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Early Literacy Phonological Awareness - Becomes increasingly sensitive to the sounds of spoken words. Print and Book Awareness - Understands that reading and writing are ways to obtain information and knowledge.

Letter Knowledge and Early Word Recognition Begins to associate the names of letters with their shapes.

Motivation to Read Enjoys listening to and discussing storybooks when read aloud.

Written Expression Attempts to write messages as part of playful activity. Writes his or her name and the names of others.

Language Listening Comprehension Speech Production and Speech Discrimination Vocabulary Verbal Expression Resources for Early Literacy and Language :

Early Math One to One correspondence Number Recognition Counting Patterning Recognizing and Naming shapes Early Measurement Activities Matching and Sorting Resources for Early Math :

Science Science Concepts and Processes Begins to perform investigations Describes Observations Makes Predictions Asks questions about objects and events

Resources for Early Science :

Social Development Takes turns listening and speaking Follows classroom rules Begins to share and cooperate with others Participates in classroom jobs Respects other’s space and personal belongings Develops friendships with others

Fine Arts Art Uses art as a form of self-expression Creates original art work using a variety of materials such as crayons, paint, clay and markers Music Sings variety of simple songs Plays available age appropriate instruments (available through Lakeshore Learning) Dramatic Play Enjoys expressing self through Dramatic Play with others

Physical Development Gross Motor

Improves skills by:Throwing or kicking a ball in a particular direction Balancing Playing catch with a bean bag or a large ball. Bouncing large ball and catching it. Fine Motor Improves skills by: Using scissors Using writing tools Practicing self help skills such as zipping and buttoning. Developing pincer control by picking up objects. Resources for Physical Development : Ideas Great for Improving Fine Motor Skills Ideas Great for Improving Gross Motor Skills

More Websites, Ideas and Free Resources

Learning Songs and Resources

 Be sure to download free visuals to use with songs. Free File Folder Games

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Kindergarten Readiness  

Ways to help your child prepare for Kindergarten. Links for free resources.

Kindergarten Readiness  

Ways to help your child prepare for Kindergarten. Links for free resources.