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Beat the Blues – The Holistic Health Program with Results

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Beat The Blues Health Programs are number one for stress education in Australia today. At our award winning Fountainhead Organic Retreat, guests come to successfully deal with the true cause of their health issues – depression and anxiety. Insert text shown above

The Beat The Blues Health Program is primarily to assist people suffering from stress related conditions such as psychological stress, anxiety, postnatal depression, depression, grief based depression and low self esteem. We know by experience that most traditional government, clinic, and psychological programs in Australia have


very poor success rates for long term change as they do not identify the cause but only treat the symptoms. Clients seeking psychological solutions for depression and anxiety will continue with this type of therapy for many years – often with poor results as they only deal symptomatically, and will often blame themselves for their lack of success. Since we opened our doors in 2002, our Health Retreat and Educational programs have served over 6,000 guests. Many of these guests have successfully achieved long term change and are now living a life they never thought possible.

Beat t he Blues Program V’s Tradit ional Techniques Our Programs are completely different to anything you may have considered before. We will show you the thinking process and beliefs that are at the core of your emotions and unwanted behaviour, teaching you a whole new way to measure your Self Worth. They are reality based mindset change educational programs delivered in a retreat environment that focus on

They are reality based mindset change educational programs delivered in a retreat environment that focus on Holistic Healing of the mind and body. They do not work for everybody no matter their good intent but ten years has proven that they do create major long lasting life change for the vast majority of attendees (9 out of 10). The most important thing is you must have a desire for change and be able to pay attention; we will assist you with the rest. When you apply the skill sets and reality based methods taught in this holistic program, the results it brings create real and lasting change, just ask any number of the thousands of happy people that have completed our programs. Senat or f or Queensland – Mark Furner “I was delighted when asked to attend an intensive course at Fountainhead as an observer by founder Wayne Parrott . Prior to joining the Senate I had some experience with mental health issues in my role as an Industrial Officer with the Queensland Police Union. Part of my role was representing the decent men and women of the Queensland Police Service at Workcover Assessment Tribunals. Police who were unfortunate to fall victim of mental illness through stressful situations in their dangerous and demanding career. After spending time at Fountainhead I realised a number of reasons why guests left the retreat after only a few weeks with a life changing attitude. Fountainhead has a unique philosophy, combining one on one & group’s discussions having particular focus on belief systems, organic healthy foods and drink, massage, yoga, exercise, facials, mineral pools, food classes. In addition to this it focuses on the way we see life, the way we believe our life should be, unlearning patterns, assumed truths, having choices in life but never having any other choice and so on. The philosophy is about recognising beliefs and ideals and challenging them, more importantly it is about recognising your life is worth 100%.” Quote taken from Mr Furner’s testimonial) “Beat the Blues founding retreat, has collected cutting edge information and techniques and developed a unique reality based Method over the last ten years that works. Over 6,000 guests have drawn life changing benefit from these programs and over 400 health practitioners nationwide including psychologists and doctors use this method. All health issues have a major stress component which is widely accepted. This program shows not only the true cause of stress but how to change it. When you learn to understand the mindset caused by core beliefs and thinking processes which are behind your behaviours and emotions you are only the application of new information away from permanent change’. Wayne Parrot t , Hon chair of A.D.A.A.

Meet t he Ret reat The health retreat itself operates within a working Organic farm of 40 acres right next to the glorious Glasshouse Mountains, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The centre encompasses our own Hot Mineral Water Baths complex, which utilises spring water from beneath the mountain we are located on. Daily Act ivit ies and Facilit ies All live-in Retreats may include: All meals – organic produce straight from the farm the retreat is situated on This includes raw and whole foods with organic meat and seafood Light Exercise – walks through stunning rainforests & along local beaches Stretching, Breathing & Mindfulness Meditation classes Full use of the natural spring water 25 meter lap pool Full use of the heated mineral water pool – (34 degrees C) Full use of our Turkish steam room Far infrared detox box – purges heavy metals and toxins Journey Therapy – emotional healing of past trauma and negative emotions Personal training options Mud wraps, Massage (Swedish & Remedial), Hot Rock Therapy Organic Food School Cooking Classes Lectures on health topics and so much more. The services that we provide and our Stress Education Program, Beat The Blues is world famous and based on The Fountainhead Method® which was developed at the retreat over the last decade. For more information about The Fount ainhead Organic Ret reat please visit –

What People Say:

“Thank you so much to everyone who I have had the pleasure of meeting during my stay at Fountainhead. I would never have believed this progress I have made within myself and the changes I have implanted to my core beliefs. I have learnt more about who I am and what I believe in in 28 days, then I have learnt in 10 years. I now know that my depression can be overcome and managed using the tools I have learnt whilst here. I would thoroughly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to make positive changes to their lives and food is awesome!!” Thanks again, Jerrod “Thank you for showing me what they forgot to tell me in my psychology degree! I have read hundreds of psychology and self help books and not one touched on the useful tools and philosophies that you delivered in your lectures! I believe this information will be life changing for me, in terms of both my personal and professional life! I already feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, knowing that my life is unfolding in just the right way! That I haven’t made all the wrong choices that lead to where I am and I will not make any wrong choices that will lead me off my path in the future! I have made the only choices I could have at the time, and what exciting adventures they have lead me on! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to better my own life, as well as those I treat in the future! Thank you again!” Cassandra Hacket t The Anti Depression Association of Australia (ADAA); recently interviewed author Michelle Mark who confirms this new approach to treatment for depression: “When you need help with depression, the real work needed to reduce it for the long term is not done by changing how you feel. This is a temporary solution at best. Changing the root cause of that emotional response does the real work. Those who suffer from depression must look beyond the effects, and go back to the cause. The Fountainhead Method™ shows you how to do this”. Beat The Blues Founder, and stress reduction specialist is no stranger to helping stress sufferer’s grasp the ‘bigger picture’ behind stress and how to fight it: “ It is commonly believed that prolonged stress can make your body more vulnerable to illness. In fact, many practitioners now claim that nearly all disease has a stress related component. It is important to add at this

point, examining your body’s physical reaction to stress only brings about limited benefits. To alleviate stress, you must go to its root causes. This means changing the way you think about your life experiences and the belief which causes the physical reaction in the first place.” To reduce your stress, you must first know how it begins. Many traditional therapists tend to link the cause of stress to a rather long list of experiences; experiences that are constantly being held responsible as the very origin of stress itself. Some experiences that are believed to cause stress are: Christmas day, buying a house and going through a divorce. At Beat The Blues, we have concluded that if these or other experiences were the cause of stress however, then everyone who had the same experience would experience the same stress. By analysing thousands of people using the Fountainhead Method via our Beat the Blues programs, this is clearly not the case. At Beat The Blues, our guests learn all too well that they cannot change unwanted experiences. Time machines do not presently exist. They quickly realise that they can however reduce the stress they feel about an unwanted experience by changing the way they think about it. Through a simple yet powerful step by step framework we teach guests how to reveal their current thinking patterns which reinforce stress. In the end, you leave the retreat with a new thinking pattern that alleviates it – you learn to live, stress-less.

Special Not e: These programs have no esoteric or religious inclusions.


Beat the Blues – The Holistic Health Program  

The Beat The Blues Health Program is primarily to assist people suffering from stress related conditions such as psychological stress, anxie...

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