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Organic Mama: Natural Hair Care for Tots By Tami Main


aring for your child’s hair can be a bit tricky when your little one is not willing to cooperate with a hair care regimen. Many babies and small children dislike having their hair washed or even touched. By making bath time a pleasant experience, your child will be more likely to practice proper hair care that will last a lifetime. Children are also more likely to wash their hair with fun hair care products, especially if it is a tear-free formula. Try to purchase a soft-tipped, natural brush specifically designed for kids, as this will help make brushing their hair a positive experience. Always use a comb on wet hair rather than a brush, as brushing wet hair can lead to breakage. Babies and children don’t need daily shampoos. Wash on an as-needed basis or every couple of days, as over-washing can dry out their hair and skin. Children’s scalps are more tender and delicate and they often have super fine, easily tangled tresses. It is important to take extra care and use natu-

ral and organic products that will not irritate your child’s delicate eyes and skin. Be aware of heavily perfumed products that may contain phthalates, which are common in many baby shampoos and lotions. Phthalates are used to stabilize fragrances and to make plastic containers more flexible. Many new parents overlook a good hair conditioner for children. A great natural hair conditioner is very useful if your child’s hair tangles easily; it will keep your child’s hair looking soft and shiny. Traditional natural conditioners as well as spray-in conditioners that are specifically designed for children are available. Avoid heavier hair conditioners as they will weigh the hair down and make it appear dirty and greasy. If your baby has a flaky, red scalp, it is usually a condition called cradle cap – a harmless skin condition. Regular washing with a mild shampoo combined with natural remedies such as tea tree oil can be helpful in treating this condition. Always consult your physi-

cian if your child suffers from skin sensitivities before using any new products. I would also recommend the “Baby Shower,” which is a showerhead that filters chlorine and dirt from your child’s bath water. The Baby Shower helps with any skin sensitivities as well as dryness of the skin and hair. Healthy hair is also dependent on developing good eating habits with high-quality carbohydrates and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Encourage good eating habits to help promote shine and condition of the hair for children and adults throughout their lifetime. Tami Main is the director of a skincare company based in Langley B.C. She specializes in producing natural and organic skincare products for babies and children. Special importance is placed on environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Contact her directly with any queries, questions or comments .She would love to hear from you and welcomes your feedback or