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What areas of research seem to hold the most promise for the near term? “Understanding the gene mTOR, which is the ultimate controller of the 350,000 different proteins that compose the human body, and of our absolute control by the circadian rhythm, driven by the most ancient signal that first produced living creatures on Earth 400 million years ago - light.”

In your public appearances and in your writing, you convey an impression of vigour and life. What gives you joy? “My greatest joy is the miracle of every new day, a time that has never occurred before, unaffected by all of history, unsullied, pure, and new, just waiting to be made into a masterpiece. By a conscious decision to use every day for personal growth of love and compassion for others, I believe we gradually approach and come to understand and appreciate the greater power that made us.”


How do you maintain your vitality and energy?


“Nature made ALL the locks and holds ALL the keys. Only Nature heals, only adherence to the design of our physiology allows us to participate fully. The right nutrition and DAILY exercise are the only real medicines, and the only source of vitality and energy.”

How do you strike a healthy balance between the various aspects of your life? “Tough question. I just got home from weeks on the road lecturing, during which time the food was abysmal despite every effort, the air in some cities was frankly poisonous, the water was unfit to drink, even the so-called “pure” bottled water, and the exercise facilities in

the hotels were almost non-existent. When at home, I eat organic food, wild meats and wild fish, breathe pure air, drink pure water and decent protein drinks, and exercise in my own gym. The system I use myself, and numerous world champion athletes I have used it with, is covered in my books, Nutrition for Champions and The Anti-Inflammatory Athlete at Any Age. The balance for me and the athletes I work with is to spend as little time on the road as possible.”

Is stress a problem for you? How do you manage it? “Stress used to be a problem before I developed the Quiet Mind system to remove stress in champion athletes I have trained. It was so successful, I adopted it myself some 12 years ago. It is set out in my 2013 book, Quiet Mind.”

Canada’s population is aging - both chronologically and in terms of health and wellness. What can the average person do to establish and maintain a vibrant, vital life? “Follow the program in The Anti-Inflammatory Athlete and also exercise with resistance daily to maintain muscle. Remove stress from your life with a program such as Quiet Mind. Like any skill, it takes a couple of years to learn the basics, but it could add 20 healthy years to your life.”

Are there common errors that you see people making? “the biggest mistake is not to spend long enough to enable a good program of nutrition and exercise and stress relief to show. The cells you have now are capable only of action up to the level of the conditions under which they were created. A good example is oxygen uptake. Your present cells can uptake oxygen, the major requirement for production of energy, only up to the level of the oxygen used by exercise

Vista issue 97  

VISTA Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness.

Vista issue 97  

VISTA Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness.