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How to Choose a Right Mobile Power? With the function diversification of smart phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras and other mobile digital devices, more and more people start to take advantage of these digital devices for work and entertainment on various occasions. Power consumption of mobile games, entertainment, Internet surfing, video etc. is great, and the attached battery is unable to meet the normal use of these devices due to low battery capacity, so the mobile power is popular in recent years, and there are also different mobile powers in the market. To really enjoy the powerful features of the mobile communications and entertainment, to choose a safe, stable, easy-to-use mobile power is necessary. Here's a brief look at how to choose the right mobile Power Bank:

First, see what storage media mobile power uses.

According to the battery cells of the mobile power, it can be divided into four types basically: nickel metal hydride battery cells, lithium iron phosphate battery cells, liquid lithium-ion battery cells, and lithium polymer battery cells. Nickel-metal hydride battery cells and lithium iron phosphate battery cells has low voltage and big nominal capacity, but the actual output efficiency is low. Compared with the lithiumion battery cell and lithium polymer battery cell, they have no advantage. If the product description indicates this kind of battery cell, don’t choose that. The lithium-ion battery cells can be divided into liquid lithium -ion cell and polymer cell. Compared with liquid lithium-ion cell, the polymer battery cell is relatively safer, no explosion, light weight, and mostly it is used in high-end digital devices, but currently the available polymer cell mobile power is very few. If consumers want to purchase an economical mobile power with quality assurance, LIJIE magic battery, and fashion wing series products are good choices. LIJIE has the most professional circuit and battery cell R & D team, it uses lithium-ion batteries of international standards and the international- leading intelligent circuit protection system, and new technology research and development in the field of mobile power is far ahead. And it strives to create the industry's most outstanding quality, which is a trusted professional brand for consumers.

Second, check the safety performance of the mobile power

Phone explosion is not nothing new, and we can imagine its harm. In fact, the mobile phone

explosions happen because of the use of shoddy battery. Many mobile power in the market are assembled by using the poor quality battery and low-tech chips, the current output is unstable, and when charging for digital products, it will generate a lot of heat, not only the charging efficiency is low, but it is prone to short-circuit to burn out the expensive digital products. More importantly, the capacity of the built-in battery of the mobile power is bigger than the mobile phone battery capacity, once there is explosion, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, I am here to remind consumers that when you are buying a mobile power, be sure to choose the product from professional and reliable factory, such as the LIJIE magic battery U50 series is a good choice. It uses the international- leading highcapacity amplitude core, which is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable electricity, the chargeable and dischargeable cycles are more than 500, the service life is up to 5 years; and at the same time, it uses the MCU intelligent circuit design, and it has super strong protection function such as the cell intelligent protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, and many other protection features, consumers can be assured to buy and use it.

Third, see the actual conversion efficiency of the mobile power

Mobile power is a portable device integrates electrical storage, pressure rise with charge management in one. We know that electricity storage media commonly use lithium batteries in the market, lithium voltage is between 2.7-4.2V, the 2.7-4 .2 V voltage cannot directly charge other digital, because the lithium voltage of digital products is 2.7-4.2 V, the voltages of the same electric potential are not rechargeable. So the mobile power external output power must have boost system and boost the 2.7- 4.2V lithium voltage to 5V, so that it can charge other digital products. As shown in the picture:

But the problem has emerged: the conversion efficiency of some mobile power is quite low, even less than 50%, in this case, even if the nominal capacity of the mobile power itself is 10Wh, the actually output is only 5 Wh. So you should also pay attention to the conversion efficiency, but 99% of the mobile power manufacturers or distributors avoid this problem. As mentioned this parameter, the seeming high capacity mobile power actually has no application value, since its actual output capacity is too small, this affects the sales of the product! The LIJIE battery mobile power, such as the magic battery U50 series and the fashion wing M60 series have a high conversion efficiency, under rated power, its conversion is up to 90%, which is far higher than similar products, and more energy saving and environmental protection.

Fourth, see the heating condition of mobile power under normal use

The reason that mobile power gives out is that in the process of using, part of the battery energy cannot 100% output, part of it will be consumed in the form of heat in the internal circuitry of the mobile power, the higher the efficiency, the lower the heat will be, because of the energy losses in the circuit is less. Of course, the fever will also bring some serious problems, such as: thermal short-circuit combustion, high temperature accelerates aging of components.

Fifth, choose the shape of mobile power At the same time to ensure mobile power quality, the fashionable and beautiful appearance cannot be ignored. This, of course, depends on your own personal preferences.

Sixth, see the accessories and its additional features of mobile power When choose a mobile power, consumers can also making a comparison between different brands of mobile power accessories.

How to Choose a Right Mobile Power?  

With the function diversification of smart phones,...

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