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Shooting script:

Character A answering his Phone Tracking close up of Character “A”, transition to Long shot of character “A” walking down the street taking his Galaxy SIII out of his shirt pocket. 1. Tracking Close up of character A 2. Character A is walking down the high street 3. Phone rings 4. Character A reaches into pocket and pulls out his Galaxy SIII 5. Character A answers his phone saying “Hello” 6. Shot lasts for 12 seconds showing character walking down the high street and answering the phone with a welcome. Character A is on the phone outside a shop on the high street. Cut to Close-up of Character “A”. Face and shoulders are visible in front of shop window, Character “A” is on the phone (Galaxy SIII). 1. Cut to close-up of Character A 2. Character A is shown in front of a shop window 3. Character A is talking on the phone – Says “I’m Fine…Yeah” sound fades out and Conversation is not heard. Mouth is seen mimicking a conversation. 4. Shot lasts for 7 seconds to show the start of a conversation and the character talking on the phone. Character A has stopped walking on the street and talking on his phone. Cut to long shot, high angle, of Character “A” standing seeing his whole person on the high street with shops in background. 1. Cut to long shot, high angle of Character A standing outside on the high street next to the shops. 2. Character “A” is still on the phone and conversation is muted so not to hear it. 3. Camera shows character “A” on high street with a view of the street around him 4. Shot lasts for 3 seconds and then cuts to next scene. Planet Earth revolving in Space Cut to Fairly extreme Long shot of Planet Earth, revolving in space. Earth is fit to screen. 1. Cut to fairly extreme Long Shot of Planet Earth revolving in Space. 2. Earth is fit to screen showing the whole planet.

3. Background is stars and other distant planets. 4. Shot lasts for 5 seconds showing the planet rotate around once. 5. Sound is muted from overlaying background music, showing peacefulness of the planet. 6. Character “A” is no longer visible on-screen. Solar system showing planets in orbit. Quick cut to Extreme long shot of the Solar System in space. This is also fit to screen. Cut from Solar System to Galaxy in Long shot. 1. Cut to Solar System in space implying a zoom out. 2. The Solar System is shown fitting to screen swirling slowly. 3. Sound will be continued from the scene before showing the peaceful and distant Galaxy. 4. Shot will last for 5 seconds Solar system swirling into phone. Smooth Transition from Galaxy swirling smaller and going inside then zooming out Galaxy SIII character “A” was using in the high street with a Medium Close-up. 1. Solar System is shown on screen swirling is sped up and shot is zoomed in to the dark centre. 2. Darkness is on-screen for a second then shows Character “A” ending his conversation on the phone. 3. Character “A” is shown sideways hanging up the phone from his ear. 4. Shot is zoomed into the back of the phone as Character “A” starts to put the phone back into his pocket. 5. Scene will last for 20 seconds. 6. Sound will continue from first shots after the sound of a swirling galaxy. END Scene – Graphics on-screen. Cut to White screen with graphics. “Galaxy SIII” Logo “zooms” onto screen with small motto, “Get the biggest…Get the Best”. Picture of Galaxy SIII also “zooms” onto screen. 1. Shot is cut from previous scene and shows a white screen. The “GALAXY SIII” Logo. 2. A small motto appears beneath this saying “Get the biggest…Get the Best…” 3. A picture of the Galaxy SIII flips onto screen along with a second message saying “After all, we were here first” 4. Graphics will last for 7 seconds and will fade out to black screen ending the advertisement. 5. Sound will be sound effects of graphics coming onto the screen and a narrative voice saying “The New Galaxy SIII – OUT NOW”

Shooting script  

My Shooting script for my Galaxy S3 advert

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