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Are Black People Becoming Racist? This issue has been on my mind for a while now due to my recent findings. From my research, it seems like “we blacks” are beginning to practice what we kick against. Racism is one of the oldest ills ever known in our society. Racism as I remember goes as far back as slavery or slave trade, where we had white men who came into Africa and took away our ancestors to become slaves in developed countries. From the sixth edition of the oxford advance learner’s dictionary, Racism is defined as the unfair treatment of people who belong to a different race: violent behavior towards them. Racism is also seen as the belief that some races of people are better than others; irrational racism/racist. Trust me when I say I know what racism is, I have had a taste of it in one way or the other. For instance, I remember one time in a first class supermarket owned and managed by the whites, and had a large percentage of white patrons. So, a white lady costumer was at the counter and had placed her bag on it while the cashier was calculating what she had bought and I was lined behind her waiting for my turn to pay for what I had purchased and other white people where lined behind me. The moment the white lady costumer turned around and saw me behind her, she grabbed her bag from the counter and held it very close. I was astonished; I have never in my life experienced anything of this sort. It was so embarrassing but then I couldn’t do anything because no one would listen to a black girl over a white rich expatriate or an expatriates’ wife. So sad but then we cannot tell people not to throw stones at us and then we end up throwing stones at them. A lot of countries have being pin pointed to STILL have a large number of racist practice and some of these countries are Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia and a little less in America. In recent times there have being groups or movements set up to fight against this barbaric act and so far so good there have being positive changes like for instance the high rate of racial discrimination has gone down and we have started seeing more interracial marriages and interracial hang outs etc. I was watching KUMORA LEE’S LIFE ON THE FAB LANE on style network when she introduced us (her audience) to one of her high school best friend until date that happens to be “black”. That is a very good example of interracial relationship. I also applaud BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE for adopting a black kid, this act goes a long way to show their openness to all race and types be it white, black or Chinese. I am not saying that racism is completely wiped out but I acknowledge the fact that many white people are not racist and a lot more are showing it like those white families that helped during hurricane Katrina. The question now is; ARE BLACKS BECOMING RACIST? From my findings, I will say YES. I can’t believe that we are beginning to dish out what we kick against. For example, I was watching the TYRA BANK’S SHOW one afternoon on MNET, Tyra had a guest who was a fat white lady singer; her guest was depressed and frustrated because she said, “that the music industry has refused to accept her simply because she is fat”. She went ahead to say that most fat singer were doing well but why not her and she gave some examples of popular fat lady singers but unfortunately Tyra reminded

her that those ladies are black and she is not and added that in the past it used to be reversed but now she’s glad that it is in the favor of the blacks. What is that? Worsened the poor lady’s feelings! There are a million examples to sight from; like OPRAH WINFREY organizing a party for black female legends, and most black people saying they voted PRESIDENT OBAMA for his color instead of his intellect. I am a big supporter of PRESIDENT OBAMA; I mean who wouldn’t after listening to his campaign speech and other speeches. PRESIDENT OBAMA is a born leader but it hurt me when a contestant on MOMENTS OF TRUTH was asked if she would vote for a president based on skin or intellect and she choose skin. That’s so racist!!! Our comedians are guilty of this crime too because they are always making sarcastic and cynical jokes about white people or being white and I don’t find them funny. I mean you don’t want to be called black or teased about your race and color then don’t do the same to other race. Jamie Foxx (an American actor) is someone I recently discovered to be somewhat racist in his jokes, I mean almost every word he says is racist and pathetic yet he makes it sound so funny. I am a huge fan of this guy but on a second thought, I am beginning to have doubts (love his songs though!). What is BET (black entertainment and black entertainment awards) for? This is so out of order and I think president Obama should say and do something about all these madness. I am black and proud; had to air my views with no offense intended, Thanks for your time. date black

Are Black People Becoming Racist_  

slavery or slave trade, where we had white men who came into Africa and took away our ancestors to

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