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Why buy an electric bike? …because it is electric – it gets you up the hills and takes you home. At least, that’s the theory… Too often in the past, electric bike owners have found themselves pushing their ‘special’ bike up that steep hill, or having to pedal the last tired miles home. And they don’t understand why, when they bought a bike that promised enough power and sufficient stamina. Until now electric bikes have been limited in their capabilities. With electric bikes only one thing really matters…

The Battery!! At last, the new generation of batteries that are really up to the mark… Introducing the brothers:

36V 16Ah, Gavin for short 36V 10Ah, or Hector

Gavin has a giant stamina of over 550Wh.

Hector has a big stamina of over 350Wh. They are both genuine 36Volt batteries with industry beating maximum current levels producing extremely high power. We are the sole importer of these high technology batteries.

Convinced? Ready to buy? If so, you can skip this section of geek speak below:

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The Battery Both Gavin and Hector will give you enough power to get you up the hills, but for larger people, and for those with longer distance hillier terrain ambitions, we suggest a Gavin powered bike. In the real world, with hills and wind, Gavin should produce a repeatable range of 30 miles on a half charge (the ideal extent of discharge for maximum battery life), and Hector about 20 miles. The factory figures on the flat in ideal conditions are up to 70 miles on a full charge for Gavin, and up to 40 miles on a full charge for Hector.

The rest of the story Of course, there is more to an electric bike than its battery – looks, comfort, maintenance, reliability. Our bikes are beautiful. We are proud of them. They come in fantastic colours with a wonderful finish and you will love to be seen riding them! We have worked with our factory to marry the best batteries with the best components we can source to create the best electric bikes in the world at sensible prices. Our factory has won prizes for being at the leading edge of technology and complies with ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000. Some manufacturers have different quality standards for their less expensive models. We don’t. All of our bikes meet the same high standards. Here is a checklist of all the things we worry about in electric bike design so you don’t have to worry. This checklist applies to all our bikes:

Issues especially related to Electric Bikes Weight – the weight of a bike governs its performance

Heavy items: Battery, Frame, Motor

We use lightweight but strong 6061 alloy aluminium frames (T6 tempered), the lightest weight for given endurance batteries, and a lightweight motor.


Has to be powerful, reliable

We use high specification high torque brushless motors with an ‘intelligent driver chip’ – beware of less powerful offerings.

Controller – the computer brains

How the power is converted into assistance to the pedals

Our controller has three powered settings profiled to suit your need for assistance – Lo, Medium and Hi, as well as only human power. Most bikes only offer two basic powered settings.

Pedal Sensor

When does the motor start to help

Our bikes sense pedal motion and interactively tailor the motor’s output to your pedalling effort

Battery Technology

What chemicals are in the battery

We use the most modern Lithium Ion (Li-On) battery technology which results in light weight, no maintenance and fast charge

Battery Casing

Aluminium for safety

Batteries should not have plastic external casings


An accelerator on the handle bars

All our bikes have a twist grip throttle like a motor bike which can be used as an alternative to power assisted pedalling

Computer Display

Information provided on the handle bars

We provide an estimate of remaining battery life as a percentage with notification of your selected power setting

Front Connecting Box (FCB)

Simplifies electrical servicing

Makes changing handlebar electronics very easy. Reduces number of cables running to controller

Battery Life and Cost

Modern batteries will deteriorate eventually

We suggest that you budget for a new battery after 2 – 3 years. Gavin costs ~£300 – half the cost per Wh of other batteries.


For example, a rear wheel puncture…

It is a simple matter to unplug the motor (quick release plug) from the main controller so that the wheel can be removed.

Issues related to Bikes in general Build quality

Hand built frame, quality components

Frames have passed thickness and welding tests. Components come from established names and are well matched.


Especially brakes, lighting

We use high quality front disk brakes on our full size bikes. All our bikes include a front light driven by the main battery.


The bike as a whole

Our bikes ride like quality cycles without power as well as being perfectly matched electric bicycles.



Our frames have a warranty of six years, electronics and battery a warranty of two years.

Wear and tear


Stainless steel spokes and chain, aluminium frame…


‘Only a six speed?’

An electric bike simply does not need more than six gears. The power assistance removes the need for fine tuning. Our Shimano push button gears will meet all your needs.


Ride comfort, safety

We supply ‘Zoom’ sprung forks on all our bikes, except for our Sport which has high specification Top Gun adjustable forks.


Comfort, safety

All our bikes have fully adjustable single clutched tilt and reach handle bars (folding bikes – fully height adjustable handlebars).


Comfort – Gel

You will spend longer without a break on an electric bike!


Kick stand

Our bikes stand upright in their most stable configuration.

Chain guard


On all our bikes except our Mountain Bike which has a ‘bashguard’.


Looks and colour

We think our bikes look stunning and we chose the colour schemes after listening to our clients.


Much lower than comparable bikes

We work closely with our factory and have wide experience of manufacture in Asia. See our comments on ‘Green Biking’ later.

Electric really helps! An electric bike provides all the advantages of a conventional bike: fun, exercise, free parking, zero emissions, no road tax or congestion charge and freedom from traffic jams. And it also eliminates the conventional bike’s most serious drawback: lack of power. Hills, distance, health issues, or the inconvenience of having to shower and change at work, may make using a normal bike impossible. An electric bike circumvents all these problems. In many situations, especially in town, an electric bike will be faster and cheaper than either a car or public transport. An electric bike smoothes out the hills and enables you to draw away powerfully and safely when the traffic conditions become difficult. An electric bike complements rather than supplants human power. It provides you with an opportunity to exercise at a rate which suits you. With extremely low running costs an electric bike makes perfect sense for leisure cycling, commuting, shopping and fun!

Folding Bikes 402




Step through frame Step over frame

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‘Hector’ 36V 10Ah ‘Hector’ 36V 10Ah

23.5kg (19kg + 4.5kg) 23.5kg (19kg + 4.5kg)

Folded (91x74x47cm) Folded (91x74x47cm)

Step Through 502

Step Through

Step through frame

‘Hector’ 36V 10Ah

Front disc brake



Step Through

Step through frame

‘Gavin’ 36V 16Ah

Front disc brake


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Mountain 504

Mountain Bike

Diamond frame

‘Hector’ 36V 10Ah

Front disc brake


Cool grey or Bentley racing green. Off road tyres, front disc brakes, effective front fork suspension.

Sport Tourer – Off Road 608

Sports Tourer Bike

Carbon Aluminium Frame

‘Gavin’ 36V 16Ah

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Dual disc brakes


City 606

City Bike

Carbon Aluminium frame

‘Gavin’ 36V 16Ah

Dual disc brakes

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Economics – 6.5p per mile You can charge a battery overnight for 10p on your electricity bill, and then travel 30 miles on your electric bike the next day. That’s attractive – but it isn’t the whole story. You have to take into account the cost of the bike, servicing, replacement parts and repairs. On that basis, we reckon that 5 years of typical fair weather commuting, and writing off the bike at the end of the period, works out at about 6.5p per mile, compared to over 50p for a car (more if you pay parking or congestion charges!).

Cycle to Work Scheme A government incentive scheme for employees (PAYE). You save the VAT, you buy the bike net of tax and NI, and you pay monthly or weekly for a year as a deduction to your pay. Savings can be 40% or more! provider such as any signs up with a mp co e th assist them lly ica ployer, but typ would be happy to m employer to em in the scheme, we fro er ate diff cip e rti pa em t sch ye t e s of th does no The precise working n. If your employer les the administratio nd ha o wh you with a quote e em Cyclesch alerships. We provide de . r ed ou uir of e. y req an p tu or t se r web outle ery of your new bik with the minimal , and you take deliv e shop, including ou op bik sh y e an bik m e fro th e to bik e ich you giv , you can buy a s you a voucher wh Under the Scheme e provider. He send em sch e th to nd which you se Simple!

Bearprint and Green Biking Who are we? Why the footprints? Why the Bear? Bearprint is the brainchild of a footballer turned sports expert, a motorbike enthusiast turned electric bike guru, and a banker turned businessman. We share a passion and a belief that electric transportation is the way of the future for an increasingly ‘green conscious’ world.

Footprints remind us all of the challenge of reducing our carbon footprint – out of the car and onto the electric bike

Bears are strong and have great stamina – like our bikes. They are adventurers and are part of our precious natural world

So we chose Bearprint for our range of environmentally friendly green electric bikes

And a final note – why are our bikes cheaper than others? Well, we want to make it possible for all of us – thousands and tens of thousands of us – to go safely out onto the roads on electric bikes, leaving our cars in the garage. And we are willing to make a smaller profit to achieve that.

Bearprint Electric Bikes 209 Christchurch Road Ringwood Hants BH24 3AN

Your local Bearprint Agent:

Bearprint Electric Bikes is the trading name of Universal Electric Transport Limited – registered in England No 6950814 All Bearprint bikes and components conform to RoHS, EEC, EN, UL and Aus / NZ standards. Bearprint recommends that riders of electric bikes should wear high visibility clothing and an approved bicycle helmet. On road, electric bikes are by law limited to 15.6 mph and riders have to be 14 years or older.


Brochure for e bikes