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CAN’T BE sure about everyone else but it seems to me that October seems to sneak up on me faster and faster every year. It feels like one minute we’re sitting down at the AGM dishing out trophies and canapés and the next minute I’m back on the beach on a Sunday morning realising that my oh-so-organised lists of things that needed to be fixed on the boat over winter wasn’t looked at again after it was written. Maybe it’s just me but I have a feeling that it isn’t, judging by some of the other slightly dejected stares at boats that occur on the first day back after the winter. Anyway, enough of that and on to topics of greater importance! Firstly, as always, the weather though there really isn’t much to complain about this season. Unlike most Octobers we were only blown out once rather than the customary three times. We have also been lucky enough to have a couple of afternoons with a decent southwesterly breeze which is a rarity these days (for those who recall just a few years back a 15-18kt sou’wester was the default Beaumaris Sunday breeze). Climate change in action? Or just a side effect of the El Niño/La Niña cycle? Maybe neither, where’s a climatologist when you need one? It has been great to see some of our new sailors making the change from training or early morning sailing into afternoon racing. It can be daunting for the first few times

but just being out there, watching a start, getting around the marks and seeing what it’s all about can demystify the whole experience. I’m sure there are a few people reading this who have realised that it actually isn’t that big a change to make. I encourage everyone to get involved in the afternoon sailing because the breezes are generally better and having big marks helps a lot. There is always a big yellow powerboat out there is things get out of hand... If you don’t feel like racing feel free to just cruise around the vicinity of the course area (I say this so that the tower can keep an eye on what’s happening for safety reasons). Any sailing is good sailing! In February 2013 BYC will be trying something new. We are running twilight sailing sessions on Thursday evenings throughout February. This will be a great chance to get out for a mid-week sail with other people and see the sun going down over the bay. The format has yet to be decided on – it rather depends on what people want when they turn up. We can run short races, cruises, handling challenges or something else – just let us know. Suggestions are always welcome. Sailing will commence at around 6.30 and conclude at sundown. As you might have guessed it’s going to be pretty relaxed! Observant readers may have noticed that there is a long running advertisement missing from the back page of this issue and that there is something different about the Javelin storage area at the southern end of the Club. That’s right, Silly Moo has been sold! Interestingly it has now gone full circle and has been bought back by the original owner who is moving back into Javelins from 125s now that his kids have grown up. The Moo was built in the late 90’s by Windrush in WA and sailed in Victoria for several years at Chelsea YC. The boat was bought by Peter Sharp in 2001 as the Sharp family returned to Javelins after many years in Pacers. Peter sold the boat in 2007 to Roger Fagan who sailed the boat until 2009 when he sadly passed away. The Moo has remained in storage awaiting its Prince Charming who would sweep her off the top rack, blast away the years of dust and sand and sail her off into the sunset. Well, last week Prince Charming arrived in the form of her original owner Chris Ash and the boat… well it didn’t exactly sail into the sunset so much as was towed away to Chelsea to rejoin the Javelin fleet there. It’s great to see the Moo on the water again and being used and I’m sure Roger would be happy that it has gone to a good home. - Will Sharp

Merchandise The BYC merchandise range is still available! Currently the range is comprised of stubbie holders, a limited stock of hats and BYC branded polo shirts in both a standard and a CoolDry style. Samples of sizes and styles are available. For all orders or suggestions for other items to add to the range please contact Will Sharp (contact details inside front cover).

Cheap gear Anchor Marine is now offering 10% discounts on all stock if you are a member of a club, class association, or event. Be sure to mention the discount when paying. Fitting out a new boat? Head on in and have a chat, they can do much better than 10% for that!

New kid on the block BYC would like to welcome a new local chandlery to the Bayside area. OTB Marine is a specialist dinghy, skiff and stand up paddleboard supplier stocking all manner of gear and equipment from the big names in sailing. Head on down and check them out!

Showroom: 6/347 Bay Rd Cheltenham (near Reserve Rd, next to the carwash) Phone: (03) 9917 2554

Shipmate At a regatta and cant find a chandlery to replace broken bits and pieces? Get your hands on a Shipmate directory which lists all the chandleries and marine services in Victoria. They also have a great free iPhone app out so you have access to the entire directory anywhere. Visit for more information.

Spring 2012  
Spring 2012  

Spring - Summer 2012 issue of the Beaumaris Yacht Club magazine