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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Before I began my Media course I had obviously heard of these advanced editing tools, however I had never been in a position where I could actually use them. The creation of my preliminary task gave me the opportunity to learn a small number of editing skills, whereas the main task allowed me to widen my knowledge substantially, regarding the methods and functions of Photoshop. Photoshop: Photoshop has been the most significant technological device throughout my coursework as I used it to make my preliminary task and final piece. I first learnt to use Adobe Photoshop when working on my preliminary task. When moving on to the main task, I gradually learnt and detected more features of Photoshop, such as how to edit my images, using the magic wand and lasso tools, blending and shadow tools, the sharp and blur tools, red eye correction and also facial blemishes. Also, I eventually learnt how to use layers properly. This was a big problem for me at the start of the course as I kept forgetting to create a new layer where appropriate. Once I’d picked this up, it made the creation of the magazine appear a lot more straight forward as it was easier to correct problems made as I didn’t accidentally dispose of what I’d already done. I still find Photoshop relatively confusing as there is yet so much about it to learn; however every time I use it I discover something new and I feel that since the completion of this coursework, I now have the ability to undergo and accomplish tasks set by my tutor with greater ease.

Google: I found Google to be of great help when producing my music magazine. It was useful looking at the different designs of authentic, well known magazines to get an idea of how to make mine look as realistic and appealing to the audience as possible. It aided me to develop new ideas for my final piece and helped with the various colours I chose for my font. I also used it to find out what conventional magazines normally use to attract their target audience, such as advertisements, images etc.

Blogger: I have used Blogger to present every bit of work I’ve completed throughout this course so far. It has been useful as it has permitted me to edit and update any work I have done and later decided to alter. As Blogger is a multimedia platform, I could place any images alongside text to give more visual aids to the reader. This also meant that I could describe and demonstrate my work more easily. I very much like the fact that Blogger is technological enough to connect to other programs as I was able to present my work on different programs, such as issuu and slideshare. Although Blogger has been of great use throughout the

production of my as media coursework, I have unfortunately run into numerous issues along the way. It can be very slow and at times it will crash. I am also not too fond of its layout as my labels at times will not show up, therefore I can't always see the work I have produced.

Photography: I haven’t had very much experience in taking photographs before; therefore I found that when using the digital camera for pictures to put in the magazine, I had to focus a lot on the angle of my shots to make sure I positioned them correctly. Also, I had to consider the significance of the levels of lighting in the room when taking the pictures.

Issuu and Slideshare: Before this course began, I had never heard or used Issuu or slideshare. When I first began to use these media devices, I found them both extremely simple and they helped me to get my work completed a lot more quickly. They are both similarly used to present slides or essays in a much neater and less space consuming way. Slideshare in particular was very quick to upload my work onto and I ran into no problems along the way; however issuu at times could be a little bit slow and I would have to upload my work more than once as the first time the writing would always, for some unknown reason, go blurry when on my blog.

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Media Evaluation  

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