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about whether to obligate taxpayers to fund the extension of Metro Rail to Dulles. And, while growth has slowed since 2003/2004, when Loudoun was the fastest growing county in America, it still remains the fastest growing county in Virginia, with all the pressures on infrastructure that such growth produces. If the new Loudoun Board of Supervisors governs sensibly and remains essentially unified in facing these challenges, it could build the Republican brand in Northern Virginia, contributing to future Republican victories, not just in Loudoun, but statewide.

Loudoun Election History Year Board Makeup 2011 9R 2007 5D / 2R / 2I 2003 7R / 1D / 1I 1999 4D / 4R / 2I 1995 7R / 1D / 1I 1991 6R / 2D / 1I

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sible benefits. After more than two years of pushing the ordinance, the Democratic Board of Supervisors sustained lasting political damage from the CBPO despite failing to pass it before the November elections. Third, the Democratic majority’s redistricting plan backfired. For well over a decade, Loudoun has been polarized between geographical interests on the eastern and western ends of the county. Yet primarily due to restrictive zoning in western Loudoun, most population growth has been on the eastern end of the county, forcing major changes in last year’s redistricting process. In a highly partisan plan, the Democratic Board attempted to preserve two or three “western” seats on the Board. However, the population centers of these new districts were no longer strictly western. In November, three seats which had been reliably Democrat or Independent for the last several local elections went Republican, giving the GOP an unexpected 9-0 Board.

Board of Supervisors Election 2011 – Counties over 250,000 residents County Chesterfield Fairfax Henrico Loudoun Prince William

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3R / 1D / 1I (60%) 7D / 3R (70%) 3R / 2D (60%) 9R (100%) 6R / 2D (75%)

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E M Barner is a conservative activist with professional experience in both Richmond and Washington DC. She makes her home in Loudoun County, along with her husband and their dog, Coco.

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In addition to these three missteps by their Board, the 2011 Democratic candidates faced a well-organized and unified local Republican party. Factions among local Republicans that had publicly opposed each other in prior local elections called a truce, resulting in near universal support for the Republican nominees. Republicans ran candidates for every partisan office. They out organized and outperformed their counterparts in every district. Additionally, in three of the nine Board of Supervisors races, Republicans substantially outraised and outspent their opponents.

Cutting Spending

Now, with not a single Democrat or Independent on the Board, nine Republicans have the job of governing the highest average household income county in the nation. The GOP base is poised to insist on an immediate tax rate reduction. Board members also face tough decisions

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Delegate Rob Bell, Tea Party 3.0, Our Legislative Agenda, School Choice, Loudoun County GOP

Bearing Drift - Virginia's Conservative Voice  

Delegate Rob Bell, Tea Party 3.0, Our Legislative Agenda, School Choice, Loudoun County GOP