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orking with a magazine like Vista delivers benefits that I was not entirely expecting when I first got involved. One is regular access to some of the most up-to-date information regarding research and developments in the field of health and wellness. I don’t have to search for it – it comes to me every issue. Even more exciting for me is contact with a wide range of interesting people who stand behind the research and its application. In this issue, for example, I had the opportunity to interview Dr Michael Colgan, a 75-year-old walking billboard for the mindful implementation of the things that science has to tell us about aging – and living – well. Be sure to read his frank input on what science can offer us, as well as why we don’t benefit as we should. In the same vein, Dr Cory Holly challenges the “accepted wisdom” of a culture that is clearly not contributing to vibrant, fulfilled living. His article is sure to provide the raw material for a thought-

ful, restorative walk in the fresh air – something he and Dr Colgan would agree we need much more frequently. Cold and flu season is upon us again, and this issue has helpful suggestions on arming ourselves to thrive, despite the seasonal trends in our schools and workplaces. Learn how to beat stress and connect on a deeper level through the practice of yoga and Pilates. Our Organic Planet section has more to offer on the theme of living sustainably and productively on the planet we share. Of course, no issue of Vista would be complete without some recipes to expand your repertoire of healthful – and tasty – dishes. Rather than pining for the sunshine and summer, join me and the rest of the Vista team in embracing the season, colds and all, with all of its opportunities for conection, joy, and sharing. To borrow a thought from Dr Colgan, health and wellness begin in our brain.

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Vista issue 97  

VISTA Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness.

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