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WORD FROM THE CROSS September 2017 Bearsden Cross Church – Scottish Charity No: SC009082 – Congregation No: 1811


Contacts Minister: Rev. Graeme R. Wilson 61 Drymen Road, Bearsden, G61 2SU | 942 0507 Associate Minister: Rev Dr. Alexander Forsyth Minister’s Secretary: Anne Reid (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9.30am-12.30pm) Office: 942 0507 | Session Clerk: Keith Wright Editor: Peter Grant Cover photograph by Margaret Campbell

Any content for the October edition of the magazine should be forwarded to the editor by Thursday 14 September. Web version of the magazine:


Parish Letter Dear friends, What a summer! Well, perhaps not the weather. And no Andy Murray victory at Wimbledon this year either! But what a wonderful time Eleanor Wright and myself had in Poitiers in June! We were given a lovely warm welcome and were shown wonderful hospitality. Poitiers itself is a very attractive city with a lot of history and many beautiful buildings and churches. We had a most interesting day trip to La Rochelle on the coast and it was a privilege to see and learn so much about French Protestant history and their many struggles. The story of their witness, courage and fight for the existence of their tradition was truly inspiring. When the Reformation came to Scotland it established itself as the majority tradition very quickly and so we have much to learn from their story and struggles to understand our own identity better. On the Sunday we shared in worship together and I was privileged to co-celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper with Roland, their Pastor, in French! I think they managed to get the gist of it! A small group also sang ‘Amazing Grace’, in English, and grace is truly what we felt in that beautiful moment. We were able to meet so many of the congregation after worship on Sunday, and at other events, and Eleanor and I returned from the baking hot weather on the Monday knowing that we made many new and good friends during our time in Poitiers.


We had many laughs, lots of wonderful food and wine, and above all else there was the sense that we were united by a common love of Christ. We truly are twins from the same Father!

I hope that we can arrange for larger exchange visits to take place from Poitiers to Bearsden, and Bearsden to Poitiers, in the future 4

and I would hope that further news on this will emerge in the coming months. In worship over the summer we have been reflecting on the forthcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation on 31st October 2017 by looking at such key figures as Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox, as well as exploring some of the events in the history of the Protestant Reformation in the Church of Scotland such as the Covenanters and the Disruption of 1843. We hope to put these seven reflections on to the website during September and plan to put them together into a booklet in due course so that folks can read something of our history in their own time. The summer isn’t yet over, but the church organisations are starting up for the new season and I wish all of you every blessing as you take your part in the rich and varied life of this church. There is something for everyone I believe, and a place for all. God bless you and yours. Shalom, Graeme

A visit to Poitiers - Margaret Marriot Chris and I went to the Sunday morning service (culte) on 25th June. We had intended camping nearer to Poitiers, but ended up 45 mins to the North. Because of this we hadn’t given them a warning that we were going to appear, as we weren’t quite sure ourselves!


Evelyne, the present Treasurer, and it turned out the leader of that day’s worship, and Nic Chassaing, the flute player, were there when we arrived 30 mins before the service and gave us coffee and local biscuits before the service – they were very chatty and welcoming, 'Ahh Graeme was here 2 weeks ago'. The pastor and Claude and his wife were somewhere else (Châtellerault at a youth service, I think, my French didn't quite hold up for this). Evelyn Trichet took the service and welcomed us by name. Stéphane Griffiths gave the sermon on verses from Mathew 10 (vv29 and 30 mention two sparrows sold for a penny) – with the theme, 'Do not be afraid' again my French was not quite up to the subtlety of his argument and there were no pew Bibles to give me a chance to read the passage! The Service was very easy to follow because of the leaflet (similar to Church of England ones) which laid out the responses, when there was a hymn, reading, notices, prayers, etc. The hymns were 'decent-and-in-order' type choruses to a flute and guitar - easy enough if you worked out the numbering system of the hymnbook - a neighbour (who had a pre-school daughter playing at the back of the Church) showed me page numbers which helped a lot! After the service lots of people spoke to us - in French - and were very friendly, including a retired man, married to a Frenchwoman and now living in Poitiers, originally from Paisley - he chatted in Scottish! We could have had a second coffee and more biscuits, but we chatted too long! 6

The Church building was on the street, right in the centre of Poitiers and the Pastor’s house was next door in the terrace. The Church was rebuilt in an austere style after being bombed during the war – so it looked as if it had ‘always’ been there (bombed by the - French during the war!). The building looked very small, but I thought it had pews for about 150-200 people. The walls were covered in posters explaining Protestantism – the history, beliefs and current activities in the region. Even if you don’t speak French you would be made very welcome, and the place and form of the service would be very familiar to Church of Scotland folk. – Do pop in if you are ever in Poitiers! Margaret Marriott

The Congregational Board The Congregational Board has now returned to full strength, with Douglas Graham and Colin Waudby volunteering to serve as elected Board members. The Board has responsibilities for the property and finances of the congregation and we look forward to Douglas and Colin’s input. As ever, please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions about the work of the Board. Douglas Thomson 7

Evening Communion Services 2017-18

Do you have a favourite hymn? A hymn that means a lot to your faith, or reminds you of a particular time or person in your life? Would you like to share your favourite hymn with others? Each year I look to work my way through a theme over the season of evening communion services, however this time around I wish to do something a little different. This year I want to take your choice of favourite hymns to be the theme for the monthly evening communion services. If you have a favourite hymn and would like to talk a little (or a lot!) about it then call me on 0141 942 0507 or email me at to have an initial discussion without obligation! You may just wish to speak for a few minutes, and wish me to say some more, or you may wish to speak for 10-15 minutes ‌ it’s up to you. The main thing is that it is your choice, and your voice! 8

The evening communion service takes place at 6.30pm on the second Sunday of each month, and is a chance to celebrate the sacrament in a more intimate setting. The dates of the services are as undernoted, and we will also continue to have a ‘Time for God’ – a time for silent prayer and reflection – from 6-6.20pm before the service itself. I hope to see you there. Graeme September 10th 2017 October 8th November 12th December 3rd January 14th 2018 February 11th March 11th May 13th June 10th

‘I, the Lord of sea and sky’ (Minister)


Exploring Biblical Texts Beyond the Sermon ‘Beyond the Sermon’ will return in the autumn/winter of 2017. ‘Beyond the Sermon’ is an after service discussion to enable conversations to begin where the sermon leaves off. These discussions are intended to be an informal and relaxed way of exploring the biblical text further and what this might mean for us in our daily lives. They will be held after tea and coffee on the last (or second last!) Sunday of each month and will last for 30 minutes or so. These discussions will take place on: Sunday 24th September 2017 Sunday 29th October Sunday 26th November

‘Exploring Mark’ – Bible Study of the Gospel of Mark I am looking to get the practice of Bible Study back up and running within the church, and indeed more widely than it has been in the past. The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four gospels, and is considered to be perhaps the most straight-forward too, though it does have a richness of its own. The intention is to start a day-time 10

Bible Study called ‘Exploring Mark – Bible Basics’ sometime in October on a day and time that suits folks best. I’m considering something like 10.30–11.30am on a weekday morning perhaps every second week however I will be guided by what suits people best. ‘Bible Basics’ is intended to be a fairly gentle and non-threatening entry into Bible Study and would be aimed at those curious to find out some of the basic ideas and themes of Mark, as well as looking at some of the key stories and characters. No prior knowledge assumed and no question asked is a bad question! In the recent past there was a ‘Bible Study’ held every second Sunday evening around 7.30pm and it is my intention to re-start this, commencing in October. Again, some of the basic ideas and themes of the gospel of Mark will be explored but perhaps dealing with some issues in more detail as well as delving deeper into some of the key stories and groups of characters, both major and minor. If you think you might be interested in either of these groups (or even both!) then please give me a call on 0141 942 0507 or email me at to let me know if you have a preference for date and time, etc. Details of precise dates and times will be advertised in the October magazine. Graeme


Funday Sunday I hope everyone has had a good break over the summer despite the weather we have experienced, and are looking forward to the new session. We held out annual BBQ in the Manse back garden again this year and all those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves eating burgers and sausage rolls! As in previous years a bouncy castle was hired which has proved to be a great success. Many thanks to Ed Reid for cooking the BBQ as our usual chef was unable to attend! Funday Sunday resumed on Sunday 20th August. Please come along and join us if you have not done so before. You will be warmly welcomed. Harvest service will take place on Sunday, 1st October. As in previous years we are asking the children to bring in soft fruit, flowers or a potted plant for distribution to the older members of our congregation. Adults are being asked to fill in Christian Aid envelopes.

Elizabeth Thomson, Funday Sunday Secretary


IS GETTING SCIENTIFIC !! Messy Church resumes again on Friday 15th September (3.30 5.30p.m.). All young people from Nursery age to Primary 7, and accompanied by an adult, are welcome to enjoy a mixture of games, crafts, scientific experiments and story-telling, finishing off with a childrens’ meal. Messy Church is for all - why don’t you ask your son / daughter to invite a friend to come as well and meet our newly trained science team. We are also looking for new helpers to assist with our cutting edge scientific research (white coats provided) and craft activities. For further details speak to the minister, Lesley Shaw or myself. Keith Wright Session Clerk


Bible Class Bible Class has reconvened following the summer break with our new attendees promoted from Funday Sunday. We will look throughout the year at the bible in greater detail as well as events such as the Youth Assembly. We are also arranging film nights, barbeque and breakfasts as well as supporting the Church with morning coffee and church events All welcome, further details from Ross, Ed or Lesley

Saturday Night Club Saturday night club starts again on 9th September for all S1 to S6 - our first night will include planning for the year - please come along and decide what you would like to do Further details from Wendy or Lesley Lesley


The Boys’ Brigade – 120TH Session The 1st Bearsden’s 120th session is now underway and Company Section Boys are preparing for the 84th Annual Concert on 16th, 17th and 18th November – watch out for details of ticket sales for what promises to be a good evening of entertainment. The Christmas Market will be on 2nd December. The Company has a long connection with Brigade’s sister organisation in Wisconsin. We will visit them in July, an exciting end to a special session. Summer Camp 2017 was at Kielder in Northumberland during which the group visited Newcastle and Vindolanda, a Roman Fort near Hadrian’s Wall, as well as taking part in canoeing, archery, zip-lining and abseiling.

Our Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates recently participated in The Kilbryde Hike – a two day expedition with numerous challenges. Robin Linton


The Girls’ Brigade

The Girls Brigade 2017/18 session official starts with enrolment on Thursday 31st of August. This session will see us celebrating our 30th Anniversary and also the 125th Anniversary of Girls’ Brigade. We would love to welcome new member to come along and join the fun! Girls Brigade Enrol on Thursday 31st August in Baljaffray Church Buzz along and join us for what will be a fun packed session. We meet every Thursday during School Term Explorers P1 - P3 6.30pm – 7.30pm Juniors P4 - P7 6.45pm – 8.15pm Brigader S1 - S6 7.30pm – 9.30pm

We look forward to welcoming members and new members on Thursday 31st for a games evening – non uniform evening or any company night

For further information please contact Jennifer Major via 98th FB page or


The Phoenix Circle The Committee of the Phoenix Circle would like to invite members back for our new session, 2017/18. Any ladies who think they might like to join will be made most welcome. We meet on alternate Monday evenings at 8.00pm and our programme for September is as follows: MONDAY 4th SEPTEMBER : Welcome back supper followed by a quiz MONDAY 18th SEPTEMBER : A Day in the life of the wife of our past Moderator (Mrs Margaret Barr). Our talk on the 18th September will be both interesting and entertaining and we would encourage all ladies of organisations and church members to join us, even MEN will be made most welcome. Margaret Barr is an excellent speaker and I am sure you won’t be disappointed!! Senga Dempster (Secretary)


The Guild The opening meeting of the Guild will be on 9th October at 2pm when Graeme will dedicate the Guild and speak on the theme ‘Go in Love’. As ever, our syllabus secretary has done a great job of compiling a varied programme for the coming session. All ladies and gentlemen are welcome to any or all of our meetings. The Guild book stall will resume in September. We are extremely grateful for the support from church members for the book stall. All cash collected goes to support Guild projects. Irene McLachlan Secretary

The Eco Congregation The Eco Congregation is now collecting old mobile phones for recycling through an online website, Recycle4Charity. The charity chosen is ‘Keep Scotland Beautiful’ which is involved in Sustainable Development Education, Local Environmental Quality, Sustainability & Climate Change, Environmental Services. 50% of the value of each phone is passed to our chosen charity. If you have any old mobile phones & wish them to be recycled for charity, please place them in the recycle collection boxes in the Assembly Area Jane Hill


Social Functions

Brew’n’Blether The Social Functions Committee would like to invite retired members of the congregation to join them for coffee, cake and entertainment on the afternoons listed below from 2.00-3.30pm. The invitation is open to anyone who is at home during the day and would like to come along and meet up with old friends and hopefully, make some new ones. Transport can be arranged for those who require it, by phoning the Church Office (942 0507). If you do not require transport, just come along on the day. The dates planned are:Monday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday

DATE 11th September 2017 6th December 2017 13th March 2018 9th May 2018

ENTERTAINMENT Short DVD about old Glasgow A Christmas Theme To be arranged To be arranged

Please put these dates on your calendar, although there will be reminders in the Magazine and Church Notes nearer the time. Mary Munro Convener 19

Bearsden Cross Church Walking Club PROGRAMME – September/October 2017. Saturdays 26.8.17

Brig O’Turk.

9.9 17

John Muir Way- Milngavie.







Walkers leave from Bearsden Station Car Park at 9:30am (weather permitting). Friends and occasional walkers welcome. For further information contact Sheila Stevenson Margaret Mackinlay or the Church Office The Walking Club also meets every Wednesday at the Allander Leisure Centre car park at 9.30am (weather permitting). There is no set programme of walks. More information can be had from Amanda Mackenzie or the Church Office.

All walkers participate at their own risk.


Too Many Candles (TMC) In June we enjoyed our annual summer picnic to Ross Priory, despite or perhaps because of the weather! A good time was had by all attendees. We have also continued to meet throughout the summer months and will continue to do so throughout the year. Please join us for fellowship, friendship and chat on the last Monday of the month at Massimo Bearsden from 7pm. Further details from Anne, Diane or Marlene Lesley Shaw

Our first sale after the summer break will be on Aug 28th followed by Sept 17th. Our stocks will be replenished but we do need customers to keep our stall viable. The Fairtrade shop in Gavin's Mill has a larger selection of goods and also an excellent cafe selling fairtrade tea and coffee. Well worth a visit! Jo and Keith Moody 21

Glasgow City Mission Hope you all had a good summer holiday and found some sunshine! Most Glasgow City Mission clients, of course, were not able to go away for a proper holiday but they did have some day-away trips to the seaside and also held a Highland Games event in early August which revealed some hitherto unsuspected skills and was much enjoyed by all who took part. If you would like to see round the Project Centre, you might care to visit it on Saturday 16th September 11 am to 5 pm when it will be open as part of Glasgow Doors Open Days. It’s free and you’ll get a cuppa, tour the building and hear something of the homeless people the Mission has helped since it was founded in 1826. You’ll also see some of the paintings that were on display at the Art Display in June. Prints of these are still available to buy online at Thank you to everyone who has donated food, money or other gifts over the summer. They will be put to good use and are much appreciated as always.

Katie Thomson 22

CHRISTIAN AID THANK YOU! From the beginning of July 2016 to the end of June 2017 we raised the magnificent sum of £12,004.72 for Christian Aid. This is a really wonderful achievement. The money came from a variety of sources including our Harvest and Christmas Appeals, the DEC East Africa Appeal, penny boxes, the “Ten for Ten” penny box appeal which ended in June, the Erskine Bridge Cross Walk, the Christian Aid Week Door-to-Door Collection, our very successful Plant Stall at the Joint Churches Coffee Morning where we also sold copies of the Christian Aid Week Quiz, the Sunday School, TMC and Traidcraft. We raised a total of £2646.85 for the DEC East Africa Appeal. This sum included the amount given at the retiring collections taken in our church at the Holy Week Services. In May, during Christian Aid Week itself, we had a very successful fundraising period. Our Erskine Bridge Cross walkers and their sponsors raised £1880, our door-to door volunteers collected £4046.99 and the Joint Churches Coffee Morning raised £1532.07. Once again our Plant Stall did exceptionally well, both at the Coffee Morning itself and then the following day after church, by making a total of £793.66. Fifty-five penny boxes were returned in June following the “Ten for Ten” appeal and the total raised to celebrate our anniversary was £577.85 23

A huge ‘thank you’ is due to everyone who contributed so generously to all these appeals and to all those who worked so hard, especially our door-to-door collectors and our plant growers and contributors, in support of Christian Aid throughout the year. At our Harvest Thanksgiving Service, when the children will be invited to bring gifts to share within our church family, you will have the opportunity to contribute to Christian Aid’s Harvest Appeal, which focuses this year on helping farmers in Malawi deal with the devastating impact of climate change. Many farmers have already changed what they grow because of the changing climate, but they still struggle to make a profit due to exploitation in the market. Christian Aid’s partner, the Evangelical Association of Malawi, is bringing farmers together into Farmers’ Clubs where they can support each other and receive training in essential business skills. These clubs have already helped five thousand families to realise their potential and secure a stable income. Christian Aid hopes this year’s Harvest Appeal could help eight thousand more families. Special Christian Aid envelopes and prayer cards will be available in the pews that Sunday. Other Christian Aid material, including empty penny boxes and current copies of the prayer diary and the newsletter, can be found on the shelf in the Assembly Area under the Christian Aid Noticeboard near the kitchen.

Lyndsay Ross


“Mind that Song” “Mind that song” is a service provided by Alzheimer Scotland, in conjunction with Bearsden Cross Church, which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating social environment. Our Forthcoming events will be: 8 September and 13 October FROM: 2 – 3.30pm Tea and coffee provided

WHERE: Church of Scotland 61 Drymen Road Bearsden G61 2SU CONTACT: Anne O’Donnell AO’

Alzheimer Scotland- Action of Dementia is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland 149069. Registered Office: 22Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN. It is recognised as a charity by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, no. SC022315.


Coffee concert BEARSDEN CROSS CHURCH Saturday 16th September 2017 11.30 a.m. Organ recital Tiffany vong WORKS BY STANFORD, PARRY, SWEELINCK AND BACH ADMISSION £10.00 (CHILDREN ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT FREE)


Charity No. SC009082


If you are interested contact Dr Euan McKay 907718 923547 or e-mail An application form is on the notice board in the Assembly Area or can be downloaded at Nairn Young, our former organist, may also be able to provide you with further information. 27

Flowers Summer 2017 “Never pass up an opportunity to enjoy nature's beauty- it's the handwriting of God.� biebxan Thank you to the following members of the congregation for providing and arranging flowers. Provided by:

Arranged by:

June 4th. 11th. 18th. 25th.

Mrs. F. Dunlop. Mrs. C. Taggart Mrs. M.A. G. McConnell. Mrs. E. Sinclair Mrs. D. Day. Mrs.G. Stokes Mrs. C. Henry. Ms. R. Walters

July 2nd. 9th. 16th. 23rd. 30th.

Mrs. E. Rawson. Mrs. G. Agar Wedding. Kindly donated by The Young Family Mrs. W. Owler. Mrs. K. Edmond Dr. J. Thomson. Mrs. E. Hall In memory Fiona Thomson Miss C. Jamieson. Mrs. M. Land

August 6th. 13th. 20th 27th

Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous.

Mrs. E. Sinclair Mrs. A. Minty Mrs. G. Stokes Ms R. Walters

Christine Taggart 28

Church Register Baptisms 18.06.17

Finlay Kennedy-MacFarlane Angus Kennedy-MacFarlane

Wedding 08.07.17

Miss Emily Young and Mr Jonathan Robson

Funerals 30.05.17 13.06.17 21.06.17 14.07.17

Mr David Paton Prof David Wallace Mrs Joan Beattie Mrs Marion Brooker

Certificates of Transfer Received 17.08.17

Mr Craig Smith

Certificates of Transfer Issued 17.08.17 21.08.17

Mrs Anne Matthews Mrs Gail and Miss Gemma Matthews


Dates for your Diary August 27


Bible Class Morning Service Funday Sunday & Crèche Traidcraft goods on sale Choir Practice

10.00 am 10.30 am 10.30 am 11.30 am 7.30 pm

September 1

Movie and Pizza night


Bible Class Morning Service Funday Sunday & Crèche The Phoenix Choir Practice “Mind that Song” Saturday Night Club

4 7 8 9 10

11 13 14 15 16

7.30 pm 10.00 am 10.30 am 10.30 am 8.00 pm 7.30 pm 2.00 pm 7.30 pm

Bible Class 10.30 am Morning Communion Service 10.30 am Funday Sunday & Crèche 10.30 am Evening Communion Service 6.30 pm Brew’n’Blether 2.00 pm Congregational Board 7.30 pm Choir Practice 7.30 pm Messy Church 3.30 pm Coffee concert 10.45 for 11.30 am Saturday Night Club 7.30 pm 30

17 19 21 24 27 28 31

Bible Class Funday Sunday & Crèche Traidcraft The Phoenix Choir Practice

10.00 am 10.30 am 11.30 am 8.00 pm 7.30 pm

Morning Service 10.30 am Funday Sunday & Bible Class Activities 10.30 am Crèche 10.30 am Congregational Board 7.30 pm Choir practice 7.30 pm Saturday Night Club 7.30 pm

Any content for the October edition of the magazine should be forwarded to the editor by Thursday 14 September. Contributions, photographs too, reflecting all aspects of the life of the Church and congregation are welcome! 31

Word From The Cross September 2017  

Parish magazine from Bearsden Cross Church

Word From The Cross September 2017  

Parish magazine from Bearsden Cross Church