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during the conditions in which the cells grew. No matter how hard you try, they cannot change that level. One turnover of muscle cells takes approximately 200 days, so a minimum program to improve cellular function appreciably is 200 days. “But even that is insufficient if you want to really improve performance. The minimum time for a turnover of brain cells is about 400 days. The brain controls all movement. For any athletic movement, the brain has to move first before the muscle can move. Consequently, brain speed is the determinant of performance speed. Good coaches are well aware that it is seldom the biggest or strongest athlete who prevails. It is almost always the fastest. “Brain speed of athletes has been my focus for 15 years, during which time I have trained two of the world’s fastest athletes, both Olympic champions, and both broke the world hundred meters record while on my programs. They and many other world-class athletes I have done programs for are covered in my book The Anti-Inflammatory Athlete.”

If you could have our readers remember just one thing, what would it be? “Life is made of time. Time is your most precious resource. Do not allow anyone to waste your time. Do not allow anyone to steal your time, because by doing so, they are stealing your life. You have great latent power locked in your brain just waiting for the right information to release it, Seek out the best, and follow only the best. Live every precious moment with great purpose. March with joy to your own drummer. It is the best use of life, the only use that counts.”

What are some myths you would like to dispel about aging? “One big myth is that antioxidants can inhibit aging. See my article on “Another big myth is that we cannot do anything to prevent the degeneration of age, so many folks do nothing. On the contrary, prevention is fairly easy. But cure is impossible, because by the time it comes to notice, whole systems of cells have died. Take dementia for example. Every 12 seconds in North America someone slips into dementia, 2,600,000 per year. (And ignorant media spend endless time on a few sensational cases of Ebola!). Dementia is 100% fatal. No one ever returns from dementia. It is totally incurable, because by the time the memory loss and other problems become bad enough to demand treatment, whole sections of the brain have died. That is akin to loss of your legs. There is no way to grow them back.”

”Our growth of understanding of the molecular basis of brain function. In the near future, medicine will gravitate to manipulation of the brain, the master controller in order to cure many diseases, and to extend healthy human life.”

Most disappointing? “The lack of political leadership in science prevented most of the advances in stem cell research and genomics under the NIxon administration for specious reasons, and delayed advances in medicine by 10 years.”


What has been the development of the past decade that has been most exciting for you?


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