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Hepatitis C Treatments: Natural VS Medical Hepatitis means inflammation (or swelling) of the liver. When the liver is inflamed, it can have a harder time doing some of its jobs, and completing functions vital to your health. Hepatitis is a virus that lives in liver cells and causes inflammation and damage. There are three major hepatitis viruses. A, B, and C. Studies have also shown that variants of the virus can even spawn separate viruses on their own. The hepatitis C virus, or HCV for short, cab be the most chronic and toughest to deal with. A recent published study showed almost 4 million people in the United States have hepatitis C. Some are even infected in medical facilities. Veterans using VA facilities have higher rates of hepatitis C than the general population. Being diagnosed with hepatitis C can be pretty scary and even overwhelming at first. Up to 85% of individuals who are initially diagnosed as infected with HCV will fail to eliminate the virus and will usually lead to becoming chronically infected with the virus. There are currently two medical drugs being used to combat hepatitis C. Interferon Ribavirin Used in a combination therapy. (Rarely used alone.) Success is achieved in roughly 50% of cases, and the regime can be quite expensive. Depending on your prognosis your treatment plan will be 24-48 weeks, and cost upwards of twenty five thousand dollars on average. Just about all medicines have side effects, especially medicines for hepatitis C. Side effects can vary from person to person, due to several factors. Most patients on hepatitis C treatment will experience side effects, such as fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Some of the side effects may go away and some of them last the entire time you are on treatment, and often interchange. In patients who complete drug therapy, the virus is cleared from the blood (an SVR) about 45% of the time if the patient is genotype 1 and about 65%-75% of the time if the patient is genotype 2 or 3. Twenty five thousand seems like a lot to me for a 50/50 chance of receiving any benefit from the treatment, let's hope they can eventually come up with a better treatment method in the near future. With many of those infected, the funds for treatment are simply not available. As a result, the virus usually works with very little interference and may become a terminal condition over time. A prime indicator of this the fact that veteran's diagnosed with hepatitis stand a very slim chance of the VA actually prescribing this regimen. When I went through my ordeal with hepatitis C, it was through a brand new state of the art VA treatment center. They never mentioned any course of treatment other than having me work with a dietician, and attending a class to be educated about it? (Really?) Many are treating hepatitis with special diets, natural remedies and a fully holistic approach. I for one, have always believed that for every sickness the creator has already placed the proper cure within something on our great earth. We just haven't found them all yet, but perhaps soon we shall. Your quality of life can greatly improve with correct diet modifications, and a more natural approach.

I wound up treating mine with an all natural, little known preservative that delivered immediate results. I felt much better the same day I started and am continuing to improve daily. It has proven to work on most lipid coated viruses to some degree including, West Nile, Herpes, Hepatitis A,B and C, and a host of others in that family. If you do a search for foods that are hard on your liver, and avoid them if at all possible it does help reduce the symptoms of the virus. That can be your first step toward living a better quality of life, and actually giving your liver the fighting chance it needs to combat the virus better. So don't ever give up. There are natural "medicines" out there that will at least improve your quality of life and reduce your symptoms, you just have to put in the research hours and find what works for your individual situation.

ANCHOR: This is what worked for me:

Beat Hepatitis C  

Are natural cures better than most medical treatments for hepatitis?

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