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ď ś Home Automation has been a work in progress for several decades. ď ś With complete control of home systems and appliances, today, automation is at its peak.

Smart homes are the latest in luxury living. A few of its applications are as follows.

Automated Lighting

ď ś Lighting systems can be controlled remotely or through smart controls.

ď ś These smart controls include motion sensors and heat sensors.

ď ś Motion controlled automated lighting is an effective power-saving technique. ď ś It saves power using only those lights in rooms with activity.

Security and Surveillance

With Home automation, you can ď ś Remotely control surveillance equipment, and ď ś Enjoy the ease of remote access control.

Smart security systems have proven to be extremely secure.

Homeowners get security updates when  Invalid PIN/passwords are entered,  Someone breaks in, and

 When doors are left unlocked or open.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors include heat and motion sensors. Automation uses these sensors to ď ś Save power, and ď ś Detect threats like fires and burglars.

ď ś Today, Automation includes appliances that are not internet-connected. ď ś IP-controlled power switches allow users to remotely power on/off appliances from anywhere. ď ś Constant and rapid development in this field holds promises of complete control and effective power-saving features, with smart logical programming.

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