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Renowned Model & Budding Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer Beata Bohman is starting out as a talented and driven fashion designer. Beata Bohman can remember knowing she wanted to be a fashion designer since she was six years old, a dream that she is now making a reality. Without a formal fashion design education, many people told Beata Bohman that it would be impossible for her to be a successful designer, but she has chosen not to listen. She is now bringing a lifetime of passion into her new fashion line.

Former Model Brand new fashion designer Beata Bohman was also a former model. Before other circumstances caused her to step back a few years ago, Beata Bohman was an all-around successful model. She spent time modeling lingerie, bikinis, and beauty products. Beata Bohman even had contracts with major companies like Nina Ricci and Piaget. Beata Bohman’s hard work and desire for perfection helped make her such a good model, traits she now carries over into her new career as a fashion designer.

Friends Important to Beata Bohman Beata Bohman is very much a people-person, and she attributes much of her career success to the support of her friends and loved ones. Beata Bohman is thankful for the way in which her close friends and family have cared for her throughout her life. Through good times and hard times, her friends have always been there for her. Beata Bohman never takes those friendships for granted, but chooses to graciously respond by caring for them well. She is a person who loves to laugh, and she and her beloved friends are full of smiles and laughter when they are together.

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