill COVID-19 patients, Beaumont pulmonologists anticipate that they will be useful for patients suffering from a wide variety of lung diseases. “These helmets have made a great difference for our patients as the COVID-19 crisis continues, and we are deeply grateful to Mr. Pearce for all he has done to help so many people breathe easier,” says Dr. Paul Bozyk, section head for Pulmonology Critical Care at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.


FLINN FOUNDATION INVESTS IN TELE-COUNSELING FOR AREA TEENS A recent $150,000 grant from the Flinn Foundation is supporting the continuation of tele-counseling in Beaumont’s school-based teen centers. These centers provide affordable, comprehensive healthcare to young people living in medically underserved communities, and this meaningful gift to increase tele-counseling opportunities further reduces the barriers these children may face in accessing mental health care. Through this initiative, patients at these centers will have confidential access to off-site social workers who will be available to help them via online counseling sessions to address a broad range

of mental and behavioral health needs, helping improve accessibility, reduce stigma and stop problems before they start. This work is particularly important as a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 31 percent increase in teens urgently in need of mental health care. This gift and the continuation of tele-counseling services are ensuring these young patients will receive the services they need to thrive.

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021 | 5


This past year, Stuart Blanck made one of the largest gifts in Beaumont Health history, giving $21 million to support emergency medicine and future unmet needs at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. In honor of this historic gift, the Royal Oak emergency center has been named the Stuart H. Blanck Emergency Center.

Stuart Blanck Makes One of the Largest Gifts in Beaumont History “I gave this gift because Beaumont means so much to this community and to my family. My mother is 100 years old. Knowing the Beaumont, Royal Oak Emergency Center is there for us comforts my family and supports our community. The physicians, nurses and staff provide exceptional care, day and night,” said Blanck, an owner of Wallside Windows. “I am proud to have my name associated with the phenomenal Beaumont team. Supporting education, training and program development

6 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021

is my way of saying thank you. Supporting Beaumont has become the primary objective of my philanthropy.” ONE OF NATION’S BUSIEST EC s

Blanck’s generosity will provide substantial support for one of the country’s top emergency centers — and one of its busiest, treating more than 128,000 patients each year. During the COVID-19 surge this past spring, it also served as the frontline for the admission of patients affected by the novel coronavirus.



Blanck’s investment in the center will meet a variety of needs, from continuing medical education to ensure that clinical staff remain up to date on the latest treatment options available for patients to investing in research to expanding patient care programs. “We are very grateful for Mr. Blanck’s extraordinary philanthropy,” said Beaumont Health CEO John Fox at the time of the gift announcement. “His gift will help us continue to deliver exceptional patient care in our Royal Oak emergency center and will significantly help Beaumont meet the future unforeseen needs of our health system.”

Above: Lorraine Blanck with sons Stanford, Stuart and Fred Blanck; Right: Dr. James Ziadeh

The Stuart H. Blanck Emergency Center is the only Level 1 trauma center in Oakland and Macomb counties, providing top-tier care for the most serious and life-threatening cases and receiving referrals from other hospitals throughout the region. In addition, the center offers specialized geriatric care as well as 24/7 pediatric emergency medicine care and is home to Oakland County’s only Level II pediatric trauma center. The Stuart H. Blanck Emergency Center also includes:

• Expedited care for less serious injuries, allowing patients to return home sooner • MRI and CT facilities onsite to provide easier access to advanced diagnostic imaging • More point-of-care tests available at the bedside to enhance efficiency and get patients home sooner

Said Dr. James Ziadeh, chief of emergency medicine at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, “The investment by Mr. Blanck in our emergency center will make a profound and long-lasting difference in our ability to remain at the forefront of emergency medicine. It will allow us to plan ahead, to train, to educate the next generation of physicians, to create care plans that directly and immediately affect our patients.”

• P rivate rooms with glass doors and walls for private, quieter accommodations • R ooms with senior-friendly features such as easier-toread signage

Cover photo credit: Laurie Tennant

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021 | 7


It also allows our physicians and fellows to engage in the kind of research that can lead to breakthroughs in our field. It gives us the ability, really, to address needs and opportunities quickly, effectively and with positive results.” In addition to Mr. Blanck’s support of emergency medicine, his gift also will support future needs at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. This includes capital expenses, such as building or renovating patient care facilities, and program support, including the acquisition of leading-edge technology, the hiring of new physicians and other caregivers, investing in research, continuing education and more. INVESTING IN THE FUTURE

The gift gives future hospital administrators an invaluable resource with which to work

8 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021

and ensure excellence in all facets of patient care. It also will support Beaumont’s role as a medical facility depended upon by hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in the community and the region.

Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the Beaumont Health Foundation, added, “Mr. Blanck’s exceptional gift will make an indelible difference for the tens of thousands of people who depend upon our Royal Oak emergency center. As health care continues to evolve, Mr. Blanck’s commitment to supporting future unmet needs will help ensure our ability to provide the best in care to the families and communities we serve.”

Banich Foundation Invests In Future of Care at the Center for Exceptional Families For children who are born with or who develop special needs, life can sometimes seem filled with barriers. Beaumont’s Center for Exceptional Families (CEF) is committed to providing these children and their families with the specialized and compassionate care they need in order to maximize their true potential. A recent $1 million gift from the Emil and Stella Banich Foundation is helping build a solid future for the CEF and the hundreds of families it helps each year. Philanthropy has been a key element for the CEF, allowing clinicians to focus on what is best for each child using individualized and powerful models of care. A MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE FOR KIDS

“I love the CEF, I love the way it’s operated,” said Emil (Mike) Banich. “(CEF Medical Director) Dr. Susan Youngs is phenomenal. When I give to the CEF, I know where my money is going, I can feel it and see it. I don’t want to be a hero — if I was in that same situation, I would want someone to help me. I am so delighted to contribute to such a wonderful program.”

Emil Banich and his late wife Stella Banich

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021 | 9


Many children at the CEF have serious conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities or genetic syndromes, while others are dealing with conditions related to illness, accident or traumatic birth. Since the CEF’s inception in 1998, Dr. Youngs and the CEF team have adhered to the practice of never turning a child away, no matter how difficult the case. COMPLEX NEEDS, COMPLEX CASES

Because so many of the children treated at the center are experiencing complex and long-term conditions, the costs associated with their care are significant. Extended physician appointments allow parents and caregivers to ask questions and receive detailed, in-depth answers. Evaluations and hands-on physician care are conducted based on medical and family needs, not as insurance dictates. To operate this model effectively, however, philanthropic support is necessary to fill any gaps, making gifts such as the Emil and Stella

10 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021

Banich Foundation’s recent leadership gift especially meaningful.

“The CEF is a highly successful program that includes well-designed and wellimplemented interventions. Charitable support allows us to continue to provide intensive and effective patient- and familycentered care and yields a profound return on investment,” said Marni Hickey, director of the Center for Exceptional Families. “Not only do our patients and families benefit immediately from our services, the long-term outcomes are remarkable, including greater academic success, emotional well-being, inclusion, advocacy and independence.” In addition to physician care, philanthropic gifts allow the center to provide nutritional assessments and management, speechlanguage therapy, social skills and inclusive play groups, sibling and support groups and additional therapies.



The Emil and Stella Banich Foundation gift is part of a larger effort to raise several million dollars and expand the CEF’s endowment to $15 million. That level of endowed support will create enough revenue each year to sustain the program and ensure the continuation of its highly effective treatment model, no matter the vagaries of the economy or insurance reimbursements. At the same time, donors are generously supporting day-to-day operating costs to help move the program forward until the endowment goal can be reached.

“We are so fortunate to have the incredible support of community leaders such as Mike Banich and his family and so many others who continue to invest in our program and really, invest in the lives and futures of the children we treat,” said Dr. Youngs. “I’ve often heard parents and patients say that this center becomes like a family to them. I can say that the feeling is mutual, and we are so grateful to count so many generous community members as part of this always-growing family.” Fundraising efforts are being led in large part by the Center for Exceptional Families Advisory Board, chaired by longtime CEF supporters Mary Kosch and Jerry Fitzgerald. Recently, Jerry and his wife Jan launched a challenge grant to help stimulate additional support from throughout the community. “The wide breadth of services the CEF provides is truly incredible — and so is the Emil and Stella Banich Foundation’s gift to support these services,” said David Claeys, president of Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn. “I know I speak for countless patients and their families when I say I am so deeply grateful.”

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021 | 11


Fisher Family Makes a Difference for Children With Epilepsy Over the last five years, the pediatric neurology program at Beaumont Children’s has gone through a particularly transformative era. Led by Dr. Daniel Arndt, this program — which treats children with a wide range of brain and neurological conditions, from mild to severe — has gone from 107 patient visits in 2013 to more than 15,000 patient visits annually. EXPANDING AN OUTSTANDING PROGRAM

The generosity of Phillip and Lauren Fisher has played a critical role in this program’s growth. Because of their philanthropic partnership, the pediatric neurology program has been able to add crucial staff members, ensuring more lifesaving services are available to more patients than ever before. Their establishment of the Lauren and Phillip Wm. Fisher Neuropsychology and Neurogenetics Program has helped bring an additional genetic counselor and a neuropsychologist to the team. “These positions are of special importance within our department and play an important role in providing a strong continuum of care,” said Dr. Arndt. “The Fishers truly have given us a more robust program that better serves patients and families.” The Fisher family also found their philanthropic partnership to be incredibly meaningful.

“Dr. Arndt and his team have been providing patients with extraordinary care for many years and have made a world of difference in the lives of so many families,” Lauren Fisher said. “We are thrilled and honored to contribute to expanding the spectrum of care families can receive, and are so thankful that more individuals will have access to this life-changing care.” THE IMPACT OF GENETIC COUNSELING

Adding an additional genetic counselor to the team has allowed Beaumont to expand its genetic counseling reach to not only children with epilepsy — which the program had previously been limited to — but also children with other neurodevelopmental or neuromuscular diseases. Genetic counseling and testing can pinpoint the source of many seizures or other disorders and can uncover genetic vulnerabilities that can be addressed early on. The team has also been able to begin offering genetic testing services to inpatients, expediting neurogenetic diagnoses and helping to provide the highest level of care for many patients. The Fishers also provided support for the addition of a neuropsychologist,

12 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021

Lauren and Phillip Fisher

who can work with patients and their families should difficult or challenging results be found from the genetic counseling. The ability to have genetic counseling and an evaluation by a neuropsychologist together dramatically improves coordination of care. “It has been incredible to watch this program grow over the past several years — especially knowing that much of this growth comes from the generosity and compassion of individuals like the Fisher family,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the Beaumont Health Foundation. “Their partnership is most certainly changing lives, and we are so grateful.”


First-Time Donors Give Generously to Support Continuing Education at Beaumont First-time donors Michele Letica and Kurt Schroeder have a long history with Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. Kurt’s mother, Katherine, worked there for more than 30 years as an administrator. Michele’s nieces benefited from life-saving care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It was those shared experiences that helped inspire the couple’s gift to support three education and training initiatives to support caregivers now and in the future. The gift was made in honor of Michele's parents, Gudrun and Ilija Letica. GIVING TO MULTIPLE PROGRAMS

“We wanted to do something that would make a difference in the long-term and when we learned more about the great training and education programs at Royal Oak, we knew that’s where we wanted to focus our efforts,” Michele said.

Kurt added, “It’s so important for doctors and nurses to have the resources they need to build their skills. Not only does it add to their own expertise, it also helps them care for their patients in the best ways possible. We’re really pleased to be able to help with that.”


The couple’s gift will support three significant programs. It will help the Marcia & Eugene Applebaum Simulation Learning Institute acquire leading-edge training technology as well as the expansion and enrichment of simulation training curriculum and programming. Simulation learning remains one of the safest and most effective ways for clinicians, technicians and medical students to learn new treatments and techniques for care, from intubation to trauma surgery. The gift also supports the creation of a new Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) Graduate Training Program. NICU nurse practitioners are focused on caring for the most premature and often sickest infants. Because these newborns often spend months in the NICU, the nurse practitioners play an important role not only in their medical care but in providing ongoing support for families and ensuring consistency in case management.

This new program, in partnership with the Oakland University School of Nursing, will help address an impending shortage of NNPs locally and in the region by creating a specialized training program, developed and taught by Royal Oak’s neonatal nurse practitioner team. The third part of the gift invests in the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology residency program, helping sustain and grow learning opportunities such as research, attendance at academic and medical conferences and the day-to-day instruction that goes on throughout the four-year program. “We deeply appreciate the thoughtful and generous support of Michele and Kurt,” said Nancy Susick, RN, president of Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. “Education and training are such vitally important elements in medicine, and we are grateful for their investment in these programs.”

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021 | 13


Farners Honor Frontline Caregivers with Gift to COVID-19 Employee Support Fund As Michigan has continued to be hit hard in recent months by the COVID-19 pandemic, Beaumont supporters have risen to the occasion, committed to helping those on the frontline who have helped so many in our community. Wendi and Jay Farner’s generous gift to the COVID-19 Employee Support Fund provided much-needed financial and emotional support to Beaumont staff members as they put their own lives on hold — and at risk — to help others.

“We applaud and thank you for your courage, your expertise, your compassion and your sacrifice that is helping our community through these unprecedented times,” Wendi and Jay Farner said in a shared statement, referring to all health care workers. HELPING THOSE WHO HELP OTHERS

Early in this pandemic, one of the most important components of the COVID-19 Employee Support Fund was providing temporary housing for frontline health care workers at local hotels and dorms to reduce the risk of virus transmission to vulnerable loved ones. This fund also helped ease the burden for many essential workers in urgent need of childcare. It also has helped cover transportation costs and provided meals to staff as they worked long, tiring hours to care for patients. In addition, the fund has provided assistance to help team members cover rent or mortgage costs as well as other liabilities that could put their families in financial jeopardy and cause added stress during a time when so many healthcare workers already have reported increased feelings of depression, anxiety and general mental trauma.

In short, the COVID-19 Employee Support Fund allows our health care team to rest, eat and recharge, which is so critical as they remain at the forefront of this crisis. This crucial support would not be possible without the generosity of the Farners and others who have shown their appreciation for so many caregivers. “We are so thankful to our community members who continue to stand with our health care heroes as this pandemic continues on,” said Margaret Cooney Casey, president of the Beaumont Health Foundation. “These gifts make all the difference

Jay and Wendi Farner

for those who are continuing to protect us all, and we are so grateful.”

WORDS OF THANKS Nurses across Beaumont Health shared their gratitude and thanks for the outpouring of support that has come from the COVID-19 Employee Support Fund. Some of their words are shared here: “During these trying times in our world, health care providers have been combating the everchanging challenges day in and out. Your continued generosity and support mean more than can ever be expressed.” “Sometimes we are exhausted and look forward to a meal that will be sent to our unit. It is fun to share a meal and helps relieve the stress at the same time.” “To know that someone took the time to think of them during this crazy pandemic is so meaningful. And it’s not just the nurses, it’s the environmental, nutrition & inventory teams that work hard on the non-nursing items. Thank you.” “You are filling their soul. As they support the patients and their families, you are supporting them to continue on. Thank you for upholding their spirit with your thoughtfulness.”

14 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021


Oakland County and United Way for Southeastern Michigan Help Keep Patients Connected During Quarantine Last summer, Oakland County and United Way for Southeastern Michigan awarded Beaumont $447,510 in support of its Patient Communication Liaison Program, which aims to address one of the most heartbreaking challenges faced by critically ill COVID-19 patients: the compounding stress of physical, social, emotional, and spiritual isolation. Even in normal circumstances, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can be a lonely and frightening place for patients. The ongoing pandemic has only exacerbated this effect, drastically limiting the patient’s ability to communicate with loved ones in their time of need. Even with access to a smartphone or tablet, critically ill patients often struggle to clearly communicate with friends and family. GIVING VOICE TO PATIENTS

The need for effective patient-family communication became apparent during Michigan’s first surge of COVID-19 cases, when a 51-year-old Troy patient was trending in the wrong direction. With his family unable to visit, a nurse asked his wife and son to record messages for him. Over the next few days, they recorded 20 hours of messages, prayers, music, and even the sound of their dog barking. When the patient heard these recordings, tears streamed down his cheeks. As his morale improved, so did his condition. Eventually after being on a ventilator, he made a full recovery. Among his family and caregivers, it is widely believed that those messages from his loved ones helped him on his road to recovery.

With this grant, Beaumont has been able to ensure that all critically ill COVID-19 patients at our Oakland County hospitals have healthcare professionals on hand to facilitate these kinds of interactions with friends and family.

“Our Patient Communication Liaison Program has been incredibly successful so far,” said Jen Ewald, project manager of Patient and Family Centered Care at Beaumont. “In fact, family members have told us they wish these services were more widely available, not just in the ICU. We are very grateful to Oakland County and United Way for making this possible.” INVESTING IN TECHNOLOGY

In addition to the hiring of four full-time and six part-time patient communication liaisons, the grant also enabled Beaumont to purchase necessary technological equipment, including 176 iPads and 50 audio recorders. Since October, the Patient Communication Liaison Program has not only helped patients stay in touch with loved ones, they have also helped patients and family

members to communicate more effectively with nurses and physicians, imparting important medical information and building trust. By funding this pilot program, Oakland County and United Way for Southeastern Michigan are helping to guarantee that Beaumont’s critically ill COVID-19 patients can still connect with those they love, helping create the best possible outcomes and experiences for them and for their families.

Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021 | 15


Grant Creates Nutritional Support Program for Older Patients with Diabetes For older patients coping with diabetes, the ability to prepare nutritious meals in their own homes can often be a challenge, especially when recovering from a hospital stay.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, Beaumont Hospital, Troy will be better positioned to serve these individuals through its new Medically Tailored Meals (MTM) program. The Health Fund’s $335,900 grant will help provide healthy meals delivered to the homes of older diabetics after they are discharged from the hospital to support their recovery. Both the seniors and their caregivers will also be able to access virtual support from a registered dietitian to reinforce their healthy eating habits. These seniors and their designated caregivers will be able to use a MTM online ordering platform that was especially created for the program called Easy Peasy. The platform also allows them to rate their meals and the experience, providing important evaluation feedback in real time. The program is a unique collaboration between Beaumont, Relish Works — the innovation hub of Gordon Food Services — and Spectrum Health on the state’s west side. Spectrum secured a separate grant from the Health Fund to provide a similar MTM program for their congestive heart failure patients. By using the same meal provider and sharing Easy Peasy, the two health systems were able to leverage significant cost savings.

“We are so excited at Beaumont, Troy, about the launch of the Medically Tailored Meals program,” said Kelley McMillian, director of nursing education, research and the Magnet program at Beaumont, Troy. “We are hoping that by creating this program, we can help our patients to achieve healthier dietary habits and decrease the food insecurities they may experience. We are so grateful for the incredibly generous grant from the Health Fund — without philanthropic support, this program would never have been able to be launched. Our patients will truly benefit from this kind of support to help them with their care needs.” The MTM program is expected to improve acute health care outcomes as well as chronic disease management. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a leading cause of preventable chronic illness is poor nutrition. Older adults who are discharged from the hospital are especially vulnerable to the effects of poor nutrition, which can impact their recovery and future health outcomes. BETTER NUTRITION, BETTER HEALTH

Research has shown that MTMs specifically designed to maintain

16 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021

adequate and appropriate nutrition for older adults with chronic diseases who struggle to self-manage their care can improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs. Beaumont and Spectrum believe the combined evaluation data on their two diverse patient populations will support this, which may be important in helping to drive state insurance policy changes. “I am so proud of the work that is being done at Beaumont, Troy to assist this important population, and so grateful to the Health Fund for supporting this program and getting it off the ground,” said Dr. Michael Khoury, chief medical officer, Beaumont, Troy.


Outdoor Fundraising Events Return This Summer at Beaumont With the return of warm weather, it’s the perfect time to look ahead to the return of special events at Beaumont. Every event will follow updated COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. Special events raise several million dollars each year to support pediatric care, cancer care and prevention, and other vital initiatives at Beaumont. MONDAY, JULY 26 GROSSE POINTE GOLF CLASSIC



Benefiting the renovation of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe.

Benefiting women’s breast cancer programs at Dearborn, Trenton, Taylor and Wayne hospitals

Golfers will tee off on the primary Harry S. Colt course at The Country Club of Detroit, providing a challenge to golfers of all skill levels. Since 1983 this golf outing has raised nearly $2 million for important programs supporting the health and wellbeing of the community. In addition to golf, guests will enjoy a boxed lunch, cocktail hour, awards and dinner.

The Women’s Health Care Classic is a two-course event taking place at the Dearborn Country Club and TPC Michigan. Come out and enjoy a day of golf, including boxed breakfast, boxed lunch, cocktail hour, awards and dinner. This year’s event will honor the lives of three remarkable supporters of this event: Dr. Sheryl Conn, Dolores Pfeffer, and Nancy Zakar.

Benefiting the Walter & Marilyn Wolpin Comprehensive Breast Care Center at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak and the Wilson Cancer Resource Center at Beaumont Hospital, Troy. Drive for Life Invitational features a round of golf on the pristine North Course of Oakland Hills Country Club, designed in 1918 by Donald Ross and the club’s first head pro, Walter Hagen. Guests will enjoy golf, boxed breakfast, boxed lunch, cocktail hour, awards and dinner.

MONDAY, AUGUST 30 FELDMAN AUTOMOTIVE CHILDREN’S MIRACLE CELEBRITY INVITATIONAL All proceeds benefit the Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont Children’s and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. The Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational at the Detroit Golf Club is a new, unique celebrity golf event where every foursome enjoys an up-close and personal celebrity pairing. The event will include dozens of national and local celebrities from the world of entertainment and professional sports. The invitational provides a full day of golf, hospitality, and live and silent auctions of over-the-top celebrity experiences and signed memorabilia.

Sponsorship and registration information for all events can be found by visiting

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New Beaumont Legacy Challenge Helps Planned Gift Donors Make a Difference Today Planned gifts are an important source of funding for Beaumont and are wonderful ways to give.

The impact of these gifts, however, is usually felt well into the future and the results are not seen by those who made them. The new Legacy Challenge initiative creates a matching opportunity that will allow donors of planned gifts to have an impact now on the program or project they wish to support. With the Legacy Challenge, if donors document a new gift to Beaumont in their will or other planned gift arrangement, they can direct

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matching funds, provided by the Beaumont Health Foundation, to be used currently for the same purpose they have designated for their planned gift. It is a way to experience an immediate beneficial impact on the program area or project that they are interested in supporting. Beaumont will match an amount equal to 10 percent of the amount of the planned gift. The match will be made from a pool of Beaumont Health Foundation funds totaling $1 million.


A few details: • F or any one gift, the matching funds are subject to a cap of $100,000. • T he planned gift must be new and have a minimum value of $100,000. • D ocumentation requirements will be in accordance with Beaumont’s policies. • S ubject to the consent of the donors, they will be recognized for their gift. All types of planned gifts qualify, revocable or irrevocable, including bequests, beneficiary designations, charitable gift annuities, life insurance policies, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and retained life estates. Blended gifts — those consisting of a planned giving component alongside a cash gift or gift of securities — are also welcomed. Only the planned giving portion of the gift, however, will qualify for the matching dollars. For donors who already have documented a planned gift with Beaumont, the Legacy Challenge offers an opportunity to make a new gift in order to make an impact today and qualify for the match. Existing planned gifts cannot, unfortunately, qualify for this initiative. Some examples of how the Beaumont Legacy Challenge works are: • If the planned gift is $100,000, Beaumont will provide a match of $10,000. • I f the planned gift is $500,000, Beaumont will provide a match of $50,000. • If the planned gift is $1 million, Beaumont will provide a match of $100,000. • If the planned gift is greater than $1 million, Beaumont’s match is limited to $100,000. Planned gifts that qualify for matching funds will be documented with a gift agreement and supporting materials, such as, for example, copies of pertinent provisions of wills or estate planning documents. The Beaumont Legacy Challenge for new gifts ends April 30, 2022. This challenge is the first of its kind for Beaumont, making it a unique chance to be part of a special chapter in the health system’s philanthropic history.

To learn how your gift can make an immediate impact today, visit or contact Terry Lang, vice president of Planned Giving, at (947) 522-0085 or

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Beaumont Children’s Receives $1 Million in Children’s Miracle Network Grants Twice a year, Beaumont pediatric physicians, nurses and clinical leaders have the opportunity to request grants from Beaumont Children’s and the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) to support new or existing pediatric initiatives. In March, CMN announced $1 million in new grants to Beaumont Children’s for spring/summer 2021. The success of the Beaumont Children’s/CMN partnership relies on the generosity of individuals and corporate sponsors throughout our community as well as Beaumont team members who make annual contributions. Last year, CMN’s corporate partners expanded their fundraising programs to include meaningful donations of personal protective equipment, hot meals and snacks, iPads and other essential supplies during the first surge of COVID-19.

This spring’s Children’s Miracle Network grants support: • Pediatric Neurology and Epilepsy with specialized bikes and diagnostic equipment • Pediatric Rehabilitation with a feeding and activity chair, acrobat swing and head pod device • Speech, Vision and Audiology with hearing screening tools, assessment materials and treatment scholarships for in-need families • Mother Baby Units with a phototherapy system, bassinets, donor milk bank, glider rocking chairs and bereavement program expansion

• N eonatal Intensive Care Unit with OmniBed incubators and teaching dolls • P ediatrics with warmers, phototherapy equipment, infant resuscitators and devices for asthma • C hild Life Services supporting specially trained therapists and art therapy supplies Each year, Children’s Miracle Network grant awards positively impact more than 200,000 children and families in our community.

National Celebrities to Headline Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational On Monday, August 30, Beaumont will host the inaugural Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational, welcoming national and local celebrities to raise funds for Beaumont Children’s. The Beaumont Health Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership connecting Children's Miracle Network and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation for an exciting new venture. Event highlights: • Led by event co-chairs Tom Celani, Nino Cutraro, Calvin Johnson, Ken Noonan, and Sam Yamin • Every foursome will play with a professional athlete, entertainer or other celebrity • Event plans are to raise more than $1 million to help children Visit to register or become a sponsor today. 20 | Beaumont Health Foundation Healthy Giving Spring 2021


Extra Life Gamers Raise Funds for VR Goggles to Calm Kids During MRIs Last year, the Children's Miracle Network virtual event Extra Life Detroit raised more than $143,000 to benefit patients at Beaumont Children’s—an increase of 140 percent from the previous year. This program, which has raised more than $70 million to benefit CMN hospitals since its inception in 2008, organizes streaming marathons for gamers.

Clockwise from top left: Rylee Watson; Timmy Nelson, Dearborn resident and second-year Extra Lifer, raised $5,650 during a 24-hour gameathon; Guild advisor Jason Sckrabulis; Acer Tomlinson playing a game adapted for visually impaired. Instead of watching the screen, he navigates using audio feedback.

Proceeds from Extra Life Detroit’s 2020 Gameathon will be used to purchase two pairs of Cinemavision VR Goggles so children can view movies and stay calm during MRI scans, reducing the need to restart procedures or use anesthesia. Because Extra Life Detroit exceeded its fundraising goal of $86,000, additional proceeds are available and will be directed to the Greatest Needs Fund. Because MRIs use extremely powerful magnets, patients cannot use most forms of audio or visual technology inside the machine. But with the state-of-the-art, metal-free VR headsets, young patients will be able to watch their favorite movies or TV shows, as well as communicate with physicians during their scans. “We had a 10-year-old pediatric anesthesia patient who was extremely concerned about being put to sleep,” said Beaumont technician Andrea Richard. “He stopped crying when I asked him if he wanted to watch Phineas and Ferb. He actually smiled and got a bit excited. After that, he walked into the room, hopped on the table and completed his exam. His mom was so thankful. He was proud of himself for doing it, too.”

Walk for Miracles Returns to Detroit Zoo Last year, the pandemic turned the annual Walk for Miracles into a virtual event, with more than 1,000 participants completing their walks and runs individually or in small groups throughout Southeast Michigan in support of Beaumont Children’s. This year, the event returns to the Detroit Zoo on Saturday, September 18 and will safely welcome walkers of all ages who want to stretch their legs and make a difference for children at Beaumont. This peer-to-peer fundraiser helps support a wide range of pediatric programs and services at Beaumont Children’s funded by Children's Miracle Network. At this year’s event, participants will walk two miles (while adhering to COVID-19 health and safety protocols) and enjoy all-day admission to the zoo. As always, the event is superhero themed, and all children will receive their own personal cape.

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Beaumont Health Foundation 2021 Fundraising Events Golf Season

Monday, July 26, 2021 Country Club of Detroit, Grosse Pointe Farms

NEW DATE Tuesday, September 21, 2021 Women’s Tournament | Dearborn Country Club Mixed Tournament | TPC Michigan, Dearborn

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Monday, August 30, 2021 Detroit Golf Club, Detroit

Children’s Miracle Network and Virtual Events ANNETTE AND JACK ARONSON HOST


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September 18, 2021 Detroit Zoo, Royal Oak

November 19, 2021 Live Broadcast

November 19, 2021 Live Broadcast

All dates and details are subject to change. For more information on Foundation events or other third-party events benefiting Beaumont, please visit