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most deserving of the death penalty. A repeal of the rule has passed the House year after year, only to be defeated in the Senate or by Governor’s veto. This year may be different. The House has also passed measures to deal with illegal immigrants who commit crimes, including a requirement that immigration status be checked after all arrests. This was defeated by the Senate.

FAMILY VALUES The House passed measures to expand “informed consent” to include the use of ultrasound technology and also to require doctors to provide information on the possible impact of an abortion on subsequent pregnancies. Another measure would state life begins at conception and would enable parents to file a “wrongful death” civil claim when their unborn child was killed by the negligence of another. The House also passed a measure that would have eliminated any legal requirement for HPV vaccination of female children. All of these were defeated in the Senate.

SECOND AMENDMENT The “Castle Doctrine” prohibits a homeowner from being sued for defending his home from an intruder. There is a very active debate among Second Amendment proponents about whether the current legal interpretation would be improved by a new law. The House has passed a Castle Doctrine bill in the past and will likely work on this again. Similarly, the House passed a measure to end the “one gun per month” policy. Both of these bills were rejected by the Senate.


February 2012

FEDERALISM The House has passed several measures to attempt to address unconstitutional overreach by the Federal Government. The first bill would provide that no federal rules or laws would apply to goods that are both produced and used entirely within Virginia. The second would do the same, but only for firearms. Lastly, the House passed a resolution calling on Congress to convene a Constitutional Convention that would propose an amendment allowing states to collectively vote to repeal specific federal laws like President Obama’s health care bill. All of these were rejected by the Senate.

SCHOOL CHOICE Last year the House passed an innovative proposal to give corporations tax credits if they would create scholarships for needy students. The students could use these scholarships to offset the costs of attending private schools. This passed the House but not the Senate.

immigrants not be given government benefits and to prohibit “sanctuary cities,” which are localities that refused to enforce state and federal immigration laws. Other measures would require employers to enroll in e-verify, to ensure that all employees were citizens or otherwise legally employable. All of these were defeated in the Senate. All in all, these measures constitute quite an agenda. If this slate of bills passes, it will make Virginia safer, government less intrusive, and the business climate even stronger. It will also show that Republicans can successfully govern the Commonwealth. All of these measures will be reviewed again in the House and then will come before the evenly-split Senate. Only then can we see if the Virginia legislature has a new conservative majority. Those of us in the House who have been voting for these measures can only hope we do. Rob Bell has served for the last 10 years as the Delegate from Albemarle County, in the seat once held by Thomas Jefferson. Bell is currently seeking election as Virginia’s next Attorney General.

VOTING RULES The House passed a measure to require that if a voter could not present a photo ID, he would only be able to cast a “provisional ballot,” which would not be included in the vote totals until it was specifically approved by the local board.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION The House passed several measures, including those to ensure that illegal


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Delegate Rob Bell, Tea Party 3.0, Our Legislative Agenda, School Choice, Loudoun County GOP

Bearing Drift - Virginia's Conservative Voice  

Delegate Rob Bell, Tea Party 3.0, Our Legislative Agenda, School Choice, Loudoun County GOP