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WORD FROM THE CROSS September 2019 Bearsden Cross Church – Scottish Charity No: SC009082 – Congregation No: 1811 1

Contacts Minister: Rev. Dr Graeme R. Wilson 61 Drymen Road, Bearsden, G61 2SU | 942 0507 Associate Minister: Rev. Douglas W. Clark Minister’s Secretary: Anne Reid (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9.30am-12.30pm) Office: 942 0507 | Session Clerk: Keith Wright Editor: Peter Grant Cover – detail from stained glass window, Bearsden Cross Church Photograph by Margaret Campbell

Any content for the October 2019 edition of the magazine should be forwarded to the editor no later than Thursday 26 September. PDF version of the magazine 2

Parish Letter Dear friends, Over the summer months I try to broaden my reading horizons beyond theology and biblical commentaries, and give myself the opportunity to delve into a long novel or a biography. After sitting on my ‘To Be Read’ pile for some years I finally got around to tackling Donna Tartt’s novel ‘The Goldfinch’ and after having read some 550 or so pages I only have another 300 to go! I’m looking forward to seeing the film of the novel when it comes out in mid-September, but it does put put the pressure on to get the novel finished before the 20th September! The other book I have been reading is Graham Hoyland’s ‘Last Hours on Everest’ telling the story of George Malory and Sandy Irvine’s fatal ascent of Mount Everest in 1924. The Dalai Lama only reluctantly opened Nepal for the first time in 1921 to enable an exploratory reconnaissance mission, and like the race to the South Pole or the latter race for the Moon, the pressure was on to conquer Everest for the first time. After an intial and troubled climbing expedition in 1922, a further and better prepared mission set out in 1924 with Mallory recognised as one of the 3

best climbers in the group. On the 8th June 1924, Mallory and Irvine set out from their camp at 26,700ft to attempt to reach the summit at 29,029ft … and were never seen again. Mallory’s body was discovered in 1999 but Irvine’s remains missing to this day. George Mallory was once asked why he wished to climb Everest and he famously replied, “Because it’s there.” There is something of the sheer singlemindedness required to climb Everest in that response –perhaps even a sense of calling or vocation. An internal drive or compulsion to achieve something beyond the quotidian or the commonplace – “to boldly go where no man has gone before” to quote Star Trek. Our calling, our vocation, as Christians is to go to the places of hurt and conflict, and to bring healing and peace. At the conclusion of the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37), Jesus asked the lawyer who had wondered, “And who is my neighbour?” who had been the neighbour to the man set about by robbers. The lawyer replied, “The one who showed him kindness.” Jesus then told him to “Go and do likewise.” Discipleship is go-ing, following the way of Jesus, but it is also do-ing, living out that call to follow in love and service. The love of God and love of neighbour are at the core of our Christian life and service, and in many ways we go out into the world to help others, and to take on new challenges, “because it’s there” to use Mallory’s words. May the love of God in Jesus Christ inspire and empower you to reach out beyond the comfort of what we know, to “go and do” what Jesus would have us do. “Because it’s there.” Shalom, Graeme


Student Assistant – Alex MacCallum I am pleased to advise that Alex MacCallum will join us on placement as a Candidate for full-time Ministry of Word and Sacrament. Alex will join us on 1st October and will remain with us until May next year. This will be Alex’s first placement as a Candidate for the Ministry and so I am sure that you will make him, and his family, most welcome and that you will support him practically and prayerfully during his time with us. More details to follow next month … Graeme

Class for New Communicants I will be holding classes for those who wish to explore their faith and potential membership of the church, and these classes will run over three Sundays in late October/early-mid November, from around 12.15 to 1.15pm. Sunday 27th October, Sunday 10th November, and Sunday 17th November. It is my intention to hold the service for admission to full membership of the church on Sunday, 24th November 2019. Attendance at the classes do not commit you to becoming a member of the church – rather they are there to give you an idea as to the nature of the Christian faith in order that you might be able to make an informed decision for yourself. If you are interested, or know of someone who might be interested, then please contact the Minister on 0141 942 0507 or at Graeme


Bible Basics – The Acts of the Apostles

The book of the Acts of the Apostles (Acts) was composed by the same author as the Gospel of Luke. If the Gospel of Luke tells the story of Jesus’ birth, life, ministry crucifixion and resurrection, then Acts tells us what happened next. It is the story of the growth of the early church and the spread of Christianity to the Gentile world through the power of the Holy Spirit. ‘Bible Basics’ is intended to be a fairly gentle and non-threatening entry into Bible Study and is aimed at those curious to find out some of the basic ideas and themes of Acts. No prior knowledge assumed and no question asked is a bad question! The Bible Studies will take place on Wednesday mornings at 10.30am at the Manse and will last around an hour. I will provide Bibles and the relevant materials. We will meet on the following dates:Wednesday 2nd October, Wednesday 16th October, Wednesday 13th November, Wednesday 27th November, and Wednesday 11th December. If you think you might be interested then please call me on 0141 942 0507 or email me at, or just turn up on the day! Graeme 6

The Minister is doing the Edinburgh Kiltwalk! The Minister is taking part in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk on Sunday 15th September in support of the work of Scottish Churches Housing Action, of which he is the national Convener. SCHA is an ecumenical charity which brings together all of the denominations in Scotland in their desire that there be ‘no room for homelessness’. Next year sees the 25th anniversary of the founding of SCHA and so Graeme will be walking 25 miles (!) for the 25 years to raise funds for their vital work in tackling homelessness. If you wish to sponsor the Minister his Kiltwalk page can be found at: Alternatively, you can sponsor him on the forms located in the Assembly Area, or through the Office or the Minister directly. All funds raised for SCHA through the Kiltwalk will be boosted by a contribution of a further 40% from The Hunter Foundation. Thank you for your support.


Board Vacancy The congregation’s Treasurer, Renton Thomson, retires from that post in March 2020. Renton has an article in this edition of Word from the Cross about the role and I invite anyone who might consider taking up the post to contact Renton to discuss the matter more fully. New procedures have been put in place over the last few years to streamline the role. Also, there is an active finance team that deals with various aspects of the Congregational Board’s financial responsibilities. The Treasurer has a role on the Board and I can provide more information on that, as required. The smooth functioning of the congregation’s finances underpins everything that the church does and all the activities that are provided from the church throughout the week. The post of Treasurer is, therefore, an important one. There have been three Treasurers since the Cross Church was established and, having worked with each of them, I know that they have enjoyed the experience of the role, getting to know the various groups and organisations that are based in the church and helping to shape and protect the church’s future. Douglas Thomson

‘On Being Treasurer’ I became Treasurer in 2015 and agreed to remain in the role till I had completed the Annual Accounts for 2020. We feel it is time for this to be known generally so that a replacement can be sought with lots of time to show what is required and give appropriate explanations. I had the advantage of being a Chartered Accountant with a lifetime of experience in the Charities sector. Basic accounting knowledge is essential as the role is, in essence, that of “Accountant”. In spite of a huge family upheaval in 2017, I have been able to continue thanks to the wonderful assistance I have received from Peter Drummond who has done much of the day to day 8

procedural work and from Bill Gardiner who at the year-end has received and summarised the accounts from the organisations so that they can be consolidated to form what are “Group Accounts”. I have been very fortunate also to have Fiona Dunlop and Sheena Ritchie who have taken care of the onerous task of Gift Aid Applications. The Board meets five or six times a year, and an Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet are produced, usually up to the end of the previous month, covering the General Fund for every day transactions and including The Fabric and Legacies Funds to give a meaningful picture of the overall state of the finances. Sharing of information with the Property Committee is integral with projections updated with the latest plans and options. I was once asked at an interview for the post of conductor of a choir “are you a disciplinarian”. My reply was “No, I consider the music to be the disciplinarian”. I got the job. Similarly, I believe that the Accounts should themselves tell the story. The way ahead can then be debated in an informed and constructive manner. The Accounts are therefore a reflection of the activities of the Church and the wonderful ways so many members contribute. Being Treasurer makes one very much part of the Church and has enabled me to make many friends with some delightful people. Those who have been such a help in this role have indicated that, all things being equal, they would be willing to continue to help and the Assistant Treasurer has indicated that his role might be flexible to accommodate the circumstances of the incoming Treasurer. I will be happy to show anyone interested around the system and explain in more detail what is involved. The purpose of a Church is not to make a profit, but funds well applied have an enabling effect which can be used to enhance and stimulate the real purpose of the Church. This is why I have found the role of Treasurer so rewarding. Renton Thomson


Funday Sunday I hope everyone has had a good break and is looking forward to the new session. At the end of June we enjoyed the Youth service led by the Bible Class, and followed that with our annual BBQ. This was held in the Manse back garden again and all those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves eating burgers or sausages in rolls! As in previous years a bouncy castle was hired which has proved to be a great success with members of all ages! Many thanks to Ken Owler and Ed Reid for cooking the BBQ! Funday Sunday resumed on Sunday 18th August. We have looked at Moses story so far and will continue with other bible stories over the next few weeks. All children from age 3 to P7 inclusive will be warmly welcome (pictures below show children having fun last session). We gather in the Guild room before the service. Please come along and join us.

Our Harvest Thanksgiving service will take place on Sunday, 6th October‌.. more details later. Elizabeth Thomson Funday Sunday Secretary 10

Messy Church will resume again on 6 September. We look forward to welcoming all young people of nursery or primary school age. Messy Church aims to help reinforce and widen our church family with activities, stories and a meal. This year we will be looking at the ‘Big Bible Stories’, starting with David and Goliath. Among other things, at the first meeting we will be making Goliath’s giant feet! Messy Church is not only about young people. We encourage family participation and a responsible adult is invited to come along as well and take part in activities with the young people. If a young person from your family attended last year we look forward to seeing them again soon. Why not suggest to them that they bring a friend who has no other church connection. All will be welcome. Keith Wright - Messy Church Co-ordinator

Bible Class and Saturday Night Club Our Bible Class, for young people of Secondary School age has now started a new session. The class is held during the service, in the small hall, and you are welcome to join us at any point. Any Elder will be happy to show you through. Saturday Night Club, also for young people of Secondary School age and their friends, has restarted, meeting in the Church Halls from 7:30pm. All are welcome. For further details see Lesley Shaw or Ross Greer. 11

FIRST BEARSDEN COMPANY THE BOYS’ BRIGADE The 1st Bearsden Company Section has recently returned from a week of mixed weather, camping at Fordell Firs in Fife. The Boys participated in several camp site activities and also visited a bowling alley and the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune, where the Boys had an opportunity to board Concord. Earlier in the summer, members of the Pipe Band joined a massed BB pipe band in George Square organised by Glasgow Battalion Two of our Boys were presented with their Queens Badge Certificates in Glasgow City Chambers. The Pipe Band celebrated a successful year with a go-karting outing. All sections have now started their regular meetings and Company Section are preparing for the annual concert in November. Further details can be obtained from Graham Sharp (Captain) at 12

Scottish Youth Parliament In March 2019 I was elected to the Scottish Youth Parliament as one of two representatives for the Boys' Brigade. For those who don't know, SYP is a politically independent organisation. It has roughly 166 members aged between 14 and 25. The aim of the SYP is to represent the views of young people across Scotland. I ran because I had a very strong interest and passion for politics and after having incredible opportunities and experiences with the BB, I decided this was how I wanted to give something back. My two year term began in June with the first sitting of the session that took place in Alloa. It was the first time that everyone had been in the same room together. Sitting in the hall for the first time, the experience was quite overwhelming. Over the course of the weekend, we elected a new board (Chair, Vice Chair and Trustees) all of whom are MSYPs. We also met in our committee groups for the first time. SYP has 10 committees (Jobs and Economy, Education and Lifelong Learning, Transport, Environment, and Rural Affairs, Social Justice, Justice, Sport and Leisure, External Affairs, Equalities, Culture and Media and Health and Wellbeing. I decided to join the Health and Wellbeing Committee because I have a great interest in it and want to raise awareness to overcome stigmas regarding talking about mental health. We also voted on our next national campaigns. After over 7,000 from young people all over Scotland were consulted, we voted Environmental Protection as the 2019/2020 campaign. The campaign is due to launch at the next sitting in Fife in October. As well as the sitting in Alloa, since June I have attended numerous meetings, spoken to groups about the SYP and the changes they would like to see as well as getting to meet the Deputy First Minister John Swinney. Over the next month I will be attending more meetings including a meeting on Transport Scotland before the next sitting. Look out for further SYP updates over the coming months and years!

Alastair Thomson MSYP 13

Phoenix Circle 2019/2020 Monday 9th September We begin with our usual light ‘welcome back’ supper and quiz. Monday 23rd September Douglas Clark our Associate Minister will give us an insight to his ministry past, present and future. Please join us and meet old and new friends. Barbara Skett

TMC Meets at 7:00pm in Massimo’s on the last Monday of each month, for food and fellowship. All welcome. Further details from Anne Henderson, Diane Walker or the Church Office

Garden Tidy Up We will be having a gardening morning at the Church on Saturday 5th October, from 9-30am till 12-30pm. We will cut grass, tidy up and kill weeds. All volunteers will be most welcome to help. Cake will be provided! If you are available or have any queries please speak with Chris Marriott or contact the Church Office for details


Lodging House Mission The annual Harvest Appeal has been launched. Items that are always needed are: sugar, coffee, diluting juice, custard, baked beans, tinned meat and vegetables and biscuits. Items that are NOT REQUIRED are: pasta, Pearl barley, marmalade, porridge, shredded wheat, muesli, Allen, long grain rice, grapefruit, prunes and tea bags. Cash donations are of course greatly appreciated and very necessary for the purchase of fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, milk and eggs. There is a more comprehensive list of their requirements which is on the notice board in the assembly area. The LHM provide breakfast and lunch for up to 100 service users 7 days a week and without our donations this facility would not function. Many thanks, Barbara Skett

CrossReach Christmas Card and Calendar Catalogue 2019: Christmas Card and Calendar Collection 2019 Cros sR ea ch Wall Calendar 202 0 CRCA L2 0 C at No. 1 £4. 60 f or 50 o r mo r e Wall C ale n da rs

Cros sR ea ch Ap po in tm e nts W a ll C a l en d ar


Compl ete wit h en vel op e CRWAC20 C at No .2 £ 4. 5 0

Christmas Card Collection P ackof 10

£3.75 Gol d F oil

Pack of 1 0

£3.7 5

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£3.7 5 Three Kings A rriv e 15 0mm x 15 0 mm, G los s Foil CR 17 3 C at N o. 7

Candles of Pea ce

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1 50 mm x 15 0mm, Gl oss CR1 81 C at No .1 6

15 0mmx 1 50 mm, Gl oss an d Gol d CR1 91 Ca t No .2 6



P ack of 10

P ack of 10

P ack of 10

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Die Cut

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90p Mo n e y W a l l ets

180mmx 9 2mm, Gloss

Shepherds A rriv e 15 0mm x 15 0 mm, G los s CR1 75 Ca t No. 9

Newborn King

Gl os s, Gol d Foil a nd Di e C ut CR1 84 C at No .1 8

The CrossReach Christmas Card and Calendar Catalogue arrived late August, with the online shop opening at 9am on 2nd September. Look out for videos and read how you can make a difference to social isolation and to loneliness. Visit the online shop:

Nativit y

Glos s a n d G ol d Foil CR1 78 Ca t


Bearsden Cross Church Walking Club Walkers leave from Bearsden Station Car Park on the following Saturdays at 9.30am (weather permitting). Friends and occasional walkers welcome. 24 August 21 September 5 October 19 October 2 November 16 November 30 November

Dunoon Whitelee Wind Farm Whangie Strathclyde Country park Lennoxtown Circular Twechar – Barrhill Strathblane – Clachan o’ Campsie

All walkers participate at their own risk. For further information contact Sheila Stevenson, Margaret Mackinlay or the Church Office The Walking Club also meets every Wednesday at the Allander Leisure Centre car park at 9.30am (weather permitting). There is no set programme of walks. More information can be had from Margaret Mackinlay or the Church Office


……and there is another Way….. As we leave summer behind and move in to autumn, we return to a new session in our Church. Many of us have been away on holiday over the summer period and will be returning to see, among other improvements, the magnificent repair work carried out over the summer to the Large Hall floor and the reconfiguration of our small car park. We have very little space at the Church to park our cars and so if it is possible, many of us simply walk to Church, which is of course, very good for our health……and the environment. Those of us who live outwith walking distance and have to drive to Church, park in the Station car park, Ledcameroch, Collylinn or Thorn Road, or in the Hub car park at the Cross from where we can walk to Church. Then there are those of us who have a temporary or long term disablement (Blue Badge). We have priority to park, on a Sunday, in one of the five parking bays in the church grounds And of course, there are those of us who may have given up driving for one reason or another but who have a family member or friend who is able to drive us to the church entrance from where the Elder on duty, will, if necessary, assist us in to Church. BUT there are several of us who do not fit into any of the above categories, and who are unable to walk, drive or be driven to church. Whether that be long term or for a short time only……there is another way… is the Transport to the Church scheme. The Transport to the Church Scheme is run by a group of volunteer driver members of our Church, led by Christine Cogan, who are eager and willing to drive us to Church. A member of the team will pick you up from your home, drive you to church, where the duty Elder will give any assistance which may be required, into Church and after the service (and perhaps a Coffee?) will happily drive you home. 17

There is always a way and many lovely people willing to help wherever possible. We look forward to seeing you in Church in the coming months. Note. 1) Blue badge and temporarily disabled Church Members have priority For parking in the five spaces of the Church car park on Sundays. 2) Christine Cogan’s can be contacted by enquiry via the Church Office. She would love to hear from you.* *We are looking for a new volunteer to co-ordinate the Transport to the Church Scheme. We are also looking for a few more volunteer drivers to assist on the rota (once a month). Please contact Christine or the Church Office for more details. Douglas Thomson. Clerk to the Board


“THANK YOU!” As summer comes to an end, it is time to look back and appreciate just how very generous and hardworking our congregation has been in supporting Christian Aid’s work for countries and communities facing the very difficult challenges of poverty and the effects of climate change. From the beginning of July 2018 to the end of June 2019 we raised the sum of £9,068.01 for Christian Aid. This is almost £500 more than last year and is a wonderful achievement. The money came from a variety of sources including our Harvest DEC Appeal for the victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia, the Christmas Appeal, “Be a Peacemaker”, the DEC Appeal for Cyclone Idai, Christian Aid Week, Penny Boxes, Traidcraft and the sale of a CD collection 18

very kindly donated by members of our congregation. In May, during Christian Aid Week itself, we had a most successful fundraising period. Our Erskine Bridge Cross walkers and their sponsors raised £1770, our door-to door volunteers collected £4226.56 and the Book Quiz raised £141. Throughout the whole of Scotland £1.5 million was raised at this time. A huge ‘thank you’ is due to each and every one who supported these appeals so generously and to all those who worked so hard, especially our door-to-door collectors and our Bridge Cross Walkers and their sponsors, for Christian Aid throughout the year. More than 3 million people were affected by Cyclone Idai, which struck Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in March. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) brings together 14 leading UK aid agencies, including Christian Aid, to raise money at times of humanitarian crisis. By working together, more money can be raised to save lives and rebuild shattered communities. The DEC appeal for Cyclone Idai raised £33 million including a £4 million Aid Match. Dr. Rowan Williams, the chair of Christian Aid, said, “It has never been more important for humanity to come together to support the most vulnerable. There is no better way of countering the rising climate of hatred and intolerance than a gesture of kindness to a stranger in need on the other side of the world. Let the response to this DEC Cyclone Idai Appeal be a beacon of hope for everyone.” As usual you can find Christian Aid material, including empty penny boxes and current copies of the prayer diary and the newsletter, on the shelf in the Assembly Area under the Christian Aid Noticeboard near the kitchen. The Christian Aid website is also a very interesting source of information on its work and campaigns. Lyndsay Ross


Flowers Flowers for June, July and August 2019 “ Summer’s lease hath all to short a date “ William Shakespeare The Flower Group send their condolences to Ronnie Land at the passing of his wife Maureen, who had been part of the group for some time. The Group are delighted to welcome two ladies, Elspeth Talbot and Mags Paterson. They will, no doubt, bring with them fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm. Thank you to the members of the congregation who kindly contributed to the flower fund over the summer months. In June. Mrs. J. Shaw. Mr P Taylor Mr. P. Taylor. Mrs. C. Henry.

In July. The Thomson family; In memory of Fiona. Miss C. Jamieson.

In. August. Mrs. F. Dunlop. Mrs. M. Summers. Mrs. M. Paterson .

With thanks to the flower ladies who took it in turn to arrange as per the rota. Christine Taggart.


SOCIAL FUNCTIONS Social evening – Friday, 20th September. This re-scheduled fund-raising evening will take place on Friday 20th September, at 7.30 pm. Tickets, price £7.50, are on sale from members of the committee and at the church office. The proceeds of the evening will be donated to Faifley Church and an invitation to join us has been extended to their congregation. Music will be provided by ‘The Turn’ who are a very popular local group and will be playing a selection of 60’s and 70’s music. A hot supper and a glass of wine is included in the price of the ticket (‘extras’ available). Do come along, bring your friends and support this fun event.

Brew ’n’ Blether – Monday 16th September The Social Functions Committee would like to invite retired members of the congregation to join them for coffee, cake and entertainment on the afternoons listed below from 2 p.m. - 3.30 p.m. The invitation is open to anyone who is at home during the day and would like to come along and meet up with old friends and hopefully, make some new ones. Transport can be arranged for those who require it by phoning the Church Office (942 0507). If you do not require transport, just turn up on the day and you will be made most welcome. Also, if you would like to bring a friend or know of someone who would be interested, let them know. Just spread the word! Light Refreshments: Tea/Coffee/Cake/Home Baking 21

The dates planned are: Monday 16th September Monday 2nd December Monday 2nd March Monday 1st June Please put these dates on your calendar, although there will be reminders and information about the entertainment in the Magazine and Church intimations nearer the time. If you have any questions, please telephone: Mary Munro

POTENTIAL PILGRIMAGE TRIP TO HOLY LAND! Following some interest from within the congregation we will be holding an information event on Sunday 22 September at 1600hrs for those who wish to discuss the options available to us, and to put forward their suggestions about the potential timing and nature of such a trip. If you are planning to come along to this meeting please confirm this with either the Minister or Session Clerk. More importantly if you remain interested but can’t manage to this meeting let one of us know. This is a purely exploratory meeting and it is clearly understood that attendance is on this basis. Members of the congregation of Killermont and Westerton Churches are also being invited to this meeting. Keith Wright, Session Clerk 22

“Mind that Song” “Mind that song” is a service provided by Alzheimer Scotland, in conjunction with Bearsden Cross Church, which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating social environment.

Our Forthcoming events will be: FROM: 2 – 3.30pm Tea and coffee provided

WHERE: Church of Scotland 61 Drymen Road Bearsden G61 2SU CONTACT: Anne O’Donnell AO’

Alzheimer Scotland- Action of Dementia is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland 149069. Registered Office: 22Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN. It is recognised as a charity by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, no. SC022315.


Coffee concert BEARSDEN CROSS CHURCH Saturday 21ST September 2019 11.30 a.m.

Ian watt Classical guitarist A most attractive recital including works by Granados, ponce, sor and barrios and the theme from “the deer hunter” ADMISSION £10.00 (CHILDREN ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT FREE) COFFEE, SERVED FROM 10.45 A.M., INCLUDED.



Church Register Baptism 23.06.19

Grace Willow Reed

Wedding 21.06.19

Ruth Laura McNeill and John Alexander Bailey

Funerals 10.06.19 11.06.19 17.07.19 19.07.19 13.08.19

Eric Drummond Iain Cameron Mrs Nanette Andrews Mrs Jenny Panton Mrs Dorothy Burgess

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Congratulations to Barrie and Marjorie Couper who celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary (60 years) on September 4th 2019.

Dates for your Diary September 1 Bible Class Breakfast Club Morning Service Funday Sunday & Crèche Traidcraft 4 Congregational Board 6 Messy Church

9.45 am 10.30 am 10.30 am 11.30 am 7.30 pm 3.30 pm 25


Saturday Night Club


Bible Class Morning Communion Service Funday Sunday & Crèche Evening Communion Service The Phoenix Circle Kirk Session “Mind that Song” Saturday Night Club

9 11 13 14 15 16 20 21 22 23 29

October 5

7.30 pm 10.30 am 10.30 am 10.30 am 6.30 pm 8.00 pm 7.30 pm 2.00 pm 7.30 pm

Bible Class 10.30 am Morning Service 10.30 am Funday Sunday & Crèche 10.30 am Brew’n’Blether 2.00 pm Social Functions 60’s and 70’s Night 7.30 pm Coffee Concert 10.45 for 11.30 am Saturday Night Club 7.30 pm Bible Class Morning Service Funday Sunday & Crèche The Phoenix Circle

10.30 am 10.30 am 10.30 am 8.00 pm

Morning Service Funday Sunday Activities & Crèche Traidcraft

10.30 am 10.30 am 11.30 am

Garden Tidy Saturday Night Club

9.30 am 7.30 pm


Recordings of Church Services Services are recorded each Sunday. If you have internet access and wish to be added to the growing number of members who wish to receive a copy of the service please contact the church office. Your name can be added to our mailing list and you will receive an audio copy of the service each Monday.� Keith Wright Session Clerk

Any contributions to the October 2019 edition of the magazine should be with the editor no later than Thursday 26 September. All contributions reflecting aspects of the life of the Church and congregation are welcome, including photographs! [But please only send photographs that are of sufficient resolution to print clearly and do not send multiple photographs asking the editor to choose (select those you would like included and send only those).

All contributions should be sent to


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