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Don't Read This If You Know What You're Looking For In Beat Making Software If you are making hip hop instrumentals, all you have to do is find the correct beat making software, read the included videos and tutorials in order to comprehend the basics of making the beats properly. The steps to making rap beats, dirty south beats are all the same. There is a sixteen track sequencer that will permit you to use as many drum beats or loops you like while creating your music thus providing you with unfettered creative license. You simply use the metronome to pick your tempo and tap out a beat on one of the many drum kits that the Dub Turbo is loaded with. You then garnish this creation with a generous sprinkling of virtual instruments and plugins, add your vocals and viola! You have a masterpiece. Special features The keyboard shortcuts help in easy navigation and help you produce music fast. The panel layout is very similar to the production tool layout. This makes it easier for you to navigate professional systems with ease, later. The Dub Turbo comes equipped with a BadAss drum machine panel. There is a keyboard trigger assigned to every pad. This enables you to bang in the beats onto the keyboard and you can simultaneously type as if you were on an MPC. The 4 octave wicked sampling keyboard- the keyboard controls two out of the four octaves. This means that you do not need MIDI controllers. You can play all your music, your melodies just with the use of the keys. You can import your own samples. You can either draw or record your beat with triggers. You can change your bests up fast by simply changing your kit selection. Volume editing of each pad is possible and the entire kit can be mixed very easily. The drum quality is unbeatable. The stereo imaging ensures that the sound that you create is ‘full’. You can export either full tracks or just the drums. It differs vastly from other beat making software in that it is less complicated. Beating a retreat That’s exactly what every other music production software is doing. Fading into the shadows, so to say. For those of you budding musicians who thought that you are faced with the excruciatingly daunting task of getting into the big bad world of music production, probably without a sound engineering PhD under your belt, there is hope. Sequencing, recording, mixing, remixing and mastering are all child’s play. Don’t scrimp any more. Pick up the highly affordable Dub Turbo!

A face-off against the mp3 Since we have been going gaga over the .wav, why do we still have hardcore mp3 fans? Well, that’s not really so tough to decipher. The .wav files tend to be larger in size. 10 mp3

files can be fit in the space that is taken up by a single .wav file, so you will have some notso-hardcore music fans that are willing to sacrifice quality for quantity. However, if you are recording for the music industry, you would never want to trade a .wav file in lieu of an mp3 one. And so, a word of advice from a wise one. Reserve the mp3’s for your regular enjoyment and don’t compromise while producing music commercially. You will not repent. find this

Don't Read This If You Know What You're Looking For In Beat Making Software  
Don't Read This If You Know What You're Looking For In Beat Making Software  

If you are making hip hop instrumentals, all you h...