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WORD FROM THE CROSS May 2017 Bearsden Cross Church – Scottish Charity No: SC009082 – Congregation No: 1811


Contacts Minister: Rev. Graeme R. Wilson 61 Drymen Road, Bearsden, G61 2SU | 942 0507 Associate Minister: Rev Dr. Alexander Forsyth Minister’s Secretary: Anne Reid (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9.30am-12.30pm) Office: 942 0507 | Session Clerk: Keith Wright Editor: Peter Grant Cover Art from Microsoft Clipart (Jesus received up into heaven)

Any content for the June edition of the magazine should be forwarded to the editor by Thursday 18 May.

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Parish Letter Dear friends, Another year … another election! Perhaps you saw the reaction of the lady interviewed by the BBC just after the announcement. She hadn’t heard the news and when she was told she exclaimed, “Not another one!” I suspect most of us have some sympathy for this lady, as well as for the person who tweeted, “I’m not mentally prepared to mentally prepare for another General Election!” But the reality is that we are going to the Polls on Thursday 8th June whether we like it or not. Of course, the alternative to democracy doesn’t bear thinking about – even if we sometimes don’t like the outcomes. Better to have a secure system with uncertain outcomes, than an insecure system with certain outcomes. I’ve been undertaking some deep study of the Gospel of Mark in recent days and what is clear is that it was written in a time of political and religious persecution, and a time of little to no democracy under the occupying Roman forces. The intended readers of Mark’s Gospel would have faced danger and possible punishment and death for their faith, and so the death and resurrection story told of that first Easter would have spoken into their time and place and offered them hope – the hope of social, political and religious freedom. Every year we retell the story of that first Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, a king like no other. The people had hoped for a Messiah of great power who would free 3

them from the shackles of political captivity and persecution. Instead, on Good Friday they witnessed what they thought was the death of hope on a cross. But, as the hymn proclaims, “The saviour died, but rose again triumphant from the grave;” That is the glorious message we proclaim – not just year-by-year on Easter Sunday, but each and every day. We live in Easter hope – we hope and we yearn for a world where peace and justice will prevail and where the love of God in Jesus Christ might be known by all, and lived by all. At the end of Matthew’s Gospel Jesus reassures the disciples about the future. He tells them, “I will be with you always, even to the end of time.” Politicians will come and go, but the love of God in Jesus Christ will endure forever. Shalom,


Detail from Church Window Photograph by Margaret Campbell


Twinning with Poitiers I mentioned in the last magazine that we have been in discussions with the Eglise Réformée de Poitiers (France) in recent months with a view to establishing a ‘Twinning’ relationship between our congregations. In this regard I am delighted to advise that we will be welcoming a delegation of three visitors from Poitiers in May. Our guests will be Roland Poupin, Pastor, together with Claude and Veronique Godard from the congregation and we look forward to welcoming them to our church and community. They will be with us from the evening of Wednesday 17th May until the morning of Monday 22nd May and we hope to arrange a number of activities for them in order that they might get to meet people from the congregation and see something of our community and beyond. Among these activities, we intend to have an informal Congregational Lunch after the morning service on Sunday 21st May to enable folks to meet Roland, Claude and Veronique and I hope you will take the opportunity to introduce yourselves at that time. The final details of their schedule will be finalised in the coming days and details of this will be published in the Intimations shortly. If you might be interested in spending time with our visitors in May then please contact the Minister on 0141 942 0507 or email him at to have a chat.



LENTEN LUNCHES 2017 This year's very successful lunches took place on Thursdays 6th and 13th April. Both occasions began with a service; with the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper being celebrated on Maundy Thursday. Everyone then went to the Large Hall for lunch, prepared by the Social Functions Committee. As always the atmosphere on these occasions was friendly and happy whether front or back of house! Huge thanks due to our Ministers, our Organist, the Social Functions Committee and everyone else who assisted in whatever way. Due to the generosity of those attending, once expenses were deducted, we were able to send ÂŁ290 to Marie Curie. We will give you plenty warning of the dates for next year's Lenten lunches, so that even more of you can share in what are very happy times together as well as being a valuable and reflective preparation for Easter.

Easter Cards Thank you to everyone who assisted in the delivery of our Easter card. Our Parish comprises of over 3000 homes and due to the help given every one of those homes received our Easter wishes.

Diane Walker.


PRESBYTERY REPORT The visit of the Moderator of the general assembly, the Rt. Rev Dr Russell Barr, ended on 3 April. Accompanied by his wife, Margaret, Dr Barr travelled all over our diverse Presbytery, his journey made at times more difficult by the roadworks and road closures which beset us all in this area. His visit spanned 2 Sundays so that he could preach in 4 out of the 5 areas, although each service was accessible to the parishes round about. The service for our area took place on Sunday 26th March in St Paul’s, Milngavie. Three local Ministers took part - Rev Fergus Buchanan, Rev Andrew Frater and Rev Dr Christine Goldie who is Moderator of Dumbarton Presbytery. I was honoured to be asked to read the lessons. The Moderator preached the sermon which was on his chosen theme of vocation. The following evening TMC and our church were honoured by a visit from the Moderator and from his wife who stayed with us for our customary evening of food and fellowship. Before Dr Barr left to attend a meeting in Bearsden Westerton church, he accepted a cheque for £500 from us towards his chosen charity, Fresh Start, a charity for the homeless which he set up some 20 years ago. The total sum was not entirely from TMC members. We were touched by the members of the congregation who stuffed money into our hands in the days leading up to the Moderator’s visit. Thank you all so much. He left with a very favourable impression of our wonderful church and of TMC, even referring to us all in his final service in Helensburgh Parish Church, when he reviewed his week through a PowerPoint presentation. In conversation with Alistair afterwards he suggested that the gentlemen could perhaps set up a group and I am 7

sure he wouldn’t mind me repeating his suggested name NTMB standing for “Not Too Many Beers”! The picture shows the Moderator accepting the cheque. The remainder of his week was spent visiting Church and Community events:- schools, Low Moss Prison, The Clyde Submarine base and the Peace Camp, The Blitz Memorial Chapel at Kilbowie, St Andrew’s, to name but a few. Those of you on Facebook can use the following link to view his visit There is a letter from the Moderator in the Assembly area and his wife, Margaret, who we made an honorary member of TMC, has also been in touch. It will be ten years before it is the turn of our Presbytery to receive another Moderatorial visit. Anne E Henderson Presbytery Elder


Funday Sunday April rushed by for Funday Sunday with most weeks being a Holiday (with some chocolate)! We are now journeying through post-Easter and into Pentecost looking at various “Doors” and “doorways” in life and faith. Funday Sunday activities will be provided every Sunday (including holiday weekends) up to and including Sunday 25th June. Our collections from January until the summer will be going to Christian Aid, and we will also be looking at some of the issues involved with the current DEC appeal. This time of year also brings plans for outdoor activities. Graeme and Julie have kindly invited us all to use the Manse back garden again for our annual BBQ, to which everyone is welcome. This will take place after the Funday Sunday closing service and Prize-giving on Sunday 25th June. We are also planning a new outing this year – a Congregational trip to Millport! The date will be Saturday 3rd June, and details are on the next page – please sign up and come along!

Elizabeth Thomson, Funday Sunday Secretary


Bearsden Cross Church


Meet at Cumbrae Slip (Largs side) 11.00a.m. Or Meet in Bearsden Station Car Park at 9.30 a.m. It is hoped people without cars will be able to share transport. This is seen as an opportunity for fellowship and it would be good to share cars. Plans for the day...... picnic on the beach (crocodile!), walk / cycle round the island, etc...... whatever you feel like – and whatever the weather! Please sign up in the Assembly area if you plan to come, or e-mail the church office 10

Bible Class Bible Class has resumed after the holidays and will continue to explore the lectionaries applicable for this session. We will also join with Funday Sunday in welcoming our visitors from Poitiers on 21st May. All meetings are at 10 am apart from the holiday weekend on the 28th May when we will joining Funday Sunday for activities at 10.30


Saturday Night Club After our Easter break and early May holiday SNC has resumed and will run on 6th, 13th and 20th. The first two nights will be in the hall as usual. The last night, 20 May, is our closing BBQ at Mugdock Country Park. We will then take a break until September (resumption date to be confirmed) to give the leaders a well-earned break and rest! Thanks to all attendees and to our very committed leaders, Wendy, Ken, Ed, Ross, Fiona, John and Lesley


All Ages Address – Paperclips Trick If anyone who attended the morning service on Sunday 23 April is wondering how Sandy Forsyth did the trick with the paperclips, the instructions can be found here. 11

Stewardship Giving For Growth After many months of meetings and planning the Giving for Growth Team are now standing down from their respective roles. All our frantic activities to design documents and meet deadlines for distribution of forms etc. are now over. As the Convener of the event held over 15hrs in November 2016, it has been a great honour to share the fellowship of the group and also to thank all others who contributed their time and talents to the event. Elders are also to be thanked for the increased workload that was involved. Although the Team have retired, the work of all aspects of Stewardship continues in our daily lives. Early projections are showing a healthy increase towards attaining the financial commitment to meet the Church’s obligations and budgets. Your help and co-operation is much appreciated and pray will continue. However as a sizeable number of returns have yet to be received, there is still an opportunity to do this via the church office. Thank you all once again.

Donald Munro


The Guild Members of the Guild would like to thank everyone who helped to make our Coffee Morning such a success. The final total was ÂŁ815.15; a truly magnificent total!

Irene McLachlan

Bearsden Cross Church Walking Club PROGRAMME – May and June 2017. Saturdays 6 May 20 May 3 June 17 June

Jaw Reservoir Whitelee Wind Farm. Battle Royal Killearn to Dumgoyne

Walkers leave from Bearsden Station Car Park at 9:30am (weather permitting). Friends and occasional walkers welcome. For further information contact Sheila Stevenson, Margaret Mackinlay or the Church Office. The Walking Club also meets every Wednesday at the Allander Leisure Centre car park at 9.30am (weather permitting). There is no set programme of walks. More information can be had from Amanda Mackenzie or the Church Office.

All walkers participate at their own risk. 13

Too Many Candles (TMC) As reported elsewhere in the magazine, in March, TMC enjoyed a visit from the Moderator and his wife. Before Dr Barr left to attend a meeting, he accepted a donation from us of ÂŁ500 towards his chosen charity, Fresh Start, a charity for the homeless which he set up some 20 years ago. Mrs Barr stayed with us for our customary evening of food and fellowship.

We will meet as usual at Massimo at 7:00pm on the last Monday of the month (29 May) for friendship, fellowship and chat. All are welcome We are looking forward to our summer outing, which will take place on Friday 16th June. Contact Anne Henderson for further details. Lesley Shaw


Glasgow City Mission Firstly, a great big thanks to all those in the congregation who have donated to the Night Shelter over the last four months. All the socks, gloves, hats, underwear and other items were laid out on a large table each evening at the Shelter for the guests to take, and usually in the morning there was nothing at all left, which speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Funday Sunday and the Bible Class especially, with their bags of ten donated items (see picture) as part of the Give 10 for 10 campaign, fully deserved the special “thank you� they received from the congregation on Palm Sunday.


Well, the Night Shelter is over now for this year, but not, sadly, homelessness. Admittedly, for some of the guests, the Shelter really was a way back to normal life, a hostel room, supportive friends and the rebirth of hope. But there are still plenty of rough sleepers to be seen in shop doorways because they have simply nowhere else to go. The Mission along with partner charities and Glasgow City Council are investigating initiatives that have worked elsewhere to solve this problem and there are reasons to hope that things may improve, but it will take time. Meanwhile, people who had got used to feeling safe, warm and dry at night are back to being cold, wet and vulnerable again. No wonder one homeless girl I saw at the GCM drop-in recently was crying her eyes out at the prospect. On the other hand, at the Child and Family Centre in Govan, two of the parents’ group have taken a course in how to teach cooking and now they’re training the other parents in how to make nourishing and inexpensive meals for the children; they’re all making great progress and loving it! For more details, see or the current “Connect” magazine. Clearly, there’s much to be thankful to God for and also much still to ask Him for. PS A visit to see round the Project Centre is being arranged for early in May. If you would like to be included in this, please let me know.

Katie Thomson



An enormous “Thank you” is due to everyone who contributed so very generously to the DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal. As a congregation we raised £1581 and in addition a further £1065.85 was donated at the Holy Week Services in St Andrews and Bearsden Cross Church. You will find “Penny Boxes” in the pews for you to “Give Ten for Ten” to Christian Aid to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Please take one home and save your ten pence coins, or larger silver coins! until Sunday 18 June. Full boxes can be given to a duty elder on Sundays or handed in to the church office.

Erskine Bridge Cross

Saturday 6th May 2 – 5 pm

The Erskine Bridge Cross Walk takes place on Saturday, 6th May. There is still time to register to walk and/or to sponsor the walkers, including our Ministers. You will find the Registration Form with the names of all the walkers, together with information guides, on the Christian Aid notice-board in the Assembly Area. Do please consider walking and/or sponsoring our walkers. The Ministers’ sponsorship forms are in the Vestibule and the Assembly Area. We raised £1680 last year – it would be great if we could do even better this year.


Christian Aid Week Sunday 14th – Saturday 20th May The plight of refugees around the world is the focus for this year’s Christian Aid Week which runs from Sunday, 14th May, to Saturday, 20th May

The nationwide door-to-door collection during Christian Aid Week is the single biggest act of Christian witness in Britain, when we join with 20,000 other churches across the United Kingdom and Ireland in helping the world’s poorest communities. We really do need your time and enthusiasm, just as much as your money at this time. We require approximately 60 collectors to cover our allocation of the streets in Bearsden. Please consider volunteering as a collector this year. Jim Stewart (587 7253) will be delighted to hear from you and can explain what is involved. Please either contact him or sign up

on the volunteer sheet on the Christian Aid notice-board. If you would like more information about what the money is

used for, take a look at the Christian Aid website at When collecting, do mention Gift Aid, which is a very welcome source of an extra 25p per pound donated. 18

After the collection we need help to count the money. This will take place in the Guild Room from 7pm on Monday, 22nd May. Please let Jim know if you can spare some time for this.

BEARSDEN JOINT CHURCHES COFFEE MORNING SATURDAY 20th MAY 10.00 – 12.00 NOON NEW KILPATRICK CHURCH NEW HALLS Tickets for tea/coffee and pancakes - £3.00 for adults/50p for children – will be available at the door on the day. There will be a Food Hamper Raffle, a Home Baking Stall, a Plant Stall, a Craft Stall, a Fair Trade Stall and a Tombola. As usual, Bearsden Cross Church is responsible for stocking and running the Plant Stall. We need lots of plants and some volunteers to help on the day on our stall – but don’t worry – no plant or gardening knowledge is essential! If you can contribute some plants, it would be very helpful if they could be labelled and brought to the New Kilpatrick Church New Halls on Friday 19th May between 6.00pm and 7.30pm. Please sign up on the volunteer sheet on the Christian Aid notice-board in the Assembly Area or contact me if you can help. Do please come to the Coffee Morning and support Christian Aid. There is a Coffee Concert in our Church that same morning, but you will have time to go to the Coffee Morning in New Kilpatrick beforehand!

Lyndsay Ross


“Mind that Song” “Mind that song” is a service provided by Alzheimer Scotland, in conjunction with Bearsden Cross Church, which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating social environment. Our Forthcoming events will be: 12th May and 9th June FROM: 2 – 3.30pm Tea and coffee provided

WHERE: Church of Scotland 61 Drymen Road Bearsden G61 2SU CONTACT: Angi Inch

Alzheimer Scotland- Action of Dementia is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland 149069. Registered Office: 22Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN. It is recognised as a charity by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, no. SC022315.


Coffee concert BEARSDEN CROSS CHURCH SATURDAY 20th may 2017 11.30 a.m.




APRIL FLOWERS 2017 “Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth's lips spoken without sound.” Edwin Curran Thank you to the following members of the congregation for providing or arranging flowers in April.

Provided by. 2nd. Mrs. J. Shaw. 9th. Mrs. A. Taylor. 16th. Mrs. M.A. Brown. 23rd. The Thomson Family In memory of Fiona Thomson. 30th. Mrs. J. Hill.

Arranged by. Mrs. E. Sinclair Mrs. E. Hall The Flower Group Ms. R. Walters Mrs. E. Anderson

Wishing you the joys of Spring Christine Taggart 22

The Flower Group also decorated the Church for Easter

Church Register Funerals 18.03.17

Mrs Valerie Elder


Mrs Cecily Moore

Change of Address Mrs Doris Flint

from Norwood Park to Linlithgow

Messrs James & Ian McKerrow

from Rubislaw Avenue to Italy

Congratulations To members who celebrated birthdays with a lot of candles in April: Mrs Isobel Kennedy, Dr Winifred Gordon, Mrs May Drummond, Mrs Norma Stewart, Mr William Gemmell, and Mrs Jeanette Shaw 23

Dates for your Diary April 30

May 3 6 7 12 13

Bible Class Morning Service Funday Sunday & Crèche

10.00 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

Congregational Board Christian Aid Bridge Cross Saturday Night Club

7.30 p.m. 10.00 a.m. 7.30 p.m.

Bible Class 10.00 a.m. Morning Service 10.30 a.m. Funday Sunday & Crèche 10.30 a.m. Alzheimer Scotland “Mind that Song” 2.00 p.m. Saturday Night Club 7.30 p.m. Christian Aid week 14th – 20th May

14 17 19 20

Bible Class 10.00 a.m. Morning Service 10.30 a.m. Funday Sunday & Crèche 10.30 a.m. Kirk Session 7.30 p.m. Poitiers Delegation 17th - 22nd May Messy Church 3.30 p.m. Christian Aid Coffee Morning 10a.m.-12noon (Joint Churches –in New Kilpatrick New Halls) Coffee Concert 11.30 a.m., coffee from 10.45 a.m. 24

Saturday Night Club 21

22 28

7.30 p.m.

Bible Class Morning Service Funday Sunday & Crèche Traidcraft Goods on Sale Bible Study Group Christian Aid Count

10.00 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 11.30 a.m. 7.30 p.m. from 7.00 p.m.

Morning Service Bible Class Funday Sunday & Crèche

10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m. 10.30 a.m.

June 3

Congregational Trip - Millport

Any content for the June edition of the magazine should be forwarded to the editor by Thursday 18 May. Contributions, photographs too, reflecting all aspects of the life of the Church and congregation are welcome! Please note that the magazine will not be published in July and August. Any notices regarding summer activities should be submitted for inclusion in the June magazine. 25

Word From The Cross May 2017  

Parish magazine from Bearsden Cross Church

Word From The Cross May 2017  

Parish magazine from Bearsden Cross Church