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In Utopia everyone is fit, the air is always clean, and auto body shops are open Sundays for your convenience.

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The Big Issues for Senate Republicans “I think that some of the big issues we’re going to focus on are instilling our right to work statutes in our

constitution. People are going to work hard to instill eminent domain reforms in our constitution. And then the biggest struggle that we’re going to have is going to be the increasing expenditures put down on us from the federal government involving Medicaid and Medicare.” - Sen. Ryan McDougle, December 4, 2011

There’s Nothing So Permanent as a Temporary Tax “The War of 1812 is almost ready to celebrate its 200th anniversary and [the Business, Professional and Occupational

Licensing] tax was put on the books in 1815 to pay for that war. And most of us are willing to celebrate the 200th anniversary and declare it over.”

- George Peyton, vice president, Retail Merchants Federation, August 20, 2011


February 2012


Bearing Drift - Virginia's Conservative Voice  

Delegate Rob Bell, Tea Party 3.0, Our Legislative Agenda, School Choice, Loudoun County GOP

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