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Safety Consultants and Contractors

Safety consultants are professionals who survey a work environment and identify potential dangers that could cause loss of life and property.

The most important task of a safety consultant is to inspect and ensure that the workplace complies with federal, state and local safety codes.

After inspecting the entire facility the safety consultant provides a list of safety issues to the management and also advises the management on the safety measures that could be adopted to avoid any mishap.

Safety consultants perform periodic inspection of the ďƒź Workplace, ďƒź Personal protective equipment.

They ensure that there are appropriate safety and warning signs placed on electrical equipment and wherever required.

Employees are trained by safety consultants on certain safety measures that could be taken during the time of a crisis; such as the proper use of fire extinguishers and so on.

The safety manuals of a workplace are developed by safety consultants to help employees follow proper safety measures while at the workplace, and plan fire escape routes

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Safety Consultant and Contractors in UAE