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What would you do for money? Would you steal someone elses’ very personal belonging just to get money for yourself? What if you knew it would really hurt the person you are stealing from, would you still do it? There are people in our world who would do almost anything for money these days. We all need money as we save up for college, pay for our car insurance, buy gas, or even just cover basic needs such as clothes and food when we eat out. Many people have jobs which take care of these things, but those of us who do not have a job find money other ways. Some people would even steal other people’s phones for money. Now, let us learn both sides of the story. Imagine an Ursuline girl going out with her friends one night. They decide to go to a party. Once they arrive, they walk inside and are im‐ mediately greeted by their friends and Photo by peers. While at the party, one of the Emily Price girls in the group loses her phone, and she never sees it again. Brooke Chelew, junior, has a similar story. Last summer she and her friends went to a party, but this particular night, something was different. She was outside by the car with her friends when everyone decided to go to a different house. They all got in the car when she suddenly realized she didn’t have her phone. Brooke panicked, so they went back to the house where she might have left it, but they could not find it. She looked everywhere in her car and was asking people if anyone had seen it, but it was no where to be found. “It was like my baby, and once I knew it was gone and I was never going to see it again, it was just very frustrating and upsetting.” After searching for a while and even attempting to

track the phone on the computer, she still had no luck finding it. She realized someone had stolen her “baby.” She said, “I know it has to be somebody I know and was with that night, but I cannot think of anyone I know actually doing something like that.” Then there is John; he is an eighteen-year-old boy who is going off to college soon, so while he is still at home, he is having fun with his friends. He lives at home with his family but also needs money for other things such as clothes, food, etc. He has found a way to make quick cash at parties - stealing other people’s cell phones. When he is out with his friends and he sees a phone lying there with no owner, he will just snatch it up and sell it to anyone in need of a phone. John restores the phones on the computer to make them seem almost brand new. He then sells the phone for more than it is actually worth, to gain profit. He knows the phone companies charge people more for each phone if they are not done with their contract; therefore, people think they are getting a good deal for the phone because they do not have to go through that process. John thinks this is a fool-proof plan because he thinks his victims won’t really care that much and will just go buy a new phone. All the memories are gone, the pictures and contacts, and Brooke will never see her phone again. Brooke said, “I eventually knew that I was never going to find it and moved on.” If you buy phones from other people, think again where the phone might have come from.

Emily Price Bear Facts Writer


Worldwide Breaking News Turkey: 7.2

Magnitude Earthquake Hits

On October 23, an earthquake devastated Turkey. According to, most affected was the town of Ercis, where 80 buildings collapsed. 272 people died due to the quake.



Vicious Drug Cartels recruit Teens

In the past year, 25 kids and teens have been arrested for assisting cartels in smuggling drugs, people, currency and weapons across the Texas-Mexico border. Two weeks ago, the authorities stopped a 12-year-old boy involved with a Mexican drug cartel, according to He was driving a stolen car containing 800 pounds of illegal drugs.

Libya: Dictator


Gaddafi dies reported that on October 20, the 42-year-long rule of the power-hungry Libyan leader Gaddafi ended and the Civil war of the country has officially ceased. The man many Libyans feared was killed and a free election for a new leader will be held next year.


f course, Ursuline girls are up-to-date with the latest episode of “Jersey Shore” or “Pretty Little Liars” or already knows every new Lil Wayne song, but how aware are they of the events occurring around the world? There is no need to worry, because Ursuline’s Bear Facts is here to fill in every UA girl on the top worldwide news stories.

Iraq: U.S.

Troops Home for the Holidays

On October 21, published that United States President, Barack Obama declared that the 39,000 American troops in Iraq will be home by December 31.

Thailand: Bombing

Kills 3

Muslim insurgents planted bombs at 16 locations in Thailand. A recent bombing killed three civilians and injured 45. This bombing also caused some power outages. reported that Muslim insurgents have killed 4,700 people since 2004.

Meg Vatterott Bear Facts Print Editor



From Cardboard Boxes To Lasting Change educated the girls on the St. Patrick’s Center’s mission: The air was brisk, perfect sweatshirt weather, but building permanent positive change. St. Patrick’s Center the night was just about to get a lot colder. On a night assists more than 9,000 people a year. Out of these peomany people were cranking up the heat and falling asleep ple, Ursuline specifically has moved five families into under warm covers in their home, Ursuline girls decided homes by raising money through the Cardboard Village to sleep outside on Ursuline’s soccer fields in cold cardproject. Bracken hoped that the experience would open board boxes instead of their cozy beds. At first, the evethe girls’ eyes and reminded them that ning of October 14 just seemed like any “anyone can become homeless, so it’s imother night camping with friends, but the portant not to stereotype the homeless.” reality is that millions of people are Senior Morgan Baer reflected on her exforced to sleep in cardboard boxes every Sandwiches for St. Vincent perience, saying, “It changes your pernight, unsure if they will be warm DePaul spective on how you look at homeless enough. These girls were able to experipeople. I gained a lot of respect for them ence the feeling of homelessness at Ursubecause it isn’t easy.” line Academy’s fifth annual Cardboard Village event. In fact, all the participants All the amazing work that organicould only bring a cardboard box and zations like Covenant House and St. Patwhat they could fit in it, and were told not rick’s Center are doing inspire Ursuline gloves filled with candy to include electronics or food. Freshman girls to do what they can to make a differfor De La Salle Middle Cassandra Keller realized, “We are so ence and work to end homelessness. Not School used to having a bed to sleep in and the only is Ursuline’s Cardboard Village a fun ability to have electronics whenever we night and fundraiser, it shows UA girls the want. Homeless people can’t do that.” i m p o r - tance of getting involved, working to make changes in their own community and showing Serviam. Cardboard village is not just a night with friends under the stars or a memorable experience, but it is also a fundraiser. The participants were required to raise at least Meg Vatterott $30 to attend, and that money was donated to the St. PatBear Facts Print Editor rick’s Center, the largest homeless care provider in Missouri. There were two guest speakers at the event, one from Covenant House and one Right: Libby Rathert and Abby Lehnert. from St. Patrick’s Center. Covenant House Photo by Meg Vatterott specifically assists youth like UA girls, except these at-risk teens and children are Below: Girls listen to Covenant House battling homelessness. This organization Speaker Bren Elfkin. Photo by Mr. Reid teaches these young people of the community how to become independent. The speaker from Covenant House was Bren Elfken. Maddie Klump, junior, learned a lot from Elfken: “I appreciated her talk. I had no idea how many teens are living impoverished lives!” Kirsten Bracken, the volunteer coordinator from St. Patrick’s Center, talked to the girls about homelessness and the impact their donations make. Bracken




The Co$t Matter$ by saying, “Most seniors are getting ready to move away from home and go to college. This is the first time they will be responsible for managing their money without money on things you do not need?” their parents’ guidance. They need to be able to handle their money and feel confident with their decision.” Many teenagers just do not realize that they are “How about you save your money spending their money on pointless things. If a teenager for college.” buys a soda from QT every single day for a whole entire year, they would spend an estimate of $256.32; eventually the $0.72 adds up. Just think of what a teenager “You need to get another job to pay could save instead of buying a soda from QT every day. Not only would she be healthier, but she could save off your bills.” the money up for college or something more valuable. This is also one of many pet peeves that parents have about their children…useless spendThese are common phrases that teenagers hear i n g . Ms. Pelizzaro also stated,“My pet from their parents on a day-to-day basis. Many stup e e v e would be impulse dents who take personal finance comspending, buying without plain that they are required to take this giving the purchase any class in order to graduate. Howthought. Another would ever, could this be a good thing be buying something just that U.A. students are takbeing such a class? Ms. Pelizc a u s e zaro, business tech other people and personal have it, not because finance teacher they really like it or at Ursuline AcadIf you were to buy each individual item need it.” Just because emy, stated, “There are something is in a lot of teens that are very everyday during the year the cost would fashion now does not responsible with mean it will be in the fut h e i r be… ture. That’s why it would money, benefit teens to douand I do think ble-think about they can make Soda at QT: $256.32 what they are good decisions on how going to buy. to spend their Overall, teenagers do not know money. Many how to spend and manage money. That is teens just why the school systems want teenagers to be aware haven’t been taught yet of their reckless spending. Ms. Pelizzaro continued, and need someone to guide “I think the most important lesson would be managing them.” her money. Make a budget for saving and spending and Learning continually about saving and how stick to the budget.” Many students just need to realize to manage money can benefit your future. Perhow much they truly are spending and if it is worth the sonal finance classes at Ursuline Academy, where given cost. Overall, students in high school are considered rea money tracker, to be aware of how much money they sponsible young adults, so teens ought to prove to them truly do spend. A lot of students are appalled at the way that students are adults. they spend money, and students start to realize that Brooke Messmer money is vital to be able to live. It forces seniors to conBear Facts Editor-in-Chief sider their finances for college. Ms. Pelizzaro continued

“Why are you spending so much




Too Old To Trick-or-Treat? Is high school too old for this time-honored tradition? Is there even such a thing as being too old to beg for candy from complete strangers?


et’s get this out there right at the beginning: I have absolutely nothing against teenagers acting like little kids. I fully support coloring in Disney coloring books in public or bursting out in the “Fresh Prince” theme song (we all know you still know it by heart). There are some things, though, like thumb sucking and trick-or-treating, that should be left to the younger generations. With Halloween quickly approaching, I beg you to please, please think of the precious children if you intend to go door -to-door, begging for candy, much as you did when you were five. Must you steal their candy and their fun? Trick-or-treating is a time-honored tradition, where one special night of the year, children are actually encour-


aged to go to strangers’ houses and demand consumables from them. It started when children would go from door-to-door asking for treats in exchange for praying for a household’s dead on November 2, All Souls’ Day. Eventually, it turned into what it is now: six-year-olds dressed up as Hannah Montana and Power Rangers, demanding chocolately goodness from neighbors and shunning those who have the audacity to think they can hand out apples. Issues of safety aside, I see nothing wrong with trick-ortreating itself. It is a fun way for children to be whomever they wish if only for an hour or so. There was an old television show on Nickelodeon a couple of years ago called “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.” It does not run anymore, but when it did, it told

the story of a bunch of friends who create a guidebook to help others survive middle school. In their Halloween episode, they mention three stages of Halloween activities that all people under the age of 18 or so should take into consideration when making plans for October 31. The first stage was the adorable trick-or-treating phase, when one dressed up as a princess or a Transformer or whatever one’s little heart desired. At the end of the night, one drifted off into a sweet, sweet, candy-induced coma. Then, as one gets a little older, say 12 or so, the focus shifted from the treats to the tricking. Pulling pranks became more important than the candy. Finally, everyone enters the phase which you, as current high school students, are in: the party phase. Now, it is socially

Is Trick-or-Treating Illegal?

Bear Facts asked Ursuline: Do you plan on going trickor-treating this Halloween?

There’s been some debate among students on whether this whole thing is even allowed, legally. The fact is, in most places, while residents view teen trick-or-treaters a nuisance, it’s not actually banned. In Belleville, Illinois, however, the mayor has banned the practice for children over the age of 12. So if trick-or-treating is in your plans (and let’s hope it isn’t because, really, it’s annoying giving out candy to kids who can legally drive), avoid that city. Police did note that they don’t actually stop anyone as it’s difficult to determine age. It does, however, cut down on the number of rowdy teens out on the street. That way, the streets are safer for the baby pumpkins, out getting their yearly allotment of cavities.

Yes 33% No 67% In favor of the tradition, one girl said she goes trick-or-treating “because it is a time to have fun with f riends and check all the fun decoratio ns my neighbors have put up this year , and of course, you can't forget the fr ee candy.” On the other hand, one girl wrote, “It's not that I'm too old, per se; it's just that I think people get ann oyed giving candy to teenagers, and I feel bad potentially taking it from littl e kids .”

acceptable for you to get together with friends and throw a good party with food named things like “goblin fingers” or “witch teeth.” Sure, you can still dress up and over-indulge in candy, but it is time to put the trick-or-treating in the past. That phase is over. So this Halloween, save the trick-or-treating for the little kids. They’re the ones who will get the most out of it. You just look like a bunch of hooligans, demanding candy from grown adults. Go buy your own candy, and throw a party. This once, please act your age. Ann Slesinski Bear Facts Copy Editor

Art by Ann Wolf



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The breast cancer symbol is everywhere around St. Louis. It is painted on windows, by the “Ellen” logo on TV and even on Ursuline cars in the parking lot. There are many Ursuline students who have been affected by breast cancer in their own way. Many mothers, aunts and teachers of our Ursuline students have had breast cancer. These people include junior Molly Berra, senior Tara Rice and theology teacher Mrs. Mullen.

“My cancer free five year mark will be on February 14, which is very exciting. My family saw the power of prayer through family members and our community. The journey taught them how we need to let people help us and allow people to help us. Today, my family and friends come to me to when they need questions about breast cancer answered, so I defiantly love to pay it forward.” Mrs. Mullen “My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time when I was in 5th grade, and died in October of my 6th grade year. It was pretty hard on my family, especially my dad since it was his oldest sister. It brought my family and relatives closer. We learned in women's issues that you are more likely to have it if another woman in your family had it. Luckily no other women in my family have been diagnosed. Ever summer we do the race for the cure in memory of my aunt and go to a lunch for her after. We also pray for her often.” - Tara Rice

“[My aunt] got diagnosed at the beginning of freshman year, so I was 14, and her treatments went through pretty much the whole year. It was really hard for my family and me to see her sick, and there were a lot of things she couldn't do when she was going through chemo and recovering from her surgery, so we had to be more careful about what we asked her to do for us. Our parish was a huge help when she was going through treatment because different people would bring her dinner on the nights she had chemo because those were the nights she would be the sickest. This spring she'll be cancer-free for two years, and it’s crazy how much time has passed since then and how much closer my family has gotten because of it. No one else in my family has had breast cancer, and I'm not sure if hers was the genetic kind, but my There are many events that take place here in St. Louis to raise sisters and I will have to be more carebreast cancer awareness. Everyone can donate to the National Breast Cancer ful about watching out for any signs just Foundation. This foundation raises money to work towards a cure for breast in case.” - Molly Berra cancer. There is also the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure that is held usually during the summer once a year in many cities, including St. Louis. Emily Price Bear Facts Staff


y h W Do ume afi er s s Pa Writ v ia Oli Facts r Bea

s r e h c a Te Teach? Teachers were asked to rate themselves from 1-10 on how hard of a teacher they thought they were. They answered… Mrs. Nondorf



When did you first know that you wanted to be a teacher?

“When I was five Santa brought me a chalk board. Also some of my family were teach-

Mr. Master Q.

Mrs. Elking Dr. Gilligan Dr. Michalski Dr. Anderson Mrs. Albers Mrs. Mullen Mrs. Deutsch Ms. Berra

What is your favorite part about teaching?

“When I see a student that I taught many years ago, and she tells me that she enjoyed having me as a teacher.”



When did you first know that you wanted to be a teacher?

“During my senior service project when I taught a GED class at the St. Louis County Juvenile Courts.”



If you could pick another profession besides teaching, what would it be?

I would be a dolphin trainer.



When did you first know that you wanted to be a teacher?

In fifth grade I often played teacher with my cousins and siblings. I made them learn all about the solar system that I had drawn on the basement closet.



Who inspired you to be a teacher?

My physical education teacher junior year of high school.

Mrs. Rieke Mrs. Pelizzaro Mrs. Pawlowicz





Which College Are You? I envision myself going to a university located in…

I plan on joining a sorority in college..

I prefer the average class size to be..

A A large urban city or town that has several activities outside of campus available. B A medium sized city or town that has the best of both worlds. C A city or town with a small population that allows me to get to know more people.

A Yes! I want many several options while going through the rushing process. B Maybe, I will wait until I get a feel for the different sororities. C Probably not, I may but it’s not the most important factor.

A Large. I don’t mind having large core classes. B Both, I enjoy having both large and small classes. C Small. I prefer smaller classes and want to get to know my professors more personally.

On average, what is the yearly tuition and fee cost you are willing to spend? A Median cost, up to $22, 000. B On the lower scale of tuition and room and board, up to $13, 000. C Higher cost by a selective school or private school with room and board, up to $33, 000.

What is the size of the school you want to attend based on undergraduate admissions? A I want to attend a large university with an average enrollment of 33,000. B I want to attend a medium sized university with an average enrollment of 14,000. C I want to attend a smaller university with an average enrollment of 6,000.

Do you want to attend a college that provides either intercollegiate or intramural sports and other clubs/ organizations? A Yes. I want several options and many leagues to compete in. B Yes but I’m playing for leisure. C Yes but I want to participate in several activities and not be committed to one.

I’m interested in achieving a Minor as long as a Master Degree. A Most large schools offer numerous minors and majors. B Ability to have both minor and major, but not as many options. C Want the chance to create your own minor?

What is the level of academic rigor that you are looking for? A Option to take both rigorous and average speed classes. B Competitive school to get in to and all around challenging courses. C Option to get additional help is important, I want to get to know my teachers on a personell level

If you answered mostly…. Maggie Eggleston Bear Facts Writer


What school fits with your answers? If you answered mostly A s . . . Your fit for a school like Mizzou. It’s big campus feel doesn’t phase you as your ready to jump into all the activities it has to offer. With over 600 organizations and clubs to choose from, you’ll have no problem fitting in. “Do you picture yourself at a Big Ten university that offers everything from televised sporting events to countless degree programs? Are you itching to break free of the high school fishbowl and enjoy the anonymity that comes with being one of thousands of students? Then a big college might be a good fit for you.”

If you answered mostly B s . . . Although it has a smaller enrollment, Truman is located in the heart of a medium sized town. It’s the perfect size. Do you want something in between? Introductory classes at a large college may contain hundreds of students. Some students find this environment exciting. Others feel overwhelmed. Small colleges don’t offer as many majors as big colleges; however, some of them let you design your own. “Courses at small colleges are usually taught by professors, not teaching assistants. The professors may even know your name and areas of interest.”

If you answered mostly C s… You’re like SLU. “Research has shown that small schools offer many advantages to students, teachers, parents, community members, partners and administrators. A national study by Bank Street College of Education, released in 2000, found that small schools in the Chicago Public Schools have higher attendance, fewer dropouts, fewer course failures, fewer incidents of discipline and violence and higher teacher, student and parent and community member satisfaction than large schools.”

Sites used for descriptions and questions:



Everything Television!!! What’s new to TV this Fall? Time-travel back to the age of dinosaurs, secret covens of teenage witches, a singing competition adapted just for the US by one of the world’s best talent scouts, and a revamp of a loved 1970s television show -these are only some examples of the 23 new fall television shows out there. The real question though is which will make it to a second season?

“The Secret Circle” is one of the new fall television show. The plot of this show is centered around a secret coven of teenage witches and their newest member, Cassie. This is a thrilling story with great acting, intriguing plot lines, an age-long battle against witchcraft, and, of course, romances. This show has grabbed the attention of a lot of people with its unique ideas and the stunningly designed characters. “It’s something new from vampires,” Cate Allen, freshman, clarified, “A lot of people have made vampire or werewolf spin-off series, but there’s never really been a witch show. ”

Also new is the time-traveling, dinosaur-infested show, “Terra Nova.” Cate Allen commented, “I think it’s like they took ‘Lost’ and ‘Jurassic Park,’ put them together, and they got ‘Terra Nova’.”This show is extremely unique, and it’s obvious that there’s nothing quite like it. It takes place years and years from the current day. The Earth is dying, but scientists stumble upon a portal that leads back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. In an attempt to restart civilization again and possibly save the Earth, a selective group of people enter the portal and go back millions of years. It’s there that those people begin to build their own civilization, “Terra Nova.” But with dinosaurs always creeping about, unknown illnesses and dangers lurking, and a group of rebels threatening to attack, can the small, blossoming society survive? This all adds to the success of the new show, not to mention the great special effects and the forbidden romances that are intermingled. “Terra Nova” seems to have it all!

“Charlie’s Angels” is an easily recognized title because it was one of the most popular shows on television until it got canceled in 1981. It was brought back to television this fall, but hasn’t been getting very good ratings. Cate Allen stated, “I think it’s okay to watch once, but I wouldn’t watch it again.” The new “Charlie’s Angels” has pretty much the same basic plot of the original: three woman work for the mysterious Charlie Townsend. Revamps usually never do as well as the original series did, so maybe Catherine Hake, freshman, summed up what everyone was thinking, “See, that’s like remaking ‘Harry Potter’. You just can’t do it!”


The “X Factor” was one of television’s most anticipated new shows. Everyone was excited to see two exjudges of “American Idol,” Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, reappear on this new singing competition. But it’s recently receiving bad reviews from critics. Is the “X Factor” too similar to other singing competitions, such as “American Idol” and “The Voice”? “They basically took ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’ and mashed them together,” Cate Allen, freshman, said on the matter. Yes, the “X Factor” is extremely similar to its competitors, but there are some obvious differences between the singing shows. First of all, the “X Factor” offers the biggest prize in television history, a five million dollar recording contract! The “X Factor” also doesn’t just focus on vocal talent. To be on the “X Factor,” the contestants need to be more than singers. They need to be performers. This point is stressed in boot camp, where the performers are taught choreography, receive styling tips from professionals and take vocal training from coaches. “From what I hear, I think it should make it to a second season because ‘American Idol’ just doesn’t seem to be doing well recently,” ninth grader Bella Marcallini voiced her opinion.

Abby Blaes Bear Fact Writer

Dolphins, Baseball and Pirates, Oh My! New to DVD: “Dolphin Tale”


“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”

Directed by: Charles Martin Smith

Directed by: Bennett Miller

This is the inspirational true story about a dolphin whose tail gets caught in a crab trap, and one boy’s faith that Winter, the dolphin, could be saved. After transported to Clearwater Marine Center in Florida, Winter survives the crab trap. However her tail becomes severely damaged and eventually has to be amputated. Once her tail is amputated, through the perseverance of the staff, the center and Sawyer, Winter eventually learns how to swim without her tail – by moving it side to side. However, once the veterinarians realize that she will be in trouble because dolphin’s tails were not meant to move like that, so she is damaging it. After Sawyer’s cousin gets back wounded from the war, he gets the idea to make a prosthetic tail for Winter. After countless attempts and constant heartbreak, Winter fi-

Another true story is about the Oakland Athletics and their general manager, Billy Beane. A low-budget baseball team, the Oakland A s were going to lose three of their biggest players to other major league teams for more money than the Oakland A s could offer. In 2001, Billy tried to work out a deal with countless teams, but to no avail. After almost losing all hope, he meets Peter Brown who thinks of baseball by the numbers. By using numbers and statistics, instead of popularity, the two figure out a team of ‘misfits’ that could just get on base. Finally, through hard work, Billy Beane and Peter get the Oakland A s 17 straight wins – one for the record books.

The fourth in the series, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” came out May 20 of this year, but was recently released on DVD. Jack Sparrow is back with Joshamee Gibbs, Barbosa and Captain Teague (Jack’s father), along with new characters like Blackbeard, Angelica and Philip. Some may argue that this movie is not up to par with the others in the series because Will and Elizabeth are not included. However, their story came to a final conclusion after the end credits of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” Jack’s on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth, but he’s not the only one. The Spanish are after eternal life and so is the King of Great Britain and Blackbeard. Full of twists and turns, “On Stranger Tides” is a crazy adventure full of action, comedy, and countless pirates.

Harry Connick Jr.— Harry plays Dr. Clay Haskett. He runs the Clearwater Marine Hospital. He does a great job and works with Winter really well. Morgan Freeman—Freeman brings a great mixture of humor and seriousness as Dr. Ken McCarthy. He attempts to make a prosthetic tail for Winter. After many attempts, he eventually helps Winter the dolphin become a huge success—by surviving and becoming a role model to those with disabilities. Winter—The dolphin herself, and the star of the movie, is a huge inspiration.

Brad Pitt— All one can say is the casting directors knew what they were doing when they chose Brad Pitt to play Billy Beane. Intense, humorous and somewhat sympathetic, Pitt captures the role of the Oakland Athletic’s general manager. Jonah Hill—Hill plays Peter Brown—Billy Beane’s partner in crime. A know-it-all and recently graduated, Brown brings humor to the game as well as statistics. Those statistics really come in handy, considering Beane uses them to create the ideal team of misfits. Through Brown, Billy creates records with his team.

Johnny Depp - Johnny continues in his role of Captain Jack Sparrow just as well as ever. Depp makes the serious plot of the movie humorous and unusual as always. Penelope Cruz - Cruz, even though she is new to the cast, plays Angelica very well. With her Spanish accent, she allures Jack’s interest which causes an underlying romance in the movie. Geoffrey Rush—Rush returns as Captain Barbosa. The mean-looking pirate is after the fountain of youth for the King of England, but he’s not really playing for a side. He just wants to get revenge.

Reviews and Art by Ann Wolf Bear Facts Art Editor


Music Lover’s Top Picks From pop to electronic to folk, we have got the hottest tracks from every music type. Do you usually listen to rap? Try our alternative pick. Leave your musical comfort zone and explore new genres, and you may even discover a new favorite song.

1 2 3


4 5 6


Track: I Like it Like That Artist: Hot Chelle Rae

Track: Bad Artist: The Cab


ELECTRONIC Track: Cinema Artist: Skrillex

Track: Strange Clouds Artist: B.o.B ft. Lil Wayne

COUNTRY Track: Take a Back Road Artist: Rodney Atkins

INDIE/FOLK Track: Down in the Valley Artist: The Head and the Heart

OCTOBER Best and Worst Month

EVER Favourite_baseball_team/103107/St_Louis_Cardinals53895.html

The CARDINALS have had the BEST MONTH EVER. They were the underdogs, but proved they were good enough to play in the World Series. The team defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in the national league division series, the Philadelphia Phillies in the national league championship series and the Texas Rangers in the World Series.

HOTTIES OF THE MONTH David Freese Saint Louis Cardinals

Poor Lady Gaga is having the WORST MONTH EVER this October. Millions of girls will be putting together cheap imitations of the superstar for their Halloween costumes. They will attempt to put together looks for October 31that only Gaga can pull off.

Kenny Wormald Star of “Footloose” Bear Facts Print Editor kenny-wormald/

October 2011  

Volume 7-Issue 2

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