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Interview with Canadian Actor

Adam beach Advantages of Infrared Sauna Seven Tips

to Make Life a Little Easier for Caregivers

Amino Acids:

The Foundation of Life

Feature: The magic of composting By Micheal Bloch Y O U R






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Issue 83 | May/June/July 2012

Issue 78 | Sept/Oct 2011





Recovery: Essential to Health & Wellness By Dr Cory Holly

A nutrient regimen for recovery, healing and health.

Amino Acids: The Foundation of Life By Marva Ward CNP

The essential nature of amino acids.

Collagen Slows Aging By Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, M.S. Slow aging of your body, joints and skin by increasing collagen naturally.

Seven Tips to Make Life a Little Easier for Caregivers By Ethelle G. Lord

Are you caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia?





Coping with Anxiety By Robbin Coedy B.Sc. M.Sc.

Passionflower offers a natural alternative to anxiety medications.

Adam Beach Takes Flight By Liberty Craig

Canadian actor Adam Beach on the struggles and triumphs of his life and community.

Ionic Calcium and Magnesium for Best Results By Rose Macmillan

Ionic supplementation is most effective.

Advantages of Infrared Sauna By Bob Morgan

Infrared sauna may offer a cooler, healthier way to sweat.


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Steps to Beautiful Skin & Hair

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Youthful skin has abundant collagen making the skin smooth and wrinkle free. Active Collagen has been shown to reduce the depth of deep wrinkles in 28 days. Start taking Active Collagen today for beautiful skin. Your skin needs a special fatty acid called GLA. Fish and flax oil do not provide GLA. For skin that glows take GLA Skin Oil every day. Your hair, nails and bones need Collagen Plus with biotin. For strong nails and bones and thick, fast growing hair in 60 days take Collagen Plus.

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s I sit in my garden and watch its transformation into the full bloom of spring’s splendor, I am again amazed at the seemingly endless will of mother nature’s undying persistence to create new life. This time of rebirth inspires me to get outside and take in all the fresh air, sights, sounds and boundless beauty evolving before my very eyes. I am reminded of how our beautiful daughter used to spend this time of year eating worms and rolling around in the mud. Her attention now seems fixated Trent E. Nellis - Publisher, Vista Magazine on picking flowers for her mother, grandmother or our neighbours. Her innocence, kindness and gentle demeanor show a genuine concern for all life in our yard. She wants to be sure the ladybugs are in order and the spiders are all hard at work spinning their webs. She is very concerned that the raccoons and herons that invade our property on a nightly basis don’t eat her helpless goldfish. She is intent on keeping our bird feeders full, in case the new birds can’t find the food they need. In general, she has a fresh and positive outlook as yet unspoiled by the turmoil most of us face in our daily lives. I am inspired by her unfettered happiness and boundless enthusiasm. She shows the joy that many new forms of life show at this time of year. Like a playful puppy, she bounds around the yard from one attraction to the next, seemingly amazed by each new discovery she encounters. Who knew a dandelion could be so exciting, and a common garden slug could create such drama? I take great solace in the fact that my little girl has inherited her ancestors’ love of the outdoors and is genuinely touched by the beauty and amazing scenery all around her. Her zeal for life is something that I envy and cherish. If only we all could be so lucky as to forget the sometimes unpleasant realities of life, and simply enjoy the beauty of the world that unfolds right in front of us. Happy spring to all!

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CONTENTS CONTENTS Issue 83 | May/June/July 2012




31 Composting Tips: The Magic of Compost

Simple techniques for effective composting.


Raw Bites: Mint Cacao Brownies, Cacao Pudding & Living Lemon Bars By Joy Houston

Raw desserts are the gateway drug to gourmet raw cuisine.

34 They Say Radical; We Say Rational

By David Suzuki

The bleak future of fossil fuels.


Editor Selects


Recipe For Health: Sicilian Red Potato Salad By Tracy Kaye Holly, CSNA Master


New To Market

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Optimal health cannot be achieved through diet alone.



Why infertility is on the rise – and what you can do about it.

Give the Best to Your Little Ones – And Your Not-So-Little Ones By Lucie Lafontaine

By Michael Bloch

Battling Infertility: What is Preventing You From Conceiving? By Dr. Lisa Caputo, DC; Dr. Connie D’Astolfo, DC. PhD (c ), & Robin Khangura, M.Sc

Are You Getting Enough of the Sunshine Vitamin?

Recent medical studies have shown that many people may not receive enough vitamin D in their daily lives. Our bodies can make vitamin D3, but only when our skin is exposed to sunlight under the proper conditions. This production is dependent on the season, where we live and the time of day. Even using sunscreen may reduce the body’s production of vitamin D. Medical studies continue to show that adequate vitamin D intake helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Carlson Vitamin D soft gels are a great way to ensure that you and your loved ones receive the vitamin D you need. Ž

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Liberty Craig, Editor


Health means happiness – period, the end. And health doesn’t simply mean the absence of disease; it means energy, vitality, mental clarity and stamina. It means getting off the couch, avoiding the sluggishness and lethargy that many experts believe are key contributors to depression. It means avoiding the overly processed, overly sweetened, additive-filled foods that are poor sources of fuel and make us feel unwell. It means enjoying life and having a positive attitude. It’s simple: all we need is plenty of water, sunlight and nutrients, and we, too, will bloom.


Photo Credit: Cindy Hughes

s I sit down to write this, with my chicken, quinoa, chickpea and spinach salad (which is delicious, by the way – my secret ingredient is sautéed leeks), the rain pattering away on my windowsill, and my lovely pink tulips beginning to open, I am thinking about the miracle of spring and its ability to burst into the fullness of summer. The Earth rejuvenates itself each year with a little water, some nutrient-rich soil and warm sunlight. It’s a lesson that surrounds us, but one that we fail to recognize Liberty Craig - Editor, Vista Magazine all too often, even as we are unfurling our own wintry tendrils toward the strengthening light. Health and wellness really come down to the basics: nutrition, hydration, fresh air and daylight. A balanced, healthy and delicious diet is the starting point, and there are wonderful supplements on the market to help us obtain the nutrients we need. Hydration is key: the vast majority of us are chronically dehydrated. The rule on the TV show The Biggest Loser is: “we don’t drink our calories.” Let’s remember that water is essential; sugary juices and carbonated pop are more harmful than helpful. And sunshine and fresh air are vital to our existence; not just for the vitamin D, but for the opportunity to get out and get moving, get those blood cells circulating, those lungs pumping, and that oxygen distributed throughout our bodies.

Recovery: Essential to Health & Wellness By Dr. Cory Holly



3URGXFW([KLELWRUVÅ/HFWXUHVÅ&RQIHUHQFH7KHPH5HFRYHU\ Saturday Sept 29th, 2012 9am-4pm Tickets Online @


ecovery is a primary biological response and complex organic process that occurs after exposure to athletic training, exercise and sport. In fact, complete recovery after stress of any kind, including physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual or metaphysical, is essential to individual survival, optimal health and personal wellness. All athletes, regardless of their particular sport, frequency of play, intensity of training or demands of skill training and practice, must fully recover from the stress of physical activity. Adequate rest is a necessity, but the body must also obtain the resources it needs from food to fully replenish the energy and micronutrients expended during exercise. As the athlete knows, any tonic or natural remedy that enhances recovery after training is a valuable asset. Quick and efficient recovery means things are going well. Good recovery is one of the most reliable barometers for measuring someone’s physical health and condition. Completing the trek up the mountain is admirable, but how well did you fare afterwards? Optimal sports nutrition includes many excellent dietary supplements and natural health products that enhance recovery, reduce inflammation, minimize risk of tissue infection and improve functional wound healing. Creatine and ribose, for example, help sustain and maintain the production of ATP, the body’s primary energy currency. Without an ample supply of energy post-workout, recovery is prolonged. Until the body has completely recovered, no growth or further progress is possible. That is why recovery is so important. Recovery is as important as the training itself. Adaptogens help athletes train harder, recover more quickly and achieve maximum output with less biochemical disharmony. Classic adaptogens include Maca root, ginseng, astragalus, ashwagandha, cordyceps, rhodiola and schisandra. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium taken before and after training protect cell membranes, mitochondria and DNA from the scourge of uncontrolled free radical pathology. Less damage means faster recovery. Supplemental enzymes such as pancreatin, papain, bromelain and protease help reduce pain and the formation of scar tissue, especially when combined with ice therapy. BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) can extend training performance and reduce the depletion of potassium and glycogen. Glycogen (human starch) is stored in the liver and skeletal muscles and functions as an immediate energy source for muscle cells. Quick restoration of depleted glycogen after training is crucial to speedy recovery. The entire process of growth and muscle remodeling depends on it.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries include a wide variety of soft tissue, skeletal and joint-related injuries associated with physical exercise, sporting events and various athletic activities. These are commonly described as strains, sprains, dislocations, fractures, lacerations, cuts, abrasions,

blisters, bruising, inflammation, hernia and pain. More than 20 percent of all reported accidents are sports-related. Outside of direct impact injuries, additional symptoms may include delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), muscle cramps or stitches, exercise-induced asthma, upper respiratory tract infection, compromised immune function and increased susceptibility to different cancers, cataracts and even premature aging. The degree of impairment and microcellular damage caused by sport-related activity depends on the athlete’s state of health and physical condition. Other variables include training frequency, training intensity, quality of diet, hydration status and sport specificity (i.e., football versus golf). Humans possess a high degree of adaptability, provided they are well and conditioned, but only within specific and limited physiobiochemical parameters. Personal boundaries of individual stress tolerance are determined principally by genetics, environment and mental toughness. They vary from one person to the next, but the real trick is to understand the limits of your own body. The wise and experienced athlete makes every attempt to protect his temple from unnecessary harm and depletion.

Stress Management

Response to stress, as defined by Canadian physiologist Hans Selye, is a built-in mechanism designed to protect us from damage. Selye defined human reaction to any form of stress as a general adaptation syndrome (GAS), and proposed that GAS consists of three stages of progression: the alarm phase, adaptation phase, and exhaustion phase. Diseases and injury mainly appear in the exhaustion phase when, due to depletion and lowered resistance, the body loses the ability to manage the effects of stress. Physically active individuals engaged in sport and constant training are frequently subjected to the risk of injury, be it in the gym, on the ice, on the field or in the pool. Although prevention is always the best medicine, accidents seem inevitable and in certain sports where physical contact is part of the game, such as rugby, boxing, wrestling, lacrosse, football and hockey, injury caused by collision and direct impact is common. In other sports, such as the discus, hammer or javelin throw, tennis or baseball, the elbow and shoulder joints are frequently injured due to excessive repetition and overuse. Cumulative microtrauma weakens collagen cross-linking and predisposes the noncollagenous matrix and vascular elements of tendons to affliction. When a tendon has been strained repeatedly to more than four percent of its original length, it is unable to endure any further tension, and injury will occur with a break in collagen structure. Common sports injuries are best treated quickly and biologically. Constant pushing against the body’s inherent healing makes the body more susceptible to chronic injury, illness and infection. This typically occurs when sports injuries are ignored, incorrectly diagnosed or treated with drugs without consideration to cause. The best healing method known is biological (nature’s cure). Consider that, after all of its research, technology, notoriety and ap-

parent sophistication, the best advice conventional medicine can offer today for treating most acute sports injuries hasn’t changed in a thousand years: “put ice on it.” How technical is that? To improve recovery of the entire system day in and day out, consume whole, natural, real food. Choose a diet compatible with your genome. Supply your biological demand. Eat a mixed alkaline-forming diet high in potential energy, one that provides a multitude of diverse bioactive micronutrients. Natural whole food is incompatible with the initiation and propagation of disease. Avoid the chronic overuse of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and pharmaceutical drugs. Used long term, they destroy everything and everyone and foster the menace of chemical dependency. Big pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in natural healing or complete restoration of the mind and body. If everyone was well and educated in the art and science of natural medicine, they wouldn’t exist.

Shake & Take

Don’t run on empty. Make a protein shake before and after training. Become one with your blender. Use filtered water as a base. Add one to two tablespoons of hemp, chia, flax or a mixed blend of omega-3 rich seed oils. Liquid fish oils that contain EPA and DHA are fine. Omega-3 fatty acids combine with the sulfur in non-denatured protein to form healing lipoproteins. It was German scientist Dr Johanna Budwig who first discovered that these organic substances could heal a mountain of diseases. The right oil and protein mixed together modifies the catabolic influence of elevated cortisol, reduces inflammation and helps rebuild damaged filaments and active tissue. Add one to two scoops of your favourite protein supplement, preferably one that is isolated and high in biological value (BV). Whey peptides are preferred in terms of BV, nitrogen retention and benefits to the immune system. At home we combine whey protein isolate with a plant-based protein blend derived from hemp, pea, Saviseed and brown rice. Long live the spirit of eclecticism. Before turning the blender on, complete your shake matrix with a teaspoon of calcium ascorbate, creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine, D-Ribose and something green, such as spirulina or chlorella. Add your favorite fresh or frozen organic fruit. Our favorites include papaya, pineapple, banana and frozen berries. Shake and take! What we eat is a reflection of our consciousness; it represents who and what we are. Health is a mindset and the body serves the mind. The tail should never wag the dog. Health is far more than the absence of disease; it is the presence of function. Efficient recovery is the hallmark of excellent health.

The Cory Holly Institute (Chi) hosts the only sports nutrition trade show and conference in Canada. Visit for more info.

Amino Acids:

The Foundation of Life C

ontrary to popular belief, amino acids in supplemental form are not only for the benefit of the athletic elite; they have beneficial applications for every individual. Amino acids are required for every physiological aspect of life and are a fundamental component in the structure and mechanisms of every cell in the human body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters and antioxidants. There are 20 amino acids that are directly encoded by the universal genetic code. Nine of these are referred to as “essential” amino acids, as they can be acquired only through the diet; the remaining 11 amino acids are synthesized by the body and are classified as “non-essential.” There are exceptions within this category as there are times when the body experiences excessive stress or trauma, and the demand for nonessential amino acids exceeds the body’s ability to produce them. As a result, non-essential amino acids must be sourced through the diet or through supplementation, thus changing their status to “conditionally” essential. The following list outlines all 20 amino acids and their biological functions in the human body.

Essential Amino Acids • Isoleucine*: Necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin, the major constituent of red blood cells. • Leucine*: Beneficial for skin, bone and tissue wound healing. It promotes growth hormone synthesis. • Lysine: Component of muscle protein and needed for the synthesis of enzymes and hormones. It is also a precursor to L-carnitine and is essential for healthy nervous system function. • Methionine: Helps in the breakdown of fats and aids in reducing muscle degeneration. It is also good for healthy skin and nails and has antioxidant properties. • Phenylalanine: Beneficial for a healthy nervous system. It boosts memory and learning. It may be useful against depression and for suppressing appetite. • Threonine: Balances protein levels in the body. It supports the immune system by aiding in the production of antibodies. Threonine is needed to create glycine and serine, two amino acids that are necessary for the production of collagen, elastin and muscle tissue. • Tryptophan: Necessary for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin. • Valine*: Essential for muscle development. • Histidine: Important for the synthesis of red and white blood cells. It is a precursor for histamine. It increases blood flow to assist circulation. * Branched-chain amino acids

Non-Essential Amino Acids • Alanine: Required for sugar and acid metabolism. It also increases immunity, and provides energy for the brain and central nervous system. • Asparagine: Helps promote equilibrium in the central nervous system. It also supports the metabolism of ammonia.



By Marva Ward CNP

• Aspartic acid: Plays a key role in the Krebs cycle. It enhances stamina, aids in the removal of toxins and ammonia from the body, and contributes to the synthesis of proteins involved in the immune system. • Arginine*/**: Needed to maintain normal functions of blood vessels and other organs. Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, a vasodilator, a blood pressure reducer and it aids in the removal of excessive ammonia (a byproduct of protein synthesis). It also enhances immunological function and aids in wound healing. • Cysteine*/**: A component of protein, abundant in nails, skin and hair. It acts as an antioxidant and has synergetic effects when taken with other antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium. • Glutamine*: Promotes healthy brain function. It is also necessary for the synthesis of RNA and DNA molecules. Glutamine supports healthy immune function and aids in wound healing. • Glutamic acid: Glutamate is an important neurotransmitter that plays a key role in long-term potentiation, a neural mechanism underlying memory storage. • Glycine*: A component of skin and beneficial for wound healing. It acts as a neurotransmitter. • Serine: A constituent of brain proteins and aids in the synthesis of immune system proteins. Serine also supports muscle growth. • Tyrosine*/**: A precursor to dopamine, norepinephrine and adrenaline. It enhances positive mood and is also an antioxidant. • Proline: Plays a role in intracellular signaling. * Conditionally essential ** Essential in infants Essential amino acids are obtained through the digestion of dietary protein. After leaving the small intestine, the amino acids are processed in the liver; then utilized throughout the body. However, branchedchain amino acids are the exception. This trio of essential amino acids bypasses the liver and is processed directly in the muscle, allowing for its successful role in a number of muscle wasting diseases. Some studies suggest that using branched-chain amino acids as part of a nutritional protocol may provide support to individuals suffering from ALS, brain deficiencies resulting from liver diseases, kidney failure, various cancers and anorexia, as well as nutritional support for the elderly who are often plagued with a poor appetite. There are also a number of amino acid precursors and derivatives that play an important role for health such as GABA and 5-HTP, which help manage depression, anxiety disorders, ADD and ADHD. Taurine and arginine are very successful in supporting the heart and cardiovascular health. SAMe is used extensively in Europe to treat cirrhosis of the liver. Amino acids are quite literally the foundation of life. If an imbalance occurs, amino acid supplementation may be a viable addition to any protocol designed to help restore health and wellness.

Marva Ward, CNP, is a registered nutritionist.

Amino Acids: Your building blocks for balanced health

Amino acids are required for every physiological aspect of life. NOW offers the industry’s largest selection of single and combination products at premium quality and affordable prices.

Join the Orange Revolution Available exclusively at fine health food retailers. For more information on the benefits of amino acids visit

Collagen By Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, M.S.



Slows Aging T

he word collagen is derived from the Greek word “kola,” meaning glue. Collagen is a structural component that makes your bones strong, your tendons elastic and your skin smooth. It is the single most abundant protein in the human body. Proteins are made up of amino acids, and collagen is no exception. When we are young, collagen is produced in abundance and, as we age, collagen production declines. There are more than 16 types of collagen, but 90 percent of the collagen in the body consists of types I, II and III. Collagen is essential to every structure in the body. When collagen production decreases, muscles and skin sag, bones lose density, and joints and ligaments become weaker and less elastic. Cartilage becomes thinner and weaker at the joints it is supposed to cushion. Hair loses thickness and wave, and breaks easily. Organs may sag toward the floor (prolapse uterus and bladder), and sphincters weaken. The heart enlarges. Arteries become less elastic, more prone to aneurysm and less resistant to plaque formation. Where we most notice the loss of collagen is in the skin. Maintaining healthy collagen levels as we age will slow the structural decline of the body’s tissues and organs.

Collagen in Nutritional Supplements

There are many different types of collagen supplements available. Type II collagen from chicken sternum and animal-derived collagen from bovine or porcine; type I, II, III and VII collagen from marine collagen and elastin peptides; and gelatin from boiling the skin, tendons and ligaments of cows. Collagen topical agents are also being sold. So how do you know what type of collagen to use? Research has been performed using collagen for arthritis, wrinkles and bone health. Studies have shown that chicken type II collagen is effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and a 2009 study found it to be effective in treating osteoarthritis. The new study compared chicken type II collagen against a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. The findings indicate that the collagen treatment resulted in a significant reduction in all assessments from the baseline at 90 days. The Western Ontario McMaster Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) score (which is the gold standard for measuring the improvement in arthritis symptoms like pain, range of motion and distance walking), was reduced by 33 percent in the group taking collagen compared to 14 percent in the group getting glucosamine and chondroitin after 90 days. The chicken type II collagentreated subjects showed significant enhancement in daily activities, suggesting an improvement in their quality of life. Collagen type II is the key type of collagen found in cartilage, so it makes sense that rebuilding the damaged cartilage will help reduce the pain of arthritis.

complex, large-sized molecule that it cannot penetrate the skin. Building collagen from the inside out is the most effective way of enhancing collagen in the skin. Starting in our early twenties, collagen production declines by about one percent a year. Women in menopause are especially susceptible to collagen decline. Women lose as much as 30 percent of their skin collagen in the five years following menopause, which is the reason we see bone loss, muscle decline, prolapse uterus and bladder and skeletal aging in general. If that is not bad enough, skin elasticity declines 0.55 percent per year after menopause. The effects of slowed collagen production are visibly obvious when skin loses its structure, sags and wrinkles. A second, yet equally important component of skin is called elastin. Elastin fibres form a matrix with collagen; together they allow the skin to flex and move. When we are young, the skin naturally renews its collagen and elastin, but with age and damaging exposure to sun and environmental toxins, this renewal rate slows down. In a study of 43 women between the ages of 40 and 55 with crow’s feet wrinkles, consumption of type I, III and VII marine collagen and elastin peptides was found to decrease lines and wrinkles as well as to increase skin moisture. Two grams per day of either marine collagen and elastin or placebo were consumed for 84 days. Subjects’ forearm and face skin conditions were measured at day 0, day 28 and day 84. Day 28 through 84 were during winter months to simulate harsh winter conditions. After 28 days, the group taking marine collagen and elastin showed a significant decrease in the depth of the number of deep wrinkles in 71 percent of the subjects. The placebo group experienced an increase in the number of deep wrinkles at both day 28 and day 84. Finally, marine collagen and elastin polypeptides were found to have a powerful moisturizing effect on the skin, whereas the placebo group had an increase in dryness. Although the skin of the urinary tract and vaginal wall were not evaluated, the marine collagen (collagen VII) would most likely render improvement in these tissues as well.

Build Collagen from the Inside Out

You can enhance your body’s ability to manufacture collagen by providing the body with the building blocks of collagen, including vitamin C and other antioxidants, biotin and silicic acid. Garlic contains sulfur, which helps your body produce collagen. Garlic also contains taurine and alpha lipoid acid, which support damaged collagen fibers. Tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant lycopene, which inhibits the enzymes called collagenases that break down and destroy collagen. A diet rich in vegetables and good sources of protein will aid collagen production from the inside out.

Collagen for Skincare

The concept of collagen creams is based on the premise that since the skin is made up of collagen, applying topical collagen to skin that is deficient should increase collagen. Unfortunately, collagen is such a

Lorna Vanderhaeghe is Canada’s leading women’s natural health expert. With degrees in biochemistry and nutrition, she has authored 11 books. Visit www. for more information.



Seven Tips to Make Life a Little Easier for Caregivers

By Ethelle G. Lord


ore than 80 percent of family caregivers are unpaid, homebound, even isolated. These caregivers are overwhelmed with day-to-day responsibilities for someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Remembering4You recommends tips that make the work and life of a caregiver a little easier. Keeping it simple maximizes energy and minimizes the possibility of exhaustion. The following seven key tips are easy to adopt and implement in your daily caregiving schedule when providing care for someone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Tip #1: When caring for an elderly loved one, especially someone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, serve meals consistently at the same times every day. Plan your meals ahead of time and avoid giving too many options for meals: “Would you like a tuna sandwich; maybe a bowl of soup; or how about some casserole?” This can be confusing for your loved one, and even small decisions like what to have for lunch can cause anxiety. Try this: “We’re having chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. I know how much you love chicken salad.” Tip #2: Buy a lightweight water pitcher and keep it full. Keep it in an easily accessible place for your loved one. Gently remind him or her to keep drinking the water. Staying hydrated is important for their overall health and well-being. Tip #3: If your loved one likes watching TV, buy a remote control with large numbers. The same goes for the phone – if chatting on the phone with friends and family members is still possible, make sure to buy a phone with an oversized keypad they can use. Digital clocks with large numbers placed around the home are also beneficial. Tip #4: Keep all of their belongings organized and easily accessible, including clothing. Picking out an outfit will be much easier if clothes are neat and orderly. Sets can be matched in advance and put on the same hanger. If the person with Alzheimer’s is still able to dress



independently, this will make it much easier to find the proper outfit all on the same hanger. If the family caregiver has to dress the loved one, this will save a great deal of time. Tip #5: Allow your loved ones to make as many of their own decisions as possible. This helps them to feel in control and retain some autonomy. The important thing is to limit the choices, because too many choices can be overwhelming, even frustrating. Tip #6: Know what they love, and do those things with them often. Find what abilities they still have, such as playing cards. Talk to them about their memories and sit with them to watch an old movie together. Bake cookies and encourage daily exercise such as taking walks outside or in the mall. Take them out for coffee or tea in order to socialize, and for the caregiver to be able to socialize also. Tip #7: Treat your responsibilities of caregiver the same as you would any other job or employment. Create an operation manual that describes every task and every responsibility. If someone has to replace you for some respite or you hire a paid, part-time caregiver, this operation manual will be a life saver. Include your daily tasks in order of importance, a column for remarks, and a column for the initials of the caregiver who performed the task. Remembering4You has a sample forms at

Ethelle G. Lord has her Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix (2010). Dr. Lord is an adjunct Professor of Business and author. She has her own coaching business at Remembering for You (dot) Com and Teamwork Coaching (dot) Com. From 1992 to 1996, she had a private practice in mental health counseling; in the late 80s she was a paralegal for Legal Services for the Elderly and from 1992-1996 she was a two-term President of the Maine Gerontological Society of Maine.

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Coping with Anxiety By Robbin Coedy B.Sc. M.Sc.


t’s often hard for us to relax. There are always so many important things for us to do at work and home. With increasing pressure to perform, anxiety-inducing situations, personal conflicts, plus our own needs, we hardly get to take any time for ourselves! The reality of modern life, in which we are plugged-in almost constantly to the demands of the world around us, is not what our bodies are designed to cope with. When we’re under acute stress – say, an attack by a sabre-toothed tiger, or a life-threatening emergency – our bodies react by increasing cortisol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Our hearts pound, our palms become sweaty: we’re ready for “fight or flight.” Modern stressors, however, are mostly chronic. We have low-grade stress every day, all day. From traffic jams to sick children to overwhelming workloads, these less-urgent stresses produce the same effects on our bodies nonetheless. As time goes on, our bodies become less able to cope with it. Illness – both physical and emotional – can be the result. Ongoing stress and anxiety can lead to poor sleep, irritable bowel, running thoughts, inability to focus, and susceptibility to illness. Doctors often recommend prescription anti-anxiety medications to help us calm down and reduce the negative effects of stress on the body. However, these medications have negative effects of their own: loss of concentration, drowsiness and addiction are all known problems.

A Natural Way to De-stress

An herbal alternative is a great way to re-

duce your stress levels without resorting to potentially harmful medications. One herb has similar effects to prescription anxiolytics, but without the negative side effects. Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. It is one of the best-known, safest herbs available. The British Herbal Compendium recommends passionflower for sleep disorders, restlessness, nervous stress and anxiety. There are several studies that support passionflower’s effectiveness. Recent studies show that passionflower works by improving GABA – the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter, or signal, in the brain. Other studies using the same herbal extract (from Germany) recently found that passionflower starts to exert its action within 30 minutes. Passionflower has been shown to work for people with generalized, daily anxiety and to be just as effective as a prescription medication with dramatically fewer side effects. In two studies, those taking passionflower had no negative impact on job performance, compared with those on the prescription medication, while having significant improvement in anxiety levels. For acute fear or anxiety, another study looked at using passionflower before surgery. Patients were given passionflower (500mg) or placebo 90 minutes before surgery. After only 30 minutes, there was a significant difference in anxiety levels, and the difference from placebo was greater as time went on. After surgery, there was no negative impact of passionflower: patients recovered the same way, were no sleepier, and left the hospital at the same time as the patients on placebo.

Situations that can be helped by passionflower: • • • • • •

running thoughts job or school anxiety fear of flying general unrest inability to fall asleep lack of concentration

For more information on passionflower and a self-directed quiz to evaluate your symptoms, visit



Passionflower has no known dependency, addiction potential or negative side effects. The European Medicines Agency, which regularly reviews all medications both natural and chemical, calls passionflower a very safe herb with no toxicity.

How to Pick Your Passionflower

When choosing a passionflower product, make sure it is close to the dose used in studies – around 400mg to 500mg is ideal. It’s also important that the herb is Passiflora incarnata – there are many other species of passionflower, but they do not work the same way. If you’re not sure, your natural healthcare professional can be a great help in helping you select the right product. With its strong safety record and clinical research more extensive than almost any other herb, passionflower is ideal for both acute and ongoing stress and anxiety. The next time you need something to help you relax, try the power of passionflower.

Robbin Coedy B.Sc. M.Sc. holds degrees in Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences and Human Biology and is currently managing director responsible for product education for a leading naturopathic company in Richmond Hill.

Stay relaxed but alert!

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Relaxation Calm and Peace Concentration Better Sleep

- PASCOFLAIR™ was originally called PASCOE® Calm in the Canadian Market. - All PASCOE products are sold legally in Canada according to the regulations of the Natural Health Products Directorate branch of Health Canada.


Adam Beach Takes Flight

Photos courtesy of CBC

By Liberty Craig



“Hello British Columbia!” an exuberant Adam Beach answers the the communities, and it kind of saved me, in a way; made me readjust phone from his LA home. He has no idea who is on the other end myself and learn to take a new approach to what I was understanding of the line, but his call display tells him it’s a fellow Canadian, and of my surroundings. I’m very aware of where I am today, living my life. that’s good enough for Beach. A deluge of energy and charisma get us I know there’s something out there that’s been helping me and guiding through the initial pleasantries before we delve into topics of his life, me; my goal is to teach myself to be aware of those connections.” As a role model for his community, Beach hopes to inspire youth his work, his life’s work. Adam Beach has become a staple in Canadian film and television in recent years, and is well known as one of the to understand the world outside the perimeters of their small comfew Native Canadians to cross the border and make it big in Holly- munities; to help them aspire to a life beyond their current struggles. wood, too. His roles have included television series like Law & Order: Identity, says Beach, is at the heart of the problem, compounded by isolation, substance abuse, povSVU and movies such as Flags of Our erty and a political history of Fathers (directed by Clint Eastwood), victimization. “After a hundred Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee years of people saying don’t (which garnered Beach a Golden be Indian, don’t speak your Globe nomination), and Windtalkers language, try to look civilized (starring Nicholas Cage). His current – everybody’s affected by that, project as the starring role in CBC’s stuck in their own struggle of Arctic Air has also proven a high-flyidentity: who the hell are we? ing success, with greater than anticiIt’s going to take at least anpated viewership and a recent green other 20 years for them to be light for season two. able to re-identify as Native At the heart of the show is a people.” There is also the quesYellowknife-based airline company tion of social responsibility. called Arctic Air that serves the isoPoverty and a rampant housing lated, fly-in communities in the great crisis are not being adequately white north, transporting people addressed, says Beach. “The and supplies through fierce weather housing crises in some of these conditions. Beach’s Bobby Martin is communities are so bad, some the dashing, odds-fighting pilot who of them don’t even have runadds charm and heroism at every ning water – they fill a bucket turn. “I think it’s important for the three times a day to be able to audience in Canada to be able to see a drink water, and their bathglimpse of the beautiful north,” comroom is a pail with something ments Beach. “Arctic Air is a lifeline to cover the top of it. A lot of to these communities. It’s not just flypeople are not paying attention ing planes – it’s the business of saving to these issues – or they don’t lives by getting goods and services even want to talk about it; it’s into communities.” in their backyard and they just As an actor, Beach is interested in want to point their finger at roles that help him grow both personsomebody else.” ally and professionally. Yet a key part His people are in recovery, of his strong connection to the role of says Beach, from the years of Bobby Martin is the opportunity the victimization at the hands of show gives him to reach out to Naresidential schools. “A lot of tive Canadian communities across people don’t understand how the country – especially those living it affects a whole generation. in small, isolated groups. “When I They learned to dismantle look at a project,” says Beach, “I have themselves, degrade them“After a hundred years of a sense of where I am in my life and selves; when they went home how I can represent that in what I’m doing. Bobby Martin challenges him- people saying don’t be Indian, don’t they relied on the teachings from these schools, and they self every day. He dreams big. There speak your language, try to look became parents and taught are a lot of failures along the way but civilized – everybody’s affected by it to their kids.” Interestingly, it doesn’t stop him from achieving notes that the very isolahis goals. He lost his parents when he that, stuck in their own struggle of Beach tion faced by the communities was a kid, which resonates with my represented by Arctic Air has own personal experiences. The show identity: who the hell are we?” been both saviour and captor enables me to reach out to isolated northern communities through a little TV in their living rooms. The for many Native groups. “They were almost successful at assimilating youth can look up to a good image of what a Native man is, and hope- us,” comments Beach. “What saved us was the isolation – that and being able to vote. But now we have to open up the doors and let our fully change their lives.” Beach grew up on the Dog Creek First Nations Reserve in north- children see that there is a world out there.” The double-edged sword ern Manitoba, where his childhood was anything but ideal. At the age of isolation exacerbates issues like substance abuse, as well. “They’ve of eight, he lost his eight-months-pregnant mother to a drunk driver. protected themselves by creating a wall around their communities so Eight weeks later, his alcoholic father drowned. Despite this frightful no one can come in or out, but when drugs and alcohol enter the comsuccession of events, Beach says he has no superstition surrounding munity, it’s almost like a virus – no one knows how to kick out the the number eight, and can even see the positive in his ordeal. “The drugs and alcohol. When you go to some of these communities, you loss of my parents took me away from the sexual abuse that was in immediately see the devastation this has caused.”



Our cultural practices ... teach us respect for ourselves, our surroundings and our families. It’s those teachings that have been forcefully taken away from our communities by residential schools, and it’s time we work together to bring it back.

After losing his parents to alcohol, then becoming a figurehead for his community, Beach says alcohol is a necessary absence from his own life. “I have to pay attention and watch myself very closely because of my role model status. I’m very careful about the decisions I make in my life. Definitely, alcohol contributed to the loss of my parents and the issues I faced growing up.” Beach grew up in the second-worst neighbourhood in Canada at the time, and learned first-hand the struggles of gangs and drugs in Native culture. “My life changed when I met my traditional teacher,” says Beach. “He taught me another way to be Native, through the respect of our teachings and our traditions. In the last 20 years I’ve changed my life by learning our cultural practices that teach us respect for ourselves, our surroundings and our families. It’s those teachings that have been forcefully taken away from our communities by residential schools, and it’s time we work together to bring it back.” He pauses before continuing. “I believe that anybody can practice any faith they want, but if you’re hiding behind it, and your people and your children are still being victimized by your own community, then there’s something wrong. People are afraid to point fingers at themselves, but I believe that if you need help, you’ve got to help yourself first.” When it comes to helping himself, Beach keeps it simple. His goals are continual self-improvement, both personally and professionally, and his life’s work is in support of his community. He stays healthy and fit for movies and television simply by making better choices along the way. While he jokes about how much he loves his burgers and fries and how much he misses poutine, Beach maintains a very healthy diet. “My main goal is to eat clean,” he says. “I stay away from sugar, stay away from fat as much as I can – no butter; lots of greens and nothing preserved. Instead of frying my egg, I’d rather have a boiled egg; instead of rice I’ll have beans. It’s just little changes.” For his workout routine, Beach says he primarily does the work on his own, without a trainer. At the moment, he is trying to gain muscle for an upcoming movie, so he’s spending a lot of time on bench work and less time doing cardio, while upping his protein intake. “A lot of my diet consists of what my girlfriend, Leah Gibson, makes me!” quips Beach. Gibson plays Candi Lussier, high school love interest to Beach’s Bobby Martin on Arctic Air, and the two have been a real-life item since day one. “We met during a reading of the first episode,” says Beach, “and when her character and my character started talking, at the table with all the producers and actors, I looked in her eyes and stumbled – I was confused, blinded by her beautiful eyes. It was funny; people laughed at me! Working together is amazing – she’s so supportive and understands how hard it is to be an actor. She’s always taking care of me and whenever I need help, she’ll always set aside her life to focus on my health and well-being. She’s the love of my life.” Arctic Air has not yet begun filming its second season; in the meantime, Beach says he is just hanging out in LA and “being daddy” to his three kids, ages 16, 14 and 3. Yet he has all kinds of projects on the go as well, including building a new film school in Winnipeg and opening an American Indian film studio in Arizona; his new movie Path of Souls premiered at the Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival in April, and Red Machine with Billy Bob Thornton and James Marsden is currently in post-production. Arctic Air has been a terrific move for Beach in terms of his career, his community involvement and even his love life. It’s fair to say that, with Arctic Air, Adam Beach has truly taken flight.

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Go Ionic today! You have nothing to lose and your health to gain!

Ionic Calcium and Magnesium

for Best Results By Rose Macmillan


o you suffer from sleeplessness, headaches, low energy, muscle tension, swollen joints or brittle bones? If so, you probably have low levels of magnesium in your body. Magnesium is one of the most important elements for the human body, as it aids in energy production, protein synthesis, bone formation, creation of new cells, contraction and relaxation of muscles and activation of B vitamins. Magnesium also helps with the proper functioning of the nerves, heart, kidneys, adrenals and brain. Yet studies have shown that up to 95 percent of the population is deficient in magnesium. Furthermore, even if you are already supplementing with magnesium, your body still may not be receiving the quantity it requires. That’s because most supplements travel through the digestive system and are difficult for your body to absorb. Calcium is also required for bone and

joint health, but without magnesium it cannot be properly absorbed by the body and your body can actually retain too much calcium. Neither your calcium nor your magnesium can be properly absorbed and utilized by your body if it is not in ionic form. Ionic supplementation bypasses the digestive system altogether. Instead, the small, electrically charged ions are absorbed through the sublingual and mucous membranes of the mouth. This allows the supplement to be absorbed directly into your cells, ensuring maximum absorption. With balanced levels of magnesium and calcium, your cells can function properly and you will experience improved energy, more restful sleep, less joint and bone pain, a healthier heart and lower cholesterol levels. Most of us are deficient in magnesium, even if we are already taking supplements to address the problem. With ionic magnesium and calcium you can ensure you are doing the right thing for your body, the right way.

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Renewal Wellness 1.888.542.4671

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Adva ntages of

Infrared Sauna By Bob Morgan


aunas – in one form or another – have been used for centuries by cultures around the globe to attain body purification, relaxation and rejuvenation. It is not always clear what people mean when they refer to saunas. We are often asked if we offer “dry” or “steam” saunas. They are actually two distinct things: saunas and steam rooms. Steam rooms are run at lower temperatures but with 100 percent humidity, and are usually made of ceramic tile. Saunas are usually wooden and are used dry, at considerably higher air temperatures with the option of creating bursts of steam by sprinkling water onto a pile of hot stones.

The Age of I nfrared

In the mid-eighties, a new kind of sauna arrived in North America: “far-infrared” (FIR) or “infrared” saunas were first imported from

Japan and South Korea. These smaller plug-in units remained in relative obscurity until the internet boom of the 1990s brought them to the public’s attention. Now, the marketplace is teeming with them. Most brands are made in China and distributed in North America by US and Canadian companies under their own brand names. There are several key distinctions between FIR and traditional saunas. The most notable differences seem counter-intuitive: the FIR units are used at lower temperatures, yet they often induce heavier sweating than in the hotter traditional ones. How can that be? The answer lies in the faster speed and higher efficiency with which infrared energy warms the body as compared to heated air. Sweating is triggered as a defense mechanism to keep us from overheating, and the level of this response corresponds with the rate of body heating. That rate is simply higher with most

FIR saunas than with traditional ones.

How it Works

Infrared energy is simply natural “heat energy” – a form of non-visible light that is radiated from any and all objects. It is converted to heat upon absorption. Our bodies radiate farinfrared. The sun is often cited in FIR sauna literature as a primary example of an energy radiator. Energy is radiated from the sun in waves of varying frequencies that, in total, comprise the “spectrum.” Infrared is the area of the spectrum with frequencies that are “just below red light” – which is the literal meaning of “infrared.” All saunas are a mix of heated air and infrared energy, but the FIR sauna flips the ratio strongly towards the FIR side of the balance. That means the minimal air temperature required to induce sweating – the typical tem-

perature range of the sauna, the other side of the balance – is lower with FIR saunas. A key advantage of FIR saunas is the lower temperatures, but because the body heating is faster, the detoxification benefits can be higher as the sweat rate is often higher. The better FIR sauna heaters are ceramic-based – the original, tried and true technology. Those that are carbon-based are promoted as newer and, therefore, superior, but they are largely synthetic and do not emit nearly as much infrared energy per area as the ceramics do. With carbon heating, the sauna’s air temperature needs to be closer to the traditional sauna’s, minimizing one of the primary advantages of the FIR sauna.

The Benefits of FIR

When the body is heated in a sauna, blood flow increases markedly – up to two to three

times. This can increase the rates of delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells, as well as the removal of waste materials. Heat in general, and infrared specifically (because of the blood flow increase), has a long history of therapeutic use for pain and stiffness. Infrared sauna has become particularly interesting for its proven detoxification capacities. FIR saunas are not medical devices per se, but they are increasingly used as adjunctive aids to other therapeutic modalities for a host of health issues, from lyme disease to autism, chemical exposure, metal toxicity, and cancer. For any health issues, one must, of course, work with one’s personal physician to determine if FIR sauna use is appropriate.

Bob Morgan is the owner and founder of Heavenly Heat Saunas, founded in 1987.

Battling Infertility: What is Preventing You From Conceiving?

Stress Factors That Can Affect Infertility: • • • • • • • •


Are you suffering from cultural issues that are forcing you to conceive? Is your career demanding? Are you over the age of 35? Have you endured any sexual abuse or trauma? Are you stressed about your finances? Are other fears preventing you from conceiving, such as certain childhood memories? Are you experiencing relationship issues? Are you comfortable with your body image?



ver the past twenty years, infertility has increased dramatically. It is estimated that one in seven couples have trouble conceiving. According to Statistics Canada, these rates are predicted to double in the next 20 years. Age is a big factor, especially with Canadian couples starting families later in life. By the age of 35, a woman’s conception rate will have declined by 50 percent. This is resulting in more and more couples turning to fertility treatments such as IVF to help them have a family.

What Causes Infertility?

What is the cause of your problems conceiving? Infertility is believed to be caused by the following factors, and in these proportions: • Ovulatory failure (including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome): 20% • Tubal damage: 15% • Endometriosis: 5% • Male problems: 26% • Unexplained: 30% Most couples experience multiple problems when trying to conceive. For example, you may suffer from endometriosis, but your partner may also have a low sperm count or abnormal sperm morphology. The most common cause of infertility, however, is “unexplained,” which means that doctors cannot find any identifiable medical problem. Thus, the challenge is left to factors including age, lifestyle factors, bio-mechanical stressors, nutritional deficiencies and even emotional elements.

Fertility Factors

If you are in your thirties, your chances of getting pregnant in any given month are about 20 percent. This decreases to a mere five percent at age 40. Conditions also have to be perfect for conception to occur, including intercourse at the time of ovulation, proper functioning of egg release, sperm release at optimal levels and proper hormone balance. In most cases, the human body will only permit conception when it is in a proper state of health, capable of supporting a growing embryo and fetus. Any strays from optimal health, both physically and psychologically,

can cause your body to resist conception. Consider if you may be subject to any of the following barriers to conception: • Are you consuming natural contraceptives in your diet, without even knowing it? • Is your pelvis in optimal orientation to yield conception? • Have you been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, polycystic ovaries, premature ovaries or endometriosis? • Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or mood disorders? • Are you stressed with work, finances or your personal relationships? • Does the idea of being a parent, or of not being a parent, scare you? • Are you over the age of 35? • Is your body’s internal energy system in balance? • Do you have the proper health and diet to support conception? • Do you smoke? (Tobacco smokers are up to 60 percent more likely to be infertile.) • Are you underweight or overweight? • Do you suffer from headaches or pain in the neck or low back? Before there was “The Pill,” women would use natural contraceptives – plants and herbs with known contraceptive properties. If you are trying to conceive, you will need to eliminate these from the diet. Folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, DHEA, magnesium and a healthy diet rich in proteins and soluble fibers is needed to facilitate conception. Your therapist or doctor can guide you with foods, supplements and activities that will increase testosterone and decrease cortisol for males; and decrease excess estrogen, increase progesterone and decrease cortisol for females.

Fertility Rehabilitation

A 2004 study demonstrated a return in fallopian tube function (if blocked) and improvement in both IVF and natural fertility rates with manipulation and mobilization. Chiropractors and other rehab therapists can address adhesions that may be restricting func-

tion and mobility of the reproductive organs. These adhesions can cause blocked fallopian tubes, poor fimbria function, restrictions of the ovaries, deviation of the cervix – which can all make the passage of sperm more difficult and can also decrease the uterine wall’s ability to allow implantation, leading to miscarriage after fertilization.

Psychological Stress and Conception

New studies are proving that psychological stress is also a primary factor in predicting whether a couple will have the ability to conceive. Take our fertility stress test (opposite page) to see if stress could be affecting your fertility. Women these days are focusing more on their careers and independence, and as a result, may fear discrimination in the workplace if they become pregnant. There is often a fear that a woman may lose her position in the workplace after having a baby. Often, women are in relationships where they feel unequal with their partners. This can lead to domination and power issues when it comes to sexual intercourse. If a woman does not feel sexually satisfied by her partner, it will be difficult for her to conceive. In these cases, psychotherapy, specifically cognitive behavioural therapy, may be an effective intervention to address the psychological stressors associated with infertility. Dr. Connie D’Astolfo, DC, PhD (c) is clinical director of SPINEgroup. Other practicing clinicians at SPINEgroup and co-authors of this article include, Dr. Lisa Caputo, DC (Chiropractor) and Robin Khangura, MSc (Psychotherapist). Our Fertility Support Program is delivered by our team of clinical experts and designed to diagnose and address the factors that may be impeding your ability to conceive. It is also designed to support and increase the success of IVF therapy. You can inquire about our new Fertility Support Program at or visit our website at www. or contact us at 905-850-7746. Inquire about our free information sessions on how to enhance your fertility.

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Mint Cacao Brownies, Cacao Pudding & Living Lemon Bars By Joy Houston

Feature Composting tips:

The magic of compost

By Micheal Bloch

They say radical; we say rational By David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington

Educating Today... For a Better Tomorrow

Composting Tips: The Magic of Compost By Michael Bloch


ompost is basically the equivalent of the good stuff in soil (humus) that sustains plant life. It helps the soil retain moisture, assists with the formation of good soil structure and provides nutrients. Much of what we send to landfills consists of materials that could be used in our gardens. Approximately 200 pounds of vegetable waste is thrown out by each family, each year. Multiply that by millions of families and that’s a lot of garbage that has to be transported. By setting up your own compost pile, you’ll not only be helping your garden, you’ll be helping the planet in other ways. Composting seems like such a simple concept: throw stuff in a pile and it breaks down, thanks to bacteria and other critters. But nature works some amazing and complex magic for this process to happen. Nature never ceases to leave me in awe – even when it comes to how it deals with its own garbage. When we hear the term “bacteria,” we often associate it with nasty stuff, but bacteria are essential to our health and the well-being of our planet. For example, without certain bacteria in our digestive systems, we wouldn’t be able to process food properly and would become quite ill. There are three different groups of bacteria that are involved in the composting process, and each successive group relies upon the prior in order to do their work most effectively. • Psychrophilic bacteria: These are the “starter bacteria” that go to work on cold compost. They are most active in temperatures of 13 degrees Celsius, but will also work down to an incredible -17 degrees Celsius. As these bacteria chomp on organic materials, they also generate a small amount of heat, creating an environment suitable for the next group. • Mesophilic bacteria: These work in temperatures from 15 to 40 degrees Celsius, decomposing both vegetable and animal matter. Their exertions produce enough heat for the next type of bacteria. • Thermophilic bacteria: These are the powerhouses of the bacteria world; they work fast, in a temperature range of 40 to 77 degrees Celsius, but some still thrive past the boiling point of water! These are the critters that can cause a compost pile to spontaneously combust if the pile is too high or too dry. These three groups join forces to turn our trash into rich humus, capable of sustaining plant life; but they are also assisted by other organisms such as fungi, various insects and worms.

Quick Composting Tips

By providing the best conditions possible, the composting process can be made to happen much faster than it does in natural conditions. Whereas materials just thrown in a pile may take a year or two to break down – and sometimes with undesirable results – intensive composting can be completed in just a couple of months. Here are some simple techniques you can try for more effective composting. Add carbon and nitrogen: Experts say it’s important to get the right mix of carbon and nitrogen materials in a compost heap. Carbon-based materials are mainly dry things like newspaper, straw and dry cuttings. The items rich in nitrogen will mostly be wet, such as vegetable scraps and lawn clippings. Ideal conditions are said to be one part wet or green

to 25 parts dry or brown. If you don’t have this sort of balance, don’t be overly concerned: I have a compost pile that is almost exclusively paper and cardboard; for many households, much of their compost pile will be vegetable scraps. Just bear in mind that an overly dry compost heap will take ages to break down (been there), and one too “green” and wet will start to smell (been there too). To speed up composting, break down materials into smaller pieces or shred. Careful with clippings: Care needs to be taken when adding lawn clippings. These are usually very moist and rich in nitrogen. As they are so wet, they’ll clump together, dispelling the oxygen needed by the aerobic bacteria, and the pile will get quite smelly: a strong, ammonia-type scent due to anaerobic decomposition. It’s best to mix clippings into the pile, or spread the lawn clippings out to dry for a few days before adding them. Welcome worms: Select a well-drained area to establish your pile; preferably over soil so that worms can access it. The compost pile should be in a sunny spot in colder climates, or a shady area in warmer climates. Turn your compost: It’s really important to turn the pile regularly if you’re not going to be bothered with layering wet and dry waste and you’ll just be tossing materials into your compost pile – particularly if much of it will be “green,” such as vegetable waste. Turning compost introduces more oxygen into the pile so the bacteria can do their work, and brings more material into contact with the bacteria. It can help speed up the composting process and prevent nasty odours. Turning a pile within a small barrel can be awkward, so I use a purpose-made compost turner, which consists of a spiral of steel with a T-bar at the top for turning. The spiral digs down into the compost and when you pull it up, a plug of materials comes with it. It’s a very inexpensive, simple, yet effective tool that can be purchased at many hardware and garden stores. Keep it warm and moist: The pile should always be quite warm. If you dig a small hole into the pile and put your hand near it, it should feel warmer than the air temperature. If it’s cold, you need to add more green material. Your pile should also be kept moist, but not dripping. If it’s dry, spray water on the pile and work it through. Consider multiple bins: If you’re thinking of getting into composting in a big way, there are all sorts of tools available such as bins set in frames with a handle for turning. A multiple bin or pile system is also useful, so you can let one pile totally decompose while adding fresh materials to a new pile. If your home doesn’t have a yard, you can compost small amounts of materials indoors without any mess or odour using a Bokashi composting system. This is merely an introduction to the topic of composting. For some people, composting is an absolute passion and they go about it in a very scientific way. There is an abundance of information on the web about various approaches and equipment for ideal composting. Michael Bloch publishes Green Living Tips, an online resource powered by renewable energy offering a wide variety of Earth-friendly tips and environmentrelated news to help consumers reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact.

Add These to Your Compost: Newspaper, cardboard, eggshells, vegetable scraps, lawn clippings, plant cuttings, hair, manure from herbivores, leaves, sawdust, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves, and any plant material that that’s not too thick. Things to Avoid: Dog and cat droppings, fish, meat and dairy products, weeds, grease and oil. Many of these items pose a disease risk, and rodents and other animals may be attracted to them. I have composted dog droppings before, but they should be in a bin of their own with lawn clippings. It doesn’t smell good during the early stages! If you do compost pet droppings, don’t apply the resulting compost to a veggie garden, just to be safe. VISTA MAGAZINE ISSUE 83


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Raw Bites:

Mint Cacao Brownies, Cacao Pudding & Living Lemon Bars


ccording to Joy Houston, the chef behind the online gourmet raw cuisine class Rocking Body Raw Food, many peoples’ first experiments with raw cuisine are dessert recipes. “Raw Desserts are the gateway drug to gourmet raw cuisine. Once you taste the gluten free, dairy free, naturally sweetened desserts that are possible with raw food recipes, you open your eyes to the fact that healthy eating can be unbelievably delicious. The initial attraction is taste; what keeps you coming back to learn more is the way you feel when you eat plenty of whole foods. Eat a brownie whipped up from a pre-made mix and most people will want more and more. That happens because what you are eating has had all the life processed out of it. Your body gets a tease of what it craves, but no real food. Contrast that with eating a raw cuisine brownie, which delivers whole, live foods with all their nutrients and enzymes intact. You will feel the difference. That elevated feeling is what piques curiosity and excites people to seek more raw recipes like a man with his head on fire seeks water. Life is too short not to eat this way.” Obviously, these are the words of a passionate leader in the raw foods movement, so we asked her to deliver a few sweets that she thought might entice you down the road to incorporating more whole, unprocessed foods into your diet. She has shared three desserts from her Rocking Body Raw Food class.

Mint Cacao Brownies

Brownies: 1 cup almonds (soaked 8 hours, drained and rinsed) 1 cup cashews (soaked 8 hours, drained and rinsed) 1 cup chopped dates, pits removed ¾ cup raw cacao powder 1/8 teaspoon sea salt 10-15 mint leaves or ¼ teaspoon organic mint extract ¼ cup maple syrup

Living Lemon Bars

Crust: ¾ cup macadamia nuts (soaked 8 hours, drained and rinsed) ½ cup cashews (soaked 8 hours, drained and rinsed) 1 cup dried pineapple, diced ½ cup dried coconut 3 to 4 tablespoons lemon juice Rind from 2 lemons Topping: Rinds from 2 lemons ¾ cup coconut oil 2 tablespoons raw honey 3 to 4 tablespoons fresh-squeezed lemon juice Dash of sea salt

Cacoa Pudding

To make the crust, combine all ingredients except lemon juice in a food processor and pulse. Slowly add the lemon juice through the top until a dough-like consistency is formed. Process until the dough is free of chunky nut pieces. Scrape down and stir the mixture to achieve the doughy consistency. Place the crust mixture in an 8'' by 8'' square glass pan. Press the mixture into the pan to form a crust of even thickness. To make the tangy frosting, add all topping ingredients to the processor. Pulse until a relatively even consistency is achieved. Process until the mixture becomes creamy and a little fluffy. Do not over process or the mixture will melt and become soupy. Pour the topping onto the crust. If necessary, spread to distribute evenly. Cover the pan and place it in the fridge until the topping sets. It will be firm and waxy-feeling. Slice the bars into small squares and serve.

Put all ingredients in the Vita-Mix high-speed blender and blend. Stop to scrape down sides. Blend again until warm. Serve warm. This make a great pudding parfait. Layer with slices of ripe banana and sliced almonds or your choice of fresh seasonal fruits. Variations on

Joy Houston is the head chef at The Delicious Revolution – a collective established to help people find the best diet for their unique physiology. The process starts with a cleanse, tracks the reintroduction of foods, and forms a Body Battle Plan: meal plans based on what fuels each individual best.

Frosting: A full batch of the Cacao Pudding Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados ¼ cup raw cacao powder ½ to ¾ cup maple syrup or agave 2 tablespoons coconut oil Seeds from 1 vanilla pod or 1 tablespoon vanilla extract Dash of sea salt


this recipe can be made by adding mint, or by reducing the amount of sweetener slightly and replacing it with fresh squeezed orange juice. The possibilities with this pudding base are endless. It also makes a fabulous frosting as you will see with the Mint Cacao Brownies because it firms to a totally different texture when refrigerated. Pulse all brownie ingredients in the food processor until well combined. Process until mixture becomes a dough of uniform consistency. Transfer the mixture to an 8'' by 8'' square glass pan. Press the mixture into the pan to form an even surface. Top with the Cacao Pudding and refrigerate until the pudding sets to form a creamy, light frosting. Serve garnished with mint leaves. Grab one for yourself before you serve them or you may not get one!


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Mint Cacao Brownies

Cacoa Pudding



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They Say Radical; We Say Rational By David Suzuki with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Editorial and Communications Specialist Ian Hanington



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utomobiles waste 85 percent of the energy from each litre of fuel burned. The useful energy goes toward moving a vehicle that typically weighs 10 to 20 times more than the passengers it carries. That translates to about one percent efficiency to move passengers. But we’re not about to quit oil cold turkey. Does that mean we should continue with business as usual? In Canada, “business as usual” means rapidly increasing oil sands exploitation and selling the bitumen as quickly as possible to anyone who wants it. It means continuing to import half the oil we use, mostly from the Middle East, while shipping oil extracted here to other countries. It means continued tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuel companies, while manufacturing and other value-added industries suffer because of our inflated petro dollar. It means low royalties and not putting away revenues for the future. This could spell a bleak future: a failing economy as accessible oil starts to run out with few renewable energy sources to replace it; deteriorating health of citizens as water, air, and land become more polluted; increased droughts, floods, and water shortages as climate change increases. But it doesn’t have to be bleak. We could have a healthy and prosperous future. Canada could be seen as a world leader on energy, human rights, and global discourse. The solutions are not radical. They include such reasonable measures as slowing oil sands production, eliminating subsidies to an industry that hardly needs them, increasing royalties, setting up a rainy day fund for the revenues, and encouraging energy conservation and renewable energy development. Part of the solution requires untangling the rhetoric. Consider what our prime minister recently said in China: “We will uphold our responsibility to put the interests of Canadians ahead of foreign money and influence that seek to obstruct development in Canada in favour of energy imported from other, less stable parts of the world.” How will selling most of our unrefined bitumen to China and the U.S. make us less reliant on “energy imported from other, less stable parts of the world”? And how are the interests of Canadians served by selling our industries and resources to countries with atrocious human rights records and rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions? How is it in

the national interest to increase our own greenhouse gas emissions and pollution so that some of the world’s most profitable companies can make even more money? And why, when we know that global warming is serious and that oil will run out, are we hell-bent on using it up as quickly as possible? Author and environmentalist Bill McKibben suggests a disturbing reason why people in the fossil fuel industry and the governments they bankroll put profits ahead of the future of the planet and deny that climate change is a problem: the value of these industries “is largely based on fossil-fuel reserves that won’t be burned if we ever take global warming seriously.” As McKibben notes, “ExxonMobil, year after year, pulls in more money than any company in history. Chevron’s not far behind. Everyone in the business is swimming in money.” If they were to slow down production, or even admit that the future of humanity depends on leaving some of the resource in the ground, it would hurt their bottom lines. And so we have politicians and industry shills using bogus talking points to discredit or silence those who are calling for sanity for the sake of our future. They falsely accuse us of wanting to shut down all industry and call us hypocrites because we are unable to completely disengage from the fossil fuel economy and infrastructure that humans have created. All we’re saying is let’s step back and think of a sensible way to go about this. And by “we,” I mean most of us. I mean you and me. I mean the people our governments are supposed to represent. They can say we’re radical if it makes them sleep better at night, but we prefer the term “rational.” David Suzuki is the Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, and is an award-winning scientist and broadcaster. Dr. Suzuki has received a UNESCO prize for science, a United Nations Environment Program medal and the Order of Canada. Ian Hanington is the David Suzuki Foundation’s Editorial and Communications Specialist



Give the Best to Your Little Ones –

And Your Not-So-Little Ones By Lucie Lafontaine


hichever way you serve them in – puréed, with dip, juiced or in meals – it is not easy to make sure your family eats the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. To make matters worse, if your children have not started eating fruits and veggies at a young age, it will be that much more difficult to help them get into the habit as they grow older.

Essential Supplementation

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and your children are working hard to complete assignments and prepare for final exams. Children are also in a constant state of growth, which is demanding on the body. The addition of a quality multivitamin and multimineral is

the first step towards establishing good health for your children. With an effective supplement, you might observe the following: • Better concentration • More stable energy levels • Improved sleep • Increased memory • Better academic results • Increased resistance to infections (flu, otitis), which decreases antibiotic intake • Ability to fight negative stress • Less nervousness or anxiety • Better mood Supplements that contain whole foods are preferred due to the synergy of their molecules (including bioflavonoids) and their greater

Builds Healthy Bodies and Healthy Smiles! For more than 20 years, the name Animal Parade® has stood for the ultimate in children’s nutritional supplements, with cutting-edge natural nutrition. Nature’s Plus is proud to offer a new choice:

Animal Parade® SUGAR FREE, sweetened with xylitol!

sugar free

Xylitol is recognized for its ability to reduce tooth S decay by replacing sugar. Emerging research indicates we e t e n e d wi t h X Y L I TO L that it may do even more – nutritionally promoting natural defenses in the mouth, further promoting dental health and enamel protection.

We took out the sugar, but not the delicious flavour kids love!

biocompatibility with the body. Look for a supplement that uses natural sources as core ingredients and includes precious phytonutrients. Also available on the market today is a green food complex that will support your children’s nutrition. It contains natural and highly nutritive superfoods such as broccoli, spinach, chlorella, spirulina, beet juice, alfalfa sprouts and carrot juice. It comes in a chewable form and tastes yummy, believe it or not! If you are concerned about a potential dental impact, be aware that chewables sweetened with xylitol are best for your children’s teeth. Several studies have shown that xylitol offers protection against cavities, as it inhibits cariogenic bacteria in the mouth.

Children and Stress

As parents, you want your children to succeed. It is important that we encourage them, but we must also consider the issue of stress. Children cannot verbalise what they feel when dealing with challenges and major life events. Certain children will suffer from bellyache, headache, digestive problems or insomnia; sometimes symptoms are more subtle, such as irritability, unusual indifference, isolation or withdrawal from friends. This is the time to take up a sport, learn breathing exercises, listen to calming music and eliminate stimulants like sugary treats. But at times, our children may need more help. There are homeopathic plants on the market developed to help children relax, such as a casein decapeptide supplement. Casein decapeptide is a milk protein that has a calming effect on the nervous system. This natural molecule, subject of many studies, has a demonstrated calming effect. The product is chewable and acts within one hour of ingestion without any undesirable side effects. Adding multivitamin, multimineral and green foods supplements to your family’s daily diet is the safest road to optimal health. You can feel the benefits in the short term as well the long term. Try it and you’ll soon see for yourself! Lucie Lafontaine is a certified naturopath and nutritionist.

Proudly distributed by: 4EverHealth Distribution 1-888-379-3135 • Karma Nutritionals 1-877-355-2762



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Emmi-dent is the first motionless ultrasonic toothbrush. Used with its non-abrasive toothpaste, it kills bacteria, protects enamel, cleans where dental floss cannot reach. Removes stains caused by coffee, wine, nicotine and food, returning teeth to their natural white colour within days. Gentle enough for use immediately after oral surgery. Retail $189.00.

Zoomers Fit Fins feature a lightweight Surflex material that floats the legs for a proper body position and a short blade design that promotes a shorter and faster kick. Zoomers Fit also feature a Flex Box on the underside of the fins that will catch water during the up-kick, targeting and strengthening the hamstrings and glutes. NEW! Hyland’s Complete Allergy 4 Kids • Safe and effective for ages 2+ • Natural & sugar-free • Pleasant tasting all-in-one formula • Multi-symptom relief Temporarily relieves the symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergens including runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose and throat, stuffy nose and facial pain. The Soul Song for Weight Loss CD provides a unique divine light that touches the root spiritual cause for gaining weight. It blesses and transforms on a soul level. Before you listen, request blessings for yourself to have a perfect, healthy weight.

The Evolution Chair The Evolution Chair successfully unites the health benefits of active sitting on a stability ball with the convenience and mobility of a rolling office chair. Naturally encouraging proper spinal alignment, the Evolution Chair relieves spinal compression and strengthens your core muscles – all while you sit. For a fresh new look, transform your Evolution Chair by slipping on a designer slip cover Cozy. Available in 18 colors, the soft stretch fabric provides the ultimate in comfort and style. Save $25.00 by entering the COUPON CODE “fresh.” VISTA MAGAZINE ISSUE 83


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Choose Life

Grow Young with HGH From the landmark book Grow Young with HGH comes the most powerful, over-thecounter health supplement in the history of man. Human growth hormone was first discovered in 1920 and has long been thought by the medical community to be necessary only to stimulate the body to full adult size and therefore unnecessary past the age of 20. Recent studies, however, have overturned this notion completely, discovering instead that the natural decline of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), from ages 21 to 61 (the average age at which there is only a trace left in the body) and is the reason why the body ages and fails to regenerate itself to its 25 year-old biological age.

in the blood at the same levels HGH existed in the blood when we were 25 years old.

There is a receptor site in almost every cell in the human body for HGH, so its regenerative and healing effects are very comprehensive. Growth Hormone first synthesized in 1985 under the Reagan Orphan drug act, to treat dwarfism, was quickly recognized to stop aging in its tracks and reverse it to a remarkable degree. Since then, only the lucky and the rich have had access to it at the cost of $10,000 US per year.

The next big breakthrough was to come in 1997 when a group of doctors and scientists, developed an all-natural source product which would cause your own natural HGH to be released again and do all the remarkable things it did for you in your 20’s. Now available to every adult for about the Modern medical science now regards aging as price of a coffee and donut a day. a disease that is treatable and preventable and that “aging”, the disease, is GHR is available now, just actually a compilation of various in time for the aging Baby diseases and pathologies, like a rise Boomers and everyone else in blood glucose and pressure to from age 30 to 90 who diabetes, skin wrinkling and so on. doesn’t want to age but All of these aging symptoms can be would rather stay young, stopped and rolled back by beautiful and healthy all of maintaining Growth Hormone levels the time. Like a picked flower cut from the source, we gradually wilt physically and mentally and become vulnerable to a host of degenerative diseases, that we simply weren’t susceptible to in our early adult years.

r New! Dmoecntoded m Reco

The Reverse Aging Miracle

RELEASE YOUR OWN GROWTH HORMONE AND ENJOY: • Improved sleep & emotional stability • Increased energy & exercise endurance • Loss of body fat • Increased bone density • Improved memory & mental alertness • Increased muscle strength & size • Reverse baldness & color restored • Regenerates Immune System

• Strengthened heart muscle All N • Controlled cholesterol For matural ula • Normalizes blood pressure • Controlled mood swings • Wrinkle disappearance • Reverse many degenerative disease symptoms • Heightened five senses awareness • Increased skin thickness & texture

This program will make a radical difference in your health, appearance and outlook. In fact we are so confident of the difference GHR can make in your life we offer a 100% refund on unopened containers. ct o f A P ro d u ea l t h H l G l o b a ct s P ro d u

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GHR DIV 2037839 ON

The new HGH releasers are winning converts from the synthetic HGH users as well, since GHR is just as effective (for anti-aging) is oral instead of self-injectable and is very affordable.

GHR is a natural releaser, has no known side effects, unlike the synthetic version and has no known drug interactions. Progressive doctors admit that this is the direction medicine is going, to get the body to heal itself instead of employing drugs. GHR is truly a revolutionary paradigm shift in medicine and, like any modern leapfrog advance, many others will be left in the dust holding their limited, or useless drugs and remedies. It is now thought that HGH is so comprehensive in its healing and regenerative powers that it is today, where the computer industry was twenty years ago, that it will displace so many prescription and non-prescription drugs and health remedies that it is staggering to think of. The president of BIE Health Products, stated in a recent interview,“I’ve been waiting for these products since the 70’s”. We knew they would come, if only we could stay healthy and live long enough to see them! If you want to stay on top of your game, physically and mentally as you age, this product is a boon, especially for the highly skilled professionals who have made large investments in their education, and experience. Also with the state of the health care system in Canada which appears to be going into serious decline, it’s more important than ever to take pro-active steps to safeguard your health. Continued use of GHR will make a radical difference in your health. HGH is particularly helpful to the elderly who, given a choice, would rather stay independent in their own home, strong, healthy and alert enough to manage their own affairs, exercise and stay involved in their communities. Frank, age 85, walks two miles a day, plays golf, belongs to a dance club for seniors, had a girl friend again and doesn’t need Viagara, passed his drivers test and is hardly ever home when we call - GHR delivers. HGH is known to relieve symptoms of Asthma, Angina, Chronic Fatigue, Constipation, Lower back pain and Sciatica, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration, Menopause, Fibromyalgia, Regular and Diabetic Neuropathy, Hepatitis, helps Kidney Dialysis and Heart and Stroke recovery. For more information or to order call 1-877-849-4777 ©copyright 2000

Recipe for Health:

Sicilian Red Potato Salad By Tracy Kaye Holly, CSNA Master




he Sicilian Red Potato Salad will be a hit as a starchy addition to any lunch, dinner or barbecue. Be sure to make plenty of leftovers, as the flavour seeps in after a day or two, and makes a delicious treat that athletes love to scarf down morning, noon and night. Coloured potatoes provide an abundance of carotenoids and flavonoids that white potatoes typically do not. Carotenoids and flavonoids are pigments that possess strong antioxidant and important free radical scavenging properties. The darker the starchy yellow flesh of a yellow potato, the greater quantity of carotenoids. The blue in blue potatoes comes from their genetically inherent flavonoids. The potato is best known for its carbohydrate content. One medium potato contains about 26  grams of starch and an insignificant amount of protein and fat. A small but significant portion of this starch is resistant to digestion by  enzymes  in the gut and is, therefore, able to reach the large intestine essentially intact. This resistant starch has health benefits similar to fibre. It provides bulk, offers protection against colon cancer, improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, lowers plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations, increases satiety and possibly even reduces fat storage. White potatoes measure high on the glycemic index (GI) and are often excluded from low-GI diets. However, the GI of potatoes can vary considerably depending on the type of potato (such as red, russet, white, or Prince Edward), its origin (where it was grown), preparation methods (cooking method, whether it is eaten hot or cold, whether it is mashed or cubed or consumed whole), and what they are accompanied with, such as high-fat or high-protein toppings. The glycemic effect of an entire meal or mix of foods on blood sugar, as opposed to a single food, is referred to as the Glycemic Load (GL). Glycemic load is calculated by multiplying the total number of net (digestible) carbohy-


drates in a meal by the individual glycemic index of each contributing carbohydrate (as a percentage). This delicious potato salad provides a dense source of clean-burning carbohydrates. The trick to carbs and starches is not to eat too many at one time or exceed your tolerance for them.


2.2 lbs mini red organic potatoes (or any mini coloured potato) 2 bulbs chopped garlic ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons crushed oregano 1 tin chopped anchovy with oil ½ cup capers Sea salt and crushed pepper to taste Wash and cut potato in half. Cook potato (steam or microwave). Peel and cut garlic into pieces. In a large bowl, lightly mix hot cooked potato, olive oil, garlic, oregano, anchovy with oil and capers. Add more olive oil if necessary. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Let mixture sit at room temperature for a few hours to allow flavour to soak in. Serve at room temperature. This recipe can be covered and refrigerated for up to four days.

Tracy Holly is the Executive Director to the Cory Holly Institute and a CSNA (Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor) Master. She is the author of several books including The Athlete’s Cookbook and Sports Nutrition for Kids, and writes for several national health magazines. Visit

Reduces appearance of crow’s feet and tired, puffy eyes

Slows down the signs of aging

Improves appearance of skin tone and texture

Improves appearance of stretch marks

Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Reduces congestion, decreasing breakouts

Improves appearance of UV damaged skin

Acts as an exfoliator revealing healthy, fresh skin

Reduces appearance of acne scarring

Improves effectiveness of hair restoration products

The SKN Spin is a revolutionary skincare tool that rejuvenates and exfoliates the skin while dramatically improving the effectiveness of your skincare products. The SKN Spin is a 0.5mm Dermal Roller that is safe, results driven and cost effective - and it fits into almost any skincare regimen. Start rolling with the SKN Spin regularly to improve the look, health, and vibrancy of your skin.


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Adam beach Your little miss sunshine benefits from a little vitamin D.

Healthy Canadians understand the advantages of NHPs. In fact, seven of every ten Canadians understand that Natural Health Products (NHPs) are an essential part of their lives. The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) works to ensure that you have access to, and choice of safe, innovative and effective natural health products.

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new to the market

new to the market 1

The Healthy Shopper Spring 2012 Picks for a Healthier Lifestyle Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky, co-founders of The Healthy Shopper Coupon book, are launching their latest venture, The Healthy Shopper Picks for Spring 2012. They’ve tested five natural products they want to share with Canadian women. Their “picks” are Earth Balance, a healthier butter alternative; Ecover, plant and mineral-based dish soap, dishwasher tablets and laundry detergent; delicious, organic pasta sauces from Simply Natural; Natracare organic feminine hygiene products; and Kiju organic juices and iced teas.

Sportiiiis is a heads up display and audio system that provides athletes with the critical performance feedback that they need without breaking stride or taking their eyes off the road. It works with any ANT+ device to guide users to pre-programmed zones for heart rate, speed, power, cadence and more.



SKN Spin roller system is the ultimate skin rejuvenation tool with 3 key benefits. It dramatically increases the effectiveness of your skincare products by increasing their penetration by up to 100%.  It is a powerful exfoliation tool that removes the dead outer layer of skin revealing a fresh, radiant new complexion. Lastly, regular use of the SKN spin rejuvenates the overall appearance of your skin, improving density, tone and texture.  Visit for more information.

4 Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth fitness earbuds. The sweat proof, shake proof and cordless way to take calls and enjoy great sound while training. Official training buds of the USA Triathlon - $99 –

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Having trouble getting to sleep? You’re not alone. An estimated 3 million Canadians suffer from insomnia. Millions more struggle with the occasional night of sleeplessness. Many people don’t get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night needed for optimal health. Studies have shown that Subscribe today and have VISTA delivered to your door six times lack of sleep increases your risk in developing heart disease, To purchase a subscription, diabetes, obesity and depression. call 1-877-905-7771 or Email Us

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Sangster’s SleepWorks is an exclusive formula which promotes relaxation, calmness and a restful sleep. This all natural formula contains hops, passionflower and lemon balm, used traditionally for many years to relieve anxiety and insomnia. The power behind this formula is a unique combination of Melatonin, 5-HTP, L-Theanine and GABA, ingredients proven to promote relaxation and better sleep - reducing insomnia, stress and anxiety.

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BRUCE CROXON Benefits of Sleep Works

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from Dragons’ Den


• Back To School! Do Your Kids Need Vitamins? • Energy Boosting Tips and Tricks • Diets That Work–And Why Most Do Not

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Your body needs collagen



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Canadians have trusted and depended on Fikzol Collagen Supplements since 1999. Fikzol Collagen Supplements proudly offer the highest regulatory approved concentration of collagen per capsule, per tablet and per serving in North America. All our MEDICINAL collagen products have proudly earned their rightful place in the world of body and beauty care delivering results bottle after bottle. Our incredibly popular Easy 2 Step Program continues to be a terrific road map when taking our products delivering even economical benefits. MSM is considered to be one of the safest substances in biology, similar in toxicity to water. MSM is a natural form of organic sulfonyl sulfur compound that is found in the fluid of all living organisms. It is present in a variety of foods including most fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk, meat, seafood, and some grains. It is also found in many common beverages such as milk, coffee and tea. MSM is known to improve cell wall respiration, moving nutrients and oxygen into cells and carry toxins out improving circulation. To learn more about Fikzol and why we’re leading the field in the regulatory world of collagen supplements please visit our website FIX IT NOW. FIX IT RIGHT. FIX IT ALL.

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You will truly enjoy our incredibly popular Type II product for arthritis with a whopping 2,820 mg per serving of Type II Chicken Cartilage and is now by including an added bonus of 250 mg of MSM per capsule! Our NEW and IMPROVED Type II + MSM Controls Inflammation And Reduces Osteo-Arthritis Pain Fast!


The Fikzol Crest

Fikzol Is A Cell Renew 2000 Inc. Company

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Beyond Pain Relief If pain is the problem, RECOVERY is a potent solution that targets the root causes of the pain. By inhibiting damage to cells, curbing inflammation, relaxing tension and increasing a cell's ability to receive hormones, RECOVERY often brings results far beyond expectations. Proof is in the results.

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Vista Magazine Issue 83  

VISTA Magazine is a bimonthly publication dedicated to nutrition, health and wellness.

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