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ISSUE 90 Sept/Oct 2013

Proven Relief

from Digestive Disorders including Inflammatory Bowel and Crohn's Disease

Health Canada's


Awareness for School Lunches

Interview with Actress

Gena Lee Organic Planet Feature:


We can’t ignore the little things that keep us alive By David Suzuki Y O U R






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Issue 90 | Sept/Oct 2013



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Relieve Your Pain By Barrie Carlsen The benefits of NAG.



Changing Roles: From TV Star to Health Advocate An Interview with Gena Lee Nolin


Hypothyroidism is a “Silent Epidemic” of Misdiagnosis, Doctor Says An Interview with Dr Steven Hotze He Lists 3 Major Consequences for Sufferers.


Organic planet


We Can’t Ignore the Little Things That Keep Us Alive By David Suzuki Conservation is about more than charisma.




Battery Children and Nature Deficit Disorder By Michael Bloch Children need to genuinely connect with nature.

A Wholesome, Earth-Friendly Back-to-School By Shelly Lynn Nellis


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Issue 90 | Sept/Oct 2013



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Omega 3 – Powerful and Essential By Marva Ward The many roles of Omega 3 fats.



Packing Safe School Lunches Planning and awareness will help protect children’s health.


Supplements for Optimal Health in Kids. By Jolie Root LPN, LNC Children have particular needs.



Recipe for Health By Tracy Kaye Holly CSNA Master Asian Rainbow Coleslaw with Tahini Dressing


Editor Selects


Approaching Detox Naturally By Trish Fletcher Choose the right product to achieve your detox goals.


Four Steps to Optimize Fertility By Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, MS Optimize your chance of becoming pregnant.




Eat As Hard As You Train By Cory Holly Don’t leave your diet to chance.


Publisher’s Word

Trent E. Nellis - Publisher, Vista Magazine




s summer slowly fades into our memories, the coming fall season brings change to most of our daily lives. I can only assume that the mothers we have recently seen dancing for joy in their front yards must be parents of school age children. As we send our young ones back into the learning jungle, Health Canada has provided parents a courteous reminder to be conscious of the ever-growing number of children with food allergies and sensitivities. The number of Canadians with food allergies is steadily on the rise and many schools have put policies in place to prevent students from bringing top allergens into schools in their lunches. Parents should take heed to these warnings and observe and respect the severity of this growing issue in our schools. This issue we also feature several healthy back to school products to get your kids on the right track for the new school year. Our cover story this issue features actress and former Baywatch star, Gena Lee Nolin. Gena Lee has been using her celebrity and her own life experiences to promote her new book on thyroid disease awareness. Her efforts will undoubtedly help thousands living with thyroid issues. If you are one of the many who suffer from common digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease IBS or ulcerative colitis, there is hope for relief. A recent addition to the Canadian health market is the ingredient N-acetyl glucosamine, NAG for short. NAG has been proven to provide pain relief from these common disorders and is now available to the Canadian consumer from Vitex nutrition. With our regular editor on a maternal hiatus, we welcome the assistance this issue of the esteemed Bruce Cole, Founder of the Canadian Natural Health Retailer magazine ( and longtime colleague and friend. Bruce has 20+ years of experience in the natural health industry in Canada and without his help we could not have brought this issue to press. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Bruce for his ongoing support and companionship. My suggestion for you this fall: let us reflect on our joys from yesterday and use those memories and that happiness to make today and tomorrow the best days of our lives! Perception sets the tone and mood for your existence. If you want to live a happy life, make sure that you remind yourself how great life is every day!

Trent E. Nellis, Publisher To contact Trent Nellis via e‑mail, write to

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Guest Editor’s Desk Natural health stores continue to evolve

hen VISTA publisher Trent Nellis invited me to contribute the guest editorial this issue, I jumped at the chance. In real life, I am the editor of CNHR Magazine, the business publication for Canada’s natural health retailers. So, this opportunity to speak to you – the natural health consumer – is a very rare, yet welcome thing. Part of my job is getting out of the office and into health food stores all across the country, visiting with staff and owners, and learning about the issues and challenges that come with running a health food store. In the 17 years we have been publishing, I have witnessed an incredible evolution of the traditional natural health stores. And the good news for you – the natural health shopper – is virtually all of these changes are aimed at making your shopping experience more pleasant and fulfilling. For starters, health food stores are making more physical changes than ever before. Owners and managers are taking more time to improve lighting, signage, product positioning, aisle width and traffic flow to make it more convenient for you to get in the store, find what you need, and be on your way. You’re also going to find more fact sheets, hand-outs and newsletters are available to you as you wander through your favourite store. Educating customers has always been the cornerstone of this industry, and this only getting more intense (but in a good way!)

Also, more stores are adopting the use of computers to make it easy for you to look up an ingredient or ailment right on the store floor. There is so much quality information available on the web, and stores are accessing that content unlike ever before. A big reason for this all-out focus on education is to bring consumers up to speed on the latest, newest “thing,” whatever that may be. Health food stores have always been at the forefront in bringing new products to market. They have always been – and will continue to be – the leaders in this area. Another thing I have noticed over the years is the amazing consistency our industry has in attracting caring, passionate and knowledgeable young people to choose natural health retailing as their profession. These are people who may have been raised in a healthy home or maybe discovered the benefits of natural health through an illness or ailment. Regardless of how they got to this point, they are coming in with a higher level of education, many with degrees or certificates in a natural health specialty. For example, I am seeing more naturopaths on store floors than ever before! These young people are eager to learn and more importantly, equally eager to share everything they know with you. Looking at the crop of young people currently in place at our country’s natural health stores – coupled with these other changes – I feel the industry is in good hands for decades to come. Bruce W. Cole, Guest Editor

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Relieve Your Pain By Barrie Carlsen




ecently, we have seen an ingredient – which has very little awareness with the general public – suddenly being thrust into the spotlight, thanks to its remarkable healing properties. This marvelous, relatively new ingredient is called N-acetyl glucosamine, but it is most commonly referred to as NAG. It is an amino sugar that is formed in animal tissues from glucose, and is the starting point for the synthesis of many important components of our tissues. Among other things, NAG has recently come to the forefront in providing relief for those individuals who are suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (or IBD). IBD refers to a number of digestive tract disorders, which includes Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Crohn’s disease – also known as ileitis or regional enteritis – is a chronic inflammatory disease of the digestive tract. Symptoms include abdominal pain and diarrhea, sometimes bloody, caused by inflammation of the intestines. Crohn’s disease usually affects the lower part of the small intestine, which is called the ileum. The disease, though, can occur in any part of the gastrointestinal system. Thus, the disorder may affect the large or small intestine, the stomach, the esophagus, or even the mouth. Crohn’s can occur at any age. It is most commonly diagnosed in people who are between the ages of 20 and 30. In Canada, approximately 170,000 people are being treated for this condition. In IBD, the mucus lining of the gastric intestinal tract (GI) becomes thinner and eventually becomes perforated, leading to inflammation. This mucus lining of the GI tract serves mainly as a lubricating and insulating barrier to contain the stomach contents and to allow easy passage of the partly digested food bolus to reach the small intestine and to further facilitate easy passage of the stool through the bowel. The lining is composed mainly of NAG and a healthy body can manufacture adequate amounts of NAG to keep pace with the body’s demand for this critical structural component.

Normally, the mucosal cells of the digestive tract have a high turnover rate so that the whole layer of surface cells may be renewed in three to four days. The tissue damaged by IBD needs repair. This poses extra demands on biosynthetic processes and the body cannot make enough NAG to keep pace with the increased demand. In these cases, supplemental NAG can prove helpful to allow the body to adequately repair the digestive tract lining. And the good news is that NAG is entirely harmless: it is stable, neutral, tasteless, and freely water-soluble and is readily absorbed from the intestines. NAG does more than just help the intestinal tract: One of the key roles it plays in your body is providing strength in your tissue structure.

So…how does NAG work?

NAG – and the amino sugars derived from it – can form chains of various lengths and can attach to proteins, fats (lipids) or other sugars to make giant molecules of glycoproteins, glycolipids and glycosaminoglycans (mucopolysaccharides), respectively. With proteins such as collagen, they can form cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Tough, thin sheets form membranes, which surround blood vessels, enclosing bundles of cells, holding them together, directing their growth and movements, and determining what passes in the way of nutrients and wastes. The space between cells is occupied by tough fibres of collagen enmeshed in a gel-like matrix of glycosaminoglycans. This gel is the “glue” that holds us together. But it is more than that: it is also a filter and a barrier, and helps to limit the spread of bacteria. The mucus membranes – which line our digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts – are covered with a microscopically thin coat of glycoprotein, which protects the underlying cells. The mucus, a protective


(N-acetyl-glucosamine + Vitamin C) NPN # 80043587

A Natural Remedy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease* (*which includes Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

C-NAG helps promote a healthy intestinal lining in people with symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel disease. Presented in the new DRcaps to resist stomach acid which can denature NAG and deliver NAG directly to the small intestine where it is rapidly absorbed for maximum bioavailability.

Read more about the research and science behind this proven natural remedy.

Vitex Nutrition Ltd.

Coquitlam, BC Canada V3K 5H6, Phone/Fax 778-355-8027

Relieve Your Pain


fluid that flows over their surface, is a solution of glycoproteins. Each molecule of NAG (and the other amino sugars derived from it) remains in place in some particular tissue component for only a few days. Even in cartilage, there is a turnover of constituents. Some of these constituents are recycled, while some are lost in the shuffle and must be made. Although our diet does contain some NAG – found even in mother’s milk – the diet is normally not an important source because NAG is made from glucose by all the cells of the body. For example, about one-fifth of the glucose in your skin goes into the making of NAG. What happens if the amount of NAG made is not enough to meet the demands of the tissues? Anything for which NAG is required will be in short supply, especially the substances outside of cells such as the “glue” and the membranes. When tissues are injured or diseased, they may have greater demands to repair and replenish these structures. Many diseases afflicting humans are thought to be the result of antibodies formed to one’s own tissue components, which attack them and cause damage. More likely, the original offending substances come from the outside, absorbed through the respiratory and especially the digestive system. Were this not so, it would be difficult to understand the profound effects that the diet can have on these conditions. The present-day treatment of these conditions is to impair the body’s immune system in order to reduce the formation of antibodies in general – ironic in this age of AIDS! Persons who suffer from sensitivities to the diet have been shown to absorb substances not normally allowed to pass through the wall of the intestine. This is attributed to defects in the protective coat and the “glue” made from NAG. Another way that NAG might affect the

troublesome substances is by sticking to these molecules and thereby altering their effects in tissues. Many people suffer from erosion and ulceration of the bowel with inflammation, diarrhea, pain and discomfort. These distressing conditions are lifelong and sometimes life-threatening. The formation of NAG from glucose has been found to be much lower than normal in the intestinal tissue of these people, which also can lead to severe defects in the protective coat of the intestine. Cells in the intestine have a short life, being replaced every few days by new cells. The intestines, with a large area for absorption, can affect tissues throughout the body by determining what is absorbed. The integrity of the protective coat is therefore of the utmost importance. The skin is another tissue where cells are continually being shed and replaced. Whenever tissue is injured and forced to repair and replenish at a greater rate, there is the possibility that the supply of NAG might not keep pace with the demand. Decreased formation of NAG as a result of drug treatments can be overcome by supplying more amino sugar to the cells that make cartilage. The effects of drugs on the formation of essential substances made from NAG can be considerable. This is especially so in the case of long-term treatment with such drugs as corticosteroids. Although life-saving in many situations, their long-term use slows down the renewal of the supporting structures in skin and cartilage and around blood vessels. NAG supplementation can correct the deficiencies by providing directly what is needed to make the required components. In Alzheimer’s disease, it is now thought that the very first thing that goes wrong is a deficiency in the formation of the glycosaminoglycans that surround and guide the nerve cells and their fibres. These

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fibres grow into a tangled mass, which fails to function normally. In schizophrenia, cells in the region of the brain most involved lie in disarray – with nerves making abnormal connections – instead of lying in an orderly fashion, again apparently due to similar deficiency in the materials surrounding nerve cells. Tissue components made from NAG tend to be dispersed throughout tissues and to be durable, meaning they are not easily degraded to release the amino sugars of which they are composed. For this reason, free NAG is not readily found in nature in any quantity, and until recently, has never been produced on a large scale. However, it has been around for a long time and it is known that it is entirely without any undesirable effects on the body. Being a normal, important body substance, this is not surprising; it can be taken up and used by the tissues in the various synthetic pathways into which it enters. NAG is soluble and tasteless and is readily absorbed from the digestive tract. It circulates in the blood for about half a day until it is used up. For this reason, it is recommended to take a dietary supplement of NAG in a divided dose, morning and evening, to ensure a continual blood supply of NAG throughout the whole day. NAG is not used for energy like other sugars such as glucose and very little is excreted. Unlike vitamins – the deficiency of which would be felt in all tissues – a deficiency of NAG could be confined to one or a few tissues. People suffering from certain inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease, however, are often more liable to have other health issues, which may include arthritis or psoriasis. The other tissues involved are those rich in components derived from NAG. So, although normally each tissue makes its own NAG, if the supply is short in any place, a suitable dietary supplement can provide what is needed. Dietary NAG, however, is easily broken down into its constituent components in the acid environment of the stomach so that it is no longer biologically active. Enteric coating or special delayed release capsules are necessary to deliver NAG to the small intestine where it can readily be absorbed. NAG is not a drug or even something from the food chain; it is a normal body constituent, whose formation might sometimes be inadequate. NAG is now available as a dietary supplement and is a new and natural way of promoting vital body processes essential to health. Because it is relatively new, the full scope of its benefits is not known. Certainly, the digestive tract is of special importance and is especially vulnerable. However, every tissue in the body needs NAG; the possibilities for its contribution to good health appear to be significant. NAG also plays a role in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and nephrotic syndrome, as all of these conditions are related to amino sugar abnormalities. Autoimmune diseases are triggered when receptors on the outside of immune cells called T- helper 1 (Th1) cells start binding “self ” antigens rather than pieces of invaders. NAG decreases the amount of “binding” which suppresses the autoimmune response. Remember, NAG is not available from our diet, and if taken directly into the stomach in conventional capsules or tablets, stomach acids quickly decompose it into simple glucose. To overcome this problem, ask your health food store professional to recommend a product which will deliver NAG into the stomach in a form which will resist the acid environment of the stomach and deliver NAG directly to the small intestine, where it is rapidly absorbed.

Barrie Carlsen is a health enthusiast and a pioneer in Canadian Natural Health. Barrie was inducted into the Canadian Health Food Association Hall of Fame for over 20 years of contributions to the health food industry.

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Hair loss is also caused by low thyroid. Have a thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) blood test performed. Those with a TSH over 2.0 will develop hair loss among other low thyroid symptoms. Your doctor will advise that thyroid is normal unless TSH is over 5.5 so ask for a copy of your test results. Thankfully we can solve hair loss quickly with the following supplements. Studies show that we need 20 mg of iron daily from our diet, but most adults are only getting 8 mg. As a result, iron deficiency is common. Take Ironsmart iron supplement, which will increase iron levels quickly. Ironsmart has a delicious caramel taste and it does not constipate or cause digestive upset like other iron supplements and it raises ferritin quickly. Take 2 capsules of Thyrosmart with breakfast to ensure that your TSH stays in the healthy range (below 2). Also take 10 drops of Collagen Plus for thick, fast growing hair. Eat protein at every meal and you will see your hair improve in 90 days. ª



women helping women

Period problems, fibroids, mood swings The Peri-menopause Years—

For many women, peri-menopause is a

more challenging time than the menopausal years. In some women, hormones can start to shift as early as age 35; other women do not experience hormone fluctuations until five years before menopause. Prior to that, the relatively consistent up-and-down rhythm of hormones can start shifting as wildly as they did during puberty – estrogen becomes high, progesterone low, and at other times, there are steep increases and drops in estrogen. During the peri-menopausal years weight gain,


breast tenderness or lumps (cysts), heavy or long periods, acne, mood changes (including PMS, which may not have been a problem in younger days), fatigue, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, problems staying asleep, occasional sweats at night, low libido, or fatigue, fibromyalgia or joint pain may occur. The key to solving peri-menopause problems is Estrosmart. Estrosmart contains plant and food nutrients designed to balance hormones naturally by controlling excess estrogen and enhancing low progesterone. Breast lumps and fibroids start shrinking, peri-menopausal acne and PMS disappear and periods are effortless. Women who take Estrosmart for years before menopause tend to have few menopause symptoms. ª

Hot Flashes Today

Menopause means one year with no

menstrual period. Peri-menopause is the 10 to 15 years before menopause and everything after the periods have stopped for one year is post menopause. The average age of menopause is 52 years. In Canada over 50 percent of the female adult population is in menopause or postmenopause. The ovaries take a much needed rest at menopause and no longer secrete eggs. Smoking, medication, removal of the ovaries, radiation and autoimmune disease affecting the ovaries, can trigger premature menopause in young women. Menopause is not a disease, but rather a natural milestone in every woman’s life. What makes the difference between

a woman who has no symptoms at menopause and the woman who suffer many symptoms? Women with exhausted adrenals and low levels of thyroid hormones will have terrible menopause symptoms compared to women with a healthy thyroid and great functioning adrenals. Low thyroid causes extreme hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, weight gain and mood swings. Exhausted adrenals promote insomnia – where you fall asleep fine but wake up several hours later and can’t get back to sleep. Dr. Oz has been recommending herbs and sage for menopause symptoms. Menosmart Plus contains high quality sage in the right dose,

along with other herbs to quickly halt menopause symptoms. Health Canada has approved Menosmart Plus. This formula can also be taken by women on bioidentical hormones that are still getting hot flashes and night sweats. ª

Hot Flashes Finally Gone!

I am 48 years old, and I started getting hot flashes so intensely this past summer that it was really disrupting my life! I would have them continuously throughout the day and be woken 3 or 4 times at night. I was a wreck from sleep deprivation. Finally I tried a combination of Menosmart Plus and SMILE and Adrenasmart. Within 3 weeks to a month I was not having hot flashes anymore…nothing. They have totally diminished – JN, BC



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Cover story



From TV Star to Health Advocate


n i l o N e e L a ith

ww e i v r e t n I An


r Tidsbu n a D By

Photo credit: Phyllis Lane

People say, “Wow! My wife has that or my daughter has that ”


erhaps best known for her role as Neely Capshaw in the 1990s television series Baywatch, Gena Lee Nolin’s professional resume includes work on television on The Price Is Right, The Young and the Restless, and in the lead role of Sheena. Add to that an extensive list of modeling and magazine credits, and Gena Lee has one of those instantly recognizable faces, one that makes people go, “Wait! Isn’t that ….?” Her latest, and perhaps most challenging, role is born out of her own life experience. Following years of struggle with a variety of symptoms, she was diagnosed – during her third pregnancy – with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid. Since then, she has stepped forward to employ her public profile in the promotion of awareness and action around thyroid issues, establishing a Facebook page and now getting ready to launch her book, Beautiful Inside and Out: Conquering thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, “Thyroid Sexy” Life.

On the effort required to begin to build momentum…

”Yes, that is it exactly. And it’s so important to me. I really am deeply interested in helping people. I am getting attention from the medical side of things and you know, I’m telling you, that some of the endocrinologists out there are very traditional. You know; I get the mix – people that support me and those that don’t . As far as my book on medication is concerned, I think that some people seem to be very open and other doctors say that synthetic is absolutely the only way to go and that’s what we’ll prescribe – so it’s sometimes kind of sad.”

On the growing awareness of thyroid issues…

“There are so many people who have been suffering… and now, I find as I’m coming out in public about it… it is really catching on and getting the attention that it deserves. I’m just happy that now people are finally getting the diagnosis of whatever it is that is ailing them because people overlook it all the time.” To say that her voice on the issue has struck a chord is to engage in understatement. Her Facebook page, “Thyroid Sexy”, has attracted tens of thousands of followers.

“You know, it is. When I went into this, really, on a personal level, I just wanted to find some support for my own struggle with the issue and in doing that, I went out there and I started “Thyroid Sexy” thinking that I was just going to get someone to talk to, someone who would know what I was going through. I was hoping for 5 people to join the page and that was how it started. With the amount of attention that it is getting now, it’s just so overwhelming. It’s gratifying to see… now that it’s over 50,000 people… with what I went through… with the hardship and hard times…the suffering that I went through is helping people to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. “Really! It’s just so wonderful to see that what started as just this little tiny seed has blossomed into this beautiful garden.” A certain amount of frustration can be detected when we talk about the way that the same process seems to be played out for every emerging health issue. Each time, the problem flies under the radar until extensive effort is expended to drag it into public awareness, to mobilize action.


On whether the message is being well received…


Cover story On what to expect from the website…

“What is really cool is that it is going to have a video per month featuring different things, like maybe in the kitchen cooking gluten-free, dairy-free dinners. And there is going to be a newsletter. We’re going to have a conference call with me every month along with an expert or a doctor or a naturopath – so it’s not just me - and a couple other surprises. It’s only going to be like $4.99 a month, and the proceeds are going to go a thyroid foundation, towards something that will help to really get the message out there. I am getting a lot of responses from doctors and naturopaths… and they are truly thankful for what I am doing.” If you are like me, you’ve been keeping track. Let’s see: Facebook page, website, writing a book, preparing for an upcoming book launch, pursuing a very public career, and raising a family. Where there is a positive response from the health professionals, it often contains a mixture of relief and gratitude at what can be accomplished by someone with a higher profile, who is able to garner attention from a broader spectrum of the public.

On the positive responses from some practitioners…

“They are just so pleased with my advocacy and how it’s bringing the issue forward. They can’t believe it because they have tried to get the press and the attention and have local things going on, and nothing would come from it. And the level of response is unbelievable.” The astounding response to the “Thyroid Sexy” Facebook page has prompted expanded efforts in digital media as well.

On what comes next for “Thyroid Sexy”…


“My page went from five people and now it’s still growing. And next month we’re starting a membership thing – actually launching a website: I can’t rely on Facebook forever, and you have to be careful because this is so big and it’s helping so many people that I want to make sure that I have something that is more private for members. I know a lot of people are really nervous about posting private information on Facebook where it might be seen by friends or family. They just don’t want everybody to know their business.”


On how to manage all those competing demands…

“I don’t know… I guess that’s the real answer right? I sometimes honestly don’t know. It is a balancing act and first and foremost comes my health and my family…keeping that in check and really listening to my body and what I need. I tend to take care of everybody else and I sometimes I forget that I need something or I’m really not feeling well or whatever. So, I have to focus a bit on myself every morning and ask myself, “What do I need?” regardless of what it is. “Once you have yourself healthy and look after yourself, you can look after your family and do what you need to do. And a lot of it is time management… I’m getting busier and busier. I’m off to LA a lot and I am going to New York soon for the book. There are just a lot of things I have to plan. Having grandma here helps too. Having family nearby is great blessing!”

“I’m just happy that now people are finally getting the diagnosis of whatever it is that is ailing them.”

“Once you have yourself healthy and look after yourself, you can look after your family and do what you need to do.”

“We’re doing lot of preparation now: press in LA and lots of shoots. We are going to be on the cover of US Weekly magazine and even have a guest spot of Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay – so many exciting things going on.” The role really is changing, from being recognized from a TV show to being acknowledged for the impact that her work on thyroid issues is having on the lives of so many people.

On being recognized for something more than TV…

“There are so many positive things that I’m involved with and my awareness of how much the message is spreading is growing too. People say, ‘Wow! My wife has that or my daughter has that.’ People are coming up to me and saying things like: “I remember you from Baywatch. I changed my doctor and I got on the right medication. You

really are a life saver!” I can’t tell you how many times people stop me and talk to me when I am at speaking engagements, or wherever I am. “Let me tell you, I push everything else aside. I am so pleased to be known for my advocacy. For so many years, it was “Oh my gosh! That’s…,” “You look great…,” or whispering, “Oh! She doesn’t look so great…” It’s really been difficult but now it’s OK. Maybe I do a photo shoot and it looks great or whatever and then I’m 10 pounds lighter in two weeks because my weight goes up and down… you know people really relate to me. It’s wonderful, especially from other women. There’s a relatability there… as a woman, a wife, and as a friend, it’s really nice to get that feedback. “Speaking woman to woman - it’s the best compliment one can get. Truly!”

Keep an eye on what comes next. Follow “Thyroid Sexy” on Facebook. Check out and don’t forget the soon-to-be-released Beautiful Inside and Out. The role of being Gena Lee Nolin just keeps on evolving.


On the upcoming book launch…



is a “Silent Epidemic” of Misdiagnosis, Doctor Says An Interview with Dr Steven Hotze




here are at least two aspects of a misdiagnosis that can cause patients harm, says Dr. Steven Hotze. “First, it means you are not being treated for what’s actually causing illness; second, a misdiagnosis can lead to inappropriate treatments and medicines with side effects that can cause you harm,” says Dr. Hotze, founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, (www., and author of Hormones, Health, and Happiness. “But there’s a quality of life issue that’s important as well. Many of my patients are women at or near middle age, and they often suffer from a multitude of symptoms including fatigue, low body temperature, brain fog, weight gain, loss of libido, hair loss and depression. Too often, they’re told by their physician that ‘nothing is wrong. ” Women are more apt than men to pay attention to their bodies – and they’re right for doing so, he says. A women’s body includes a much more complex hormonal balancing act, with dramatic swings involved in the menstrual cycle. Often, the women who come to him with that litany of symptoms do have a medical issue: hypothyroidism. Hotze calls it a “hidden epidemic” because it is so frequently un- or misdiagnosed.

The condition means the thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone, which affects hormone regulation. Hypothyroidism affects women seven times more frequently than men, Dr. Hotze says. He reviews three ways in which a missed hypothyroidism diagnosis can affect a patient’s life: • Living with unrelieved symptoms. When a person experiences the constellation of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism and is told by multiple doctors that it’s “just a normal part of aging,” the future can seem bleak. Many physicians will order blood work and tell the patient she’s fine because the results are “normal.” However, 95 percent of people tested for hypothyroidism fall within a range considered normal. Also, keep in mind that two different labs testing identical blood samples can provide different results. • Prescribed unnecessary medication with undesirable side effects. Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Paxil, Effexor, Zoloft and Fluoxetine – these are just some of the antidepressants that one in four women take, according to a recent report from MedCo. One in 10 Americans, or 30 million people, are taking pills to

fight depression, and 30 percent of the women aged 35 to 60 who are taking them are doing so because of misdiagnosed hypothyroidism. Antidepressants can have numerous side effects, from nausea and irritability to sexual dysfunction and homicidal or suicidal thoughts. • Uncomfortable, unhealthy physical changes. Untreated hypothyroidism causes weight gain, which can further affect a person’s emotional health. The weight gain comes with all the risks any excessive weight brings, from diabetes to heart disease.  “It has long been a cliché in our society that ‘pills are not often the answer for our mental and physical wellbeing,’ yet pharmaceutical companies continue to dominate treatment in our country,” Dr. Hotze says. “Hormone replacement therapy, as long as bioidentical hormones are used, has been proven to be a healthy and effective treatment for women suffering hypothyroidism.”   The distinction between synthetic and bioidentical hormones is important, he says; the latter have the same molecular structure as the hormones that are found naturally in the body, which means bioiden-

tical hormone treatments cannot hurt patients. Counterfeit hormones – those that do not perfectly match the molecular structure of hormones in one’s body – can be dangerous, he says. “Hypothyroidism and aging share an important common denominator – diminished or faulty hormone production – so it’s easy to see how doctors can miss a diagnosis,” Hotze says. “But that makes it all the more important for physicians to listen to their patients, and that takes time. Hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones helps patients who are suffering extreme symptoms in both cases.”    

Dr. Steven Hotze is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston, Texas. He’s a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and is the former president of the Pan American Allergy Society. He earned his medical degree from the University of Texas. Dr. Hotze and his wife of 44 years have eight children and 16 grandchildren.



Educating Today... For a Better Tomorrow

Organic planet OP FEATURE: We can't ignore the little things that keep us alive By David Suzuki

Healthy Back to School Products by Shelly Lynn Nellis

Battery Children and Nature Deficit Disorder by Michael Bloch

Educating Today... For a Better Tomorrow

We Can't Ignore

the Little Things That Keep Us Alive


cientists believe life appeared on Earth almost four-billion years ago, about half a billion years after our relatively young planet formed. It would be fascinating to see how life arose and managed to hang on. If scientists were to invent time travel to take us back through Earth’s history, we’d see little life for most of the four-billion years. Plenty was happening but at a microscopic level as organisms worked out all the intricacies of survival: finding food and energy, evading predators, fighting off disease (even bacteria get virus infections), reproducing and eliminating waste. Once those fundamental details were worked out, more complex cells arose by incorporating other cells within themselves to perform specialized functions like capturing energy from the sun (photosynthesis) or generating energy from stored molecules. The stage was set for the final blossoming of life into forms visible to creatures like us: multicellularity. Once an organism was made up of many cells, a division of labour was possible. Various cells specialized in movement, eating, digestion, excretion and reproduction. All of this occurred in the last fifth of life’s existence as seas and land filled with wondrous animals and plants. It’s a magnificent story and we only know the barest outlines. We tend to focus on big life forms like trees, elephants and whales. That’s understandable. They’re often spectacular. But our bias toward the big and impressive overlooks the importance, and beauty, of what are often dismissed as “creepy crawlies”, such as worms, insects, fungi and bacteria. I was an avid bug collector as a boy. To me, insects were endlessly riveting. Many of them display spectacular colours and patterns and occur in shapes and forms that are far more bizarre and surprising than any Hollywood sci-fi creation. My childhood fascination evolved in college to a focus on heredity in an insect, a common fruit fly, which has revealed so much about genetic principles in humans. In our concern with protecting grizzlies and polar bears, whooping cranes and redwood trees, wolves and caribou, we give short shrift to the small creatures that keep the planet livable. Tiny organisms and plant roots filter water as it percolates through soil; insects, bacteria and fungi help plants, animals and dung decompose to create soil;

bacteria in legumes capture atmospheric nitrogen and fix it in soil; all green things exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen as they capture sunlight that animals like us can consume and store for our own use. In fact, bacteria directly produce up to half the oxygen we breathe. Microbes in the human body outnumber cells by 10 to one, and many of them keep us alive by helping us digest food and combat infection, among other services. Years ago, scientists in Norway showed that a single teaspoon of soil from a beach contained more than 4,000 different species of bacteria. Another teaspoon taken from a nearby deciduous forest yielded a similar number of species, most of them different from the beach group. Soil is not dirt or inert material; it is a complex community of living organisms, yet modern farming techniques often wipe them out. Scientists estimate that for every human, there are 200-million insects on Earth. They are important parts of ecosystems, providing services such as pollination, food and pest control. Of all insect species, very few are harmful to humans, yet we spray powerful chemicals that kill all insects just to get at the tiny fraction that causes problems for us. Because all life forms have evolved ways to find food, avoid being eaten, heal from infection, reproduce and eliminate waste, we have much to learn if we show some respect and patience to see how they create solutions. Scientists discovered penicillin as a fungus way of warding off bacteria. They found cancer-fighting vincristine in the rosy periwinkle and taxol in yew trees. Restriction enzymes, vital tools of genetic engineers, are used by bacteria to fight viral infection. We focus on charismatic species like whales, pandas, cedar trees and seals as poster children for conservation. But the small things that keep the biosphere going for creatures like us are probably more threatened because we ignore them. If we spend time studying them, they have much to teach us.

David Suzuki is a co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, and is an awardwinning scientist and broadcaster. Dr Suzuki has received a UNESCO prize for science, a United Nations Environment Program medal and the Order of Canada.


By David Suzuki


Educating Today... For a Better Tomorrow

Organic planet

Battery Children and Nature Deficit Disorder By Michael Bloch


ome of the fondest memories of childhood are my dad and I fishing. Just him and I, a couple of fishing rods and the river. No radio, no DVD, no TV. If we didn’t catch a fish, it wasn’t a problem. Those trips were adventures for me and, I believe, helped cultivate my awe of nature. They are also among my earliest memories of being concerned about pollution in the form of trash that would be along the river bank. I was also privileged to live next to a forest for much of my childhood. When I was old enough, I was allowed to play there. Times were different, no doubt about that. It’s a shame that so many children today don’t get these learning opportunities and most of their nature education occurs via a screen.

TV – Environmental Friend And Foe

TV documentaries can be great things for many age groups – for example, Sir David Attenborough’s various series over the last few decades where he lets the animals and stunning camera work do most of the talking. Sir David’s “Life On Earth” series in the early 80’s was one of my TV viewing highlights of the week. For children too young to venture out, TV can certainly be a positive influence environmentally speaking. I distinctly remember Sesame Street’s “Willie Wimple” song about pollution from the 1970’s impacting me. Even though over 35 years have passed, I still remember many of the words. Unfortunately, nature documentaries and such these days are too often focused on computer animations and the “Whoa!” factor – more fluff than substance. Not everything has to be an adrenalin hit and I’m dubious as to whether the jaded kids of today actually respond to it, or even absorb it when delivered in this way. Regardless of programming quality, the best way to learn about nature is hands-on, whether it’s in a local park or out the back of beyond.


Nature Deficit Disorder


A UK report released this year found less than 10 per cent of kids today play in wild places, down from 50 per cent a generation ago. The “Natural Childhood” report states the UK’s population is increasingly exhibiting the symptoms of a modern phenomenon called ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. Here is a definition of Nature Deficit Disorder from the man who coined the phrase, Richard Louv in his 2005 book Last Child in the Woods: “Nature Deficit Disorder describes the human costs of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses.” The “Natural Childhood” report discusses the harm done by Nature Deficit Disorder and the many benefits of allowing children between the ages of seven and 12 the freedom to explore the natural world.

Connecting with nature – or destroying it?

It’s more than just allowing kids to explore the great outdoors, though – it’s how it’s done that counts too. I’ve just spent four days (again) enduring the sound of kids and their incredibly clueless, inconsiderate parents running around and around their bush blocks on noisy dirt bikes, basically burning gas for giggles and making sure everyone and everything within a two-mile radius knew about it. Somehow, they equate this activity with getting back to nature. Sure, they may be outside, but they aren’t only missing out on “really” connecting with nature through their dirt bike riding; they are damaging it. They’ve chewed up roads and tracks, created tracks where none are meant to be, scared the heck out of animals that have then run in a blind panic into fences, generated hours and hours of noise pollution, wasted fuel, spewed emissions and other pollutants etc. etc. etc. – the list really does go on. I’ve talked to some of these kids (and their parents) over the last couple of years, attempting to convey to them the marvels of the creatures and plants in the area and more subtly (sometimes, not so), their sensitivity to human interference. They nod and smile and appear to get the idea, then get back on their bikes again to continue their destruction. While getting kids to properly connect with nature doesn’t mean they should be forced to undertake a vow of silence, don burlap sacks and sleep under the stars using rocks as pillows, it shouldn’t involve excessive noise and destruction, nor be heavily dependent on technology. It should be an engaging experience, one that forces the senses and body to be used in a way they often aren’t in our lives. If the next generation only sees nature as something cool on a very fleeting and shallow level, as something easily trumped by or viewed via a noisy internal combustion engine or gadgets, then the planet is in even bigger trouble than we realise. I’ll end this article with a couple of quotes included in the “Natural Childhood” report. Both of these quotes are from Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods: “For a new generation, nature is more abstraction than reality. Increasingly, nature is something to watch, to consume, to wear – to ignore.” “If we are going to save environmentalism and the environment, we must also save an endangered species: the child in nature.”

Michael Bloch publishes Green Living Tips, an online resource powered by renewable energy offering a wide variety of Earth-friendly tips and environment related news to help consumers reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact.

Educating Today... For a Better Tomorrow

A Wholesome, Earth-Friendly

Back-to-School The annual advertising blitz is as sure a sign as the changing colour of the leaves: it is time to go back to school. Every parent wants their youngsters to be fully outfitted and primed for success. In the process, parents want to use this opportunity to be examples to the kids of the way to make good choices. Here are some products that will set the tone, showing eager minds the way to eat right and live green.


Today I Ate A Rainbow

The award winning Today I Ate A Rainbow kit gets kids ASKING to eat their fruits and veggies by turning healthy eating into a fun game! The rainbow kit comes with a magnetic chart, four sets of tracking magnets, The Rainbow Bunch book and a money back guarantee!


Give new life to an old canning jar. This drinking lid turns any wide mouth mason jar into an instant travel mug! Canning jars are already great beverage containers. They are easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable and leak-proof when sealed. The only problem was the large openings, so this new lid adapts the canning jar to allow spill-free sipping. Provides a simple eco-friendly alternative to messy disposable cups and over-built, expensive travel mugs. Made in the USA from BPA-free, recycled materials.


100% Plastic-Free Wool Insulated Lunch Bag. Yes, a plastic-free insulated lunch bag exists! Handmade from unbleached certified organic cotton canvas and insulated with wool, this versatile lunch bag helps keep food warm or cool on the go. Ideal for children and adults, it has an adjustable strap and handy zippered exterior pocket.



Stainless Steel Foldable Spork in an Organic Cotton Pouch. It's a spoon and a fork in one, and it's all you need for both your soup and our salad. Made of high quality stainless steel and neatly packed for clean transport in a certified organic cotton pouch. It's fun to use and just plain funky.

Steel Airtight 5. Stainless Watertight Containers

No more backpack messes! These multisized containers work beautifully for the full range of lunch options from yogurt to dressed salads to sandwiches to last night's soup or stir fry. Made of high quality stainless steel, with a silicone seal on the lid to prevent spillage and retain freshness.



Cuppow Canning Jar Drinking Lid


Omega 3 – Powerful and Essential

By Marva Ward, CNP




vidence suggests that the imbalance of the essential fatty acid Omega 6 over Omega 3 is one of the primary factors in the decline of overall health in North America. The imbalance of these two vital polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) sets off a domino effect that can lead to a state of chronic disease. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are called essential as they cannot be produced in the body and must be sourced from food. The optimal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is 1:1.  It has been estimated that the typical North American diet reflects a 6:1 ratio and can even be as high as 10:1.  Simply stated, the consequence of this imbalance is progressive ill health and disease. Omega 3 includes three specific fatty acids.  The parent PUFA is Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), which is sourced from plants.  ALA is converted into two other important Omega 3 fats, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  Although the body does convert the vegetarian sourced ALA to EPA and DHA, for many individuals this conversion is limited and the best course of action is often EPA and DHA supplementation.  EPA and DHA are primarily obtained from fish and/or fish oil supplements; however, DHA can also be sourced from algae and algae oil supplements. Omega 3 fats are vital for maintaining cardiovascular health, regulating the inflammatory response, optimizing neurological function, supporting eye health and many other biological functions. EPA plays many roles in the human body. Among its most critical functions is EPA’s role as a precursor to the lipid compound, prostaglandin 3, which inhibits platelet aggregation (blood clotting). Controlling inflammation is another mechanism of action in which EPA contributes to overall health as chronic inflammation is considered to be the primary facilitator in the onset of disease.  Numerous studies over the past 20 years indicate that the conditions of elevated cholesterol, lupus, depression, psoriasis and cardiovascular disease may all be reduced through the daily consumption of EPA containing fish oils. DHA is found in its highest concentration in the brain and the eyes. DHA is known to significantly affect the basic properties of cell membranes including their flexibility, elastic compressibility, permeability and interactions with key regulatory proteins such as enzymes. DHA’s influence on the nervous system supports electrical signaling and ultimately brain function such as learning ability, concentration and memory.  Supplementation has proven to be very effective in controlling, reducing and illuminating symptoms in numerous brain disorders such as ADHD, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. During the last trimester of pregnancy and the first few months of an infant’s life, higher levels of DHA are critical for fetal and infant

brain, eye and nervous system development. It is at this time when the most significant growth occurs.  Many studies demonstrate the positive effect of supplementing with Omega 3 (containing higher levels of DHA) during pregnancy and lactation.  The results suggest superior cognitive function of the infant that continues into the later stages of development.  A 2008 double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study indicated that children born to mothers who were supplemented with fish oil (2.2 g DHA and 1.1 g EPA) during pregnancy (from 20 weeks gestation to delivery) displayed higher scores for eye and hand coordination at 2 1⁄2 years of age compared to children whose mothers were supplemented with olive oil (higher in Omega 6).  Similar studies support the fact that continuing supplementation with Omega 3, containing higher doses of DHA, support the cognitive development and also help to maintain brain and eye health into old age.  Ultimately, the best recommendation is to incorporate more DHA and EPA sources into the diet on a daily basis. However, the challenges parents face when dealing with the finicky eating habits of children can make this difficult to achieve.  Fortunately, there are many 21st century solutions to this age-old problem. Choices in Omega 3 supplements have profoundly increased over the past 10 years and technological advances in processing have made supplements a safer alternative to the consumption of fresh fish. Stringent government regulations designed to ensure the removal of heavy metals and other toxic substances have also contributed to enhanced safety. The natural triglyceride form of Omega 3 still remains a very popular choice.  This is the closest thing to fish itself with very little molecular manipulation during the processing phase. In order to ensure higher levels of DHA, without chemically changing the oil, several astute manufacturers are sourcing the Omega 3 from the heads of tuna that remain after they have been processed for food. As DHA is most prominent in the brain and eyes of deep-sea fish, this provides a natural DHA triglyceride concentrate that is also safe and toxin-free. For the finicky child and/or adult, chewable, sugar-free, and natural fruit-flavoured options are also available. A visit to your local health food store will help to ensure that you and your family find an Omega 3 that is the best fit for maintaining your optimal health. 

Marva Ward, CNP, is a registered nutritionist.

Stop wondering what your children are thinking and start helping them think.

Squishy Fishies help support the development and function of the brain with a high Omega-3, fish oil chewable.

Rather than using a highly refined fish oil concentrate, our Squishy Fishies use BioPureDHATM oil, extracted from wild-harvested, deep sea tuna that is naturally high in DHA (docasahexaenoic acid) and low in con taminants. This results in a ultra-potent, clean tasting oil that tastes great and won't repeat. NOW also utilizes a unique and patented encapsulation process that incorporates natural fruit flavours, xylitol (a natural sweetener) and cellulose into this fish-shaped capsule shell to make a great tasting and smelling supplement that is easy to chew and swallow. Each Squishy Fishie 550mg chewable fish-shaped softgel contains 125mg of DHA and 30mg of EPA to help support the development of the brain, eyes, nerves and overall cognitive function.

We challenge you to find a higher quality DHA chewable at a less expensive price!

taste so good, Kids barely believe it's fish! Exclusively available at fine Health Food Stores •

Packing Safe School Lunches




s many as 1.2 million Canadians may be affected by food allergies and this number is likely increasing, especially among children. Currently, it is estimated that six per cent of children are affected by food allergies. Although many foods can cause allergic reactions, the majority of allergic reactions in Canada are caused by peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, soy, seafood (such as fish, crustaceans and shellfish), wheat, eggs, milk, sulphites and mustard. Allergens can cause a reaction in your respiratory system, stomach and intestines, skin or cardiovascular system. The symptoms of allergic reactions vary in type and severity, from mild skin irritations and hives to breathing difficulties and loss of consciousness. Symptoms can also develop at different rates, sometimes getting worse very quickly. The most severe reaction, called anaphylaxis, can be fatal. Food allergies are one reason you need to be very careful when packing school lunches for your children. As children head back to the classroom, Health Canada is reminding parents of the importance of allergy awareness when packing school lunches. Severe allergic reactions can happen quickly and without warning, and can be life-threatening to allergic children. Because of the potential seriousness of allergic reactions, many schools have policies in place to stop students from bringing certain items in their lunches. It’s very important for you to follow the school’s food allergen policy closely, even if your child does not have allergies. The health and safety of other students depend on all parents and students following the school’s policies. Here are some tips that can help: • If your child is allergic to a certain food, make sure the school knows about the allergy. Work with them to come up with a strategy to keep your child safe. • Remind your child that it is not safe to trade or share food.

If peanut is on the school policy as a restricted food, try thinking about alternative sandwich-making ingredients. For example, try hummus or apple butter instead of peanut butter. • Always read the labels on the food you pack in your child’s lunch. Don’t pack any food with ingredients that are restricted at your school. • Look for warning statements on the label such as “May Contain...”. Remember, even trace amounts can cause a severe allergic reaction. To date, there is no cure for food allergies. Avoiding an allergen is the only effective way to prevent allergic reactions. This is why it is important that allergic children not be exposed to allergens that regularly cause extreme and sometimes fatal reactions. To help parents and Canadians with food allergies identify foods that they should avoid, Health Canada has recently updated the rules governing the labelling of priority allergens. Details are available on Health Canada’s website. Allergy associations, such as Anaphylaxis Canada, the Allergy Asthma Information Association, or the Association Quebecoise des Allergies Alimentaires, also provide further information, including tips and strategies for educators, schools and other organizations for creating allergy safe communities.

Allergies Are Not the Only Risk

Even after allergies have been taken into account, it is important to remember that safe handling of food is critical. Proper preparation, packing, transportation, and storage of food for school lunches are priorities for all children, whether allergic or not. Food can go unrefrigerated for long periods of time in proper lunch

Did you know?

You can’t tell if food is unsafe by its smell or taste. When in doubt, throw it out!

LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE Make the deliciously safe choice every time with Enjoy Life. All of our 40+ products are free from priority allergens and gluten free—but never flavor free. There's nothing hidden, nothing artificial. Just great tasting foods created in a dedicated facility so you can eat freely. While enjoying every single bite.

EAT FREELY, ENJOY FULLY Learn more about Enjoy Life Soft Baked and Crunchy cookies and our complete line of delicious free from products at

/ MD





Packing Safe School Lunches continued

containers, but it is extremely important to keep cold food cold and hot food hot. Food should never reach the temperature danger zone between 4 °C (40 °F) to 60 °C (140 °F) where bacteria can grow quickly and cause food poisoning. Perishable foods like mayonnaise, tuna salads, chicken salads, egg salads, milk products, cold cuts and other lunch meats are possible targets for the bacteria that cause food poisoning and need to be kept at the right temperature. Any pre-packaged lunch combos containing lunch meats, and cheese also need to be kept cold. Children and young adults can get food poisoning and not even know they have it. Soft, insulated lunch bags or boxes are the best choice for keeping lunches safe. If food should be eaten hot, heat it before your child leaves for school and store it in a heat-preserving container or thermos. To keep food cold, place an ice pack in the lunch bag to keep the food inside cold. You can also freeze a juice box, small bottled water or yogurt snack and pack it in your lunch bag or box. Not only will this help keep your lunch cold, but by lunchtime the frozen treat will have melted, giving your child a cold, refreshing juice, water or a snack to enjoy with your lunch. If you will be including fruits and vegetables, remember to wash them thoroughly under fresh, cool, running water, even if they will be peeled.

Some other options to use in school lunches that don’t need to stay cold are: • whole and dried fruits • cereals • breads • crackers • pickles • unopened cans of meat and fish Cleaning your hands, kitchen surfaces, and utensils with hot soapy water is also very important and will help eliminate bacteria and reduce the risk of food poisoning. Always wash lunch bags with hot soapy water after each use. Never reuse sandwich bags, foil and plastic wrap. Remind your children to wash their hands before they eat their lunch and snacks.

Information sourced from Health Canada’s Website

Delicious Gluten-Free Baking Mixes PLUS added Fibre and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Additional Omega-3 fatty acids are important for anyone on a gluten-free diet, as research has shown that although the majority of celiac symptoms improve after switching to a gluten free diet, essential fatty acid deficiencies can remain. Purely Bulkʼs gluten-free baking mixʼs are naturally fortified with fibre and Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA and DHA from Smartgrain® chia and sprouted flax). Purely Bulk Gluten-free mixes taste great, have a texture similar to conventional, gluten-containing foods and are easy to prepare! •

Supplements for optimal health in kids. By Jolie Root LPN, LNC




he long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) found in fish and fish oil supplements are crucial to brain development and support optimal heart and brain function throughout our lifetime. Now, research is teaching us that EPA and DHA are especially active in the adolescent brain. During the teenage years, the regions of the brain associated with learning and memory undergo significant growth, requiring an abundant supply of DHA and EPA. That’s the good news. The bad news is diets – like the western diet in North America – are lacking in omega-3s. And low intake of omega-3s is linked with anxiety and hyperactivity in teens. Studies also indicate that the fats found in the “junk food” consumed during the adolescence years appear to have long-lasting effects on learning and memory during adulthood. Therefore, an important strategy for teenagers’ brain health is reducing intake of saturated fats and junk food while increasing omega-3 intake. The healthy omega-3s actually undo some of the damage done to kids’ brains by junk foods. It is a little like hitting a reset button on the young person’s brain development. Here is some good news for the youngest members of the family: University of Kansas scientists found that infants given formula enriched with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) from birth to 12 months scored significantly better than a control group on several measures of intelligence conducted between the ages of three to six years. It isn’t necessary to formula feed infants to get these benefits. Mom can take fish oils while breastfeeding, and babies can take small doses of DHA from fish oils when solid foods are started. DHA is an essential long-chain fatty acid that affects brain and eye development, and babies derive it from their mothers before birth

and from diet up to age two. Higher blood levels of DHA during the early childhood years have been linked to better reading ability and memory performance in children. However, the North American diet is often deficient in DHA sources such as fish. Scientists at the University of Oxford, England, found that healthy kids who underperformed in school showed improved reading and behavior after supplementation with 600 mg of DHA. Another nutrient that supports a child’s brain is phosphatidyl serine (PS). PS supports transmission of molecular messages from brain cell to brain cell, or what we’d call thoughts and memories. In a study reported in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 200 mg of PS improved children’s attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms and short-term auditory memory. The children also experienced significant improvements in attention, hyperactivity, impulsive behaviors and short-term auditory memory. Some children struggle with middle ear infections. Children are more likely to get ear infections than adults. Ear infections frequently are painful because of inflammation and buildup of fluids in the middle ear. Giving 1000 units of vitamin D to children who have had a history of ear infections can reduce this risk. In addition, boosting vitamin D intake is a good idea because vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to asthma and allergies in obese children and teenagers, according to a new US study presented at The Endocrine Society’s annual meeting. Supplements can make a big difference in the lives of children. From boosting brain health to reducing infections and helping children breathe easier, vitamin D and the omega-3s EPA and DHA can be your child’s best friends.

Nourish Their Brain Health

Studies have shown the importance of omega-3s for supporting cognitive health and brain function in growing children. Carlson for Kids award-winning liquids and chewable soft gels are a tasty way to help your children receive the healthy benefits of omega-3s. Our Norwegian fish oils have a great natural lemon or orange taste. All Carlson fish oils are third-party tested for freshness, potency & purity.

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Asian Rainbow Coleslaw

with Tahini Dressing By Tracy Kaye Holly CSNA Master


his salad is colourful and hearty and – best of all – is a great companion to any protein dish. Its major constituent is cabbage, derived from the French word “caboche” meaning head. Cabbage is a popular  cruciferous vegetable, available in colours red or green.  Unique to cabbage is vitamin U (S-methymethionine) derived from the essential amino acid methionine. Vitamin U was first coined in 1950 by Garnett Cheney for anti-ulcerogenic factors identified in raw cabbage juice known to heal peptic ulcers and protect gastrointestinal mucosa. Cabbage contains a good variety of cell protecting antioxidants and a special sulfur compound called sulforaphane that exhibits anticancer and anti-microbial properties in experimental models. Cabbage builds strength and vitality.

Asian Rainbow Coleslaw

½ small red cabbage shredded ½ small green cabbage shredded 1 yellow pepper cut into thin strips 1 carrot grated 1 apple or apple/pear finely chopped 2 green onions chopped 2 cups unsalted cashews (if allergic, omit or add favourite seed or nut)


Tahini Salad Dressing:


Together in a blender add: 1 part (1/2 cup-125 ml) “extra virgin” olive oil 1 part (1/2 cup-125 ml) juice from freshly squeezed lemon 1 bulb of garlic grated ½ cup unpasteurized honey 3 tablespoons Tahini ½ teaspoon of hot chili sauce (optional)

Mix all ingredients of salad together, tossing lightly. Sprinkle cashews AFTER adding Tahini dressing to avoid their becoming slightly soggy.

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Ever tried to close your eyes at night yet your thoughts just keep running? Pascoflair® is a herbal solution that helps with sleepless nights, running thoughts and daily pressure. Fully registered with Health Canada it contains 425 milligrams of pure extract of passionflower, an herb recently featured on shows such as Dr. Oz and demonstrated in studies to improve symptoms of stress, improve sleep, promote relaxation and calmness and increase concentration Pascoflair is available at health food stores and pharmacies for less than $20 for a package of 30 tablets. For more information on where to purchase Pascoflair, please visit:


ROCKSTAR White is a high strength over-the-counter teeth whitening solution.  The ingredients are all natural, kosher and made in the USA. The  pink box "Be Kissable" (for her) was designed to represent and give a percentage of  the profits towards Breast Cancer Research. ROCKSTAR White also comes in "High Energy" black box (for him). The gels are high energy but made safe with the use of antioxidants, to protect the gums, and desensitizers, for the teeth. They do not  contain any animal products and their product is not tested on animals. $47.95 



Xyla® xylitol

Xyla® xylitol - the natural sugar alternative that’s good for our health. Xyla® 100% natural xylitol is a white crystalline granule that looks and tastes like sugar.   “Xyla® is a healthy sugar alternative,” says Julie Reid, Director of Sales, Xylitol Canada.  “It has an enormous list of benefits and can be used everywhere sugar is used; in our coffee, jams, pies and cakes and has been used in Europe and many other countries for years.”  Xyla® has 40% less calories than sugar and 75% less carbohydrates, so it’s slowly metabolized.  It stabilizes insulin and hormone levels, is naturally anti–microbial and is also a natural substance found in our bodies. 

NOW® Rawsome

NOW® Rawsome – A Pure and Powerful Food Fortifier A versatile whole food concentrate that can be added to many foods, including cooking and baking, to enhance their nutritional value. Provides vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotics from sprouted whole seeds, fruits and vegetables.




Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief

Gaiam, Inc. has released Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief on digital and DVD. Yee’s newest program focuses on the growing trend of restorative yoga. It was designed to energize and de-stress both the body and mind, as well as bring calm energy and focus into everyday life. Now everyone has the ability to de-stress and energize through specific body alignment and yoga poses in the comfort of their own home or on their mobile device. Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief is available digitally on iTunes and the DVD can be found on, Amazon. com, Target and wherever DVDs are sold.


Bambooee bamboo towels

One roll of reusable, washable Bambooee bamboo towels equals 286 regular paper towel rolls and can be washed 100+ times before losing integrity decreasing the 3000 tons of paper towel waste produced each day. Canadians now have easy access to Bambooee towels available at Sobeys and Giant Tiger stores nationwide.

Approaching Detox

Naturally By Trish Fletcher


inding a detox system that works for you can be one of the trickiest choices out there. With so many products to choose from, how do you begin? The best place to start is by figuring out what your goals are. Are you intending to use a detox to lose weight? Rid your digestive system of toxins and parasites? Cleanse your liver and other organs? How about all of the above? Now, move on to the even bigger question: can I still live my life and detox at the same time? The answer to all of these questions is… of course you can do it all! Mother Nature has given us so many gifts in the natural world to help cleanse our bodies and get them back to their own natural rhythm. Blending flowers, seeds, roots and leaves into wonderful teas can make the process even easier. Choose a product that is a healthy blend of all natural ingredients working together to help detoxify and cleanse your body of heavy metals and toxins. Gently removing toxins will help bring much needed balance to your digestive system. Here are some ingredients you should be looking for: Dandelion Root can act as a tonic and gentle diuretic to purify your blood, cleanse your system, dissolve kidney stones and otherwise improve gastro-intestinal health. The pectin in Dandelion Root forms ionic complexes with metal ions, which lends to the dandelion’s reputation as a blood and gastrointestinal detoxifying herb. Marshmallow Root has shown to be helpful in almost all problems related to in-

flammation of the digestive tract, which had been known to cause diarrhea and indigestion. Milk Thistle Seed – which contains the highest concentration of the active compound silymarin – is an antioxidant that reduces free radical production and oxidative damage, especially to the liver. Humifulvate (humic acid, fulvic acid and phenolic acid complex) acts like a magnetic sponge in your intestine, literally sucking up the toxins across your gut wall. Removal of toxins is key, but you also need to replenish your system as you remove unwanted waste. Laminaria Japonica is a super-kelp, packed with ionic iodine, laminarin, alginates and selenium. It pulls “double duty” as both a heavy metal and toxin remover AND it provides a “power punch” of support to your thyroid to stabilize your metabolism with its superb organic iodine. Kelp is also a great immune booster. Green Tea Leaf has the maximum amount of antioxidants and polyphenols, which can help to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the balance between good and bad cholesterol. Green tea’s specific antioxidants – flavonoids – protect cells from free radicals, the damage that can lead to blood clot formation, atherosclerosis and cancer. A balance of detox and replenishment will give you the best chance at attaining a perfect cleanse. Keep in mind that while you remove the bad, you need to fill the space with good, healthy minerals and antioxidants to give your body the help it needs to reach your optimal health.

Pure Refresh

Natural DetoxTea

Made from the Earth Brewed by the Sun

A Revitalizing Cleansing Tea Easily Brewed with the Sun’s Warmth Restore Your Natural Digestive Rhythm Help Balance Your Body’s pH

Pure Refresh

Natural DetoxTea

With Laminaria Japonica for pH Balance Milk Thistle Seed for Liver Health Green Tea Leaf for Anti-Oxidants


8Tea Bags - 1 Month Supply

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Glowing health can be more than a dream.

Four Steps

to Optimize Fertility By Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, MS

Winner of the ALIVE Award of Excellence

It’s time to wake up to Cellfood! Millions around the world since 1969 have discovered the secret of achieving vibrant, glowing health— they simply add a few drops of Cellfood to their daily water intake! Nothing else is as easy or effective. That’s why Cellfood is the No. 1-selling oxygen+nutrient supplement in the world. And Cellfood has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Visit the Lumina website to see our latest clinical research:

Lumina Health Products

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ne in six women of childbearing age is infertile. Sperm counts in men have dropped by 50 per cent since the 1970s. Fertility declines dramatically every year past age 30. The optimal age to get pregnant is the early 20s, so don’t wait too long to become pregnant.  There are many reasons for infertility and these must be ruled out so you can optimize your chance of becoming pregnant.  

Step One

Have the following tests done before you start trying: • A thyroid test called a TSH. Your test result must be below 2.0 in order to become pregnant and stay pregnant. Low thyroid is the leading reason for infertility and miscarriage. • A Day 3 FSH to determine egg quality. FSH should be below nine for the best chances of conceiving, but we can reverse

Daily Natural Tonic Get a jump-start for back-to-school with

high FSH levels with nutrients and diet changes. • Also have a Day 20-22 Progesterone to make sure you can stay pregnant as progesterone prevents miscarriage. • Have your iron checked – Hemoglobin should be about 140 and Ferritin should be about 40 to 70. • Test your husband’s have a sperm count and quality. Don’t just assume that all is fine with the man.

Step Two

This is the most important. Buy fertility predictors and use them every day for an entire month. This will tell you if you are ovulating (secreting an egg). Once you have used them for an entire month and you have written down when you ovulate, then just use the predictors to confirm that you are ovulating in the following months. Most women ovulate between day 10 and day 15, but you could be very different.  

Step Three

If you are ovulating, you should not have sex from your period until you ovulate. Then, have sex morning and night, morning and night through the four days that you are fertile. If you are not ovulating, then we need to discover why. It may be because you are eating soy foods, which disrupt hormones. It could be that you were on the pill for years and your body has not restarted ovulation. You may have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This is checked by having testosterone, DHEAS, DHT and fasting blood sugar and insulin tests, and an ultrasound. Any women not ovulating should have an ultrasound to ensure the ovaries are healthy and not full of cysts.

Step Four

To improve egg quality and enhance ovulation, take the following nutrients: • a good multivitamin with minerals containing a full complement of vitamins and minerals with folic acid (this is for both the man and woman). • 10mg of elemental iron daily. • a herbal formula containing vitex also called chastetree berry to enhance regular cycles and healthy ovulation. • eat plenty of vegetables per day and good healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and GLA to improve your fatty acid profile. • DHA, as it aids eye, brain and heart health in your baby. • • avoid fluoride, as it blocks the uptake of thyroid hormone. Note: Do not eat soy foods of any type. To maximize success in getting pregnant, have the recommended tests done, use fertility predictors, take the right nutritional supplements, eat great nutrient-dense foods and start trying.

Lorna Vanderhaeghe is Canada ’s leading women’s natural health expert. She is the author of 11 books including A Smart Woman’s Guide to Hormones. to read her FREE A–Z Woman’s Guide to Vibrant Health.

100% natural

100% naturel


is a supplement with a unique nutritional profile. It contains 61 nutrients from vitamins /minerals and amino acids PLUS co-factors such as enzymes, glutathione, beta-glucan , L-carnitine, DNA, RNA, ATP, and more. Bio-Strath is made from healthy nutritional yeast that is nourished with plants and fermented so that the yeast membrane breaks down and releases nutritional elements. The end result is highly bio-available to the body, vegan and contains only deactivated yeast cultures. Comes in a variety of formats! Studies show that BioStrath: • helps concentration and memory (even in cases of ADD and ADHD) • supports stamina and immunity • is excellent for stress management - physical, mental, chemical • can be safely used as an adjuvant during cancer treatment to strengthen the body

Eat As Hard As You Train By Cory Holly


at as hard as you train. That’s what I tell my students. Don’t leave your diet to chance. Put as much effort into planning your meal strategy as you do your workout schedule. This advice, however, is by far more difficult to apply than the workout itself, and – based on observation and confession – is where the great majority of athletes fail. So why is eating as hard as you train so difficult? Is it because we’re incapable of such behavior? No. We fail because we underestimate the importance of whole food nutrition, allow our minds to be molded by television and manipulated by conventional thinking, and allow ourselves to be used by corporations that manufacture and control the vast majority of our food. To be successful as a health-conscious, functional athlete, we must overcome the monotony of training, eating and sleeping at the same time, in the same way DAY AFTER DAY! The body loves routine, and the mind functions best in a healthy strong brain and body. But the mind seeks variety and pleasure, and it’s the mind, especially the emotional pleasure-seeking mind, that gets us into trouble.

“Do you believe in a cheat day, Cory?” Sure, provided you don’t mind if your husband or wife cheats on you once a week. If you are disagreeable with such an arrangement, then whatever reason you give is the same that I will give to you. Cheating is cheating. If we cannot be trusted with a little, we cannot be trusted with a lot. If your diet is truly correct, there’s no need or desire to cheat. Showing up is half the battle and beginning is half done. True that. But after we finish our work in the gym, the fun has just begun. This is where it gets tricky for most and becomes a nightmare for others. What do I eat? When should I eat? What supplements should I take? The answers to these questions are derived through the same inductive process that teaches us how to lift correctly, stretch on a mat or run, swim and cycle with ideal form and precision. Through desire, principles are actualized but seldom overnight or without failure. Our world is reinforced with two kinds of knowledge, a priori or what comes before, and a posteriori meaning what comes later. With a priori knowledge, there is awareness of something independent of experience. Meanwhile a posteriori knowledge is dependent on experience or empirical evidence. Both are needful and useful. As stated so eloquently by Charles Peirce in How to Make Our Ideas Clear (1878), “To find the meaning of an idea we must examine the consequences to which it leads in action, otherwise dispute about it may be without end and will surely be without fruit.” Google everything you can about weight-training, its history and theoretical application, but until you’ve actually lifted some iron and solved the riddle of steel for yourself, you’ll never know how good it feels or understand why people in their right mind do it. Knowledge

Cory Holly Institute Online  CSNA           CSNA Master           CSNA Master Teacher 

Design Your Own Career Path and Do What You Love

Eat As Hard As You Train continued By Cory Holly


gained from afar is only as real as our imagination, and you cannot hold imagination in your hand. Thought is the driving force behind decisive action. First, we need to read a book, watch a video or listen to an audio tutorial. After validation, the next step is personal application. It’s the outcome (effect) that we’re chiefly concerned with; however, it is connecting causality to outcome that separates us potentially from the herd. To ignore causality is to mimic the action of the migrating wildebeest. If you train hard, it’s because you want to. Knowing why is half the battle. No autonomic force yet indentified in man urges us as a collective to run, swim and lift weights without resistance (pun intended). In fact, less than five per cent of first-world domesticated humans show up consistently and do the physical work and training required to sustain wellness, in spite of knowing that such effort is highly beneficial. If you eat as hard as you train, you’re putting the same energy into thinking about diet and food as you are about your performance. Elite athletes are always thinking about how to do what they do better. They think about skill training, they read articles on exercise technique, and they pay coaches and trainers to push them even harder. But when you sit down for chow, is there someone there to set you straight? Do you have a diet coach pushing you at the table to eat leaner and cleaner? Is your diet as good as your last workout? Do you eat as hard as you train? Eating as hard as you train is comparable to squeezing out sets and reps in the gym until it hurts. No growth hormone is released in the absence of elevated lactic acid. Eating as hard as you train means you eat as hard as you run or sprint. Intelligent athletes seek to make training more and more difficult because they know that overcoming difficulty is directly related to progress. The same is true with food. All human progress is gained only through suffering and hardship. If you eat “soft” and for pleasure only, you’ll get physically soft, but go down hard long before your time. Eating soft is comparable to training in the gym while talking to someone on your cell. Put the damn thing down! Eating soft is like doing push-ups on your knees, squatting half-way down with a barbell, or sitting on a bench between sets and gazing at the wall. Snap out of it!


Aristotle said that to achieve self-mastery, we must find joy in the suffrage of necessity. That means we must love doing what needs to be done, and if freedom from disease and outstanding athletic performance is your primary objective, then you have to think of eating whole, fresh clean food as a necessity. Like exercise. The incentive to exercise comes from the conceptualization of its necessity. To conceptualize means to form a concept out of observations and experience. The body won’t motivate you to get to the gym on its own. It’s designed to conserve energy like a sloth or a slug. Left to its own, it will always choose the pathway of least resistance. Fortunately for us, the tail doesn’t wag the dog, meaning the body doesn’t control the mind. The mind is the true Master. The body serves the mind. Lift your arm up in front of you. What makes it go up? Did it raise itself up independent of your mind? No. And what if you lose your arm? Will you also lose part of your mind? Absolutely not! So where is your mind? Don’t blame what you eat on anything but your own mind. The primary role of food is first and foremost to sustain the body with the nourishment it needs for cellular, glandular, muscular and nervous system function. This is best accomplished by consuming micronutrient dense fuel in its natural whole state and supplementing with a wide variety of high-quality natural health products. Shake’n’take, baby! Taste and culinary satisfaction – although an important feature of nutrition – is secondary to the necessity of biological supply and demand. It is illogical to compromise sound nutrition for taste alone, yet this is the rule for the great majority, not the exception. Alas, logic seldom convinces anyone of anything, so my final appeal must be made to your emotions. They say that everyone wants something and everyone is afraid of something. So what do you want? And what are you afraid of? Looking too good? Feeling too good? I think not. Perhaps you really don’t want what you say you want or maybe you simply don’t know. The price of freedom is high Barbarian. Are you ready to pay the price? Are you ready to get down and get dirty? Eat as hard as you train, and for those who struggle with the training, the training itself is only an effect. It is your mind that is mastered.

Here’s a fast and hard rule. If it goes in soft, it comes out hard. Eating hard means you eat like a scientist committed to reason. Every morsel of food you put in your mouth is fuel for the machine, and your engine only takes high-octane fuel. Yes, it can run on garbage if you compromise, but in the equation of life garbage in equals garbage out. Don’t think you can fool Mother Nature like you can fool most men. Biology is foolproof. You can lie about your diet, but you can’t hide the effects of your diet from reality.

The Cory Holly Institute is an online school of holistic sports nutrition, health and fitness. Our certification career courses teach students how to live well in the real world. Details at





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Healthy HolidayTips andTreats Surviving Cold and Flu Season Seasonal Affective Disorder BoostYour Metabolism: Three Easy Steps



(8 weeks)

r Cleane ver t reener The G e nettoyant L

In the Bathroom: •

Remove hard water marks and mineral deposits from faucets and shower heads.

Remove rust stains and disinfect toilets and tubs.

Full strength or 1:1 Dilution* Full strength

Eliminate mold and mildew from tiles, grout and shower curtains/doors.

Clean floors, glass, windows and counter tops.

Full strength or 1:1 Dilution 1:6 Dilution

• •

Remove lime deposits and stains from coffee pots, kettles, and pots and pans.

Full strength

Clean and deodorize automatic dishwasher (use short cycle).


Full strength in soap dispenser

Unclog and deodorize drains.

Deodorize and disinfect countertops.

½ cup baking soda, followed by ½ cup Vinegar Plus and ½ cup boiling water 1:4 Dilution

In the Laundry Room: •

Remove chemical or musty odours, soften fabrics and disinfect laundry.

Brighten fading colours.

Remove yellowing and perspiration stains from clothes with overnight soak.

Fix colours (reds and brights) and prevent them from running with 15 minute soak.

2 tbsp to rinse cycle

2 tbsp to wash cycle 1:6 Dilution (warm) 1:4 Dilution

In the Garage and Workshop: •

Revive synthetic fibre paint brushes and remove old paint by soaking.

Condition concrete floors before painting by precoating with Vinegar Plus solution. Allow to dry before applying paint and the paint will affix longer.

1:1 Dilution (hot)

1:3 Dilution

Recondition rusted tools by soaking them for several days. Full strength

In the Garden: •

Eliminate ants by pouring a Vinegar Plus solution on ant hills and around places where you want to discourage them. 1:4 Dilution

Keep outdoor furniture free of mildew, by spritzing with a Vinegar Plus solution and allowing to dry in the sun. 1:3 Dilution

Water rhododendrons, hydrangeas and other acid-loving plants with Vinegar Plus solution. 3:400 Dilution weekly (2 tbsp per 4 L)


es F s U y n a he M

In the Kitchen:

Exterminate dandelions and other weeds from driveway and patio cracks by spraying with Vinegar Plus solution. 1:1 Dilution

* Dilution ratio is Vinegar Plus to Cold water unless indicated otherwise. • Available at Loblaws, Bulk Barn and your local Health Food Retailer!

Vista Issue 90  

VISTA Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness. Cover story Gena Lee Nolin

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