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Once upon a time, two brothers Alexander and Nikolas lived in Szczecin. When they were little boys, they often spent time together. They had common friends with whom they played and went for trips. And so in peace and joy years passed.

One day, when the boys started to be youngsters, they fell out so much that he stopped talking to each other. They stopped inviting each other for birthdays parties, name days and other family celebrations. The years passed.

The brothers started their own families, but their wives and children did not know them, because brothers were stuck on anger. Their wives and other family members wanted them to make up but at first they did not want. Alexander and Nikolas felt terrible about that, they did not accept that situation any more, but none of them wanted to do the first step to the agreement. Each of them thought: " Why me , he should be first."

The years passed and the brothers probably even really forgotten what they quarreled about. One day, Alexander found out that he was seriously ill.

He decided to visit his brother’s home. At the beginning the conversation was very difficult , the brothers did not know what to talk about, they stayed in silence watching at each other. Soon, however, the ice was broken and they started chatting.

After a while the atmosphere warmed up. The joy and harmony prevailed in both families. The brothers decided not to talk about those times of silence, and enjoyed every moment they could spend together since then.


Written by pupils at Grunnskóli Bolungarvíkur, Iceland Illustrated by pupils at Priamry School No 5, Bielsk Podlaski, Poland

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