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Keep city, school board races clean


Frisco resident Collen Davis finds personal connection to rescued dog

LYNN BERGMAN Contributor



April 22, 2011

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udslinging has been part of politics for as long as I can remember, but in the era of soccer parents arguing with referees or sometimes even players, I know this is not the example I want my children to see coming from our elected officials in Frisco. During a recent discussion of local politics with a friend, we chatted about some of the mudslinging in the Frisco City Council races and the FISD Board race. She made a comment that stuck with me. She said, “That’s politics.” Why does the general public have the view that “it’s just part of politics?” If you really think about that statement, it doesn’t make sense. Much media attention has been given to bullying in schools, and cyber bullying, but it surprises me that it’s acceptable for adults to bully each other to give themselves a better image. It’s no wonder we struggle to get the anti-bullying message across to our children. They see firsthand examples of upstanding citizens, who are leaders in the community, now running for political positions or school board positions, bashing their opponents any way they can. To the City Council and FISD Board candidates: Do you think for the remaining month of your campaign that you can remove your derogatory comments about opponents from your Facebook, refrain from negative comments about your opponents at neighborhood meet and greets, and return the magnetic car signs that were stolen from the vehicles of supporters of your opponent? Let’s free Frisco from witnessing bullying amongst its leaders. If you bully someone, you may lose a vote. Maybe the next election will have a code of conduct. But for now, we could make the city of Frisco, not only the “fastest growing city in the U.S.” or “the best place to raise an athlete,” but the “best town to run for office since Mayberry.” Lynn Bergman is a frequent contributor to

ime has flown for Frisco resident Colleen Davis and her playful pal, Roxie. Colleen has a special connection to the 7-pound, 2-year-old papillon mix. “Being adopted myself, I have a soft spot for animals looking for a home,” she said. “[Our family] can’t imagine life without her.” Colleen adopted Roxie from the Frisco Humane Society in April 2010 to keep a promise to her 12-year old daughter and animal lover, Jenna. She had promised that the family would adopt a second family dog to accompany their 4year old schipperke, Bear, who they adopted two years earlier. “It’s hard to believe it has been almost a year since Roxie came to live with us.” Davis said. “She is a very energetic little girl, and we love her.” Roxie was found during late-winter after a major snow storm by a Dallas family who went sledding in a park in Irving. As they were leaving, they spotted Roxie, darting across the snow and rescued her. During the same time, the Davis family lost their 15-year-old rescue cat, Seren, to cancer. Still grieving a few weeks later, Colleen, her husband, Christopher, Jenna and 17-year-old Evan browsed the aisles of PetsMart. As they rounded the corner, they spotted the Frisco Humane Society Adopt-A-Pet event, and were immediately drawn to Roxie.


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Photo submitted by KATHRYN HORNER

Roxie, a 2-year-old papillon mix, sits with Jenna Davis of Frisco.

“My daughter met her, and it was love at first sight.” Colleen Davis said. “Roxie’s cute little under-bite, butterfly ears [and] her curious look were too much to resist.” Roxie has settled right in as a fullfledged member of the Davis family. She spends her days playing tag and tug-awar with her best friend, Bear, and her evenings snuggled tight on the couch with her family.

The Davis family loves their perpetually happy and playful little Roxie. Kathryn Horner contributes to neighborsgo on behalf of the Frisco Humane Society.

MORE INFO To see adoptable pets at the Frisco Humane Society, visit friscohumane

Frisco resident Collen Davis findspersonal connection to rescued dog  
Frisco resident Collen Davis findspersonal connection to rescued dog  

“My daughter met her, and it was love at first sight.” Colleen Davis said. “Roxie’s cute little under-bite, butterfly ears [and] her curious...