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PETS & THEIR PEOPLE Cassie, a special needs cat, naps on the couch of Frisco residents Jennifer and Jody Brown. Jennifer encourages others to consider adopting special needs pets. To see other adoptable pets, visit friscohumane

Frisco family connects with special-needs cats F

Photo submitted by KATHRYN HORNER

same, meow the same and act just like every other kitty,” Brown said. “They just happen to have a little bit harder life than others, and I think are even more special because of it.” Brown encourages others to consider adopting special needs pets. “I think we all decided that they deserved an equal chance to be happy and have a loving home,” she said. “They are a little more special than other kitties because these had to fight for their lives, which

makes them strong — a characteristic I admire very much.” Kathryn Horner contributes to neighborsgo. com on behalf of the Frisco Humane Society. PETS & THEIR PEOPLE Post stories and photos about the four-legged friend in your life on, and you might see them in an upcoming edition.

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affected her coordination. risco residents Jennifer “I actually thought, and Jody Brown and ‘hmmm, sounds like she their children Garrett, would fit in our family very 12, and Gracie, 7, found extra well,’” she said. “I have a repulove after adopting two spetation of being a bit of a cial needs cats, Cassie and KATHRYN HORNER klutz.” Scotchie from Plano resident Contributor The Browns were lookand Frisco Humane Society ing for two cats, so Jacobson foster, Cynthia Jacobson. told them about another special needs fos“I love cats,” Jennifer Brown said. “They ter cat, orange tabby Butterscotch, whom were always a part of the family growing up, the Browns call Scotchie. He has a bit of a so I knew that one day when I was older I “weepy eye,” so if he gets really stressed or would have cats.” upset, his eyes water with drainage. While browsing Petfinder around Cassie and Scotchie were exactly what the Christmas, Brown came across Cassie, a Brown family was looking for. They are calico with beautiful marble markings. happy, friendly and playful, and they love Even though Cassie was labeled as special pipe-cleaners. needs, Brown wasn’t ready to give up on “We don't think of them as anything difher. She read about how sweet Cassie was, and that she was really sick as a baby, which ferent than any other cat. They purr the

January 28, 2011


Frisco family connectswith special-needs cats  
Frisco family connectswith special-needs cats  

We love great adoption stories and are super excited for Cassie and Scotch who found a purrfect family!