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We’ll help you grow your business up to 25%

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How Phlok Began 6 Your Business Success 8 The Phlok blueprint for business success 10 Testimonials 13

How your Customers use Phlok 18 Following your business Checking in at your business Your personal QR code What if your customer doesn’t have a smartphone Scanning your QR code Phlok Social Loyalty cards Spending phlok points in your business

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Your Business Control Panel 26 An overview of your control panel home screen Connecting your Phlok A/C to Facebook Posting a public message or status update Scheduling public messages for later Replying to messages from followers How to target message your Phlok privately Phlok points are real money What Phlok Vouchers are worth to your business Setting your business opening times Restricting out of hours checkins What are credits Selling your goods online with Phlok Growing your Phlok

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How Phlok Began Founded in Northern Ireland by two people frustrated that current social networks weren’t effective for smaller businesses, they set out to build a system that would encourage consumers to ‘shop local’ more often, while giving independent businesses easy to use tools for making social media easier and more profitable. Phlok has businesses using their platform across Ireland and the UK with thousands and thousands of users spending hundreds of thousands of euros and pounds in local businesses already. Embraced by many Chambers of Commerce Business Associations and Industry Bodies as a tool to drive local trade. Tony Lambert, CEO Fingal Dublin Chamber sums Phlok up with his quote: “Phlok is simply the best Social Digital Loyalty Platform. It creates a community based social loyalty platform that is fun, rewarding and valuable to the merchant and the user.“

Phlok makes the phrase ‘Shop Local’ make sense 6

Your Business Success

How your partnership with Phlok will grow your business and increase repeat purchases


The Phlok blueprint for business success We put you in front of thousands of local people near you and their social network connections Phlok points make it easy to incentivise new customers to try you and existing customers to come back more often

We’ll help you grow your business up to 25%

“Not having to rely on my own efforts to make social media work is a blessing. I’ve 10 times more followers on Phlok as I do on Facebook! They are local and I can see them spend money here. It just works.” Tony Tony Byrne Menswear Malahide

“We like the fact that we can target some of our promotions privately. We like to reward our best clients and Phlok gives us many ways to do that.” Tim Andrew Watson Menswear, Belfast

“Phlok allows us to measure financially how social media works for us. Being able to see at a glance, how many purchase transactions have been made, gives us information we can’t get on other social networks.” Siobhan Gibneys Off Licence, Malahide 14

“We were looking at building our own loyalty card, but when we saw Phlok, we decided to use that for our stores across Ireland. We like that people that haven’t shopped with us yet, get visibility of us, and we like that we can directly communicate with our followers to remind them about health checks or the latest offers.” Marie McCabes Pharmacy, Dublin

“We have had over €10,000 of business from Phlok users, we are getting larger and more frequent purchases. Phlok has given us the tools to compete against the large supermarkets.” Peter CarryOut Off Licence, Clongriffin

“Phlok is available in most of the businesses in our village. We think it is definitely helping promote our business and encourages people to shop local.” Margaret Bouchon Jewelery, Malahide

“When people enjoy their dining experience with us, it’s always difficult to ask them to ‘review’ us or promote us on Facebook. Now with Phlok, we simply suggest they collect some loyalty points and they are automatically talking about us to their friends on social networks. Win win.” Essence Bistro, Swords


“We pride ourselves on our use of social media, we love the idea of Phlok as it keeps everything local and relevant. I can invite my followers personally to try new things in our cafes.” Graeme Grounded Espresso Bars, Newry

“I have some really loyal customers that build up their phlok points. From time to time they get a free meal, and we get paid full price for the meal from Phlok! That’s cool.” Chris Rocket and Relish, Belfast

How your Customers use Phlok

Giving phlok points is easy, our mobile phone app does the work for you


Following your business on Phlok Introduce Phlok to as many of your customers as you can. When a person follows you on Phlok, they immediately collect points (these points are their incentive to follow your business) When that person follows your business, they give you access to their Name, age, birthday month and how many phlok points they have collected to spend. You then have the ability to contact them privately with messages, offers, promotions and maybe a thank you! We cover more about Targeted Messaging later.

Checking in at your business on Phlok A checkin is when a person that visits your store uses the Phlok app to tell the friends they are connected to on Phlok and other social networks where they are right now. This is a brilliant micro advertising tool, it’s real time, and can be responsible for bringing their friend to your business in the next few minutes (if they are nearby and free) or at some other time as their friend has now endorsed you! We incentive checkins with phlok points to encourage checkins more often.

Your personal QR code We don’t plug anything into your point of sale terminal (till) we just supply you with some stands to display your unique QR code. If the code is photographed or removed from your premise, it will not work. Once a customer has scanned your code and collected the points you have on offer, they can’t get anymore that day. So if someone scans it twice or more, don’t worry, they aren’t getting any more points!

What if your customer doesn’t have a smartphone Give your customer their receipt and they can enter the details into your business profile when they create a user account at

Scanning your QR code Customers with an iPhone or an Android phone will have the Phlok app or will download the Phlok app from their ‘App Store’ (Just search for Phlok to find it). To scan the code you simply open the Phlok app and once at the home screen tap the ‘Purchase’ button. On android phones this is represented by the $ (Dollar) symbol. 21

Phlok Social Loyalty Cards As part of your subscription we supply you with an unlimited supply* of loyalty cards. Use these cards to introduce your new loyalty programme to your customers. Encourage your staff to remember to offer your cards to each customer. A phrase such as “Follow us on Phlok and collect your points, we loaded 2000 points into this card for when you register. Spend them here or anywhere you see the Phlok sign, check it out later when you get home.� Each account has 2000 phlok points added to it when a customer registers for the first time. Use this promotional tool as your own. (Phlok funds the 2000 points)


Spending phlok points in your business When a customer decides to spend some points, they go to and exchange points for a Phlok gift voucher to use at a specific store, in this case yours.


When your customer claims a gift voucher for your store two things happen‌ First, Phlok immediately credit your business’ Phlok account with the amount of money claimed by your customer. Second, we email the gift voucher to your customer. When your customer presents the voucher to you, you can verify it online at purchases or Call our support line to verify (9am and 11.30pm 7 days a week) on +3531 526 7334 Ireland +4428 9039 6200 NI & UK

Your Business Control Panel

The most useful information right at your fingertips


An overview of your control panel home screen Your control panel at a glance shows how many followers you have, how many Phlok users have made purchases in your business and how many checkins Phlok users have made. Each activity - purchase, checkin or follow advertises your business on your customers’ social networks of friends. You can see at a glance, new followers, new checkins or new messages sent by customers to you. There is a User Guide to walk you through each screen on your Control Panel.


Connecting your Phlok A/C to Facebook If you post content to Facebook about your business, why not connect Phlok to your Facebook account. It’s very easy and is a one-time job, then when you post content, post on Phlok and it will automatically be posted to Facebook at the same time. Click on the menu to choose your Facebook page (you must be logged into Facebook before

you do this and be an administrator for the Facebook page. If you are prompted to ‘use Facebook as ‘YOUR NAME’ accept this to enable the connection with Phlok. Once you have connected Phlok to Facebook, you don’t need to do this twice. From then on posting to Facebook happens automatically when the Facebook button is bright blue. When it is grey, it will not post to Facebook.

Posting a public message or status update The best status updates businesses can make on Phlok are related to things or services you sell. A picture and some text describing it, containing the price if applicable is good content. This post is public and will be visible on the public activity feed on the Phlok consumer app and website. It will also populate your profile on the Phlok consumer website and app. Enter your text in the white box (see the screenshot below) and to add a picture click Add Photo.


Scheduling public messages for later To make it easier to manage your Phlok posts we built the easiest to use post scheduler ever! Select ‘Scheduled Messages’ from the menu and click on the day you want your post to go out. Set the time and set the Facebook button to push your Phlok post to Facebook as well as Phlok.

Replying to messages from followers You will be notified by email when one of your followers posts a comment on a post you have made or comment on your Phlok profile. To reply to a message, select the ‘Messages’ option on your menu. You will see four tabs to filter your messages. Consumer Comments, Promotions Messages, Targeted Messages & All Messages. Simply click the Green ‘Reply’ button to enter your reply. To delete a comment click ‘Delete’. The Consumer Comments tab lists only the messages from (or includes) comments from followers The Promotional Messages tab lists all public posts you have made on Phlok The Targeted Messages tab shows only previous private messages/promotions to your followers.

The most powerful feature in Phlok is the ability to privately send messages or exclusive promotions to your followers.

How to target message your Phlok privately Private messages allow you to try new and different ways to entice people to come to your business for the first time.

“Thanks for following us, please show us this message to get a free bottle of wine with you meal on your first visit!” To use this feature, click on the ‘Follows’ tab in the menu or the large Follows button on your control panel.

You can see a list of your followers in this section. Their name, age, birthday month and the amount of phlok points they have accumulated.

Each follower can be messaged individually by using the green ‘Message’ button.

Each follower can be awarded bonus phlok points if you wish, if for example they are a particularly good customer or maybe you ran a competition with phlok points as a prize.

Please note: If you award bonus points, you need to send the recipient a message to let them know you have done it. The description field only labels the points in their phlok point account as to why they were collected.


You can target message privately to groups of your followers by gender, age, birthday month, number of points and the frequency of their visits. Make your selection by clicking on the filter you wish to use (more than one filter can be used, e.g. Female over 18) When you have composed your message (and added a picture if you wish) just click on the post button. Each follower will receive a message or email depending on their preferences about your post. A history of these private targeted messages is stored in the ‘Messages’ section.


Phlok points are worth real money To view your transactions online click on your Accounts tab You will see a history of all transactions for Checkins, follows, purchases and Phlok credit vouchers. You will also see smaller credits from time to time, these may be generated if a follower un-follows you within the first month of becoming a follower. (if a consumer follows you and un-follows within a month of following, they lose their phlok points for that follow).

What Phlok Vouchers are worth to your business Real Money! When a user has collected sufficient phlok points (10,000 points = £/€10) they exchange them for a voucher in a store of their choice. Once a voucher has been claimed, in this example, Ollies Place. Phlok immediately credits the value of that voucher to the business the voucher was for. When the person visits the business to use the voucher, it is accepted as real money (the business has already been paid by Phlok) Ring the voucher into the epos till (usually under ‘gift voucher’) Remember, you get full value for the voucher and the customer has gotten something for the value of the voucher. Win Win.


A. Somebody |

credit voucher

€50 euro

This voucher entitles the bearer to €50 credit at Ollies Place

Vouchers are in denominations of £/$/€5 to a maximum of £/$/€50. One voucher per purchase, a second voucher cannot be claimed for any one business until the previous one has been used.


Set your opening hours for your Phlok profile Your Phlok profile gives consumers lots of information about you. Your address, your phone number, number of followers, a description of your business, the amount of phlok points available with a purchase and a history of all of your previous public promotional posts. You can also list your opening hours to your profile. If you want to enable this, go to ‘Opening Hours’ on your Control Panel Menu.

To set your opening hours, click ‘Edit’ and set your preferences in the pop up box.

If you need to change a setting, click on the blue column that represents your setting and either delete or edit your setting.


Restrict out of hours check ins Checkins are brilliant little adverts that people broadcast to their friends.

Brian OʼToole Checked in at Phlok and got 100 Phlok points! Phlok Connecting local people with local businesses

Map data ©2013 Google Like


about an hour ago via iphone

Most businesses like these to be available all the time, however you may decide that you don’t want points to be available for checkins when your business is closed. People can still checkin but don’t get rewarded.

If you want to enable this, go to ‘Opening Hours’ on your Control Panel Menu.


You will see a calendar where you can set checkin hours and your business opening hours. To set the hours that will reward for checkins, click ‘Edit’ at the top of the day you want to set.

Set your hours, (we recommend at least an hour before and after your opening hours) and remember to click the Save button. If you need to change a setting, click on the orange column that represents your setting and either delete or edit your setting.

What are Credits? Each month you buy a bundle of credits (our algorithm recommends a credit bundle for you based on your footfall and average transaction spend for a customer). As Phlok users purchase, checkin or follow your business, credits are deducted from your bundle as follows: 1 credit for every 100 phlok points of your purchase incentive or checkin, and 1 credit for each follower you gain. So, if your incentive for purchases made by your Phlok customer is 500 phlok points, this would deduct 5 credits from your bundle when the customer claims their points. Give as many phlok points away as you can. The more points in your community, the more people shop local. To see how many credits you have used or have left, go to the Account menu. Payment is by Direct Debit or monthly Credit Card payment.


Selling your goods online with Phlok So you don’t have a website but you want to sell online? That’s easy with Phlok’s micro e-commerce feature. Go to ‘Sell an Item’ on the left menu of your control panel. Upload a picture of one item and add a description, set your price, sizes, colours and delivery/ collection options and post it on Phlok (and Facebook if connected to your Phlok account). Now Shop Local can be online as well as offline.

Growing your Phlok Here are a few top tips for building your Phlok‌ Use your Message Scheduler to ensure regular updates go out to the Phlok community. This keeps you in their mind and when the time comes that they need what you sell, they will shop with you. Any posts you submit on Phlok, use a picture as much as you can. They catch the eye. Text only posts are less effective as they can blend into other activity. The most powerful part of Phlok is the ability to privately communicate with your followers. Keep it light and personal. If you are running a promotion or sale in your business anyway, target message your followers, invite them in, make them feel special. It’s like putting a flyer through their door, without the cost and effort! Use Phlok yourself. Become a user, collect points, participate in the rejuvenation of your town. The more you use it, the more you understand its potential for your business. Get your neighbouring businesses onto Phlok. It works great for you, but it gets even better when you have lots of nearby businesses on. Remember, the more choice for your local residents the more they will shop with you. 47

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