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Winter Edition JUL - AUG 2015

Rex Driver #62


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Eblen Collision Repairs / Team DDR Special !!! Eblen Collision Repairs is a major sponsor of Team DDR, and it’s young drivers Dan & Brad Day who are also WRXSA members.

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Club Address: Impreza WRX Owners Club of South Australia Inc. PO Box 400, Unley, SA 5061 Incorporated in Adelaide, South Australia - May 1999 Certificate number: AA0024461E

Web Site Address: http:\\www.wrxsa.com E-Mail Address: Information: Club Committee: Magazine:

info@wrxsa.com committee@wrxsa.com rexdriver@wrxsa.com

2015/2016 Elected Club Committee: President: Spiro Koulianos

Vice President: Damien Hirst

Secretary: Tania Langcake

Treasurer: Nigel McGaffin Membership Officer: Matt Knighton

General Positions: Membership: Webmaster: Russell Badenoch The Impreza WRX Owners Club of South Australia is a CAMS Delegate: Jason Bartsch Business Partner Liaison: Jarred McGaffin club for motoring enthusiasts with a passion for Motorsport Coordinator: Tania Langcake performance cars. Our focus is on performance oriented Subaru vehicles, including the Impreza WRX, Motorsport Whipping Boy: Jason Bartsch STI, Liberty RS, Forester GT and BRZ’s, but membership Events Coordinator: Zoe Rule is considered from owners of other vehicles. Cruise Master: Brendan Moore Social Media Master: Brad Halliday Merchandise Officers: Zoe Rule & Damien Anderson Club Magazine: General Committee Members: Gareth Scanlan, Dylan The Club magazine Rex Driver is published quarterly and distributed free to all members. Contributions are Butler & Jacob Richards welcomed from Club Members and interested parties Magazine Layout & design: Seth Coultas Email: sethcoultas@gmail.com alike and may be submitted via email directly to the Editor at: sethcoultas@gmail.com

All contents © 2015 Impreza WRX Owners Club of South Australia Inc. DISCLAMER: The views and/or opinions expressed in any/all articles in this magazine are not to be considered the views and/or opinions of the Club, editorial staff, or any committee member. While all care is taken in the preparation of this publication, the Club, its committee and its contributors accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the whole or any part of the magazine. The club wishes to highlight that that any modifications made to your car may void your factory warranty, and any racing / sporting events may void your insurance cover. Articles regarding either of these matters are for interest value only and are not recommended to our members.

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Official Magazine of the Impreza WRX Owners Club of South Australia Inc. Winter 2015



18 OzGymkhana (CC Rnd 7)


SA Rallysprint Round 3

28 Phillip Island (CC Rnd 6)


SA Motorsport Park Update & Analysis

44 SA Hillclimb Championship


Walky 100 Rally

46 Collingrove Lap Records


Rally America—New England Forest Rally



Rally America—Ojibwe Forest Rally

36 WRXSA Beach to Mountain Cruise


Japanese Super GT

37 Subaru World Records 38 The Electrifying Sherpa 39 Go Karting Round 3

Front cover: Glen Breugem at the SA Hillclimb Championships — Photo by Frank Kutsche - Sticks & Stones


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2015 Club Championship Update


New Members Welcome

10 Member Profile : Neil Gibson 50 ‘Classic’ Rex Driver 52 Treasurer’s Report 53 Rex Driver Advertising 54 Club Partners 56 Upcoming Events

ARTICLE & PHOTO ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to make this another fantastic edition of Rex Driver! Without your support this magazine would not be possible : Frank Kutsche "Sticks & Stones" Damien Hirst Brad Halliday Spiro Koulianos Neil Gibson Jason Bartsch Damien Brand Matt Knighton Glen Bruegem Tania Langcake Brendan Capper Lars Gange Subaru of America Subaru International If you would like to contribute or just send in some pics of your car contact me at sethcoultas@gmail.com.


Welcome to the latest edition of our now digital magazine; jam packed as ever with plenty of boosted content. After a fully booked out and successful AGM, the newly elected committee is ready to throw-down and get their hands dirty for the club and it's members. The last committee worked well together, they did a great job setting up everything to pave the way for the new recruits and the newly elected committee members have hit the ground running; very enthusiast and are keen to drive even more fun and value to members.

so much. The day attracted a lot of club members, and for a mere $65 it's easy to see why, that's a lot of bang per racing buck! The day was a massive success, with other clubs getting in touch to ask for advice on how they could mirror the event. The date has been booked for our next event which will be even bigger so keep an eye on the forum and get involved.

Events like that combined with improvements in the website have helped us see an increase in new member sign ups and a constant stream of renewals. The ease of the new renewal/sign up functionality on One of those fun and value packed events was the the site is exactly what everyone has been asking for. WRXSA Collingrove hill climb day, the club VP Damien It is so great to see that we are delivering what our members want and generating massive interest. Let's Hirst did an outstanding job organising the day and with the help of other committee members delivered all keep this momentum going.

Seth Coultas

As Spiro mentioned the 2015 AGM saw the 2015-16 committee voted in and there are a few new faces that have joined the team, some shuffling of positions, and even the creation of new positions to help spread the increasing load as the club continues to grow. Sam Jongenelis (Club President) & Andrew Kreiger (Webmaster) have taken a step back and we thank them for all the time and effort they have committed to the club. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the continuing committee members whose dedication to the club has brought us to where we are today and makes the future look very bright indeed!

I know that putting your hand up to be involved in the committee can be quite intimidating especially if you have never done anything like it before so a big congratulations and a very warm welcome to Jason Bartsch (CAMS & Motorsport), Zoe Rule (Events Coordinator & Merchandise), Brad Halliday Social Media), Damien Anderson (Merchandise), Dylan Butler (General), Jacob Richards (General) & Russell Badenoch (Webmaster). It is great to see you all take the plunge as fresh faces will bring fresh ideas that will keep the club fresh and relevant.

Round 6: Phillip Island Sprint

Round 7: OzGymkhana

All runs were the two best times of the day as all had no previous PB’s. Jason and Tania competed in 2014 but in wet conditions which times aren’t included for PB scoring. Well Done to Damien Brand and Jason Bartsch for setting well respected lap times of 1min48’s. The WRXSA boys were fastest Subaru’s on the day! Jacob and Dylan also placed great results for first time on such a big circuit and the SA girls Tania and Zoe have done WRXSA proud with low 2min times which I’m sure would have rattled a few VIC wrx guys! And a big thanks for Brad Halliday for touring with the club and taking a bunch of great photos. Lets not forget Daymow Anderson for his part in going and being involved in the club, that’s great commitment. (I’m sure our spectators wont be spectating next year after seeing the track and so.)

Due to dropping a round of motorkhana from CC, we rescheduled Round 7 for the 26th July at Tailem Bend Motorsport Park for a round of GYMKHANA! Eight Members participated and saw Garry Dodd return with another win. Seth and Brendan battled closely and Nigel showed impressive improvement to keep in top 10. Damien Brand struck boost problems while Nick showed good form in the Associate Skyline. Tania and Jacob ran well all day but couldn’t keep the pace of the STI’s.

RESULTS: Sunny cool ideal weather. Outright Placing Points: 6pts Damien Brand 1:48.12 5pts Jason Bartsch 1:48.60 4pts Dylan Butler 1:59.26 3pts Jacob Richards 2:01.30 2pts Tania Langcake 2:06.57 1pt Zoe Rule 2:14.07 Personal Best Time Points: 10pts Jacob Richards 2:01.3/2:04.4 -3.13 9pts Zoe Rule 2:14.0/2:16.3 -2.24 8pts Damien Brand 1:48.1/1:50.1 -2.04 7pts Dylan Butler 1:59.2/2:00.9 -1.72 6pts Jason Bartsch 1:48.6/1:49.8 -1.27 5pts Tania Langcake 2:06.5/2:07 -1.18 Combined results: 1st Damien Brand 14points WINNER RD6! 2nd Jacob Richards 13pts 3rd Jason Bartsch 11pts 4th Dylan Butler 11pts 5th Zoe Rule 10 pts 6th Tania Langcake 7pts

RESULTS: 12pts Garry Dodd = Round 7 winner 11pts Seth Coultas 10pts Brendan Moore 9pts Nigel McGaffin 8pts Nick Galliford 7pts Damien Brand 6pts Tania Langcake 5pts Jacob Richards

Round 8: Collingrove Hillclimb Winter Cup held our Round 8 on the 2nd of August. Surprisingly another fine sunny day! Collingrove has had a real good year with the weather for 2015. Garry Dodd entered for first time in a long while. Our only member posting a new PB for the day of 35.68 and taking the round win over 5 other members. Tony, Russell, Zoe and Tania were all only all so close but no Personal Bests. RESULTS: Personal Best Time Points: 10pts Garry Dodd 35.68/35.76 -0.08 9pts Tony Risitano 37.07/36.96 +0.11 8pts Russell Badenoch 36.74/36.50 +0.24 7pts Zoe Rule 39.67/39.21 +0.46 6pts Matt Knighton 35.80/35.15 +0.65 5pts Tania Langcake 39.35/35.76 +2.42

Outright Placing Points: 6pt Garry Dodd 35.68 5pt Matt Knighton 35.80 4pt Russell Badenoch 36.74 3pt Tony Risitano 37.07 2pt Tania Langcake 39.35 1pt Zoe Rule 39.67 Combined results: 1st Garry Dodd 16pts 2nd Russell Badenoch 12pts 3rd Tony Risitano 12pts 4th Matt Knighton 11pts 5th Zoe Rule 8pts 6th Tania Langcake 7pts

As we wrap up our Winter Rex Driver results, WRXSA has completed Round 9, the Eblens Collingrove Hill Climb Challenge, with huge points won as the Club Championship scoring is calculated by the number of members entered. A great bonus for all those competing to give the leader board a shake down before we enter upcoming Time Attack Mallala and twisty Willunga Hill Climb! Complete write up on our Club Collingrove Day will be found in our next Rex Driver Edition.

Championship Summary: WRXSA is now over half way through of the S&J Automotive Club Championship with our Rex Driver update at Round 8. After three rounds during our Winter season WRXSA ran Philip Island in glorious sunshine, as with OzGymkhana and Collingrove! Our Leader Board update shows Jason Bartsch leading with points from Phillip Island. Tania Langcake in second lead and the only person still in the running for the 12/12 Medallion of all events competed now Jason has missed rounds 6&7. Jason and Tania both lead the Race/Rally Class also as they battle for first overall. Garry Dodd has jumped to third place with high points earnt from Rounds 7&8. This puts Garry in the lead for Modified Class over Matt Knighton, close behind, second in class. Seth Coultas and Brendan Moore both succeeded in Round 7 Gymkhana, keeping themselves in top 6 on the leader board and high on Modified Class.

Unfortunately we have dropped our motorkhanas this year and still hoping to see one more Gymkhana for the year if Ultimate Motorsports can find a venue to hold the event while Tailem Bend goes under construction for a new raceway. WRXSA can then complete the year with a total of 12 rounds otherwise the S&J Automotive Club Championship will be finalised at 11 rounds without the Gymkhana.

And not to forget our grand prizes and trophies still available to win by competing with WRXSA motorsport calendar. S&J Automotive (08) 8277 2222, is our proud sponsor and have $2000 worth of vouches to share to Zoe Rule completed Phillip Island and Collingrove with our winners. Be sure to ask S&J Automotive on any advice and setups to better your fun in the Club great points to remain Standard Class leader and 9th Championship and we see you out on the leader board! Jacob Richards also points from another two rounds to move to second place standard there, competing or supporting! class. Damien Hirst








Jason Bartsch







Tania Langcake









Garry Dodd Matt Knighton


Seth Coultas




Brendan Moore




Zoe Rule Damien Brand



Jacob Richards






45 39


8 7


Dylan Thomas









Nigel McGaffin



Damien Hirst


26 13

Mark Gardiner




Daniel Caruana













Remo Siciliano






Tony Risitano



Russell Badenoch



Dylan Butler


Alin Daju


Nick Galliford Rob Gromball


7 7


8 7


Brad Day

Michael Harding

10 8

Richard Paul

Ben Hersey


7 5 5

Welcome New Club Members! Fellow members please make new members feel welcome at future events. We hope they will enjoy their time in the club, and wish them the very best.

527 Scott Barns 528 Andrew Colwell 529 Andrew Salisbury 530 Isaac Shevchenko 531 Mckelvy Reed 532 Kye Rees 533 Dylan McDonald 534 Allister McNulty

535 John Schaefer 536 Wayne Brauer 537 Gebrael El-fata 538 Barry Lovegrove 539 Ben Angel 540 Timothy Deed 541 Bart Lacey 542 Peter Lawrence Welcome aboard everyone!

Member Profile:

Neil Gibson Name: Neil A. D. Gibson, (nadg) #27 Married: To Diane Age: Old (reckon I bought my WRX when most of the current membership were still at school) First Subaru: WR Blue MY99 WRX Current: White MY00 Ver 6 STI Previous cars: Lots, (and even more motorbikes!) Being from the UK I had quite a few Mk1/Mk2 RS Escorts amongst many others, since living here in SA Torana, Falcon, HSV VP Clubsport, (the car that made me promise myself never to buy an Aussie made car again, always something wrong with it!), couple of Astras, (inc SRi Turbo, good car). Currently: Beside the Subaru, there’s a 2004 Mini Cooper S, (Diane’s), my Astra daily and a 1978 Triumph TR7V8 – the latter being an on-going project. Interests: Golf, Tarmac Rally nav, RC gliders, proper football, (it’s round!)

‘SCOOBI’ Wayyyyyyyyyy back in 1998 I had to give up riding my beloved Ducati due to a work accident so wanted a car that could provide me with a similar ‘fun’ factor on four wheels. In 1998 the list of possibilities was very small, Aussie V8 junk was a no no, leaving a WRX, a Peugeot 306 GTi-6 or an S14 Nissan 200SX. Due to the amount of them on the road I really didn’t want a Subaru, but the Nissan was quite ordinary and the Pug didn’t have the ‘boost’ factor so I kind of ran out of options. Whilst considering a friend took me out in his WR Blue MY98 complete with APS performance kit – I liked and I wanted!

Back then WRX popularity was so high there was actually a waiting list, (potentially up to 6 months), so called in to both Eblen’s and United Motors as it was, saying whoever got hold of a WR Blue sedan for me would get my money. After being offered white, silver and just about every other colour United’s finally came up with an MY99 WR Blue car going ‘spare’ – cancelled order, mine, mine, MINE – I’d jumped on to the WRX bandwagon. As it happens my car had an electric sunroof, (fitted by Sun-Roof City), mine was possibly the only car in Adelaide with one then, used to get a lot of attention! Wasn’t the most auspicious of starts though, remember driving away from the dealership with rain hammering down and unable to de-fog the windscreen, the vent adjuster didn’t seem to do anything!? Quick U-turn on West Terrace, back to the United’s and sure enough the vent adjuster wasn’t working – warranty claim within 2kms! L Happy to say that was the only real issue I remember having with car; well apart from the obligatory weeping rocker cover gasket and creaking window mechanism over time! When I bought the car, WRXSA was just forming, so headed out to TTP shopping centre car-park on a Sunday morning where they were holding a gymkhana, met the guys and signed up, becoming member #27 – Sean Jenner, (then Club President), Shayne Harmesan, Roger Canty, Neil/Sandra Brannum, Frank/Karen Kutsche, Gary Buxton (? – had a quick white GF8), Paul Morgan, are names I seem to remember from back then!? I used to attend cruises, social events and meetings at The Tower Hotel etc but have to admit most of the current WRXSA members will never have seen/met me as I have not been to a Club event for years. Apart from keeping an eye on what’s going on with the club, the CAMS affiliation is my major reason for membership due to my CAMS tarmac rally licence. For the next 15 years this car served me well, having just sold it this year with only 120,000kms on it – very sad moment L Over the years, as I got a bit bored with it I just modded it slightly to bring back the grin factor. My first ‘mod’ was to fit my custom plates, ‘SCOOBI’ was born, quickly followed by a decent alarm – no Brant on mine.

Now it needed some noise, so off to Exhaust Technology for an exhaust, then it needed more ‘go’ so an Apexi AVC-R plus Unichip went in. Bill Keen at ATS fitted an AVO/Garrett turbo plus TMIC and spray, (think Sean and S&J were just starting up at Marion Road then!?), handling was lacking now so Whiteline bars, ALK, links, mounts etc, an APS CAI from Sean Day, (his old one), a short shifter, scored 18” wheels from a friend, then finally being in the right place at the right time I acquired an Autronic ECU from a fellow club member who was selling his car: this was great as it cured my AFM issues forever. In its final form this car was producing 170kw ATW, a fun amount. Had some good times in that car, (before speed cameras!) Power/handling was a good balance, a good thing. As mentioned, I finally sold this car in May 2015, to someone that appreciates it and has just recently joined WRXSA I am glad to say. Reason behind selling, time for a change and due to on-going knee issues something more sensible/automatic ………………………..yeah right!?

‘STI 356’ So what did I buy that was more sensible/automatic – an MY00 Ver 6 STI of course, duh! Why did I buy it, still not 100% sure; I did not want another Subaru as I’d been there done that, (had decided I wanted an Evo), but the previous owner needed a quick sale, knew I had money so offered it to me at a price that, after a test drive, was too tempting to say no to, damn you Ben! So now I have the same BUT not, at least it’s white so it does look different. The car had already been sensibly modified without going too extreme, Enkei 18’s, VF34 turbo, AVO silicone inlet, ECUTEK by S&J, (206kw atw I think!?), stainless MRT TBE, (too damn noisy!), MRT TMIC/spray, Tein coilovers, (too hard), a full Brembo brake set-up, Whiteline bars etc. And yes, I’ve found a GC8 STI is indeed different to drive over a GC8 WRX. Sitting in the driver’s seat things are very familiar, (apart from the actual colour of the seats), everything is as it was in the WRX – but the STI does have climate control type air-con/heating. In my opinion, the main difference between the two when actually driving is the gearbox, the STI having closer ratios meaning more gear changes, good for messing about but the WRX box is probably better for cruising/ town use.

Obviously with the Teins fitted the suspension runs a lot harder than my old car, but that now has MCA’s fitted so maybe I should hit the owner up for a comparison test! Not totally sold on the coilovers, kickback through the steering when hitting a bump mid corner being my main issue/concern!? One major plus with the STI is that remarkably the insurance is just over half of what I had to pay for the WRX, on a car that’s worth more and almost just as modified! Reasoning – less Ver 6 STI insurance claims/ get stolen etc ……. There is a dilemma though, now I have it I’m not really sure what I want to do with it/use it for!? Not really suitable for a daily, (hence buying the inconspicuous Astra), driving the hills in the way it is set-up for is asking for licence problems, and I’m so not interested in competing with it. I already compete but as mentioned it is as a navigator doing Targa Tasmania etc, and even after doing that for a few years I have no inclination to swap seats and drive competitively – in all honesty I’d rather drive a golf ball than a race car! Reading this back, my comments do seem a bit negative, but don’t get me wrong, it is a great car and I do like it, it’s just that maybe I should have bought one a few years ago rather than now.

So currently it sits collecting spiders and unregistered Also, I’m finding the VF34 to be less laggy than the whilst I get a bit of restoration work carried out on a Garrett was on the WRX, it comes on boost a bit earlier couple of things. When it is looking how I want it to, I’ll and stronger. Due to the fact the STI has been modded consider it more then, it is quite a rare car these days more than my old WRX had it’s not really a fair after all but it doesn’t deserve to be sat in a shed! So comparison between the two, but the stand-out mod keep an eye out, you may see me out there on the STI is the brakes, the Brembos pull things up somewhere, sometime …………. !? FAR better than the WRX 4-pots, and that’s without particularly fancy pads in them. They just feel solid Neil Gibson. through the pedal and certainly clamp on to wash off speed in a hurry.

Mid Murray Motorplex Rallysprint Rd3

Story & photos FRANK KUTSCHE A field of 15 cars contested round 3 of the Southern Districts Car Club (SDCC) Rallysprint series had on 30 August 2015 at the Mid Murray Motorplex near Cambrai. The 400ha property owned by the SDCC comprises a network of graded tracks across its entire expanse enabling the club to invent ‘stages’ of up 7.9km in length! The longest of Round 3 would comprise 7.2km. The track themselves vary from hard packed surfaces including sections embedded with rocks that cause the cars bounce up and down between the low and high spots, to mainly sandy sections with very boggy graded verges in the western two thirds of the Motorplex. These boggy corners can grab a car and really add to a rally driver’s time. Too much speed and you may end up in one these, but these do provide spectacular action for spectators with large volumes of dirt being sprayed from the cars.

Paul Knopka & Zac White pushing the Liberty hard on their way to a win

Garry Dodd & Andrew Wouters rounding the tyres

Michael & Bradley Clements out wide into a soft corner

Zayne & Andrew Admiraal on the ragged edge in the scrub

Paul Knopka/Zac White getting a bit of air in the scrub section

In the field of 15 cars was WRXSA club member Garry Dodd driving his new Black Circle Racing MY99-00 Subaru WRX rally car. He would be up against the experienced ‘local’ SDCC Subaru drivers in Michael Clements in a MY01 bright yellow Bugeye Rex (which was expected to be the favourite) and Zayne Admiraal in a MY99 silver MY99 Rex that had seen better

Daniel Blakemore & David Landfield in a Toyota Corolla

days but perfect for a rallysprint event. Paul Knopka, a previous winner her was also back in Joining the Subaru's were a host of other Japanese cars, Wayne Mason’s white Escort (not the red BDG one), a strange V8 Toyota Celica, a lone Commodore (perfect

for rear end out action, and an offroad buggy called Cactus! Co-drivers were optional but only James Davis in the Commodore chose to fly solo. This type of event provides cheap entry into rallying without the cost of entering a full rally and requiring far less deep pockets! Clerk of Course Mark Tillett described the event as akin to a footy game in that 2-run quarters were interspersed with a break between to organise the next stage’s pair of runs. The only thing missing was the cut oranges to hand out to the competitors! There was however an excellent selection of food available at the Club’s clubrooms/shed/kitchen. Spectator viewing is currently limited to the perimeter of the carpark and service park area, but from most of these spots spectators can view large sections of the complex except for the eastern section where the tracks enter the scrub.

Michael & Bradley Clements hitting the corner sideways Ian Neville & Raymond Neville-Lind in the Nissan GTi-R

Damien Reed & Niusha Khatibi bouncing around in the soft stuff

Wayne Mason trying to cross the finish line fully sideways

Zayne Admiraal shifting some dirt off the track

Michael Clements, finishing in 2nd place and 5 fastest run times was heard to say that a fuel line had come adrift and the car nearly burst into flames and late in the day the car was running on 3 cylinders but still very very competitive. Zayne Admiraal ran into problems and could not start the 8th run and a DNS means a DNF in rallysprint and Gymkhana speak. That left two more Subaru's still in it suggesting rightfully that AWD was a real bonus in the trying boggy conditions on some of the sharper corners.

Lucky No.7, Garry Dodd drove a careful rallysprint for a well earned 3rd place

Look at me, look at me...Stephen Mee & Fiona McCubbin-Mee

Garry Dodd drove to preserve the car as he is still learning it and produced two 4th fastest times and four 3rd fastest times on the last 4 runs of the day. The winner again was Paul Knopka in the Liberty, indicating that Rallysprints are his ‘thing’, pushing his white smoke belching Liberty to three 3rd fastest times and four 2nd fastest times to win by the slender margin of just 2.44secs! Quite surprising win with not a single fastest time on any of the runs. Apart from Class C4 comprising the AWD cars the other Classes only had 1-3 competitors which provides a real chance for class honours. It’s worth a look at the Mid Murray Motorplex, or even better compete in an affordable event there. Great day Southern District Car Club! RD

Eblen Subaru Sales & Service

Eblens at Kingswood Service Centre

114 Brighton Road Glenelg SA 5045 Tel 08 8350 7777 Email eblen@eblen.com.au

53 Belair Road Kingswood SA 5062 Tel 08 8357 8111

A picturesque end to the day

Garry Dodd drove his way to victory in Round 4 of the OzGymkhana State Championship in wet and slippery conditions. It was a very close day of racing but Garry was able clinch victory at the last minute from Darren Masters and his 2-door STI.

After round 3 in May it was expected that the development of Tailem Bend’s SA Motorsport Park would mean the facility would be off limits for the next year or so. With limited alternatives in or around Adelaide it was with great relief that the event organisers were able to negotiate the use of the facility one more time for round 4, and what an exciting day of racing it was. With the number of entrants slightly down (33 drivers in total) it was decided that each of the tests would be run twice, with both times counting towards the final result. Normally each test is only run once so this took a little bit of pressure off the drivers who normally have to remember a new courses each time.

The battle for the minor placings were also hard fought, particularly for those trying to make it into the top 8 shootout. By maintaining a consistent performance, and not incurring any penalties I had managed to stay in 3rd most of the day and had built a reasonable 10 second buffer to 4th. Phil Wilson in his Toyota Soarer showed strong improvement through the day climbing from 12th position all the way to 4th for the shootout. His brother Damien Wilson (Nissan S13) also made it into the shootout in 6th place. Brendan Moore, always a crowd pleaser in his Subaru GC8 wagon drove his way to 5th place against strong competition, after the nine runs there was less than a second between 5th (Brendan), 6th (Damien Wilson) and 7th (Tony Trewren). The final shoot out position was given to Craig Michelmore and his Falcon after a disastrous final run by Mark Williams that dropped him out of the top 8 and all the way down 15th!

After Darren Masters’ domination of the first three rounds it was exciting to see WRXSA’s OzGymkhana expert Garry Dodd return to the field and put the pressure on. The first test of the day was “Mick’s Masterpiece” and for the first run Dodd and his GC8 WRX set the pace in the cold and slippery conditions; he was nearly 3 seconds faster than Masters in his 2 Door STi who could only manage 5th fastest. Mark Williams in his Celica GT4 was second Dodd & Masters taking shelter from the rain before the trophy fastest and my STi was 3rd fastest. Close behind presentation, winners are grinners! and still nearly a second quicker than Masters was Tony Trewren in his Pulsar who drove exceptionally well to keep up with the AWD vehicles. As the day progressed the weather warmed up slightly and the battle between Dodd and Masters raged on; Dodd had consistent speed but when Masters got a test perfect he gained precious seconds and after lunch had closed the gap. Dodd then handed the lead over after hitting two different barrels on two tests in a row, this incurred 10 seconds in penalties and dropped him to second place. He was able to recover most of the time by the end of the ninth and final test but was still just under 4 seconds behind.

Nick Galliford in his Skyline came 17th just ahead of Damien Brand in 18th. Unfortunately Damien had turbo issues all day which put him out of contention for the top places.

As usual the Top 8 Shootout determines the final outright standings and as is often the case it really shook up the final 8 positions! Thanks to an uncharacteristic spin I was dropped from 3rd to 8th. While strong drives from the brothers Phil & Damien Wilson saw them move into the Top 4 and go head to head. There was no quarter given by either brother and it was Damien who managed to get the quicker time in the Top 4 eliminator and take 3rd place.

Outside of outright honours notable mentions go to Nigel McGaffin for winning Rookie Driver and Tania Langcake for the fastest Lady. Tania set a great example for her daughters, the oldest of which, Chloe participated in the OZGymkhana Come and Try day that was held the day before the main event. It is great to see mother and daughters involved in this and so many other events, so well done to them!

Unsurprisingly the top two in each of the shootout rounds were Darren Masters & Garry Dodd with Masters holding the advantage but as they lined up for the final run the storm clouds rolled in, Dodd managed to beat most of the rain but Masters was caught in a torrential down pour that effectively drowned his chances of victory. It was another good day for WRXSA with 8 members competing and 6 trophies won; in the shootout Brendan Moore came in 6th and Seth Coultas 8th after a spin stole what could have been another podium position. Thanks to consistent driving through the day Seth still managed to win the Modified 4WD up to 3500cc Class. Nigel McGaffin performed exceptionally well for his first ever OzGymkhana event taking home trophies for Rookie Driver and Standard 4WD Class winner! He finished 9th, just missing out on a place in the top 8 shootout by 10 seconds.

Tania Langcake was the fastest lady with one of her best results yet finishing 24th. It was a big weekend for Tania as her daughter Chloe also drove in the OzGymkhana come and try day on the Saturday, congratulations to her for getting out there and giving it a red hot go. Jacob Richards rounded out the group in 31st after a few mistakes late in the day bumped him down the order.

Current Championship Standings With four of the five rounds complete and the ability for all drivers to drop their worst result, first place in the State Championship has now been locked in by Darren Masters. The minor placings however are still undecided between me, Tony Trewren and Brendan Moore with 2nd and 3rd places to be determined by the round 5 results. The State Championship Final also doubles as the National Championship Round so we can hope to see all the top drivers back out there giving it everything they have got, fingers crossed a great new venue can be found!

With the State Championship in the bag it seems that Darren will be turning his attention to the upcoming Sidchrome Extreme Rallycross series; after seeing him in action at OZGymkhana I for one can’t wait to see how he goes in this exciting new competition.

Seth Coultas

SA Motorsport Park Update Strong Sales for Subaru Subaru Australia has achieved record sales across the board over the last few months, the standout performer has been the Outback with July sales up 306% for the month and with 6310 sold this year it is an increase of nearly 312% compared to this time last year. The WRX has also been doing well with sales nearly 8% ahead of where they were this time last year. This trend was even stronger in America where the WRX/STI posted its best ever month of sales in June with gains of over 85% from the previous month!

It will be a multi-disciplinary motorsport park complex of the highest international standard."

“I’ve been motivated from day one to build a great circuit; during the many months of circuit design, I kept asking all involved, including myself, the same question, Is it great yet? Is it great yet? The answer often came back, It is very good. But very good is not good enough, so we kept going back and improving on what we had. I have resisted the temptation of designing a circuit on a computer; I have rather taken the longer path “We have fast-tracked every single of having the design constructed stage of this development. I am in on the ground, utilising the natural a hurry! Design was preceded by a topography of the land, inch by seven-month period ensuring that inch, and I believe we have indeed the zoning of the entire precinct is come up with a great circuit. So we literally walked every metre of this compatible with high-level vast property, and ended up with a motorsport. We are doing circuit that is both challenging, everything humanly possible to ensure that this will be the premier complex, exhilarating and a tremendous amount of fun.” motorsport precinct in Australia. The V8X Supercar magazine recently included a feature on the highly anticipated SA Motorsport Park, along with some great aerial shots of the works undertaken so far (which included the graded track layout) they also interviewed Sam Shahin who is leading the development for the Peregrine Corporation where he shared some insight into the process of developing the circuit and facilities.


Turn Eight and into fourth, feathering the throttle around Turn Nine with a quick flat throttle exit and heavily braking to Turn Ten down to second for a sharp right hander. Powering on again holding out in third gear to steady the balance through a slight chicane of Turn 11 and Turn 12, and possibly holding out third Running clockwise and north into the midday sun, one gear at maximum revs before a half throttle Turn 13 lightly modified Rex would be third gear at half throttle powering out in fourth flat to Turn 14. into the last corner where the entry to pit lane is situated before flat to floor run out of the last corner As we down shift into third gear of Turn 14, we enter and into fourth for a run down the main straight. After Sector Three, a fast sweeping run to Turn 15 hard crossing the Start line of Sector One, into fifth gear for braking with a long second gear exit and third gear to a top speed of 220km/h before hard braking down maximum revs as we enter the long curve of Turn 16 shifting to second gear on the tight first corner. before flat into fourth gear for Turn 17 to make a run Holding out second gear to Turn Two and into third, for 200km/h mark before tapping the brakes, this will be tricky to balance the throttle around a long downshifting and holding out third gear at maximum sweeper of Turn Three and Turn Four before shifting GForce for Turn 18, the longest sweeper of the track into fourth at Turn Five and having the nerve to hold before exiting the last corner of Turn 19 still at hard flat to floor in the slight kink of Turn Six to get a fast pushed third gear straight for a flying finish in fourth run in fifth gear before hard braking down shifting to gear with fast lap time of under three minutes, third gear into Turn Seven. 2min54secs. A dedicated track WRX at 300kw should The main track will venture north again and loop around the top to give some more cornering to the layout and creating Sector Two, leaving the outer top loop for Endurance racing. So keeping the speed in third gear, turning left out of corner seven, third for

see 2min30’s whilst a V8 Supercar probably clock around 2m10sec. Damien Hirst

Henry Nott on the yump on Pipeline

Round 2 of the South Australian Rally Championship (SARC), the Walky 100 was run on 8 August by the Walkerville All Cars Club This unique event combines stages on the flatlands near Robertstown and the plateau around Julia and to the north and has 3 night stages. The stages, being re-run from previous years, included Pipeline, Hill Big One (One Big Hill in reverse unfortunately), Roast and Julia(yne). The rollercoaster winding road through the Hallelujah Hills would be within the Scrubby Hills stage. Missing in 2015 was the Frying Pan Hut stage, with its iconic rough creek crossing through Burra Creek. Service Park as always was at Robertstown Oval. Guy Tyler in his Mitsubishi EVO5 Lancer was leading the SARC after a maiden win at the Southern Rally in Second Valley Forest (Round 1). Would he be a one hit wonder or would continue his new found form to send a clear message to the other more experienced drivers? Gary Brown teamed up with Mike Dale in the trusty, crusty Mitsubishi Galant. The highly fancied Henry Nott with Georgina Denver alongside were in the Mitsubishi EVO 6RS, and Jamie Pohlner and Ben Judd from

Jamie Pohlner heading for the yump on Pipeline1

Neil & Andrea Gehan on the daunting pipeline run

Walky 100 Guy Tyler & Steve Fisher running it fine past the post‌..they missed

Story & photos FRANK KUTSCHE

the South East were in their Subaru WRX STi. There were far less Subaru's compared with round 1. Chris Bennet (with navigator Dave Rowe) was entering a classic Datto 1600 for something different from his usual Rexes. Many of the usual SARC regulars were also here to total 20 cars.

The Gehans on Pipeline2 at the spectator point

Wayne Mason/David Langfield with the rear end out

The newest car in the event was about 15 years old, being the MY00 Subaru of Pohlner! Pipeline1, the first stage and just north of Robertstown comprised flat fast council roads and then a long section of pipeline service track, quite daunting for the drivers as they avoid the large uncompromising concrete blocks holding up the pipeline. Guy Tyler/Steve Fisher getting some air on Hill Big One1

These car breakers are like the ‘Hinkelsteins’ of the Panzerplatte stage in the WRC Rally Deutschland. This track crosses over the pipeline creating a small jump before the track goes through a narrow gate and then very closely parallel to the pipeline before climbing a long hill

towards the finish line. A sharp right hander on the council road section earlier on is a popular spectator spot. Nott won the stage by 4secs ahead of Tyler, with the very experienced Brown 11secs further back, with Pohlner 7secs further behind. The tight and twisty Hallelujah Hills of Scrubby

Jamie Pohlner/Ben Judd drifting around the corner on Pipeline2

Hills1 was next, northwards of the Pipeline stage. The stage has many tight corners and ducks and weaves through the hills. Tyler ramped it up and came out 8secs faster than Nott to take the overall lead by 4secs.

Andrew Gleeson/Lisi Phillips squeeze through the gate on Pipeline1

Henry Nott/Georgina Denver entertaining the spectators

Brown and Pohlner were consistent in 3rd and 4th. Andrew Gleeson in the entertaining and raucous Datsun Stanza kept his 5th position overall despite 7th fastest on the stage. Fifth on the stage was Justin Friedrichs in a Datsun 1600, renown for his flat out speed.

Geoff Hobby/Peter Tann at the ruins jump on Hill Big One1

Jamie Pohlner/Ben Judd flying on their way to 3rd place

This year the Long Dips stage has an added section of fast council road being added to the existing section through some low hills.

The top four drivers were to hold their positions with Tyler maintaining a 6sec lead overall after a 2secs stage win. Wayne Mason in the raucous BDG Ford Escort (no, not BDA) put in a good run in 5th on stage to grab 5th outright.

Vaughan Bell/Daniel Blakemore scaring the roos in the scrub

All stages are run twice, and it was time to repeat the northern stages and run Pipeline2. Nott stepped it up and he beat Tyler by 6secs. This meant he was tied with Tyler for equal 1st place overall, as the enthralling dogfight continued. and Pohlner were poised in 3rd and 4th respectively should something happen at the front. Gleeson stole back 5th from Mason after a 5sec better run. This stage was to signify the end of Brian Smith and Douglas Glover as they rolled their Mazda RX7, resulting in two DNFs in two rallies. The run through the complex twisty sections of Scrubby Hills2 saw a win to Tyler as he once again edged ahead by 6secs. Nott claimed some ground back again in Long Dips 2 winning by 3secs Brown and Pohlner were

more than one and a half minutes behind the fast charging front runners. Now it was time head back to Service Park. The first of the southern 3 stages, Hill Big One has seen few retirements in the past. The famous triple caution jump at the eastern end of the stage is a mere whimper with cars starting the stage only 200m away. In the middle of the stage is a steep creek crossing and two jumps not far apart with the 2nd one having a noticeable drop and then sharp left obscured by shrubs that only the brave would take at high speed. Tyler hadn’t driven his EVO on these southern stages before, only in his former problematic Renault Clio which behaves very differently from an EVO5! Nott, the more experienced, took the stage win by 7secs and with it 1st overall. Brown and Pohlner were having a Ground Hog Day maintaining their 3rd and 4th fastest stages times and overall placings. Shane Alker (with Kerien Heimsohn) retired new Nissan 200SX rally car. Dale Cagney was also another casualty reporting a non-existent clutch as the cause.

Neil and Andrea Gehan pushing hard through Hill Big One1

Arhhh, the serenity!

On the open very fast council roads of Juliayne1 stage Tyler won by 3 seconds over Nott but still trailed overall by the merest of margins, one second! Mason cranked the Escort up for a fine 4th place, and the Gehans in a Subaru WRX STi RA snatched an excellent equal 5th fastest stage time with Gleeson in the Stanza. The long Roast stage would provide the gamechanger. Nott’s EVO6 would succumb to the pressure and he was forced to retire from the event, a real shame given the close fought battle at the top. This virtually handed Tyler a win if he would drive a clean event in the remaining 3 stages. He easily won the stage by 19secs from Brown, with Pohlner dropping another 19secs. The Gehans were getting their eye in as they racked up an excellent 3rd fastest stage time to eclipse Pohlner in the other Subaru. Mason was rewarded with 4th overall. Three night stages to go and the cars now sported various spotlight configurations. Hill Big One2, Juliayne2 and Roast2 would test tired drivers. All top 4 drivers were to maintain their overall positions but not without big drama. Pohlner was to record only a equal 7th fastest time with the Gehans on Hill Big One2, and worse 9th fastest on Juliayne followed up by an 8th fastest on Roast 2. However he had created a handy buffer to still take 3rd overall for Subaru. Guy Tyler lost concentration in the final stage, going off briefly and almost threw it away but hung on with a 6 th fastest stage time and the overall 1st place to take an unbeatable lead in the SARC. RD

Paul Kinnear in Car OA on Juliayne1 right on dusk

Andrew Gleeson/Lisi Phillips still pushing hard right to the end

Jamie Pohlner/Ben Judd had a solid rally and no dramas

PHILLIP ISLAND 2015 Club Championship Round 6

WRXSA’s biggest road trip of the year never fails to impress.

Zoe & Jason

Conditions on the day where as good as they get. Not a drop of rain and even a bit of sun shine to warm the track. Much better than last years cold and wet 2015 would see Zoe and I heading back to the conditions. With scrutineering passed and final checks infamous Philip Island circuit. This year however was very different to last. For starters Zoe wasn't just along done it was time to go racing. for the ride. She was racing! Throughout this year Zoe I started out in low boost, wanting to get a feel for the has dipped a toe in Motorsport, competing in a Motorkhana and a few races at Collingrove Hill Climb. track and the new tyres. Good thing too, as on turn 10 I found myself all sorts of sideways. Thanks to a sound suspension set up and some novice throttle control I It was now time to be thrust into the realm of circuit didn't loop it. racing. What better way to do it than surrounded by fellow Subies on a world class race track? Over the course of the day confidence grew and the lap times tumbled. Every session I shaved at least half The other big difference this year, I was bringing a a second off. The highlight was undoubtedly Gardner whole new Goose to the track. The Goose has gone through some major changes in the last year, pushing straight in high boost. With faith in my tyres, I could come out of turn 12 flat out in 4th, flat foot shift into close to 300kw, thanks to a new closed deck forged 5th, then again into 6th just touching 250km/ph the motor, Garrett turbo, e85 conversion. The most important change, the step up to Hankook Z221 R Spec motor absolutely singing (or begging for mercy). tyres. With these changes came the realisation it would not be practical to drive her over to PI. Without With the results in at the end of the day I was stoked to find I had beaten every Victorian Subaru there. I a tow car or trailer at my disposal I called in a favour was 5th fastest on the day behind a couple Porsche from the old man. Dad pulled some strings and for a GT3s, a track prepped Evo and only half a second very fair price got my car delivered to the track in a slower than the super quick Damian Brand. shipping container. It arrived safe and sound. The best thing about Zoe racing was we still got to enjoy the road trip with the rest of the gang. Zoe's GC8 is certainly not the most comfortable cruiser but the road trip flew by and with plenty of banter over the 2 way radios it was a good laugh.

Zoe put Ducky through its paces. Making the ppg box scream down the main straight in 4th past the spectators, into 5th and edging just over 200km/ ph. An outstanding achievement for a car with just 150kw and from a girl who has never raced on a circuit before.

Really proud of all the other members who made the journey over to race. All punched well above their weight. Special thanks to Brad Halliday who took some amazing photos and gave us great pics to help us remember the moment.

Great Ocean Road with true friends in modified WRXs. The sound of 4 flat four boxer motors at high revs bouncing off the cliff face sure brought a smile to everyone's face.

Big thank you to Driven for all the dedicated and The road trip back was in true WRXSA style. We missed precise work they have put into the Goose throughout the turn off and found ourselves with a decision to the year. Yaruki road for getting the parts needed for make.... Turn around or keep going and enjoy one of the final touch mods I wanted and to S&J for yet Australia's best driving another last minute tune roads in arguably some of and for supplying and the best driving cars. fitting the tyres that Simple choice really and ultimately led to such there is no better way to amazing lap times. finish a fantastic race weekend than to drive the Jason Bartsch

“What an awesome experience to drive this world class race circuit. It was a bit daunting at first but I soon got comfortable with the track and the speed. Man it's fast!” Damien Brand

“Pretty high on life right now! Shared an amazing, AMAZING, day of racing with my girlfriend and a great group of fellow WRXSA members. We came and we conquered Philip island GP circuit. Out of 70+ cars I managed to finish in the top 5!” Jason Bartsch

“What an amazing trip! Even though I was just a spectator and took photos, it was one of the best road trips I have ever completed and the whole trip had me surrounded by great friends and constant boxer rumble. The drive over was made entertaining with the UHF radios and none of us will ever forget the trip home when we made a wrong turn and took the Great Ocean Road. This added many twists and turns and mind blowing scenery which made the 17 hour drive home very entertaining. The main attraction though was Phillip Island Circuit which blew my mind at how hilly the track is with a nice view of the ocean to add to the mix. Jacob took me for a few 80% laps which left me smiling and wishing I had entered my car for some track time. Everyone put in a solid effort all day and props to Zoe for hitting over 200kph on the main straight in 'Duck Duck'. All in all an amazing trip and one that I am still reliving in my mind today. I am ready to do it all again already and can't wait for next years trip� Brad Halliday

“Congrats to Damien Brand and Jason Bartsch 4th and 5th outright!! Amazing effort!!! WRXSA Proud!!” Tania Langcake


Sticks & Stones Photography Frank is one WRXSA most committed and longest standing members, he is also arguably one of the best Motorsport Photographers in the state. With over 30 years of experience Frank is one of the most experienced photographers you are likely to find; his photos never fail to impress and have graced the cover of our magazine on numerous occasions. If you would like to see more of his work or would like to purchase photos head over to: http:// www.freewebs.com/fkutsche/ you will not be disappointed!

Richard Paul climbing turn two Photo by Frank Kutsche “Sticks & Stones�

New World Record for largest parade of Subaru cars While WRXSA’s parade lap at Collingrove was great to Glen Pollard, the official Guinness World Records take part in it didn’t quite match the scale of Suba-Fest adjudicator in attendance, was thrilled to announce that the record had been achieved, and said, “You at the Moscow Raceway Autodrome. proved that together you can achieve very much. So today, I declare that you are Officially Amazing.” On the 15th of August Russian Subaru fans broke the world record for the largest parade of Subaru cars with Speaking of their success, Mr Yoshiki Kishimoto, 549 vehicles counted! This easily broke the previous General Director of Subaru Motor LLC (a subsidiary of record of 371 cars set by Subaru of America in 2013. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Based in Russia), said, There were actually a total of 622 cars on the track in “Today, once again, all of us together proved that we are one big and united team and that we are proud of Russia each driving at about 6km/h but there were the Subaru brand and love it.” strict rules in place and unfortunately some vehicles were ruled out as they fell away from the group. To be counted, each of the cars had to travel 3km non-stop and could not get further than 2 car lengths from each Seth Coultas other. Coordinating this would have been very challenging and it took over 2.5 hours for the record to be achieved.

Meanwhile… Looking back: On the 3rd of November 2007 the world record was set for the fastest waste container. Built around an 8yard (7.3m) builders skip and using a modified 2 litre Turbo Subaru Impreza Type R Rally Car; the land speed record of 151.15 Km/ h (93.92 mph) was set on the 1/4 mile (400m) dragstrip at the Santa Pod Raceway in Northants, UK.

While there certainly aren’t a lot of electric vehicles on SA roads their presence is growing, from about 20 registered cars in 2010 the numbers have increased to more than 120 in 2015 (excluding commercial & industrial vehicles). A good portion of these are cars that have been converted from petrol to electric power and some of these were on display at the showgrounds recently as part of the Science Alive show. One in particular caught my eye because it had a Subaru badge: Paul & Margaret's 1990 Subaru Sherpa

The battery system is 108 volt and uses just over 100 watts per kilometre (or 1 kilowatt per 10 kilometres). It takes about an hour to recharge one kilowatt. Maximum speed in 100km/h but at that speed it feels like it will unglue itself! It sits very comfortably on 80km/h on country roads. Around town there are no problems keeping up with all the other traffic. Range is just over 100 kilometres for country driving and a little bit higher for urban driving (this is down to leaving 20% charge in the batteries). Performance is very smooth with instant power and is very quick off the lights. There is very little noise or vibrations so it is very pleasant to drive.

This car is noted to be one of the first cars converted to electric drive in South Australia by Ray Turnbridge. It was purchased by Paul & Margret in early 2011, and Paul & Margaret have found that the car can be used then upgraded to Lithium Ion batteries with extensive for about 90% of all their trips. It is used every day and input by Bruce Tonkin. has covered just over 27,000 kms in almost 3 years. They are expecting to get at least 10 years plus out of After the upgrade the total cost stands at $12,500. the batteries. This model of Subaru was one of the lightest vehicles registered in Australia. They originally had space for five passengers, but only approved for two. They were used predominately as urban delivery vans. After the upgrade, the stand-alone weight is 720kg, which is equally distributed across the two axels. The gross vehicle mass is 1,000kg, this includes two passengers & luggage etc. Going above this weight starts to effect the handling (steering & braking). It is important to get the lightest car possible but still be able to carry a reasonable load.

The cost to run is just under 4 cents per kilometre, with a house that also has solar power to offset the power used over the year it is essentially carbon neutral. There is also very little maintenance cost compared to a petrol engine car, routine maintenance consist of checking tyre pressure and windscreen wipers! Thanks to Ray Turnbridge, who did the original research and conversion. Bruce Tonkin for his expertise in the upgrade, and the AEVA Adelaide Branch members for the ongoing support.

The DC motor produces ‘beefy’ 22 horse power or 16.4 kilowatts. Seth Coultas

2015 WRXSA Go Kart Championship Round 3 Big Congrats to Nigel for taking out the win. There was some great wheel to wheel racing and some keen battles for position. Some karts on the night were sub-par and kept some of the front runners out of contention, making the grand final points even more valuable. Full results are available of the website. Matt Knighton

David Higgins Fends Off Rivals to Win the 2015 New England Forest Rally and Clinch the 2015 Rally America Championship Subaru Rally Team USA driver David Higgins and codriver Craig Drew continued their dominance in the Rally America National Championship with a convincing victory at the 2015 New England Forest Rally against a stacked field of rivals. The duo led from the first stage and went fastest on all but two of the event’s thirteen stages at the wheel of their 2015 Subaru WRX STI. Higgins’ Subaru teammates Travis Pastrana and co-driver Chrissie Beavis joined them on the podium in third position. Higgins has now mathematically secured his fifth consecutive Rally America Championship title.

comfortable in it and I get more speed out of it. It was great to see more competition this weekend. We are very happy to wrap up the championship as well and continue the quest for a perfect season!”

Higgins and Drew have won all six of the events thus far in the 2015 Rally America series and with two more rounds to run have a chance to go undefeated and earn a ‘perfect season’. The last perfect season in the “Subaru Rally Team USA is very proud to put both of USA was earned by American rallying legend our WRX STI rally cars on the podium while challenging and current Subaru Rally Team USA team manager the largest field of top competitors we’ve seen this John Buffum in 1987. season,” stated Subaru Motorsports Marketing Manager Rob Weir. “Both Higgins and Pastrana drove While Higgins was pulling away from the field Travis brilliantly despite competitive pressure and the Pastrana was reeling them in. After an electrical challenging road conditions they faced during the problem on day one forced Pastrana to miss two rally.” stages and incur time penalties, he restarted the next day in 15th position. Pastrana, and co-driver Chrissie The 2015 New England Forest Rally was billed as the Beavis went on the attack and methodically clawed ‘Clash of the Titans’ after the entry list became their way back to a podium position. “We just kept crowded with top level rivals such as Ken Block, our rally going,” explained Pastrana. “I wasn’t Ramana Lagemann and Higgins’ own teammate Travis expecting to come back all the way to the podium, but Pastrana, who has not competed in rally since late in it feels great! Chrissie did a great job with the notes. I 2014. can’t wait to be back in the Subaru again.” “It was an absolutely fantastic rally,” said Higgins at the finish.” The 2015 Subaru WRX STI is absolutely awesome and every time I drive it I feel more

Story by Subaru of America Photos by Lars Gange courtesy of Subaru of America

David Higgins flies his WRX STI to the top of the podium at New England Forest Rally.

Travis Pastrana back on form,

Gearbox, Differential and Transfer Case Parts, Repairs & Complete Rebuilds. Shot Peening, Isotropic Super-Finishing. Dimple Drain Plugs & Genuine Bearings, Seals, Small Parts.

Neat Gearboxes 15 Manfull Street Melrose Park SA 5039 Owner/Operator: Sam Charlick Mob 0407 698 692 Email sam@neatgearboxes.com.au www.neatgearboxes.com.au

Travis Pastrana and codriver Chrissie Beavis slide through the mud at the Ojibwe Forest Rally

Subaru Driver David Higgins Overcomes Adversity to win Ojibwe Forests Rally and Remain Undefeated in 2015 Reigning Rally America Champion David Higgins continued his march toward a perfect, undefeated season with a victory at the 2015 Ojibwe Forests Rally in northern Minnesota. Higgins, with co-driver Craig Drew fended off their hard charging Subaru teammate Travis Pastrana, with co-driver Chrissie Beavis, who settled for second. The victory was Higgins’ seventh consecutive win this season at the wheel of his 2015 Subaru WRX STI rally car. Higgins has just one round remaining, the Lake Superior Performance Rally (Oct. 16-17), in his bid to be the first driver since rally legend and current Subaru team manager John Buffum completed the last perfect season in the USA in 1987. Higgins victory was anything but easy after his weekend got off to a rocky start with a tire puncture that cost him over a minute to Travis Pastrana. But with a masterful display of driving Higgins went flatout on the three night stages Friday evening and clawed back his time deficit and then some, leapfrogging into the lead, where he stayed for the remainder of the weekend.

“I feel like we're not leaving a lot out there. The car's doing great and we got some stage wins, so no complaints,” said Pastrana. “David's a tough competitor, always, and we knew that coming in. Anytime you can take a stage win or two away from him it's a big deal!"

Higgins and Pastrana will be together again in competition at Red Bull Global Rallycross Los Angeles Presented by Subaru Tecnica International, Sept. 12“It's a combination of everything: the work our team 13. There they will join regular Subaru rallycross puts in, the work we put in, the car, everything,” said drivers Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen in a four-car Higgins at the podium. “A lot of it is earned confidence team entry. as well: like (Friday night) we lost a lot of time to a puncture, then pushed pretty hard and got back in the lead and had the confidence to do it. It's been awesome.” Travis Pastrana was determined to fight Higgins for victory and showed improved pace and confidence on only his second rally of his limited 2015 competition schedule. Pastrana won four of the seven forest stages on Saturday and matched Higgins’ pace on several stages. An impact with a large rock however lost Pastrana nearly three minutes early on Saturday which helped keep Higgins un-reachable atop the leaderboard.

Photos by Lars Gange courtesy of Subaru of America

2015 SA Hillclimb Championship Photo’s by Frank Kutsche

For Sunday we had 5 runs – down from 6 due to the running of the top 10 shootout in the afternoon. I started the day sideways through the finish line after putting wheels on the grass… not fast but good fun! In run 9 I retook the class lead with a 34.27 another 0.38 faster!

The 2015 SA Hill Climb Championships held over the weekend 12/13 September 2015 was my 2nd year of competition at this fantastic event. This is really one of However in the final run of the event I improved even the highlights of the hill climb season being further with a 6.52 first split, a 19.76 second and Collingrove’s only multi day competition event. ended up with a new PB of 34.12! 1.12 seconds faster than my pre-event best! My aim for the weekend was to run 34.99 or faster, with my previous best being 35.24 I hoped that this was a realistic target. I had the added luxury of being Fantastic way to finish the event, new PB and a class win exceeded all of my expectations massively! able to practise on the Friday to get my eye in. Since last years event, as most know my car has undergone a number of changes the major being a fresh S & J built EJ207 giving me a few more KW and no big end bearing rattles!

For anyone contemplating next year, do it! Its always a great event, heaps of different cars (highlight for me was an F3 Dallara with a Judd F1 V8 in it) and 2 days of racing.

We had 6 solid runs on Saturday with my best for the day being a 34.65 and 0.02 off class leader Alex Wilson (Audi A4). I was really happy with that taking off 0.59 was already a huge improvement.

Thanks to Sean, Shane, Reece, Matt, Dan, Brad and Joanne @ S & J for all their help! And to my brother in law – Kurt Krassnitzer for getting me involved in the first place. Glen Breugem

Always a great, fun, event and this one was no The weather was perfect, Sunny, and generally clear exception. Two days of Hillclimbing goodness is a great skies. Track temps were recorded throughout the way to spend a weekend. weekend with the temperature of 35 degrees taken on Sunday, set the precent for PB’s to fall. So many fast, An early Saturday morning wake up to ensure I got to competitive cars, made for great entertainment as a the venue before the masses was in vain. By 7:45 the spectator between runs. It was great to watch Glenn post a new PB a couple times over. Well Done Glenn. place was already packed! 126 Entrants in total. With Bandit recently tuned to account for the new VF35 install, I was yet to drive the car before the I finally had some success with my own times on the final run of the weekend. After a timing error, commencement of the competition. Oh the fun of affecting the whole of the Race Rally Drift class, the new power. rerun saw me post my best run in Bandit (GC8) of Personally I struggled with the new setup and ensuring 37.69, getting closer to my PB of 36.93. Bring on the I kept my revs high enough to prevent the low end lag WRXSA Hillclimb Challenge. (Bearing in mind I asked for the tune to be gearbox friendly) throughout the weekend, but that didn’t stop Tania Langcake me enjoying it.

Collingrove Lap Records Rank Time






Damien Brand

Subaru WRX STI Type R 1997


Race/ Rally





0.47 Damien Hirst

Subaru WRX STI 1999





0.62 Dan Day

Subaru WRX STI 2006


Race / Rally



0.64 Jason Bartsch

Subaru WRX STI 2006


Race / Rally



0.69 Glen Breugem

Subaru WRX 2000





1.25 Matt Knighton

Subaru WRX 2000





1.46 Andrew Colwell

Subaru WRX STI 2005





1.83 Kye Rees

Subaru WRX 1998





1.89 Seth Coultas

Subaru WRX STI 2000





2.15 Mark Povey

Subaru WRX STI 2000





2.18 Brendan Moore

Subaru WRX Hatch 2000





2.41 Garry Dodd

Subaru WRX





2.41 Damien Anderson

Subaru WRX 2005





2.44 Richard Paul

Subaru WRX 1998


Race / Rally



2.48 Remo Silicano






2.51 Russell Badenoch

Subaru Forester XT 2009





2.79 Nigel McGaffin

Subaru WRX STI 2008





2.90 John Schaefer

Subaru WRX STI RA 2000


Race / Rally



3.06 Dylan Butler






3.20 Jacob Richards

Subaru WRX 2003





3.66 Tania Langcake

Subaru WRX 1999


Race / Rally



3.73 Dylan Thomas

Subaru WRX 2006





4.03 Jonathon Loader

Subaru WRX STI 2006





4.10 Ben Hersey






4.27 Jake Zuppa

Subaru WRX STI 2002





4.44 Spiro Koulianos

Subaru WRX STI 2003





4.54 Mathew Langbrandner

Subaru WRX 2012





5.10 Hugh McLauglin

Subaru Liberty GT





5.29 Brad Halliday

Subaru WRX 2012





5.36 Wayne Brauer

Subaru WRX 1999





5.41 Jarrad McGaffin

Subaru WRX 1998





5.66 Zoe Rule

Subaru WRX 1999





5.90 Tim Dobie

Subaru Forester





6.88 Michelle Hirst

Subaru WRX STI 1999





8.10 Thomas Schaefer

Subaru WRX 2000


Race / Rally




Subaru Forester XT 2004





8.79 Gareth Scanlan

Subaru WRX 2000



Dylan McDonald

Photos by Brendan Capper Damien Brand

Damien Hirst

Jason Bartsch

Glen Breugem

Super GT The “44th International Suzuka 1000km” race was the setting for Round 5 of the 2015 Super GT series, held at the Suzuka circuit in Japan it marked Subaru’s first podium finish for the season!

the BMW Z4 GT3. After 128 laps Iguchi took over once more for the final charge to the finish, ending in third place behind the BMW and GT-R NISMO. Both drivers were clearly very happy with the result!

The Subaru BRZ GT300 qualified 4th for the 1,000km race but right from the outset were hard pressed as they were overtaken by faster rivals on the main straight, immediately falling to 6th place. Undeterred driver Takuto Iguchi worked his way back through the field and swapped with Hideki Yamauchi at an early pit stop. Battling rain and more powerful cars he managed to get up to second place where he was hit from behind and suffered damage to the rear diffuser. Fortunately the damage was not too severe and Yamauchi was able to maintain his position. As the race continued the rain stopped and the team was able to swap to slick tyres and change drivers back to Iguchi. Iguchi was able to maintain the second place position until an accident brought out the safety car and slowed the field, taking the opportunity to make another driver change Yamauchi returned to the track in second place but was overtaken on the straight by

For round 6 held at the SPORTSLAND SUGO circuit the team got their second best result for the season finishing 5th which places them 9th in the Championship standings. Seth Coultas


Celebrating Over 15 years of Rex Driver! Winter 2000

Look Who’s Torqueing

To conduct such testing necessary to challenge CarBra by myself would have been impossible. Yet when we combined the resources, expertise, and enthusiasm of our club members, a series of reliable and repeatable test results were produced. The test results are now history and available for all to review. The claim from Car-Bra for money to make changes to my (and others) car-bra’s evaporated before the ink had even dried in the magazine.

The response to our story on the Car-Bra Testing was overwhelming. After the story was published in the last issue of Rex Driver and on our Club Internet site, the e-mail box just about overflowed with comments, This victory is just one example of the greatest single praise and further questions from around Australia. benefit the car club can offer any of us. As a lonely voice in the motoring wilderness, it is often difficult to This testing arose out of a complaint with Car-Bra be heard by those in the automotive retail and service Australia. When ordering my Car-Bra for the STI I industry, or even by those at Subaru Australia HQ. specifically asked for the bonnet air deflectors to be fitted on the outer sides. With my understanding of aerodynamics, I believed that having them in front of the intercooler scoop would have a negative impact on intercooler airflow. When my new Car-Bra arrived, sure enough the air deflectors were located in the centre. When I rang them about this I was repeatedly told that it did not matter, and if I wanted it changed I would have to send it back, at my cost and pay for the changes as well. As you could imagine I was not overly impressed by this, but what could I do? They claimed to have done testing and I did not have an evidence to support my position.

Whether these people like it or not, the Impreza WRX Clubs actually have a voice which is heard by a great many people. Your Club can make a difference. Just ask Nick Senior, who must be still smarting, over his poor handling of the STI boost issue. Sean Jenner

Treasurer’s Report WRXSA has had their Annual General Meeting and the club has turned over a good financial year, 2015, even with some big outgoing costs like the new website. With an annual turnover of around ten thousand, membership contributed to 60% of the funding while Sponsorship has most improved, with now 12 sponsors helping the club with the remaining 40%. For the year, the club has made a Loss of $262 which is minimal for the outgoing costs of website and events.

This certainly gives sponsors value for money and they still have their advertising in the club magazine also, online and hard copy. I encourage members to use our sponsors where possible, knowing we all work together and help the club function.

Damien Hirst

Now the website costs have been outlaid, the club can keep building funds for more and bigger events. Collingrove Private Day is one of these bigger events. Using club funds to give members a discounted day and plenty of use of their car is one way everyone can participate together. Proven I have stepped off Treasurer Role now, which my wife Michelle and I have run for last two years, to focus in other popular, 30+ members entered. WRXSA will be aiming to have more events like this to give back member’s benefits areas of the club, like main events. It’s been a big task in moving the club forward, from five years ago where WRXSA of participating in the club. We should have next year’s 2016 Collingrove Day event submitted already on the CAMS was sitting on as low as 30 members with sponsorship struggling and not having the funds to proceed with events calendar at time of reading this. And a Mallala skills track day is next on the list, which I hope to have organised by and our club magazine. From when I took on Treasurer, early next year for those who are keen to learn. membership was climbing again from the help of social media which gave me good intention to aim for a new website. One of the biggest changes this year was allocating I think results are speaking for themselves in terms of new website and Collingrove Day with membership dramatically funds to build a new website for the club. It was then I increased in last few months. Keep up your good support sought more and new sponsorship to raise the funds to bring the club forward. Current sponsors were renewed and and don’t forget to renew your WRXSA membership before new sponsors were signed. I had started looking into quotes the October cut-off date as there’s much more to come yet! when Russell Badenoch joined the club, sporting a neat Forester at Collingrove. Upon his membership I noticed his As I sign off as Treasurer, I welcome Nigel McGaffin to the role and thank all the members who have had patience with line of work and I promptly asked. Russell’s dedication is my position putting the club on a new path for the future. I second to none and generous quotes and planning was immediately available beyond what committee had in mind. also have to thank my wife Michelle for a lot of help with Unfortunately with Collingrove Private Day booked among the finance decisions I’ve had to make. I’m now continuing on as Vice President for 2016 and I see you all at the next other events, funding wasn’t quite available. Figures event! showed if our club magazine were to go online with the new website I could allocate funds to the website. The vote was approved and Beanstalk has created a fantastic website for our club for years to come. It’s a benefit to our sponsors having full rolling advertising and information pages with direct links for all public and members to access.

Photo by Frank Kutsche “Sticks & Stones”

Advertising Rates

Club Sponsors / Partners

Platinum Partner - $480 (annual) Includes: 4 x full page ads in Rex Driver Naming rights to cruises or charity events etc‌ Website Advertising Forum & Facebook Group access Copies of the Rex Driver publication. Gold Partner: $250 (annual) Includes: 4 x 1/2 page ads in Rex Driver Website advertising Forum & Facebook Group access Copies of the Rex Driver publication

Effective 2015/2016

General Advertising / Single Issue Full Page Colour: $100 per issue Half Page Colour: $60 per issue 1 /3 Page Colour: $30 per issue All advertisers will receive a copy of Rex Driver Publication

Silver Partner: $150 (annual) Includes: 4 x business card sized ads Forum access Copies of the Rex Driver publication

WRXSA committee reserve the right to change prices subject to consultation by the committee. Material Requirements: PDF or JPG files preferred for advertising. The editor reserves the right to select the location of advertising space. Articles submitted by members can be submitted in Word or Publisher format, however desired fonts must be supplied or a substitution will be applied. Please ensure all photos submitted are high resolution so they can be fully appreciated. No responsibility is accepted for error occurring in the printing of material which is incorrectly supplied. The editor reserves the right to reject any advertising material deemed inappropriate for the Rex Driver publication.

WRXSA Club Partners

Support the partners that support WRXSA!


Every service for WRXSA members' cars receives a $50 coupon to put towards aftermarket parts and upgrades!

Trade Parts Pricing and Special Member Offers on New and Used Cars. WRXSA members receive up to 5 days free hire car with an insurance repair over $2000

WRXSA Club Partners Page

Support the partners that support WRXSA!


Guaranteed sound advice, competitive pricing, and the right tyre for your application!

Competitive rates for your modern car, track car, trailers or bike & 10% discount for CAMS license holders.

10% OFF RRP for any brands stocked by Yaruki Road

10% OFF listed 'Peen & Polish' services. 10% OFF BRZ Diff Rebuilds & Ratio Swaps.

15% OFF to WRXSA members, with a maximum of $300 off.

20% Off any Professional Service at Beanstalk!

Ask in-store at Southside or Kensington Park for the latest offer to WRXSA members!

Upcoming Events Don’t forget to mark these dates in your calendar, and check the club website for the full details: www.wrxsa.com

S&J Automotive Club Championship Round 10: Twilight Time Attack Saturday the 24th October

WRXSA is using the Time Attack format for our Club Championship round 10. Flying laps with no traffic to achieve your personal best time. Its a flying lap then pit stop, then back out and in over four laps, with four sessions. Best way to go for PB’s without overworking your car, allows everything to cool and refocus yourself.

S&J Automotive Club Championship Round 11: Willunga Hillclimb Saturday the 29th November

A exciting new tarmac Hill climb to South Australia up the Old Willunga Hill. A superb event with numerous twisting exciting corners at moderate speed. You wont find a better road event for your WRX! Starting at the bottom off the main street of Willunga and ending up the top of the hill with return road via main south road. Run by Ultimate Motorsport events that bring you the Mt Alma Mile & OzGymkhana. Entries filled up fast but if you want to experience the excitement there are quite a few good spectator points, and you are encouraged to come and say hi to any WRXSA members competing.

For all the latest information on cruises and social events including the WRXSA Christmas BBQ keep an eye on the website and Facebook Group 2015 WRXSA Go Kart Challenge Round 1: Winner Matt Knighton Round 2: Wednesday 22nd of July Round 3: Wednesday 2nd of September Round 4: Enduro Final Wednesday 4th November

WRXSA Club Meetings Every 2nd Tuesday of the month Astor Hotel 437 Pultney Street Everyone is encouraged to come along to our monthly club meetings and catch up with your fellow club members.

We kick things off with dinner at 6pm followed by the meeting at 7pm, usually finishing up around 8:30. Upcoming Dates: 10th November 8th December 12th January

TYREPOWER JOINS TYRE CLEAN-UP SCHEME Largest independent tyre retail chain joins Tyre Stewardship Australia Addressing the challenge of 48 million end-of–life tyres per year Ensuring sustainability, helping to turn waste tyres into new jobs and industries Australia’ largest independent tyre retail chain, Tyrepower, has put its national network behind Tyre Stewardship Australia as part of an industry wide push to address an up to 48 million old tyres per year challenge. With over 250 independent stores operating under the Tyrepower banner, the retail group’s participation in the newly established Tyre Stewardship Scheme adds further momentum to the support for the initiative, which includes backing from tyre manufacturers covering over 60% of the Australian tyre market. Established in 1977, the Tyrepower Group is now one of the primary tyre retailing channels in Australia and New Zealand. It joins tyre manufacturers, such as Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Toyo and Yokohama and their retail outlets, in signing on to the Tyre Stewardship Scheme. Together they aim to turn end-of-life tyres into a valuable feedstock for new products that generate new ‘green jobs’, establish transparent and sustainable management of recycling and deliver industry education, research and development. Tyrepower Chief Executive Officer, David Wilson, enthusiastically committed the group to the stewardship scheme, which is endorsed by ACCC and supported by State and Federal governments. “Tyrepower is a responsible corporate citizen and we are taking the high ground on this issue,” he said. “We want to ensure all dealers are using approved recyclers and engaging in sustainable behaviour. Together we will start to clean up the problem the nation is facing”. The Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme came into effect on 1st

August, having been launched earlier in the year by the Federal Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, to address the growing issue of the stockpile of end-of-life tyres and the attendant environmental and community concerns. TSA Chairman Gerry Morvell welcomed the membership of Tyrepower and its commitment to addressing the problem. “Tyrepower is one of Australasia’s biggest and most respected tyre retailers and I believe its commitment to the Tyre Stewardship Scheme complements the company’s position in the community,” he said. “Their participation in the Scheme will not only help address the physical management of the end-of- life tyres, but will also play a major role in gaining public recognition and support for the Scheme. “We know that Australians prefer to do the ‘right thing’ for the environment and by joining the Scheme, Australian tyre businesses are meeting that consumer expectation”. Tyre Stewardship Australia is an industry initiative led by major tyre manufacturers including and backed by the Australian Motor Industry Federation, the Minerals Council of Australia with the support of Federal and State/Territory Governments. The Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme has three core objectives: education of industry and consumers; research and development focussed on new uses for the recycled raw materials; and independent auditing designed to eradicate dirty, unsafe and illegal practices. It will be funded through a levy of 25 cents per new tyre sold in Australia. The Scheme will recognise sustainable end-of-life tyre management through an accreditation and auditing system. Consumers will be able to identify participants in the Scheme through TSA signage at retail outlets and by visiting the TSA website. Details of the Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme and the opportunity for relevant companies to register their interest in participating can be found on the TSA website at www.tyrestewardship.org.au

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Rex Driver #62 Winter 2015  

WRXSA's official club magazine, designed and produced by Seth Coultas. For more info, or to join the club visit wrxsa.com

Rex Driver #62 Winter 2015  

WRXSA's official club magazine, designed and produced by Seth Coultas. For more info, or to join the club visit wrxsa.com