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he first time I met the Dr Michael Colgan was back in 1998 at Odyssey Fitness in Victoria. We had just started the magazine and Michael’s 3rd book, Optimum Sports Nitrition: Your Competitive Edge, was becoming a staple in most serious strength training circles. I was intrigued as I watched him train. First of all, here was this 50 something gentleman doing functional, multi-joint exercises nobody had never seen before. Secondly, he performed them with precision and grace as if he were in his physical prime. I look back and remember thinking how great it was that this man, of what I thought of at the time as an advanced age, was on the cutting edge of health and fitness. Little did I know how much more he would contribute to the world’s health and wellness knowledge database over the course of the next 17 years. His research with nutrition and its effect on athletic performance pre-dated most professional sports leagues. Dr Colgan’s focus on anti-aging and prevention of disease through optimal nutrition has helped countless individuals. In 1998, he began work on neurogenesis of the brain in relation to Parkinson’s disease. It is little surprise that he has remained the picture of health and an iconic example of what a life dedicated to nutrition, dietary supplementation and exercise will do for you. He looks very much the same to me now as he did then, as you can see by the cover photo taken around Michael’s 75th birthday. To say he has been an inspiration would be a crude understatement. To say he has been a gift to us all, a fountain of knowledge for the world to benefit from, would be more accurate, yet still less than deserved by a man who has given the world so much. I am proud to have him in VISTA and I hope you can enjoy and appreciate him as much as we do. As we approach our 100th issue, I have been taking stock of where we have come from and how the Canadian natural health industry has evolved. We’ve seen many manufacturers, products and innovations come and go as a result of competition, regulation and economics. We have seen the landscape change as the age of information has opened wide the eyes of consumers. I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has contributed to VISTA over the past 17 years. It is your efforts that have led us here. As we move into 2015, we have opted to extend our reach with a broader scope of content and a more progressive approach. We believe that there are new demographics of consumers in GenXers and Millenials that deserve our attention and they will get it. Look for our new team to implement exciting design changes and innovations in content, presentation and format. Stay tuned for the January/February issue #98 to see what the new VISTA looks like!


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Vista issue 97  

VISTA Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness.

Vista issue 97  

VISTA Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness.