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“The largest budget increase occured during the Warner and Kaine administrations.”

Bob McDonnell

construction. If a bridge is repaired and adds an inch in either direction, that is considered construction, not maintenance. The Commonwealth needs to rewrite the code on transportation funding and treat roads like the valuable assets they are.

Crime Control, Judicial Reform and Public Safety

Cutting Spending. Creating Jobs. Getting Results.

Codify the Virginia Rules of Evidence -- As amazing as it sounds, the Rules of Evidence in Virginia are not defined in the Virginia Code. It’s time for Virginia to codify its evidence rules and bring the Code into line with the vast majority of jurisdictions across the United States. Paid for by Opportunity Virginia PAC, Inc. Not Authorized by Any Candidate.

Education Increased Funding for K-12 and Higher Education – Bearing Drift supports Gov-

ernor McDonnell’s increased funding requests for secondary and post-secondary education. As a core government function, education should be a primary focus of the legislature. We do not, however, endorse the idea of giving the education establishment a blank check. Proper checks and balances demand that all resources devoted to education show positive results – better educational outcomes, higher graduation rates, and a more engaged and involved citizenry.

More dollars in the classroom, not administration - We know that it costs money to manage schools. But why does upwards of 80 cents of every dollar spent on education go towards administrative costs? That’s unacceptable. We strongly support paying our teachers the salaries they deserve, based on merit and capability. Students should also have access to the materials that will best prepare them for the economy of the future.

Expand the Use of Charter Schools – While some areas of the Commonwealth boast some of the best public schools in the nation, the same can’t be said for every

February 2012

jurisdiction. Charter schools are a proven way to raise standards and improve student learning. The General Assembly should expand the use of charter schools in underperforming jurisdictions.

Allow For Private Funding of Charter Schools – One of the most frequently used ar-

guments against charter schools is that they divert resources from the public school system. In order to combat that concern, the General Assembly should look at ways to allow private funding or sponsorships of charter schools. Public money can then continue to fund public schools while charter schools can continue to expand based upon the availability of private resources.

Support K-12 Education with Tax Credits – Whether a school is public, public charter,

virtual, virtual charter or private, the Commonwealth should adopt a vibrant tax credit program so that individuals and corporations are encouraged to support them with donations. There are several successful model tax credit pro-



Bearing Drift - Virginia's Conservative Voice  

Delegate Rob Bell, Tea Party 3.0, Our Legislative Agenda, School Choice, Loudoun County GOP

Bearing Drift - Virginia's Conservative Voice  

Delegate Rob Bell, Tea Party 3.0, Our Legislative Agenda, School Choice, Loudoun County GOP