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Communications Director for George Allen for U.S. Senate. How long you have been on that job? For a year now – January, 2011. What you did before that job? Deputy Communications Director for the Republican National Committee. What do you like the most about your job? I have the honor of working for someone who is extremely principled and has the right vision to move our country forward. What’s your favorite non-political thing to do? Travel – I love experiencing new places. What made you want to get into politics? Being in South Carolina during the 2000 Presidential primary betweenPresident Bush and Senator McCain. One of my favorite professors convinced me to volunteer for President Bush and it gave me a great opportunity to see the good, the bad and how much fun politics can be. Where are you from? A little bit of everywhere but mostly Virginia. Spent some of my childhood in Northern Virginia and went to high school in Richmond. Where did you go to school, what was your major, and when did you graduate? Clemson University, B.A. in Political Science, 2003.

Katie Wright February 2012

What is your goal for this year? To make sure that all Virginians have the opportunity to hear George Allen’s positive vision for a better future and get George Allen elected to the United States Senate.



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