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magine that you have no idea where your family is going to sleep tonight. Imagine you

are living in a country where you do not speak


the language. Imagine you are a single mother starting college, but you don’t have enough money for gas to even get to school. For those served by Beatitude House, these are real, every-day concerns. YOU can help transform their lives by being a part of the Inspiring Hope Campaign. For nearly 30 years, Beatitude House has been successful in its mission to create homes, provide educational opportunities and foster healthy families. In this time, it has served over 7,000 women and children in three programs. This year alone:


• Housing provided 47 homes that kept over 60 women and 90 children off the streets! • Immigrant Outreach taught English as a second language to 22 women and tutored 44 school-aged children! • Ursuline Sisters Scholars supported 48 students – mostly single parents- in post secondary education as they worked to create a better life for themselves and their children!

These programs transform lives and make our community stronger! The Inspiring Hope Campaign has a goal of raising $3.4 million. We are happy to announce that we have now raised more than $2 million toward this goal, but we need your help. These funds will assure a future for the families of Beatitude House and enhance our community for many years. Now, imagine what it feels like to Inspire Hope… to know YOU made a difference! With your commitment, imagine what we can accomplish!

New and Enhanced programs...$1.07M Continuing Annual Support......$1.13M Improvements..............................$600K Endowment Funds......................$600K

Kindest regards,

Ellen Tressel Campaign Co-Chair


Fred Moran Campaign Co-Chair

Over 7,000 lives, countless successes, and more hope to inspire URSULINE SISTERS SCHOLARS


“I didn’t know any English, nothing. I passed my citizenship test on my first try because of this place.” – Mervat

“I appreciate their enthusiasm in my success and willingness to help in times of crisis. The program gives me time to be a student.”


“I was pregnant, homeless, and scared and they took me in.” – Alyssa

– Mikalah

• 62% escaped domestic violence

• 91% of women improved their English test scores

• Career opportunities to break the cycle of poverty

• Expanded into Campbell September 2019

• 14 graduates in 2019

• Moms are able to be reunited with their children

• 100% of students paired with a mentor

• Children have the safety and security of a home

• YSU students tutor/mentor school-aged children

• 52% of our scholars are single parents

PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING: Sister Margaret Scheetz Founder’s Circle $10,000 annual membership Sister Betty Schuster Children’s Ambassador $5,000 annual membership Cornerstone of Beatitude House $1,000 or more annually

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HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Pledges, legacy gifts, monthly or one-time donations all help change lives! Try giving up a little each week and see how it adds up. Here are some examples: A $5 large latte per week = $260 per year A $15 lunch per week = $780 per year A $50 dinner per week = $2,600 per year ALL DONATIONS CAN BE MADE ON OUR SECURE WEBSITE AT BEATITUDEHOUSE.COM OR BY CALLING 330-744-3147.

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At about seven years old, we moved into a home at Beatitude House. My mom had lost her job and we were barely making it. Beatitude House saved our lives. They helped me through school and gave me Christmases that I will never forget. I am now in the Ursuline Sisters Scholars program. This program has given me something I never thought I would have - the ability to go to college. I am very close to graduating with my bachelor’s degree and I have a minor that I love. To be able to go to YSU, meet incredible people and have a mentor who has given me so many pointers has changed my life. The gratitude I feel will be with me forever. Thank you, Kayla Beatitude House, Housing and Ursuline Sisters Scholars programs Pictured Kayla and Sister Patricia McNicholas, Beatitude House Co-Director

We want to thank our Inspiring Hope Campaign Cabinet members for their support! Co-Chair Fred Moran • Co-Chair Ellen Tressel

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The Campaign for Beatitude House Ministries

238 Tod Lane Youngstown, OH 44504 www.beatitudehouse.com 330.744.3147



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Inspiring Hope Mailer  

Inspiring Hope Mailer