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Inside this issue: • 20th Wine Taste & Auction • Scholars Spring Gathering • First Scholars Graduate in Ashtabula • Easter Bunny Visit • Paw Patrol • Home Depot Volunteers

20th Wine Taste & Auction Beatitude House held their 20th Wine Taste & Auction Friday, May 3rd, at 5:30 p.m. at The Embassy in Boardman, Ohio. This event raises much needed funding for Beatitude House’s three programs which provide housing for homeless women and children, advance the education of single mothers and first-generation students through our Ursuline Sisters Scholars Program, or help non-natives learn English through our Immigrant Outreach Program.

“[This] is how my story would have continued if not for people like you and organizations like the Beatitude House who offer opportunities for people to believe an alternative story is possible,” said Sarah. Beatitude House first took Sarah into the housing program where she worked through her negative views and set several goals. “The people of Beatitude House intervened in my life. They believed that a different story was possible for my children and me,” she said. As Sarah completed the housing program, she knew college would be a part of creating a better future for herself and her children. It was at this time that Sarah applied to the Ursuline Sisters Scholars Program for assistance with her education. This May, Sarah graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. “My story now will include helping others to see their own alternative stories. I know first-hand what believing in someone can do,” she said. The second speaker, Marianela, was a recent participant in the Immigrant Outreach Program. “I came to USA almost four years ago when a group of paramilitaries attacked my son and myself because I belonged to an opposition party,” explained Marianela.

We would like to thank our many wonderful sponsors, and a special thank you to our Platinum Sponsors - Astro Shapes, and Muransky Companies, as well as our Gold Sponsors Cortland Bank, Farmers Bank, RT Vernal Paving and Window World.

Marianela was previously a lawyer in Venezuela, and knew she needed to move to America for a better future. “We need to escape to save our lives,” she explained.

That evening our audience was able to hear the stories of two women involved with Beatitude House.

She began attending English classes at Beatitude House and mentioned that she needed a job. “Sister Norma helped me find a job, even though I did not speak English,” she said. While learning English, Marianela worked as a dishwasher for the three years.

The first speaker, Sarah, was a previous housing client and recent Ursuline Sisters Scholars Program participant. Before Beatitude House, Sarah felt she was living a mediocre and meaningless life. Sarah was even more concerned that, as a mother of three, she might pass her negative views and habits down to her children. “Over the years this has worn me down and the concessions I have made to my values and morals have slowly corroded my identity,” she added.

In 2016, Marianela’s husband found a job in Ohio at which time she discovered Beatitude House.

Marianela worked hard during those three years and will be moving to Canton soon as she was offered a position with a local attorney. She ended her speech with a heartfelt goodbye and thanks to the Immigrant Outreach Program Coordinator. “Sister Norma, I cannot leave Youngstown without saying thank you!”

Scholars Spring Gathering On Wednesday, May 22, Beatitude House’s Ursuline Sisters Scholars Program held their Spring Gathering. The Spring Gathering included a Dress for Success presentation and the announcement of four scholarship recipients. The Ursuline Sisters Scholars Program of Beatitude House has served 49 students this fiscal year. This program works to break the cycle of poverty through post-secondary education, with a three-pronged approach which includes providing financial support, training programs and one-on-one mentorship. In the Dress for Success workshop, Barb Hierro, Director of Business Development at The Serenity Center, shared with students the importance of soft skills, tips for a solid interview and how to keep their social media presence professional. “Preparation can make all the difference in the world,” said Hierro. “Coming to an interview ready will set you apart,” she added.

L to R: Kathy Kennedy, Jessica Brumfield, Nancy Beeghly, Ashley Logue, Evelyn Huerta-Arellano, Sr. Mary Alyce Koval

At the conclusion of the workshop, three Beatitude House and one Youngstown State University scholarships were awarded for the Fall 2019 Semester. The four scholarships presented were as follows: The Kennedy Family Fund for Scholars - $1,000 presented to Jessica Brumfield studying English at Kent State University Trumbull, The Beeghly Fund for Scholars - $1,000 presented to Ashley Logue studying Nursing at Kent State University Trumbull, and The Ursuline Sisters Fund for Scholars - $500 presented to Evelyn Huerta-Arellano studying Spanish at Kent State University Trumbull, The Karen R. Murphy Beatitude House Scholarship of Youngstown State University - $1,550 presented to Rayana McGuire studying Social Work at Youngstown State University. Also, Beatitude House Ursuline Sister Scholars congratulated their five May 2019 graduates and five Summer 2019 graduates. The graduates celebrated were as follows: •

Alexandria Stefek - Medical Assistant Certification, Trumbull Career and Technical Center

Brianna Bradley - Associates in Human Services, Kent State Ashtabula

Celeste Rodgers - Bachelor’s in Criminology and Justice Studies, Kent State Trumbull

Helen White - Dental Assisting Certification, Choffin

Jennifer Marsh - Licensed Practical Nurse, Choffin

Jodi Rucker - Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Youngstown State University

Kaelyn Snyder - Bachelor’s in Nursing, Youngstown State University

Sarah Hammet - Bachelor’s in Social Work, Youngstown State University

Susan Novak - Licensed Practical Nurse, Choffin

Tiarah Alexander-Brown - Licensed Practical Nurse, Choffin

L to R: Emily Moran (Beatitude House Scholars Program Director), Rayana McGuire

L to R: Mikalah Henyard (Beatitude House Americorps Volunteer), Sarah Hammet, Kaelyn Snyder, Jodi Rucker, Jennifer Marsh, Emily Moran (Program Director)

First Scholars Program Graduate in Ashtabula Beatitude House Ursuline Sisters Scholars is proud to announce their first program graduate in Ashtabula. Brianna Bradley graduated this May earning her Associate’s in Human Services from Kent State University Ashtabula. Bradley was working part-time and attending college full-time, but still having trouble affording college, when she discovered the Scholars program. “It (was) difficult sometimes to pay for my textbooks,” explained Bradley. While the financial assistance ensured Bradley could afford her education, she found the mentoring most beneficial. “(What) I found most helpful about the Scholars Program was the interaction between one another and having the opportunity to meet and have discussion,” said Bradley. Bradley is currently helping at-risk youth in Ashtabula County’s community based program youth OPPORTUNITIES! “I love working with teenagers because I see myself in them and often understand what they are going through,” she said. She plans to go back to school in the fall to pursue a Bachelor’s in Sociology. “My main goal is to be a counselor for at-risk youth because I feel like they are the ones who are truly impacted in our county today!” said Bradley.

Easter Bunny Visit Beatitude House held an Easter Egg Hunt at the Glenellen site on April 18th. Students from Ursuline High School helped to stuff the eggs with treats and the Easter Bunny’s helpers hid eggs on the playground. Families in all of our programs enjoyed pizza and refreshments in celebration of the coming of Easter and to search for the hidden eggs filled with candy and toys. The children’s faces beamed with joy when the Easter Bunny visited the party. Everyone had a chance to get a photo with the Bunny and each child left with an Easter basket full of goodies.

Paw Patrol A very special thank you to Caryn Covelli, for giving our families a night they will never forget! A limo bus picked up 29 kids and their moms to see Paw Patrol this spring. All three of our programs were able to participate thanks to Mrs. Covelli’s generosity. Once at the Covelli Center, each person received a meal along with their fantastic seats. Our children jumped for joy at the chance to see their favorite TV characters on stage! The entire event had the kids raving about this wonderful experience. They made drawings and sent cards to say thank you. Mrs. Covelli also provides tickets, lunch, and a limo each Christmas for our families to enjoy Disney on Ice.

Home Depot At the beginning of May nearly 50 staff members from Home Depot volunteered their time at our Northside location. Home Depot granted Beatitude House $3,400 in gift cards to pay for supplies. The team helped us spring clean, paint, spread new rubber mulch on our playground and flower beds which they spruced up with new plants!

Administrative Office 238 Tod Lane Youngstown, OH 44504 330-744-3147 | 330-744-3991 fax beatitudehouse.com

238 Tod Lane Youngstown, OH 44504

Housing Offices 287 Lora Avenue Youngstown, OH 44504 330-746-6622 | 330-746-1783 fax 145 N. Glenellen Youngstown, OH 44509 330-792-3644 | 330-792-6192 fax 3404 Lake Avenue Ashtabula, OH 44004 440-992-0265 | 440-992-0394 fax Immigrant Outreach Program 145 N. Glenellen Youngstown, OH 44509 330-792-3644 | 330-792-6192 fax Ursuline Sisters Scholars 287 Lora Avenue Youngstown, OH 44504 330-746-6622 | 330-746-1783 fax

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Beatitude House’s Immigrant Outreach program is expanding to Campbell! The Immigrant Outreach program assists non-native English speakers with education (English as a Second Language classes), after school tutoring and outreach activities. Heart Reach Neighborhood Ministries and Beatitude House are partnering to bring these services to Campbell. This new program is in need of volunteers to help tutor the children and assist with teaching English to the women. Volunteers are not required to speak a foreign language. English Language classes and additional learning activities will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 am to 12 pm at the Kirwan Community Center at 75 Jackson Street in Campbell. The official start date of this program is still being determined.

Individuals interested in volunteering to help tutor should contact Julia for more information at 330-744-3147 or fill out our volunteer form at www.beatitudehouse.com/volunteer/.

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Summer 2019 Newsletter