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Continuing Education Division

Occupational Extension Occupational extension courses vary in scope and content and are designed to enhance employee skills on the job and provide skills for those who wish to learn new skills. Classes are offered on campus, in local industrial plants, as well as various locations throughout our service area and online. Courses incorporate a variety of instructional methods that emphasize a combination of classroom, shop, and hands-on instruction in practical educational settings. The following are examples of occupational courses: Automotive Training Computer Training Heating and Air Conditioning Water Plant Operators Waste Water Treatment Online Courses Internet Basics Pharmacy Technician & Health Unit Coordinator

Computer Applications Detention officer Certification Marine Captain’s License Welding PC Upgrading and Troubleshooting Law Enforcement In-service Programs Digital Photography

Students who take an occupational extension course more than twice within a fiveyear period shall pay the full cost of the course. This cost is determined by the current hourly cost, multiplied by the total number of hours in the class. This rule does not apply to Fire Service, Law Enforcement, or Health and Safety courses, which require certification.

Fees State Board of Community Colleges hereby fixes fees for continuing education occupational extension courses charged to students for the 2013-2014 academic year (for courses beginning August 15, 2013). Fees continue to be based on the course length, consistent with the following schedule: Course Length 0-24 Hours 25-50 Hours 50+ Hours

Registration Fee $70 $125 $180

Self-Supporting Program By providing self-supporting courses, the College is able to offer programs that are not readily available through other state funds.

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Bccc final catalog2013 14 8 9 13