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Do You Make These 3 Mistakes Most Guys Make When They Meet A Gorgeous Woman? Meeting a sexy woman creates a physical reaction in any straight male. Some men call this physical reaction NERVOUSNESS. Other men call it excitement or arousal. It’s just different names for the same thing. You know – heart pounding, adrenaline up, heightened awareness. This physical reaction will happen no matter what. It’s built in your biology. If you’re not careful, this feeling can cause you to make one of these 3 VERY common mistakes most guys make … Mistake #1 Going out of your way to be “nice” or “friendly”. This has been done in many ways, and it’s always the same error. From “Can I buy you a drink?” to just a big smile, most guys think that the nicer they act around a pretty girl, the more likely the girl will like them. Well, this ISN’T true. Most women think that if you’re exceptionally friendly right off the bat, you want something. And that something, women know, is SEX. This freaks them out, at an unconscious level. All you have to do to fix this mistake is to ACT NORMAL. Not so hard, is it? Just treat her like anyone else…. Mistake #2 Acting like a jerk. Many guys have realized that “being nice” doesn’t work, so they attempt the opposite approach.

They act rude, condescending, or off-putting. This strategy is just as bad. So what do you do? Just be yourself. Act normal. If you are COMFORTABLE with feeling attracted with a woman, and if that attraction doesn’t change your behavior, that sends a powerful message to woman that will TURN THEM ON. It works like magic. Mistake #3 For Mistake #3, plus $57 worth of FREE dating and seduction material, just fill in your email below.