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Polish Theatre Ireland is currently seeking actors ensemble for the upcoming production of Foreign Bodies which will run from 22nd July - 3rd August 2013 in Project Arts Centre (The Cube Space): The play is written by one of the top Polish playwrights Julia Holewińska and has been acknowledged as the Best Drama in Poland in 2010. The script has been translated into English by an acclaimed translator Artur Zapałowski and is directed by an Irish director Lianne O’Shea. The script tells a real story of a Polish political activist and a role model who fights for freedom in communist Poland. When the political freedom is gained in 1989, he changes the sex into female and turns into Ewa. While Poland is transforming into a capitalist country, in the same time Ewa becomes more and more rejected from the society. She lives alone in poor living conditions and she eventually gets cancer. The play is a mixture of past and present so the events are not running chronologically. The script consists of the main dual character Adam/Ewa, female and male choruses, and many other characters from past and present. We will be willing to cast 9 actors: 5 male and 4 female ones. The character’s breakdown is as follows: • Adam/ Ewa (lead) for a male actor • Women’s ensemble actors. Playing • Men’s ensemble age of 20-40.

- male in his thirties and female in her fifties. We will be looking in the playing age of 20-50. - all female characters in the play to be divided into 4 female age of 20-35. all male characters in the play divided into 4 male actors. Playing

Actors are expected to prepare one monologue. Actor who will be willing to get the leading role of Adam/ Ewa is expected to prepare 2 different monologues and present them separately as female and male.

This is a profit share production (due to the negative decision from the Arts Council re our project) but we are offering a great venue like PAC, media exposure and an inspiring exploration of an extremely interesting script. The run of the show will be also attracted by post-show discussions with the author Julia Holewińska and the prototype of the main character - Ewa Hołuszko (who used to be Marek Hołuszko in the communist Poland).


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Rehearsals - 24th June - 20th July Get-in and technical rehearsal - 21st July and Dressing rehearsal - 22nd July(during the day) Official opening - 24th July.

Lianne completed her MA in Directing (UCD). Her work as a theatre director includes recent productions of Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice. She has also worked on contemporary writing such as Skullduggery (Bewleys Cafe Theatre) and Delta Phase (Theatre Upstairs) - which was her first time working with PTI. She has an interest in ensemble physical theatre, exploring this though works such as La Corbiere and Peter Pan.

Anna completed her MA in Drama and Theatre Studies (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań), with the final thesis on Marina Carr’s dramatic works. She is a co-founder and Artistic Director of PTI, and she succesfully produced (or co-produced) all of the PTI shows which were: Scent of Chocolate (Focus Theatre, 2010), Chesslaugh Mewash (The Lir Theatre, Absolut Fringe 2011), Delta Phase (Theatre Upstairs, 2012). She also organizes stage readings of English translations of Polish contemporary plays.

Kasia completed MA in acting (Ludwik Solski State Drama School, Wrocław) and PhD studies in verse speaking in theatre (UCD). She is a co-founder of PTI and she was involved in all PTI productions both as Artistic Liaision and actor.

Beata completed MA in Graphic Design (University of Technology, Warsaw). At the moment Beata is a Co-Founder and Creative Director for Be Different Ltd delivering finest Graphic Design and Photography as well as all kind of Digital (Social Media, SEO, PPC) and Traditional Marketing. She has just joined PTI and became to be its Creative Director, designing all promotional material for Foreign Bodies.

PTI is a theatre group formed in 2008 producing shows based on the English translations of Polish scripts that are accessible for both Polish and Irish audiences. Our socially engaged productions have gained much recognition already among the theatre goers of Dublin and we constantly search for new audiences. We treat theatre not only as a form of artistic expression but also as a way of social debate and bridge of the cultural divides, which means that we want people to react and discuss social affairs with us. More information on or on our Facebook Fan Page


'Foreign Bodies' Audition Notice  
'Foreign Bodies' Audition Notice  

Audition Call for 'Foreign Bodies' Play shown in Project Arts Centre in Dublin, Temple Bar by Polish Theatre Ireland.