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BOARD NOTES Updates from the Beaufort County Board of Education Meeting

February 2014

Staff Make-Up Time Questions Resolved Student Time Being Decided At School Level The issue of make-up time for both students and 10-month staff returned to the table during the February 24 meeting of the Beaufort County Board of Education. Board members approved a plan presented by Superintendent Don Phipps which would allow 10-month staff to log time worked over a normal school day in order to make up days missed during recent inclement weather. Each school will also choose a Saturday in each of the next months where teachers will have the option to come in a make up time. There will be no penalty for not coming on Saturday, but this will be an option. The plan takes into consideration newer teachers that may not have accrued leave time and allows those with leave time to take as much as they choose. There will also be days at the end of the year for any teachers to work, like the Saturday option, which will be no penalty but a option to make up hours. Principals will submit plans this week on how to make up missed student time. This decision will be per school. We will update you on the plans for each school, which will go into effect Monday, March 3.

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Honesty Celebrated


Staff and Student Recognitions


Clean School Award

Sara Ross, Guidance Counselor at Bath Elementary School, was recognized for achieving National Board Certification.

Dr. Don Phipps and Barbara Boyd-Williams , BOE, posed with winners during meeting. Leslea Jones filled in for her student, Aliyah Hollis, who could not attend.

Honesty, The Best Example The Character Education Trait celebrated for February was Honesty. Aliyah Hollis, 3rd grader at Chocowinity Primary School won for her age group. Daniel Garrett from P.S. Jones Middle School took the middle school spot. And Kali McKeel of Washington High School won the older student group. The elementary and middle school winners were given a chance to pick a book of their choice from the Character Education Cart during the meeting. High School winners receive a flash drive and a BCS book bag. All winners sign the book cart.

Read the Nominations for Our Winners Aliyah Hollis (not able to attend) Presented By Leslea Jones, 3rd Grade Teacher at Chocowinity Primary School

I have nominated Aliyah for this month's character trait because I know I can always count on Aliyah to tell the truth. Recently, I had just handed out a math quiz and forgot to erase a few notes we had discussed on the board. After I realized this and removed it, Aliyah raised her hand to tell me she used the notes on the board to help her answer one of the questions and asked if she should erase her answer. I was so proud of her for being so honest and really appreciated her honesty. She is a very trustworthy and conscientious student and is a great role model for her fellow classmates.

Daniel Garrett Presented By Brian Kelder, Teacher at P.S. Jones Middle School

Daniel is a very honest student in all ways. I can always count on him to know exactly what is going on, both educationally and behaviorally. One time that stands out is when, unfortunately, his grades started to slip. We had a conversation, and he was honest. He admitted that he was thinking only about basketball, and knew that he needed to fix that to get on the honor roll, which is a goal of his.

Kali McKeel Presented By Pam Mault, Washington High School

March Board Meeting Calendar

March 10 at 4pm Board of Education Meeting

One day, Kali McKeel and a friend went to the Concession Stand after school. I waited on both young ladies and returned the proper change to Kali. She hesitated and then told me that I had given her too much money. I took back the money and counted it back to her. Again, Kali insisted that it was too much money. A third time, I counted it back to her and proved to her that it was the correct change; the money was hers.

March 17 at 9am Special Called Board Meeting Budget Session March 18 at 5pm Minority Hiring Practices Committee Mtg. March 20 at 2pm Special Called Board Meeting Budget Session March 24 at 5:30 pm Board of Education Meeting March 31 at 1pm Special Called Board Meeting Budget Session *All meetings at Building 1, Central Services, 321 Smaw Road, Washington

Headlines from the Agenda  Stacey Gerard, Director of Career Technical Education,

provided an update on program offerings and achievements in the school system.  Paige Harris of Washington appointed to NERSBA

Parent Advisory Committee.  The Board of Education agreed to continue lease of

land adjacent to S.W. Snowden Elementary School campus for the remainder of the lease term.  Policy 3410—Testing: Revisions to policy approved.  Field Trips approved

Clean School Awarded Across the River Members of the Chocowinity Middle School Custodial Team were celebrated during the February Board of Education meeting for taking top honors in the monthly Clean School Award. The three person team lead the months scores with a 99% rating.

Schools Scoring 95% or More for February Bath Elementary School


Chocowinity Primary School


Beaufort Co. Ed Tech Center


John Small Elementary School


Northside High School


P.S. Jones Middle School


Southside High School


S.W. Snowden Elementary School 98.00% Washington High School


Congratulations to Chocowinity Middle School and all our custodial teams striving to keep our schools in the best shape possible!

Thanks for all you do!

Special Recognitions Congratulations to Sara Ross, Bath Elementary School’s guidance counselor, on attaining her National Board Certification.

Read more about WHS junior Taylor Abele’s experience at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Washington D.C on the WHS School News page.

Northside High School’s Future Farmers of America Chapter accepted a check for $4,892, a program improvement grant, from the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.

Coming Soon! BCS Kindergarten Registration for the 2014-2015 school year.

Providing a safe harbor where all children are successful!

Board Notes for February 2014  

Recap of the Beaufort County, NC Board of Education meeting for February.