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Each week on “The Score” radio show, Scott Lee interviews the people who are making news in Virginia and across the nation. Here are some of the more notable quotes: Can Social and Economic Conservatives Get Along in 2012? “The vast majority of social conservatives, and I mean 80 or 90 percent or more, are inherently

fiscal conservatives. I think where the rub comes a little bit sometimes is that maybe the numbers aren’t that large with respect to fiscal conservatives being social conservatives. But I think we’re really going to merge the two groups as we go into the 2012 election because the primary issue on everybody’s mind is going to be job creation and the economy. “ - Del. Jimmie Massie August 20, 2011

“I think that what you discover as you look over time is that campaigns and candidates that are devoid of any one of the three areas of the ‘Rea-

gan stool’ -- whether it’s national security, economics or social issues

-- when those campaigns don’t focus on all three of those, you lose a huge portion of the base that you’re trying to rally to get out to vote for

you. So I think that there’s no way someone can try to call a time out on social issues, try to put those on the back burner, and still expect to be somebody heading into higher office.” -

Victoria Cobb, Family Foundation president, April 21, 2011

What Presidential Candidates Need to Know About Global Warming “Republican politicians, historically, just don’t understand environmental issues, and they can’t talk about them. So the easiest way to get

Republicans tongue-tied about the environment is to ask them a question about global warming…they need to know that there really is no scientific evidence linking human activities to catastrophic global warming.”

- Steve Milloy, publisher,, June 4, 2011


February 2012


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